Ireland: Jim Corr Stands Up to the Bankers Who are Controlling the Production of Money and the Fate of Countries (“Message to the People of Ireland”…and Beyond)


We’ve written about currency wars, the demise of the U.S. dollar , Goldman Sachs, etc. over the past year  (see March 2009 for several pieces on China, plans to dump the dollar, etc.).

But this video says it all.  It’s a passionate plea for people to WAKE UP and recognize what is happening in Europe and what is going to befall the U.S.  We have been handed over to the big bankers and are more concerned about watching a lot of reality TV shows and dancing fools, rather than paying attention as our economic security goes down the drain.

The brutal truth is that the the same bunch (IMF, World Bank) that has impoverished many developing countries with their “loans” and harsh demands has its sights on Europe. Iceland was the first to suffer.  Ireland is now losing its sovereignty.  Portugal? SPAIN??  Then what??

And all  meant to pad the pockets of the elite with the hard-earned money of the little people and for them to garner complete control over our lives…. It’s not just about Ireland, it’s about US, too!

Nobody voted for these people…as Corr says, this is about the privatization of money…our money…it is about theft.

He warns about many things….listen, if you have been fearing about “crackdowns.”

Visit Jim Corr’s website for more info on the current sad state of affairs…which goes beyond Irish shores.

2 Responses

  1. Why is Jim Corr more or less silent on the issue of the nexus of self-interest between the Catholic Church and the Irish State?

    The Irish Government (guided by Bertie Aherne and Brian Cowen) ringfenced potential civil litigation by Survivors by setting up the Redress Board Fund, which set a given amoount o fmoney as ‘compensation’ (how can anyone compensate for what those children went through and what survivors are gong through today without Justice in the courts?)

    Jim Corr is stangely silent on this matter.

    The Banking scam and the Residential School story are very much part anbd parcel of the same dynamic of abusive socio-pathic behaviour of Power in Ireland.

    Addressing one without addressing the other is less than useful.

  2. Merry Christmas IA!

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