Pooped on by the Party (Fall in Line? I Ain’t Gonna Do That…)

~~Posted by kenosha Marge

Being so consistently pooped on by my party has now made me a dedicated Party Pooper.

I know that now that I have acknowledged that I am a deadender, a racist, a low-information voter and that worst of slurs, an old woman, admitting to being a Party Pooper seems almost admirable. Isn’t it fun being an older woman? They get to hit you with a twofer. A. You are old=ageism and B. You are a woman= sexism. Black women can get hit with a threefer. Aren’t they the lucky ones?

I know it is my duty as a Democrat to sit down, shut up and show up to vote for whatever candidate the powers that be want me to choose. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

I know it is my duty as a Democrat to ignore the bad behavior of my party and go into total outrage mode at the very thought of bad behavior by the Republican Party. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

I know it shouldn’t upset me that the party has chosen Joe Biden to be VP. I’m just supposed to forget, as so many women appear to have done, his despicable behavior vis-a-vis the Clarence Thomas hearings and Anita Hill. Being a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

Being a good, loyal Democrat now seems to mean that you turn off your ethical standards in order to support the party. Being a person who finds it difficult to turn off my ethical standards for anyone and a Party Pooper, I ain’t gonna do that.

I have been a good, loyal, stupid Democrat for over 40 years. I supported every dunderhead that came down the pike with my vote and with money when I could afford to do so. Looking back at those years I want to slap myself upside the head and say, “What the hell were you thinking woman? Did you not know, somewhere deep inside, that a crappy Democrat was no better than a crappy Republican?”

I read on a blog somewhere that Independents are fickle. That seems to presuppose that we as voters owe some kind of loyalty to any dimwit that our party leadership, in their infinite stupidity, try to shove down our throat. It appears more to me that Independents are using something other than a letter following a name to make their decisions. Are they all making super-duper wonderful decisions? Course not. We are talking about a diverse group of people. Just like the rest of the public they are made up of the good, the bad, and the pinheads.

One good thing about being an Independent is that you can vote as you like without friends and relatives treating you as if you were Benedict Arnold. One bad thing is that friends and relatives all think they can persuade you to their way of thinking. File that under fat chance.

I call myself an Independent these days but somewhere deep inside I am still a Democrat. I believe in all the things I believed in as a Democrat all those years. It’s just that this Democratic Party doesn’t seem to believe in them any more. And so while I am still a Democrat I will vote like a PUMA Party Pooper for whoever I damn well please.


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Note from InsightAnalytical:  This post expresses exactly how I feel, too!

I Write to an Aussie Talk Show Host About Obama, He Gets “Inspired,” Writes a Column in “The Australian” (Mentioning Me), and Then…

…you may be as surprised as I was about what he said and how he said it…or maybe not!

Last week I wrote about an interview I heard on Radio Australia hosted by Phillip Adams.  His guest was Bruce Shapiro, a contributing editor for The Nation. I wrote about this interview in a post on August 1 and included a link to the audio.

During the conversation the talked turned to Obama both host and guest were awed by the turnout for Obama in Berlin.  Since I think Adams runs a great, informative show, I felt it my duty to inform him of the circumstances–that there were rock bands, brats and beer offered to anybody who showed up to see Obama.

Adams wrote back to me, asking if for some more information, and I provided a link to the Gateway Pundit’s post which included a link to a report in a German paper, the Berlin Morgenposten. He was curious about the “hijacked” crowd (his term, not mine):

G’day Gloria…haven’t heard about this…a rock concert? a hi-jacked crowd? .more info?

Then the “fun” began with this follow-up email (unedited for typos):

> Dear Gloria.I write a couple of weekly coumns for The Australian, our national
> newspaper.here’s one that will go in early next week – inspired by YOU!
Thought it might amuse..

(“The Australian” is a Murdoch paper and Australia’s only national newspaper.)

Adams had attached an advance copy of his article.  My full name was included and, at my request, he told the website editors to remove it prior to publication.  (They didn’t…the piece went up with my full name, misspelled, but there nonetheless. A couple of emails later, the correction had been made and only my first name appears toward the end of the piece.)

I wrote back to take issue with a couple of things in the piece, knowing full well that Adams was within his rights to say what he wanted.  I never “accused” Obama of anything, nor did I say the crowd was “left over” from a rock concert, as Adams wrote. (Unfortunately, I wrote to Adams the first time using the form on his page, so I don’t have a copy.  But the gist of it was simply that I was providing him with an “update” to the facts surrounding Obama’s speech, something that he might not have known about…which, he didn’t.)  But, I went on the record by replying:

Also, did I really “accuse” him if, indeed, he actually has used rock bands as
part of his events, not only in Berlin, but also in Oregon in May?…I just
wanted to apprise you of the staging in case you weren’t aware of it! (And the
food sure sounded good in Berlin, having almost overdosed on brats when I
visited there years ago!).  The question will always be, of course, whether the
crowds were there for Obama alone, the bands, alone, or a combination of both (and in what proportion if the latter!)

Thanks for revising my name if not the term “accuse.”   Because, if I’m ferreted out as being an Obama basher because of being labeled an “accuser” (I am a critic, but based on reasoning and observation, not obsession with any other politician), I really do have some fears the way things have been going here lately…I would like to refer visitors to my site to your piece but I’d be hesitant to do so with my full name “in lights”!

So, here is the tease for article as it appears in August 5 edition of The Australian:

In his advance copy to me, Adams called his piece “BARACK AND ROLL” but the print/web version has different title and there have been a few minor revisions.

Here are some key passages:

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