BREAKING: Hillary Clinton in So. NM the SAME TIME as McCain, as Obama is in ABQ (Sat. 10/25)

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I can only speak for myself, not other contributors to this blog, on this issu.

When I got today’s paper and saw the story about Clinton doing an event in Sunland Park, NM, which is an easy drive from here (about half an hour/45 minutes?–many people commute to work there) at the same time McCain has his event in Mesilla Plaza, I was really steamed. Bad enough she glowed about Obama after the last debate…now she shows up as a direct counter to a McCain event!

Then, I went to the website of the Las Cruces Sun-News and got MORE information…apparently, the Obama team is doing a double punch, much like last weekend’s efforts with Biden, Richardson and the start of early voting at sites around the area. (See my post on On the Ground in NM: Biden/Richardson/Endorsement Punch Hits So. NM; Big Early Voting Turnout; BREAKING: McCain May Be Here on Saturday (UPDATE 1X–McCain CONFIRMED for Sat. Rally, S. NM) ).

So, now we see Hillary Clinton actually working in TANDEM with Obama here in NM…

As far as I’m concerned, there are no more excuses about her actions.  If she had simply spoken for down-ticket candidates and not GLOWED for Obama in direct terms, I may have lived with it. But, her actions over the last week, culminating in this support for Obama in my own backyard while he is in Albuquerque the same day…frankly, it makes me feel pretty cynical at this point about her.

Here is the text of the website report up today (accompanied by a bad photo of McCain for some reason):

Presidential campaigns focus on New Mexico

By Diana M. Alba Sun-News reporter

For more information on municipal, county, state and national elections, visit Election 2008.

LAS CRUCES — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s southern New Mexico rally will be held in Sunland Park, the Barack Obama campaign has announced.

Also, further details are available about Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s scheduled visit to Mesilla on Saturday.

According to the Obama campaign, Clinton will host an event at Elena Memorial Plaza, 101 Meadow Vista Blvd., in Sunland Park.

Gates open at 1 p.m., and the program begins at 2:30 p.m.

Admission is free, and no tickets are required. Still, the Obama campaign is encouraging attendees to RSVP at

According to the McCain campaign, tickets will be required to attend, but won’t guarantee entry into the event.

Tickets are available on a first-come basis at four locations, including the Las Cruces McCain office and the Doña Ana County Republican Party headquarters. They’ll be distributed at those two offices today through Saturday.

Gates to event, set for the Mesilla plaza, open at 2 p.m., and the program begins at 3:30 p.m.

In addition to McCain and Clinton, Obama plans a visit to Albuquerque on Saturday.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was in Mesilla last week, and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin paid a visit to Roswell on Sunday.

Note: The paper’s story on the Palin visit had the wrong address for McCain headquarters as I reported previously.

On the Ground in NM: Biden/Richardson/Endorsement Punch Hits So. NM; Big Early Voting Turnout; BREAKING: McCain May Be Here on Saturday (UPDATE 1X–McCain CONFIRMED for Sat. Rally, S. NM)

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With the news that the McCain-Palin “StraightTalk Express” bus sports a shattered window from a gunshot and and multiple paint ball hits from a drive through  NM, I thought it would be a good time to give some on-the-ground reporting about the Biden-Richardson one-two punch from the past weekend. (The report says the shot and paint hits happened in southern NM, but the prior stops were in Gallup and Albuquerque in the north, but not as far north as Raton, which is practically in Colorado.  I guess folks up north don’t think much about the REALLY southern part of the state much…more later on this!)

On Friday, October 17, Joe Biden graced us with his presence at a rally in Mesilla. I’d been to the plaza to see John Edwards and Wes Clark (2X)…it’s not too big a space and has a nice backdrop for photos.

