The Past Week: Recaps & Random Thoughts, September 21-27 (Obama Goon Squads; Mortgage Mess; “Girl Power!” on CNN; Lynette Long on the Record; “Presents” in TX; Obama Strikes Gold; Rezko [Updated 1X]; “Racism” Now in O.J. Trial; For Democratic Reform)

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Well, where do I start???   This week we welcomed Grail Guardian as a contributor, joining kenosha Marge! Her first posts proved to be very popular…we look forward to more great posts from this awesome team!

Now, onto the roundup…

GOON SQUADS…unreal…I had heard about it earlier on Saturday,and Uppity Woman wrote the story with the video and statement by Missouri Governor Blunt (and it’s also cross-posted at No Quarter ). I’ve been wondering when the dirt on Obama will be showing up in TV ads by 527s. I recall an ad that was blocked from being aired a while back.  I did a bit of research. The very first “swiftboat” ad against John Kerry was aired on August 5, 2004. Aren’t things pretty quiet so far? Well, maybe it’s because of threats…and now we have the Obama goon squads…while I detest “swiftboating,” I’m more alarmed by how far Obama and his minions are going with the use of intimidation. A MUST READ!!


The Mortgage Mess…Backgrounders

On the mortgage mess, Truth is Gold has a great post titled “The Emperor’s Clothes…Continued” with a bevy of fantastic links on the subject.  Definitely worth a look!  As is this piece at No Quarter titled “Consumer Rights League, Obama, Acorn, and the SubPrime Mortgage.  Another example of the type of research that the mainstream media can’t…or WON’T do!


Women’s Stuff…

I was sitting in a waiting room on Wednesday about 10 am MT and CNN was on.  The anchor (Kyra Phillips?) passed it over to a female correspondent who reported on a big meeting of women business leaders in NYC and which also included shots of Condoleeza Rice and Sarah Palin.  Guess what the title across the bottom of the screen read???


I nearly retched…when I have you last seen the video of a group of male leaders referred to as possessing “BOY POWER!!!” ?

Thankfully, some women are getting some respect in the media…namely, Lynette Long of The Reclusive Leftists, who was referred to by none other than Bill Clinton on The View, although he didn’t name her.  And, she also was the subject of a piece by Marc Fisher, a Metro columnist at the Washington Post which was picked up by The Dallas Morning News (and who knows where else?) on Saturday entitled “Why a Hillary Supporter Flipped to McCain.” It’s a pretty straightforward article, but there is the obligatory dig at Sarah Palin’s “knowledge base” which Lynette responds to by referencing her character, instincts and her being “real.”  I, personally, would like to shove Obama’s “knowledge base” into Fisher’s face…but, they haven’t interviewed me!

Now, I have no idea why a “Metro reporter” writes an interview and it lands in the op-ed section, but maybe it’s just the way things are done these days. Sort of like when I read a Washington Post story in my local paper which is about McCain “eating” his plan to stay in D.C. if the bailout agreement couldn’t be finalized before the debate.  It’s full of more snide comments that pass as “reporting”…and, to me, it is pure op-ed on the news page.  But, that’s the state of “churnalism” these days…


Texas “Presents”

Over at Hillbuzz earlier in the week, there was a video posted from the Republican Party of Texas.  The “narrator” wasn’t a professional…at first, I thought it was something created by a non-politico.  It grabs your attention simply because it doesn’t come across as a typical, canned politica ad and features a young-sounding person speaking out against Obama.  It’s on the subject of Obama’s voting record in IL…all those “presents” he used…Really interesting.

Hillbuzz (via Will Bowers’ PUMA) is where I also found out about the lovely gold coins that the Obama campaign is issuing with The Chosen One’s mug on them.  I thought the fake U.S. seal was bad…Funny thing is, I have a silver coin with Bill Clinton’s face on it…but, jeez, that one was from 1992 and was celebrating his actual INAUGURATION! For a guy who limped into the nomination and hasn’t closed the deal yet in the general, I’d say there’s a serious problem here   And, is THIS how they spend their money? This is like “Greek Temples Take Two“…



Just in case you’ve lost track of Tony Rezko, the latest news from The Chicago Sun-Times blog (dated September 20) is that he will be sentenced on October 28. His attorneys want the case thrown out because key witness Stuart Levine was “unreliable.”  Recall that final sentencing was postponed 2 months (originally it was supposed to be August 21); now it will be a week before the election on the last couple of counts!  How will this reminder of Rezko effect the race? Anything?  The media will bury it, so it will be up to the GOP to show us pictures of Rezko’s tenements and chat about where the government money that was supposed to fix them went…Of course, if it gets any play, you can be sure that Obama will pose as having been victimized again and the media will make sure he’s portrayed as being clean as a whistle after all…


Uppity Woman points us to a story at The Real Barack Obama (formerly Rezko Watch) which has all the latests details on “the wide-ranging probe”–is Rezko SINGING???  There was much speculation that he might…if he is, what’s his tune?  Speculation:

“I’m told by a close friend of Rezko that he’s cooperating with the feds,” said a Sneed source. “I don’t know whether he’s talking about Gov. Blagojevich or Barack Obama or anyone else,” the source said.

