“Lost Generation”? Well, Maybe There IS Some Hope…Perhaps

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

We’re all familiar with palindromes, words that read the same backwards and forwards.  Well, I’ve run across this brilliant video in which the script reads as a palindrome…exactly the same, forward and backwards.  And it’s amazing.

It’s only 1:44 seconds long, but is very powerful. It was created by a 20-year old as an entry in a contest run by the AARP called “u @ 50.”  It won 2nd place but apparently when it was shown, everyone watching was awestruck and it received an outburst of applause.  The entire back story is at the YouTube page if you click on “More info” to the right of the video.

The video was first posted there in November 2007, before Obama was in full swing…so, it probably is not something that was part of the craziness of the campaign in 2008.  It’s actually doesn’t touch on politics at all.

It’s brilliant.  So, be sure to read along to get the full impact.

2 Responses

  1. That was really something.

  2. Outstanding piece. He should have won 1st.

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