Right off the bat, “things happened.”  The local rag’s rundown on the impending appearances of Biden here and Sarah Palin in Roswell contained errors.  Let’s see, is it just a typo when the paper gives the address of camp Obama’s headquarters here twice, including one time in place of the address and phone number of McCain headquarters?   Well, I spotted it right away and called the paper, only to get taped instructions at the editorial department for leaving a message. I left a complaint, calling it an “egregious” error.  This was in a page 1 story by the way, but I never saw a correction the next day on page 1…or buried inside the paper, either.  I admit, I didn’t look very hard for it…because I’ve decided that a page 1 error deserves a page 1 correction.

The day after the Biden rally, the paper had a screaming headline across the top and a big story (also “disappeared” off the website, but the squib reads: Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden asked supporters here not to quit working for the Barack Obama campaign, with Election Day less than three weeks away … .”)  I guess there was TV coverage out of El Paso, too…but TV news is off limits for me these days.  For the record, the local paper, The Las-Cruces Sun-News has about 3 people here in Las Cruces…most of the content comes out of El Paso now.  One outfit, MediaNews Group, seems own or have partnerships with all the daily papers in southern NM, at least as far as I can tell.  Gannett used to run them, but this group is no slouch.  See details below…there are some big names there and they own one one TV station– ironically, in Anchorage, Alaska!

Then, on Saturday, October 18, Bill Richardson swooped down from Santa Fe for an “early vote rally” at a local eatery. Unfortunately the story seems to have vanished, but the little teaser for a picture remains:

10/19/2008 – Gov. Bill Richardson encourages Las Crucens to get out and cast their votes for the Democratic ticket Saturday during an early vote rally at Los Compas Cafe, 6335 Bataan Memorial West.

Early voting started on October 7. More EV sites opened up around the city the 18th, the day Richardson came to town.  As of October 7, the last day to register as well as the first day of EV, this was the breakdown of voter registration here in Dona Ana County:

According to a story in the El Paso Times, As of Friday morning [10/3], 104,503 people were registered to vote in Doña Ana County, according to the clerk’s office. Of those, 51,723 were Democrats, 29,980 were Republicans, 19,391 were classified as “declined to state” a party and 3,409 were other parties.”

Even though the district has a lot more registered Democrats, Republicans seem to carry the Congressional seat and many local races anyway.  This is the first time I can remember that the national Democrats have funneled money into the CD-2 race for Richardson’s guy, oil services man Harry Teague (search Archives for a story on him).

The day Richardson showed up my mother went to the library…or at least TRIED to go the library. When she got there, there were long lines of people waiting to vote at the library’s voting site. The Obamacrats had a big shade tent up with lots of people milling around.  Middle-school kids were on the street with signs, urging people to vote for Obama. One lone McCain person, a brave young man, stood by himself. My mother never got into the library because she couldn’t find a place to park. Needless to say, she came home disheartened. She had never seen young kids before, waving in voters for a candidate.

To top off the weekend, the print edition of the Sunday paper the Sun-News endorsed Obama.

President of the United States Our choice: Barack Obama

The Las Cruces Sun-News endorses Barack Obama for president of the United States.

Like many Americans, we would feel more comfortable with the Democratic nominee if we knew him a little better; if he had been on the national scene a little longer; if his résumé had been filled out a little more. But, we also share the belief of most Americans that our country is heading in the wrong direction and is in dire need of fundamental change.

(The editorial states that McCain only “tweaks” current policy, and then ends with this resounding flourish:)

While Obama’s résumé may be thin, his talents and abilities are anything but. In the nearly two years since his announcement, Obama has inspired a flock of new voters who are excited about the U.S. political system for the first time in their lives. He has demonstrated steady leadership and a keen intellect at a time when those qualities are most needed.

Oh, make me retch…facts to back that crap up?

The same day, the Sun-News made sure to publish this story on page 1:

NM Hispanics may hold election key

By Los Angeles Times

BERNALILLO — Rick Sepulveda can’t make up his mind between Barack Obama and John McCain. The 49-year-old beer salesman thinks the Democrat would do a better job with the economy, but he can’t stomach Obama’s support for abortion, an affront to his faith.