Meanwhile, at the OJ Simpson trial, we’re seeing references to “bias and racism” leveled at the Las Vegas Metro Police.  See below for the link to the relevant post on the trial and how the outcome may affect the Presidential race…


On Friday The Confluence announced a new site dedicated to taking back the Democratic Party. It’s called For Democratic Reform (FDR). This site should be a real boost for a strong push to get rid of the machine that has taken over the Democratic Party, as well as efforts to get the party back to its core values.


This week in the fall garden…A couple of days ago I ripped out the pepper plants, all except the pimiento–the peppers are finally turning red!  Still plenty of Sweet 100 tomatoes and Golden Boys. I’m way behind in clearing things out so I can get the mustard, lettuce, and kale in…and I still haven’t planted the collard and broccoli seedlings, which are now VERY large seedlings…


Finally, a brief remembrance of Paul Newman…a wonderful actor who became a great humanitarian.  Godspeed…


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The Past Week: Recaps & Random Thoughts, September 14-20 (Dog Activism; The Palin Wars; More McCain Offices Open; Joe Biden; We Need 30%; Odinga Revisited; A “Comment” on Congress)

Missouri and McCain…

Ok, in spite of my skepticism about the state of public opinion polling these days (see my prior post “Musings on Pollsters: Confessions of a Former Gallup Study Director…), I just had to post this.

It’s a list of Missouri polls since December 2007, and all, except for one, show McCain has been leading in Missouri. And now, after a dip through May and early June, McCain appears to be rebounding.

The data was first posted at .

Continue reading

Obama Courts “Working Women” in ABQ, NM in Another Closed Event

Obama conducted an “invitation only” visit to ab ABQ, NM Flying Star restaurant Monday to try to shore up his image with women. Specifically, “working women.” I guess he’s interested in the demographic now. It’ll be on to senior citizens next…

I had read that some Obama supporters were miffed that this was another “closed” event…but the reports on the visit didn’t mention that. The blogger at New Mexico for Democracy (part of the DFA, Howard Dean’s organization that has been helping all along) reported that Michael Isikoff from Newsweek was there, which isn’t surprising because Newsweek HEARTS OBAMA. Where was his Newsweek colleague Eleanor Clift? The way she “analyzes” on The McLaughlin Report sounds like she is on the Obama payroll, after all. I would have thought she would have been drooling at the chance to attend this “up close and personal” event.

As reported by the New Mexico Independent:

UNM professor Christine Sierra said Monday’s event was all about Obama’s effort to reach out to women.

“Barack is definitely trying to be fast out of the gate to claim the women supporters who were adamantly for Hillary Clinton,” Sierra said. “He is doing what he needs to do.”

Obama already appears to be doing well with this group, according to a Rasmussen poll released early Monday. It showed Obama leading McCain among women by 12 percent in New Mexico. According to Rasmussen’s national tracking poll, Obama currently leads among women by the same percentage.

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish — who backed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary — introduced the Illinois senator to his small audience. Denish was one of the first New Mexico superdelegates to endorse Clinton but has supported Obama since he clinched the Democratic nomination earlier this month.

“The media is making a lot of talk about angry white women,” Denish told the audience of working women. “But they’re right about one thing, we are angry. We haven’t made any progress in the last eight years.”

“We may be angry, but we’re really smart too.”

Denish has jumped on board as if nothing has happened during the primaries, of course. Bill Richardson’s wife Barbara also showed up at the event. By the way, Denish did ads for Harry Teague, now the Democratic nominee in the House raise here in CD-2. She knows him from Hobbs, where they both grew up. Teague, of course, is tight with Republican Steve Pearce because of their oil industry businesses.

And you wonder why I’m unenthusiastic about the election this fall?

From: UnheardAmericanVoices–Negative Messages Intentionally Placed in Clinton TV Ads?? Who Inside Her Campaign Sabotaged Her? A Disturbing MUST READ/SEE

A few days ago over at Unheard American Voices, a big piece of research went up entitled “WHO PUT THIS HUGE KNIFE IN HILLARY’S BACK?“. Written by Karen Hill, the piece walks the reader through a close look at competing Obama-Clinton ads. What Hill finds is fascinating…and disturbing.

The piece begins:

Everyone is aware of the value of media and advertising. Everyone has heard the term, “product placement” and rumors have existed for years that companies paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for just the right product placement in a movie.

Politicians are no different, advertising means the world to them, it means the difference between the voters hearing their message and absorbing it or the voters ignoring their message. To a politician media and advertising are priceless. Which brings us to our first unpleasant dilemma.

Someone, I do not know who, campaigned against Hillary Clintonfrom the inside and used all of America to do it. The worst part is that it seems to have worked. I doubt this is the only example that is out there but it is a starkly glaring example.

I have spent hours upon hours going over videos in the last 2 weeks and I have talked to experts all over the country. This is the first part of a two part piece I have been working on, the second part is far far more frightening than this. *I must say thank you to PA for her invaluable assistance with a hint that sent me in the right direction for the 2nd part of this piece.

