Thinkin’ Green–The Reckless Life of a Fervent Composter

~~By kenosha Marge

(Editor’s Note: I’m also an avid composter and lugged my own “Green Machine” sold by Mercer Country from NJ to NM 8 years ago. It’s quietly composting as you read this…GRL)

If you are a concerned citizen of the planet and would like to do your bit in the newly trendy “Going Green” movement there are many things that you can do.

Many of the green schemes are possible only if you have the income of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. However most of us have to set our sights just a tad lower. And some of us, lower still. I start with garbage.

I compost. I am a fervent composter. This will not get me a place in the Trendy Green Hall of Fame. It makes even some of my nearest and dearest turn up their sensitive noses and go “eeewww”. However composting is one small way that those of us with limited funds and the will to do something, be it ever so small, can do something “Green”. After all, we all have garbage.

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