“I’m pro-life. That’s a big issue for me,” Sepulveda said recently, after taking an order at the T & T Supermart here, 18 miles north of Albuquerque. But, he added, “McCain is another Bush.”

Undecided Hispanic voters, particularly socially conservative ones like Sepulveda, could play the pivotal role in deciding who wins the five electoral votes in the Land of Enchantment, a state known for razor-thin margins in presidential races. Former Vice President Al Gore won by 365 votes in 2000; President Bush by 5,988 in 2004.

In New Mexico, Obama had led McCain in recent polls and has a substantial lead among Hispanics. But nearly one in five Hispanic voters, who make up almost a third of the state’s electorate, remain undecided, double the rate for white voters.

Many of these voters are torn, like Sepulveda, drawn to Republicans by their Roman Catholic faith, but to Democrats by their concerns about the economy….MORE

Maybe it’s a good sign that this northern New Mexican, just a stone’s throw from Santa Fe, in an area just outside of Albuquerque, is still torn.

Here’s my gripe about early voting (and it applies to ALL early voting, not just this election). This time around, with more and more news coming out about Obama’s connections and obfuscation, we’ve got a massive early vote turnout, especially up north (Obama country). See here. Texas is also reporting heavy turnout. Of course, Obamacrats won’t change their minds, but there are plenty of conservative Dems like the man cited in the above story who might as well as a boatload of undecideds.  We know early voting is a tool to push a candidate’s vote totals up so that they become insurmountable, especially for one like Obama who has hidden much of his past with the aid of the media.  My feeling is, if you want to vote and can’t get to the polls on Election Day or don’t want to wait hours, take the trouble to get your absentee ballot.

And, I have another thought: if all those people came out on Saturday, then why the hell don’t we have WEEKEND voting across the country? Voting on both Saturday and Sunday shouldn’t offend anyone and more people will have the time to go out and vote and there will be less of a crush at the polls at the last minute, when people get off work!  What’s so hard about that??? We’ve now got voting all over the place here, for example–in-person voting; in-person absentee voting; absentee voting by mail; sites that anyone from any district can can vote at; in-district sites; and…Election Day.  Meanwhile, you call the county clerk’s office for information and get a tape, leave a message,  and they DON’T call you back!!  It happened to us… so what does that tell you about how things are going?  With NM’s stellar performance in vote counting (NOT!) doesn’t this sound like early voting is part of one big disaster?

Now, I have to tell you what happened to me as I was writing this piece.  I took a break to walk Slick because I had heard thunder.  Once outside, I saw a huge stack of clouds enveloping the Organ Mountains and …2 rainbows! I’ve never seen rainbows in October in all the years I’ve lived here, let alone a huge cloud like that one.  What does it mean?  I had a moment of real dread…that I was seeing an omen of some sort, that a big Obama storm was coming our way here. (I swear to God, this is all true..when I got home, I took pictures to prove it!)

When I got back to the computer, I happened to see at the Sun-News site a little blurb…seems McCain may be down here Saturday for a rally in Mesilla! Well, coming on the heels of the big rally Palin had in Roswell yesterday (10,000 showed up), I’m wondering if a McCain visit means he’s 1) desperate or 2) really optimistic about his chances, especially here in the south which normally offsets the northern part of the state?

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: As of early Tuesday morning (10/21) there is no new report on a McCain visit…


About the north-south issue: Tom Udall hasn’t shown his face here, except for a closed August event for money supporters.  He sounds like a real Democrat one day, an Obamacrat another day, and a Republican yet another day.  Does all this, plus his stiffing of the southern part of the state make me want to vote for him. Not really, not at this point.  I won’t vote for Pearce, but Udall isn’t gaining my confidence, either.

About MediaNews Group: MediaNews Group has papers in California, the Rocky Mountain States, and Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont and Massachussetts. The Denver Post is among their publications. According to their site, “are privately owned and operate 54 daily newspapers in 11 states with combined daily and Sunday circulation of approximately 2.4 million and 2.7 million, respectively…Our corporate mission is to be the leading provider of local news, information and services in our strategically located markets by continually expanding and leveraging our news gathering resources.”

