Sarah, Joe and Liza the Chicken

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You can get a lot of insight while while doing leg press exercises at the gym and watching a show about chickens on the large screen TV.

It happened to me Sunday at the gym as I gazed at the close-captioning on the screen above me, which was tuned into PBS, which was running a older documentary titled The Natural History of Chickens.

I’ve always wanted chicken but have never had the chance since I’ve always lived in towns which prohibit them in backyards.  So, I’ve gotten my vicarious experience with chickens courtesy The Hencam and Vasalini’s Chicken Cam.  Seeing a show on PBS, therefore, was a real treat as I counted reps.

As I finished up my stint on the leg press, a story started rolling across the bottom of the screen. It was about a very special chicken that one of the farmers featured on the program recalled with great fondness and appreciation.

Let me tell it to you now…

Liza was a small Silkie banty hen, with white fluffy feathers that looked almost like fur.  Since she was smaller than the other chickens at the farm, she had some hard times.  When she tried to lay her tiny eggs, she was pushed out of the nest box.  Liza desperately wanted to be a mother…she would try to “mother” the chicks of the other hens, only to be chased away.  The farmer began to take pity on her, so he built her a nest box apart from the others, and Liza began to lay her eggs, only to have them eaten by rats.

The farmer had formed a bond with Liza and was now very worried about her. She became listless and started to pluck at her feathers.  She was obviously in distress. So, the farmer finally constructed a miniature chicken coop just for her.  She laid one egg at a time until there were six, then settled into incubating them.  When her babies finally hatched, the farmer said they were “achingly small” compared to other chicks and he hesitated to let them out in the yard.  But, as Liza and her newly-hatched chicks fussed about being cooped up during that first week, he finally let them out and they began enjoying the normal routine of daily chicken life. Liza proved to be an excellent mother and the chicks thrived.

One day while out in the yard, the entire flock suddenly froze and then began dashing for shelter in a panic.  The farmer, who happened to be looking out the window and saw the commotion. knew right away that a hawk was in the vicinity.  He saw Liza running toward the house, then suddenly turn…she had lost her chicks.  Running back, she found them and gathered them under her and hunkered down. In horror, the farmer saw the hawk swoop down…and it was over.

The farmer went out toward the pile of white feathers, all that was left of LIza.  As he neared her, he saw a chick pop its head out…He knelt down to pick up Liza but before he could, she was up and herding her little family back to where they had been scratching for seeds.

Liza’s feathers were so fluffy that the hawk had misjudged just how far to fly down.  It hadn’t been able to pick her up as he swooped over her, so…he missed!

Later, the farmer reflected on what Liza had done. He had never seen it happen before. He said he had thought to himself, “Here is a creature, thought to be devoid of any thought or feelings, who ignored her own ‘fight or flight’ instinct to go back to her chicks, willing to sacrifice her own life as she tried to protect them.”  Liza would always remain very special to him.

So what does this have to do with politics?  Well, here we have two VP candidates with compelling stories about their families.  And which one is getting trashed? Sarah Palin, of course, because suddenly the Democratic Party has decided to crucify her as a “working mother”  especially because she decided carry through and bring a Down’s Syndrome child into the world.  Joe Biden, after losing his wife and a child in a tragic accident, decides to take his newly-won Senate.  With two very small sons at home, he commutes to Washington, DC so he can be home every night.  Has anyone ever judged his decision to take his Senate seat only weeks after his wife’s death and assume the time-consuming job of being a Senator with two young children at home?  Anybody question his parenting skills?

Didn’t think so…

Two working parents, making difficult, Liza-like decisions.  Trying to do the best they can for their children as they continue with their own lives.

But only one subjected to insult and derision.

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Well, this roller coast of a week is finally over but with Labor Day, the real onslaught of the political season will be going into full throttle.  It’s been a disappointing few weeks, culminating in the sham Democratic Convention.  The misogyny has been in full swing, fueled by McCain’s VP pick, Sarah Palin.

I’m tired but here’s taste of what went  on at the Obama festivities, which mark the great CHANGE:

While the Democrats pose as the party of the people, they sure weren’t acting like it when many of them accepted the hospitality of ATT & T:

AT&T Throws ‘Exclusive Party’ For Blue Dog Democrats Who Helped Pass Retroactive Immunity»

The telecommunications giant AT&T is “virtually everywhere” at the Democratic convention this week, “wining and feeding delegates and members of Congress with a relentless schedule of luncheons and evening celebrations.” The Texas-based company threw a special party outside the Mile High Station for its biggest supporters:

On Monday, AT&T threw an exclusive party for the Blue Dogs, the House’s moderate and conservative Democrats, at the historic Mile High Station in downtown Denver. Among the guests was House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., who in June led Blue Dogs in crafting a compromise bill that shielded telecommunications companies from lawsuits arising from the government’s terrorism-era warrantless eavesdropping.

Hoyer spokeswoman Stacey Bernards said Hoyer was not aware of any connection between the party and his work on the legislation. “I’m sure Mr. Hoyer didn’t even know who the sponsor was,” she said.

Leading the Blue Dog Democrats, Hoyer was “the point man” in negotiations over the new FISA law that Congress passed and Bush signed last month. He helped secure retroactive immunity for the telecommunications companies (including AT&T), thereby condoning their participation in Bush’s illegal spying program.

The president paid “special tribute” to Hoyer for his work in passing the legislation. While Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) called the legislation “one of the greatest assaults on the Constitution…in the history of our country,” Hoyer heralded it as a “significant victory.” And he has earned the telecommunication companies’ special thanks this week at the DNC convention.


Please understand that Hoyer had NO CLUE that who was sponsoring this party, no clue at all.  Nope, didn’t know ‘nuthin’…in spite of the fact that the party was announced and attendance was by invitation…


Can’t you just feel all the CHANGE in the air??


I haven’t gone to the ORANGE site in months, but was compelled to see for myself the post questioning whether Sarah Palin as the mother of her Down’s Syndrome baby or whether it belongs to one of her teen-age daughters.

Classy.  No matter that someone has provided a picture of Palin while pregnant (scroll down).  The original post still sits there.


Logistics Monster has a little ditty up on Obama and the New Black Panthers, which have a link on the Obama website.  I love the part with the two guys standing at attention with guns…reminds me of when I was at Cornell and the student union was taken over by rifle-wielding black students.  It made the naitonal headlines then…why not this now?  I trust the GOP will do the job, the question is when?  They’ll be accused of “playing the race card,” of course.


I was interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator, which is a great source of new and views from Pakistan.  This site is now listed in my International Press Library.


Ever see the movie “Holy Smoke” (1999) with Kate Winslet? It was on Encore last night….It’s about a young woman who becomes hooked by a religious guru, and how her parent hire a deprogrammer (Harvey Keitel) in an effort to get her back. Seems very appropriate these days…(“satiric yet disturbing,” according to the blurb)


Take a break and see how this line drawing battles its animator:


Out in the garden, the eggplant are getting smaller. The lima beans are at their peak production, while the peppers and tomatoes are still going strong. It’s hard to rip out producing plants to replace them with a fall crop of veggies, but I’m facing this dilemma soon. I have two small raised beds which produce year round, but it’s hard to rotate crops and wish I had a third bed!


Have a good Labor Day, everybody!


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