I will state plainly and simply Hillary Clinton was blatantly sabotaged from inside her campaign I can discern no other logical conclusion.

Hill then presents a series of videos, with instructions on where to start and stop viewing. THE CONCLUSION?


I urge readers to check out this research. It is PART I of a two-part series. Part II is in the works. According to the blogger, “The second part is all about Barack Obama and the biggest hoodwink American has ever seen.

The “hoodwink” link brings you to diary at MYDD which was posted by Seymour Glass way back on January 28. Glass, a black blogger, details how Obama was quoting Malcolm X during his SC speeches and there other links in his post which expand on how a Spike Lee movie is involved, as well as how John Lewis reacted to the distortion of Hillary Clinton’s words in a PBS interview, which was never widely reported :

“I think there has been a deliberate and systematic attempt by some people in the Obama campaign to really fan the flames about race and to really distort what Senator Clinton said. I understood and I think most right thinking people understood what she said.

“President and Senator Clinton have a record, a history, a very long history of bringing people together. No right thinking American would ever think that Senator or President Clinton would ever do anything that would use the race card”

“I must tell you…I’m trying to set the record straight…the Obama camp is doing something else, theyr’e sending out memos to the media trying to suggest that the Clintons are playing the race card.”

-Rep. John Lewis on News Hour 1/14

We all know what happened to Rep. Lewis later…he was sat on and switched his allegiance from Clinton to Obama.

In my recent post discussing the fundraising letter duo I received from Obama and Rev. Lowery, I questioned how a colleague of King’s could now accept Obama. John Lewis knew what was going on and was most likely threatened with a challenger if he didn’t support Obama, because that technique of intimidation has been reported. In my opinion Rev. Lowery, for whatever reason, has decided to give Obama cover for his “other” minister. To participate in the “hoodwinking” is a sad thing indeed for a man who was so close to Martin Luther King when he was alive.

I’m eager to read PART II of the research being done by Karen Hill. It’s hard to believe it will be more disturbing than what we already know, but at this point, maybe the sheer number of manipulations by the Obama camp really WILL knock us over.

I’m also digging into more of the religious contacts Obama has made.

Stay tuned.

Yup! Obama Doing an “Invitation-Only” Event for Vets on Memorial Day…and Richardson Will Appear…

On Friday I speculated that Obama’s visit to Las Cruces, NM on Memorial Day would be a “kiss and make up” session aimed at courting the military vote here…especially since he made his ill-advised comment on primary season being likethe Bataan Death March.

The Sunday paper today has the following across the top of it, right above the article entitled “Wine Time” (about the Southern New Mexico Wine Festival, not about Obama’s frequent whining and victim positioning).

On the web, the story is:

Obama’s stop in Las Cruces ‘invitation-only’

LAS CRUCES — U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s visit Monday to Las Cruces will be invitation-only and focus on veterans, his campaign confirmed today. Because the Memorial Day Veterans Town Hall, as it is being billed, is not open to the public, Obama’s campaign handlers insisted the location not be publicized.The front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination will be joined by Gov. Bill Richardson, who endorsed Obama on March 21. The Sun-News and other media has been invited and will cover the midday event.

The paper today has more details. The affair is being billed as a “Memorial Day Veterans’ Town Hall” and will occur midday on Monday “except to the media.” Bill Richardson’s office issued the release which also mentions that “a few stops” are planned.

The paper quotes Amy Brundage, a campaign spokesperson that Obama will discuss “the importance of keeping the sacred trust with our nation’s veterans with local veterans and their families.” Apparently, a few days before the Bataan Memorial Death March on March 30, he wasn’t thinking much of any “sacred trust” then.

The commander of VFW Post 6917 in Las Cruces, of course, hasn’t heard anything about the event as yet. His post is going ahead with their wreath-laying ceremony and graveside services at a local cemetary. An ex-commander with the VFW has said that he had heard that Obama will be showing up a the Veterans Wall at Veterans Park, which is also the site of a dramatic memorial to the Bataan Death March.

The Bataan Memorial features a statue of struggling men and footprints which is quite impressive. It is located hear the road. Further into the park there is a a covered area, with another large area behind it which is adjacent to an open desert area. It is a very interesting park to visit because there are paths and memorials throughout one side of the park. People go there to reflect and meditate on the loss of loved ones in these quiet areas.

From my previous post at the time of Obama’s insensitive comment:

Las Cruces, New Mexico, of course, is the site of the annual Bataan Memorial Death March, which was first held in 1989. This year the event will be held on March 30…that’s right, this Sunday! Last year over 4,000 participants took part in the march…The Las Cruces memorial is pictured here. According to the site, “is the only federally funded monument dedicated to the victims of the Bataan Death March during WWII.”

It’s not clear if the park will be the site of the “town hall.” If it’s held at the park, one can only hope that non-military Obama supporters won’t try to crash it. It’s bad enough the event is so obviously being done with political intent…but, since it’s happening, it should proceed with some dignity, if at all possible.

Some of the actions of some Obama supporters makes one wonder how all this will turn out…