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No secret that I was not an Obama worshipper back in 2008.

But, I’m voting for him this time around.  There are other blogs out there who piously state that they don’t have a “dog in this race” to which I say…bullshit!

Do PUMAs really want the Supreme Court to go to the Rethugs? Do you really want your wives and daughters to lose all rights to make decisions about their own bodies?

Do you really want a “bishop” who asked a pregnant woman with blood clots that threatened her life why she “should have it  “easy” by choosing to abort?

Have you taken the time to peek out beyond your own noses to see how this country could deteriorate in so many ways?  Regardless of who wins, we’ll have continued hard economic times…but there’s more to life than economics.  Do you really want to elect a mob that apparently disrespects women, blacks, Hispanics and just about everybody who isn’t one of THEM?  Especially if you aren’t a  “Christian” THEM?

Recently, I’ve been listening to Mike Malloy again on my Kindle Fire via TuneIn.  Mike, a true progressive now sadly relegated to asking for donations to keep his show on the air, once held the view that a loss to the Republicans would create the final catalyst for change to the system if they finally screwed up.

Well, he’s changed his opinion.  He has come to the conclusion that at this juncture in time, to allow power to fall back into the hands of the GOP might finally quash any chance to win back our system.  They will be in a position crush the life out of the middle class and pave the way for the ultimate corporatization of this country.  Liberals won’t have a chance to breathe.

For Mike Malloy to come around to this position is a big deal.  Apparently, some lefty blogs don’t see it this way.  But, frankly, there is too much at stake to allow the GOP into power, regardless of what you think of Obama and the Democratic Party.  No matter what, they are about all we have at this point.

So, that’s it. If you really want to see the guy whose foreign policy advisers come from the Bush Administration get back into power (something like 17 out of 25 are former Bushites), go ahead and don’t vote.If you want this bully CEO to come in and follow right along with the likes of all those GOPers who think rape is not a big deal, who think women are sluts if they get birth control in their health plan, who is right in line with the party that now shoves vaginal probes at us for no medical reason...go ahead and don’t vote.

If Romney wins this election, what will you be saying then? Will you blame Obama…or yourselves?

Me? I’ll be blaming a lot of people who are still stuck in 2008 and refuse to face the reality of the political world we live in now.  It’s time to grow up…

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  1. My hope is that if Romney wins, we will find out that part of his positioning during the race was to keep his base supporting him. Romney has never been the first choice of the republican party, and that mean he may be more centrist than he lets on, which would also explain the republican party’s grudging acceptance of his candidacy.

    What Obama has going for him at this point is his views on alternative energy and getting the consumer protection financial bureau off the ground.

    I could find myself still voting for Obama based on CPFB and alternative energy focus. Although, Obama’s position on parallel foreclosure I think is worthy of impeachment.

  2. I’m in the camp that Romney will do whatever the right wing will tell him to do. That is the GOP right now, totally right wing…and Romney is a weathervane, with no values at all. His CEO mentality means he will do anything to “win”….I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Women, in particular, are downright foolish to even think that he wouldn’t follow through on his plans to decimate their rights. His VP is Ryan, he’ll appoint creeps to the Supreme Fart, and he will genuflect to all the Akins and vaginal probers in the party.

    He is an updated verson of George W. Bush, the fake “compassionate conservative.” Romney is an even more accomplished fake. His wife believes it’s “their turn”…they are arrogant beyond belief and don’t give a damn about the country at all.

    Honestly, if you can’t vote for Obama at this point, it’s pretty sad. It’s a defensive vote against an onslaught that you won’t like…

    • I may vote third party, for Jill Stein. While some may say that is a wasted vote, until a third party candidate eclipses 10% of the vote, we will keep having the same two non choices every four years.

      I also think that the internet and the media will prevent either party from doing all the things the other sides accuses them of doing if they are elected.

      The case can be made that electing Romney brings back the old school war mongering, gas guzzling at all costs mentality. The case can also be made that re-electing Obama will just doom the democrat party for several more election cycles as delusional progressives will call any victory by any slim margin a “mandate”.

      • Er, don’t you mean “Democratic Party?” You talk like a Republican when you say “democrat party.”
        The system is structured so that no third party has a chance. The corporate media won’t even allow 3rd party candidates on the stage because they decide the percentage of interest that will “qualify” them.

        If you are in a blue state, Ok, vote for Jill Stein. In a swing state, shame on you. This is not just about the Presidency, is about control of the Senate where there are 14 GOP senators working to take away women’s rights in the extreme. They have the House. If they get the Senate, you will be upset about that.
        The Supreme Court is also at stake.

        • I only listen to Rush Limbaugh about four times a year, and I caught his schtick about it being the democrat party, not the democratic party, and I agreed with him, it is the democrat party.

          2008 blew up the right to the name democratic party.

  3. At this point, it’s clear that you are willing to set women back 50 years because of your “purity.” Well, so be it….
    Reality-based people can see that your nirvana will never happen and that the Clintons face reality. Hillary went into the belly of the beast and may use it to launch another race. Meanwhile, the PUMAS twiddle there thumbs and don’t realize that we have to stay in the game somehow now, because if we don’t, there will be no game for a long time. A Romney Supreme Court will see to that.

    I think you are all fools…

    Please refrain from posting again if you are just going to repeat the PUMA nonsense. The world has moved on. I will delete any further comments from you that
    simply repeat the same blind mantra.

    • Both candidates are excessively flawed. I watched an absolutely comical documentary about the Koch Brothers on Current TV. If you followed the gay marriage issue, and the union issue in Wisconsin, I hope you realized that no one accurately framed the actual issues, instead, the content was dominated by neo cons and progressives, the moderates from both parties, who are the majority party in this country, were thrown under bus.

      If Obama wins, the progressives will continue to ruin the democrat party for the next decade.

      Yes Romney worries me. I don’t think he will cut off women, he needs their vote or he will lose the senate in two years if he gets a majority, and the backlash will be profound.

      There always seems to be an excuse to never vote third party, that I think is the real ongoing scam in our political process.

  4. So, you don’t like progressives. Obama is progressive?
    Comments are closed. Your assessment of Romney and the GOP in the states re: women is ridiculous.
    I’m not sure if you are PUMA or Tea Party. Whatever.

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