“Leveraging,” at least here in southern NM, seems to mean cookie-cutter content with a smattering of local stories and press releases about clubs and entertainment listings…


McCain will hold a ticketed 3:30 PM event Saturday in Mesilla’s plaza. Details here.

McCain Fires 1st Torpedo at the Obama Garbage Scow Known as the "The Hope-y Smile-y Good Ship Lollipop"

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The admiral’s son finally began to take command of his ship yesterday in what many are saying is the  best speech of his lifetime.

The fact that he did it in Albuquerque, within earshot of the Santa Fe, home of  Bill Richardson’s little cesspool and the Obama elite crowd, warms my heart as I watch from southern NM.

Texas Hill Country has the entire text of the speech up and it’s available at C-Span.

Let’s just say that McCain has probably set up the message for the last month of his campaign.  Some are worrying that he’s tipped his hand, but I think that’s being too worried.  After all, the Obama crowd knows full well what’s down in the hold of the HSGSL and has been working diligently along with the media to hide it all along. I’m sure they have all their excuses all set up…unless Axelrod and Obama begin to commit more of what many see as a big faux pas (adding more fuel to the fire about the Ayers connection) as the pressure mounts.

During the debate, McCain needs to needle Obama with some of the points he made in his speech.  The object, of course, will be to get Obama stuttering and off his memorized script.  I fervently hope we can witness enough hemming and hawing coming from Obama to begin to destroy his much-vaunted “rhetorical skills.”

And I must give a huge amount of praise to Sarah Palin, who readied the first torpedo tube a few days ago when she dared to bring up Ayers.

The last couple of days prompted me to walk into McCain campaign headquarters yesterday (perish the thought!) where I met a group of very nice older women who knew all about PUMA. The office was in a crummier part of town in a dilapidated office center, much different from the free-standing building on the main drag that the Obama campaign is using.  (The regular Democratic Party has a permanent office in another neglected part of town)

One of the women indicated that she was an “independent” like me and I was able to pick up 3 stickers all related to Palin alone ( for example, “Palin Power, ” “Sarah! Girl Power” and “Read My Lipstick-Vote McCain-Palin”).

At the time, I was unaware of what McCain was saying in ABQ, but something must have been in the air…

From here on in, I’m hoping that the torpedoes come thick and fast and that all the rats below deck on the Obama Hopey-Smiley Good Ship Lollipop are sent overboard…all along with the captain and the crew…

The Direction of This Blog in the Wake of the Democratic Party’s Fiasco

This will not be a pro-McCain blog.

I will not be voting for Obama, but have made no decision on how to handle my vote in November.  I may pull the lever for McCain if NM looks very close in Obama’s favor.  If McCain or Palin say or do something that seems worthy of discussing in a favorable light, I will do so, but that is not an indication of my switching over to the Republican Party.  I am currently a “non-affiliated” voter; I dropped my registration as a Democrat several months ago because of the actions of the DNC and the Obama campaign. There is a chance I will not go to the polls at all, which would be the first time I’ve chosen not to vote.

Blogging here will go on as usual.  I will continue to:

1) Research Obama and comment on is connections, words and actions, as well as the folly of the Democratic Party, which also means keeping an eye on the New Mexico political scene. Frankly, with Bill Richardson here, there’s plenty to watch.

2) Keep up against the misogyny of the media and the Democratic party, which has now become so obvious.

