The Past Week…Random Thoughts July 27–August 2, 2008 (Special “Toad Rescue Edition” w/Pic)

This is a trial run, to see if I can actually do something like this every week!

Random Thoughts from this Past Week

This week we saw Obama making a point of how he “looks different” from the faces on our currency, geting called out by McCain, then playing the victim AGAIN!

So Obama thinks talking about “looking different” ISN’T talking about race???  Unless he was referring to the fact that he doesn’t wear a powdered wig or beard…


Down here in CD-2, Richardson’s magic touch still hasn’t quite put Harry Teague D-OIL) ahead.  According to reports, Teague may throw some more of his money into his campaign, after loaning about $700,000 to his primary campaign. (Don’t forget, he got about $200,000 from Republicans, the same people who are supporting Steve Pearce’s Senate run.) This week he’s hired Frank Constanzo of the Pringle Communications Group, “a seasoned corporate turnaround specialist and political operative. He has served as an elected official in New York State and appointed appointed official in Arizona.  Constanzo also served as a senior advisor to both Governors and Bill Richardson on their Presidential campaigns.” For more on “Democrat” Teague, see here.

A “corporate turnaround specialist”–inspiring, isn’t it?


One thing about Obama’s begging letters, THEY seem to inspire me to NOT contribute!  After receiving one a few weeks ago, I took the money I once might have contributed to the Democratic Party and bought a pet carrier that was needed by the local animal shelter.  This past week, I got one from Obama on behalf of he DSCC which coincided with the start of several days of “Toad Rescue.”  We’ve had tons of rain and the toads were out for several nights calling to each other. One decided to take a dip every night in the water bowl I leave out for the wildlife in the arroyo behind my back wall.  I’d go out in the morning to feed the birds and spot the little guy floating in the bowl or awake and struggling to get out. I would fish him out before the water got hot enough to slowly cook him.  One day I took some pictures following the morning rescue and I’m glad I did, because that was the last time I saw him.  The weather had dried out and the toads went back to sleep in their underground burrows and I presume my little guy is nice and comfy in the hole I spotted near the water bowl.  Here’s a picture of him!

This Week’s Posts:

This week we welcomed Kenosha Marge to the blog! Her posts are starred *!

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