The Intrusion of Obama: Propagandized at the Mall and Trapped on the Treadmill

~~Posted by InsightAnalytical-GRL

Yesterday, after a doctor’s appointment, I headed over to the Mesilla Valley Mall to get my new eyeglass prescription filled. On the way I out, I passed a clothing store called “ZUMA.”   Apparently, it is not part of chain, because I did a search and came up with a computer game, a shower tile collection and a few bead shops and other operations with the name.  But, there was no chain in sight with that name…

And I’m glad there isn’t. The shop seemed to be one of those dark “caverns” appealing to “youth.”  There were shirts and other things hanging all over the place.  I was nearly past it when I something hit me–

One of those clothing racks which has “arms” and  holds several items on each bar was sitting nearly outside the store and hanging from it were a number of white tee-shirts.  I squinted a bit and guess what I saw?  A stenciled portrait of Obama, probably lifted from one of those “1930’s German Reich” posters his campaign seems to favor, filling the whole front of the shirt, outlined in bold black strokes.  At the top, across the collarbone area, was one word:  OBAMA, in capital letters.

I was taken aback, but it wasn’t over yet.  I glanced around and saw more Obama shirts hanging to my right, also practically in the path of passerby; more up higher on the wall, more dead center…

They were all over the place.  I sure didn’t see any of John McCain as I quickly moved past. It was if “The Messiah” had his own private apparel store…

Nothing like feeling like you are being propagandized as you stroll through a shopping mall…

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The Legend Continues, The Story Unfolds…

~~A Guest Post by American Lassie

(Editor’s Note: American Lassie (under a different ID) wrote this in response to kenosha Marges post “From The Folks That Gave You GWB and the War In Iraq, Here’s Obama!” which appeared on Friday, October 3.  We thought it was so good that, with her permission, we are highlighting her comment as a special Guest Post.)

The Legend continues, the Story unfolds.

This story began a long time ago while many of us were too complacent, living our own self satisfied lives and not paying attention to what was happening around us.

When Howard Dean ran for the presidency in 2004 he and his brother already had a plan for this country. When Howard lost due to his screaming fit, they revamped their plans a little. They decided they would begin by taking over the DNC and remake it in their own image as step 1. It was remarkably easy to do. With plenty of money behind them (from whom I’m not sure but most notably George Soros and Co.) they set out to insidiously get rid of anyone in the Democratic Party that didn’t agree with their plan for America.

Step 2 – By hook or crook get rid of the Clintons. When Hillary came into her own they demonized her unmercilously. By they, I mean Dean, Brazile, Pelosi and others in the DNC who were, and are, insanely jealous of anything Clinton. The Clintons had to be destroyed by any means possible. The fact that some of their monied friends control the corporate media made their plans that more possible.

Step 3 – Find a personable candidate to push. Preferably a minority so they could preach progress and tell the world how far America has come. It had to be a malleable person that they could control and with their owning the MSM, building this person up was an easy matter.

Step 4 – Rig the primaries, rig the news media.

Step 5 – They found their perfect candidate. A little known “community organizer” from Chicago who had a reputation for dirty dealing and climbing on the backs of his friends to further his career. He had made it to the U.S. Senate by stealing other peoples’ work and claiming it as his own.

Step 6 – They set about to build him up and glorify him as a gift from the Gods for the American people. He took to this role like a duck to water and with each speech he gave (written by others) he began to more and more believe what the besotted news people were saying about him.

Step 7 – He was selected – not elected – to be a candidate for one of the major political parties by deceitful means and brainwashing of much of the electorate. And if you were resistant to brainwashing you were told – get out of the party – we don’t need you old bitter people.

The story hasn’t ended yet, and the effects of the Kool-aid may wear off for some but if it doesn’t I fear for our country because he has said; First we’ll win these primaries, then we’ll win the general election and we will change America – and then we’ll change the world.

Folks, I’m afraid that if this egomaniac isn’t stopped the evils that have been unleashed by Howard Dean and the DNC with the aid of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank and others of their ilk this world is in for a mess of trouble.

These ramblings are some of the things that have been sorely troubling me and if we don’t all work to put John McCain (not my first choice) in the White House we will be right back to the 1930’s, only this time it will start in America instead of Germany.

God help us all.