The treatment of women in politics by the media and the parties apparently has not improved greatly; there’s been a festering sore hidden under sloganeering and false commitment on the part of the Democrats which seems to be as deeply engrained as the “Neanderthalism” of Republican’s policies which involve women’s issues.  I’ve been at this since the 60’s and did a good deal of marching on Washington during the Reagan years, but apparently, I have to keep at it.  This is a crucial moment for the country and we must keep going! It is bigger than Hillary, whose experience has opened the window on what’s really going on…It cannot be swept under the rug any longer!!! To that end, this blog will most likely participate in The New Agenda:

Mission Statement

The New Agenda, through its members and partner organizations, seeks to advance women’s rights. The New Agenda will bring about a systemic change in the way women are treated in the media, by the government, at the workplace, and at home. To achieve our goals, we will empower women by working towards parity in the government and in the workplace. The New Agenda will also formulate an agenda based on core women’s issues which we will promote in a non-partisan fashion. The New Agenda will speak out for the millions of women in this great country who often have no voice.

3) Bring readers information about relevant foreign news. I do want to get back on a regular schedule of my World Media Watch and World Energy Watch. So far, politics has taken too much of my time to really do this…but my goal to get back to these columns is still alive. In the meantime, the International Press Library is now available.

4) I’ll occasionally talk about my dogs, garden and other things that make life worth living.

Uppity Woman has commented that she intends to do her part “to enable people ‘NOT TO FEEL ALONE'” and I hope this blog will also serve this purpose.

Thanks for visiting. If any readers would like to submit essays in any of the areas I’ve just outlined, I would welcome the chance to consider them for posting.

McCain Visit Gets Perfunctory Coverage vs. Obama, Richardson Swooping in to Grab Headlines, Udall Who? (Update 2X)

Well, what a difference a candidate makes….

Back in May, the news of Obama’s visit on Memorial Day was greeted with several days of banner headlines across the top of the local paper, The Las Cruces Sun-News.  It even gave front page status to the visit to ABQ by Obama this past Monday which focused on immigration reform.

Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen small articles about McCain’s visit at the bottom right of the front page…no banner headlines, for sure.  In an area full of active and retired military personnel, the low-key coverage has been surprising.

Now, I’m not a McCain fan, but fair is fair. Unless, the Sun-News is doing what so much of the media is doing…setting up Obama for a fall. The Sun-News seems to be a fan of Republicans in most of their news coverage, although they will occasionally endorse Democrats in local races.

The coverage of the event seems limited so far on the web. An early story (7:36 am) via the El Paso Times which described McCain’s arrival in El Paso also reported that as soon as McCain touched down there, NM Democratic Party leaders revealed that they had organized an 11 AM protest across from the venue. There’s a 3:19  piece by the local reporter.  Then there is a video of the townhall…sort of.  McCain was introduced as being “ready from day one” to be President, and, in his opening remarks, he hit Obama for not “being with him today” to debate issues as well as acknowledging the Olympic win in wrestling by Henry Cejudo, who grew up in Las Cruces. Here’s the web story:

McCain speaks to hundreds at NMSU (3:19 p.m.)

Watching the opening moments of the event, I can tell you that McCain was quite energetic, speaking quickly and directly and moving easily around the stage, with about 5 rows of risers on all sides of him.

In his opening remarks he spent a great deal of time on the situation in Georgia and as he was going into the background of the conflict, guess what?  The video ENDED.  How come? After all, Obama’s entire event was shown!

Oh, but the Sun-News did provide an “interview” held after the event on the fly, which was audio only, and bad audio at that. Barely audible in spots.  The topic was about Georgia and the Russian’s “being back” and that, too, ended abruptly. At least 30 seconds of the 3 minute clip was just noise.

What a contrast to the coverage and video devoted to Obama!

There was also an AP story up at the Sun-News site, but that seemed to disappear early this evening.

Just for the fun of it, I checked out the El Paso Times coverage of the event on the web. It picked up a longer version of the AP story:

While in Las Cruces, John McCain criticizes Obama on Iraq

The story included this one question from a voter, a question about McCain’s potential VP:

One voter asked, “Are you going to pick a vice president that conservatives can rally around in the future, or are you going to give us someone that is going to make us want to stay home?”

McCain responded, “I will nominate a person to be vice president, my running mate, who shares my principles, my values and my priorities.”

