The NFL Sinks to a NEW LOW….Honor Michael Vick, the CONVICTED Dog Fighter?

By InsightAnalytical-GRL

From CNN:

Michael Vick will serve as Pro Bowl captain despite a popular petition calling for his removal

(CNN)Despite a petition calling for his removal, Michael Vick will serve as the NFL’s honorary Pro Bowl captain this year, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

More than 560,000 people signed a petition to bar Vick from serving as a captain, a role that would see him mentor players and coach from the sidelines.

Please sign this petition from The NFL, which is so corrupt in so many ways and which so many Americans are brainwashed to support, is now planning this….

Another example of the “role models” the NFL seems to like…versus how they treat Colin Kaepernick who is protested the killing of Black Americans.

From the Pro-Bowl FB page…outraged comments and pictures of the carnage this “man” inflicted on innocent animals….


Do not allow Michael Vick to be honored in the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl

The Lost Dogs


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