Globalization in Pictures: Courtesy AT & T

By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Since I seem to be always thinking about the demise of the dollar and the march of power and wealth to the East (China, in particular, with India and other S. E. Asian countries joining in the fun), this flyer really reminded me of what’s going on a lot closer to home.

We’ve discussed in the past the “North American Union” scenario and things like that “super highway” plan and the new Mexican seaport which will probably hurt West Coast ports.  Drug cartels are now talked about all the time.

But the ad I received yesterday really was so “in your face” that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

AT & T is one of those companies that is billed as a safe-haven investment during this rough economic time, offering some growth and dividends to help increase a retiree’s income.  It’s American as apple pie…but, like most multinational corporations, it’s “reaching out to touch someone” somewhere else bigtime.

Living about 50 miles from the Mexican border, I have to say that I enjoy the food (eat salsa every day, tortillas constantly, and do green chile) and the many lovely Mexican immigrants and long-time citizens  that I’ve met over the last decade. We’ve got about 5 Spanish television stations and the radio is full of Mexican music from here and directly from Mexico, which is really fun to listen to (sort of like polkas in Spanish!). I know lot of folks who cross the ordeer for affordable dental care and I’ve visited a Mexican pharmacy myself. The culture is wonderful and the people are warm and friendly, but, of course, the poor from the other side of the border want to come here.  I’ve met women who’ve left their families to come here in the hopes of being able to send money home and also to escape extreme poverty and danger.

Even the local Walmart features  several services to send money to Mexico.

This is the way it is, a fact of life in these parts. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having lots of cross-border activity…heck, if we were in Europe it would be exactly the same thing.  I recall visiting the Gallup Organization in London when I was working for the parent company in Princeton, N.J. years ago (before it was sold to a big outfit) and how fascinated I was that one of the women in the same job there that I had in the U.S. was prepping for a trip to about 5 countries as if it were nothing out of the ordinary…sort of like the way I prepped to do a big job out in California, I guess.

It’s just that normal back and forth has been supplanted by something a lot more complicated than families visiting relatives. We’re now in globalization mode and it’s on steroids.

And here’s what AT & T is marketing to exploit the situation…


Outside of the AT & T advertising...

And, when you open it up, there’s a pop-up, just like one of those children’s picture books with pop-up pages:


A pop-up ruin...

I don’t have relatives in Mexico but I know people who do. I hope it helps them to stay close to them via phone and enables them to save money.

But, still…it does show how the globalization train is pretty far down the tracks, at least in these parts…


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Oh, The Heck With it All…It’s GREEN CHILE Time!

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

You know, sometimes it’s hard to post, not only because of a heavy schedule, but also because one gets fed up with politics. This has been happening on a grand scale lately for me.  I’m fed up with Democrats, Republicans, the rush to canonize Glenn Beck, since he won’t be so dedicated to “the truth” when the Republicans get back into power again…etc., etc.

Lately, I’ve felt political discourse has disintegrated to the point of sheer crap and I point the finger at everyone!

But, there’s been a moment of respite as the green chile has hit town…

I’ve posted pictures of how I’ve processed 25 lbs. of the glorious green over at sister site Open Range Ramblings…if you want to get a glimpse of the New Mexican passion for chile, click …

Oh, The Heck With It All…It’s GREEN CHILE TIME!

You may not be impressed by the pictures, but trust me…these babies are delicious…


Here’s glimpse…more pictures over at ORR:

Chiles ready to be frozen...

Chiles ready to be frozen...


Related post–last year’s batch:

Exhausted….from GREEN CHILE!

Exhausted….from GREEN CHILE!

Well, it took me about 4 hours, but I managed to clean, seed, and pack for the freezer 25 pounds of  green chile yesterday!

I got back from the health food store where I had my organic chile roasted and got started around 2 pm.  This batch is from a local farm here in the Mesilla Valley and it sure looks good!  The peppers where fully-fleshed and had lots of those “white” ribby areas inside….and that’s where the heat is!  So, hopefully, this will mean lovely, medium hot chiles!

Last year I went up to Hatch, the little town which is the center of the universe here in NM for chile, both red and green.  Red chile is literally dried on the rooftops of the various stores.  One store in particular did a great job of presenting numerous types of chile…from the very mild to the VERY hot varieties.  We were able to taste the raw chile and decide which kind we wanted. This was the first time I had ever bought a large amount of chile, so I had to learn how to handle it all, and it took forever to get it packed.  This year, I had a system and it went much faster.

I’m a native of NJ, so all this chile had me rather confused at first.  But I’ve become a pro at making wonderful red chile sauce out of dried pods, and now I’m quite good at preparing a year’s supply of the green.  My grandmother used to roast peppers over the stove, but they weren’t hot peppers.  As a kid, I remember eating pimientos as part of an anti pasto but that’s as far as my knowledge of peppers went. Unless, of course, you count the fried peppers infused with lovely garlic and olive oil and devoured with fresh Italian bread…and I mean, REAL Italian bread, not the stuff they warm up at 4 pm in the grocery stores. HEAVEN!

This year in the garden I have a pimiento plant which I got quite by accident for about $1.00 to fill in a space in the bed.  Well, the plant is loaded with wonderful heart-shaped peppers.  They are so sweet to eat green, but I’m holding out for some to turn red. And then I’ll find a recipe to make them the way I remember when we got them at the Italian store in Lodi.

Hatch is also the site of the annual Chile Festival which attracts large crowds.  If you can’t get there, you can buy from the sellers and they’ll ship them anywhere! The NM Chile site has links to all the information on  how to order all types of chile products. You’ll also find a picture of the type of roasting drum that is used to toss the chiles over a flame at the “roasters” link.  Let me tell you, there is NOTHING like the smell of roasting chile!  Around town, the roasters are at work at Walmart, Albertsons, and Lowes grocery stores, right out front and the smell of roasting chile wafts across the parking lots.  And this year, Mountain View Market, is roasting, too, which is even better, because their chiles are organic.

According to a recent article in the local paper (Pests, Rain Reduce Chile Output ), this year’s crop has had a few setbacks because of our unusually high level of rainfall and cloudy days. The crop has been delayed about 2 weeks and production has dropped due to weather or disease.  As of August 30, about 20% of the crop has been harvested.  With 85% of the crop going to food processing plants across the nation, only 15% goes  the fresh market.

And, lucky me, I got some today!


For chile recipes, click here!