And where was El Paso Times Online Editor Jay Koester, who breathlessly blogged from the Obama event and gave himself away as an Obama groupie?  No where to be found when it came to the McCain event!  It was a morning event, so he had all day to write something…but so far, nothing.

We’ll have to see how much ink the event gets in tomorrow’s print edition of the Sun-News. But Bill Richardson is coming to town tomorrow to announce the site of the new state veterans’ museum (and the speculation is it will be here in LC), a convenient way to grab the headlines away from McCain…We’ll see!

UPDATE 1 Thursday AM, August 21, 2008

Well, the print version of today’s Sun-News gave McCain a two column header–“Straight Talk” and the Richardson appearance was at the top right. Obama’s “pre-visit” hype was a 2 days of full banners across the top!!  The story was a combination of local and AP reporting.

Under the headline there was a pic of McCain at the town, with smaller headline underneath reading “McCain rolls into Las Cruces,” with a smaller pick of a student asking a question.  The story continued on page 8A and included one question from the audience from a woman who took her husband to Spain for treatment of a brain disease. She asked: “Why did I have to take him somewhere else so he could die in a better place tha in his own country?”  McCain answered that he thought the health care system needed to be “revamped” but that a government-run system wold do better.”  A small picture of the protesters (NMSU Aggies “heart” Obama”) along with a man holding a McCain tee-shirt accompanied the story.  A side-story, “McCain Praises U.S.-Mexico Cooperation on Combating Drug Trade” was on the left of the page.

At the Sun-News website, video of the entire even went up to accompany the print edition story along with a small photo gallery of about 18 pictures.

Over at the El Paso Times website, the paper ran the same story that was printed in the Sun-News.  No sign of any comment by blogger Jay Koester, however.


Much less pre-visit hype compared to what was given to Obama;

No comments from people who attended the event;

Heavy reliance on the AP reports for the details;

No live blogging from Jay Koester of the El Paso Times;

OVERALL IMPRESSION–less space given to McCain.  And the story was treated in a much more ordinary manner, typical of most visits from politicians.  There was certainly none of the breathless hype that went along with the Obama visit in May.

You can see my posts from the Obama visit in the archives. Look for posts dated May 23, 25, 26, and 28.



Buried so deep in the second section of today’s Sun-News that I almost missed it, a little squib about  Democratic Senate candidate Tom Udall holding a “meet and greet” at a school and a townhall meeting tonight.  Who knew??? Either his advance people are really bad OR the Sun-News deliberately squelched that info.  Even if there was very little info, couldn’t it have been attached as a sidebar to the McCain coverage?  His opponent Steve Pearce has sign up already all over town and has been the House Rep. from this district for two terms.  Although Democrats hold most local seats, this district is (and CD-1 and 1 Senate seat) are Republican holds.  (And with folks like Sen. Bingaman and Richardson in office, you could argue that real Democrats are hard to find in NM.)

UPDATE on Non-Profit “Advocacy” Groups in NM: SOS Agrees with AG Gary King, NMYO Must Register as PAC (Update 1X)

I’m going to quote extensively from Joe Monahan’s blog on the change.  I was wondering if King might cave to pressures from the Richardson crew, but apparently, the SOS did her job.  The link to the ABQ journal’s “complete report” is behind a firewall, so forget about getting the full story, but Eli Lee’s op-ed of August 15 is available, for some reason. I might be able to track it down the report at another site like I did for my earlier posts on this fight.

From Monahan’s August 19th post “Watching the Watchdogs”:

NM Secretary of State Herrera has agreed with AG King and on Monday ordered NM Youth Organized (NMYO) to register as a political committee, forcing them to disclose their contributions and expenditures. The group, an affiliate of Eli Lee’s Center for Civic Policy, says it will fight the order in court, which could prove expensive and raise questions by donors concerned that their money is being used for lawyers’ fees. Here’s a complete report from the ABQ Journal. Read on for our analysis.

The political nonprofit at the center of the storm over disclosing contributions and expenditures is lawyering up and pulling out all the PR stops. But none of it will avoid the inevitable collision. Center for Civic Policy executive director, Eli Lee, writes in an op-ed piece in the ABQ Journal that the people of NM deserve to know “from whom (legislators) receive financial contributions” but then he turns around and asserts the people have no right to know who is funding his nonprofit’s expensive mail attacks on an assortment of legislators. His latest excuse is that release of the donors to the Center would subject them to “harassment.” Does that mean we should halt already required financial disclosure because it is a threat to the public safety? Lee, under pressure, recently identified foundation donors, but not individual donors, to his group.

The political nonprofit has sent out loads of hit literature against legislators they claim is “educational” while the AG argues it is blatantly political. The enduring question is why Lee and his allies, who so forcefully promulgate disclosure by the campaigns of elected officials, are themselves so reticent to adopt this ethical behavior as their own, even as they claim to be self-appointed ethical watchdogs of our Legislature. If there were an indictment for being hypocritical, the grand jury would be looking at a true bill.

Lee has also not disclosed specific group expenditures, including his salary. Informed insiders tell us he may be getting as much as 20% of the gross donations. That would be about $329,000 if his group collects his projected amount over two years. (If our insider figure is inaccurate, we would be glad to provide updated information from the Center, or they can give it to the newspapers.)

King has been ridiculed by Center allies as a backwoods country lawyer. It now faces a legal fight over his quest to force full disclosure of the estimated $1.645 million the Center says it will take in this year and next (Although some say the recent publicity can’t be helping the Center’s fund-raising while others argue the legal trouble will spur it on). Center lawyers say King’s action could lead to “unnecessary litigation.” But we face the prospect of continued undisclosed funding coming into this state from far and wide, depriving us of the knowledge of who is trying to influence public policy here. Under those circumstances, litigation is something to look forward to, not shy away from.

Background posts, from most recent to oldest:

Update on Non-Profit “Advocacy” Groups in NM…AG Gary King Squelched by Richardson?

Part II: NM AG, “Gutsy Gary” King, Fighting for Transparency re: Non-Profits Like the League of Young Voters and ACORN

Part I: New Mexico “Progressive” Voter Registration Groups in Trouble: ACORN Again…Surprised?? (UPDATE 1X)

UPDATE  August 22, 2008

A great new post up at NO QUARTER…ACORN – CSI – OBAMA. Someone else noticed!

McCain to Appear in Southern NM Tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/20)

Following on the heels of Obama’s visit to ABQ on Monday and Hillary’s quick moves to escape the on-coming clutch of Bill Richardson in Espanola yesterday, John McCain is going to show up tomorrow here in Las Cruces, NM. He’ll be flying into El Paso tonight.

According to the local rag, McCain will do a townhall-style event at an annex building of the Pan Am Center at New Mexico State University.  The venue can hold about 500 people and tickets are first-come, first serve via email at the McCain website.

If I didn’t have several appointments for tomorrow morning, I might have gone out of curiosity.  I’ve seen several candidates in past years here in Las Cruces.  It’s a mecca for political visitors even though it is a pretty small city. But, with nothing around it for at least 50 miles (El Paso is to the south), it is the “capitol” of southern NM and a completely different political entity than the ABQ-Santa Fe region.

So, instead of attending, I will watch the reporting closely. I’m interested to see if McCain gets the same attention as Obama did back in May. Back then, I wrote a string of reports as the drama unfolded–the transformation from an exclusive meeting with veterans into a campaign rally with a mostly supporters who were contacted in haste at the last minute.  The blogger from the El Paso Times who covered the event was totally in the tank for Obama. We’ll see if he reports for duty again for the McCain visit!

I’ll start reporting on this tomorrow as soon as I get back from my appointments and as soon as information starts to trickle in.


Coverage of Obama’s visit which began on May 23, 2008:

Obama to Visit Site of Bataan Memorial Death March on Memorial Day…To Repair Dumb Comment Damage? (Or…To Straighten Out Foreign Policy Mix-up with Bill Richardson?)

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