Globalization/U.S. Decline Right on Schedule Courtesy Obama Backdown…Summer 2010 Projected Completion of Integration of NAFTA with EU to Counter BRIC/ASEAN Bloc

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

A couple of days ago I posted some thoughts on “Globalization in Pictures: Courtesy AT & T”.

Then I stumbled across an update of a something far more “under the radar” that I had found back in March of 2009. See below for the link to that post, specifically the section titled “Canada-EU Free Trade?”

The gist of that tidbit from March follows:

Friday I received the daily newsletter from Radio Canada International and once again there were squibs included that I couldn’t find at either the RCI site or when I searched around the CBC’s news area.

Read these with an eye to several posts that will be starting tomorrow, with American Lassies’s post entitled “THE PROPOSED NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY/NORTH AMERICAN UNION: 2010 Is Just Around the Corner.”


Canada and the European Union have agreed on a framework for negotiation of a free-trade accord after six months of discussions. Canadian Trade Minister Stockwell Day says the two parties will discuss goods and services, investment rules, intellectual property and free circulation of workers. The minister says Canada’s provinces will take part in the negotiations. Bilateral trade last year was worth $90 billion, an increase of seven per cent over 2007.


Well, guess what? Things have been moving along…and  include MORE than Canada and the EU.

From Fortune at

Plotting the biggest trade deal of the 21st century

Tax-free Champagne, anyone?

European and North American politicians are plotting the biggest trade deal of the 21st century: a $35 trillion, duty-free region encompassing the E.U., the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

by Erik Heinrich, contributor
Last Updated: October 29, 2009: 2:17 PM ET

TORONTO (Fortune) — Not even Franz Kafka could have dreamed this one up.

This past spring, prime ministers Stephen Harper of Canada and Mirek Topolanek of the Czech Republic met with European Union mandarins from Brussels. The setting was Prague’s medieval castle — made famous by Kafka in what is perhaps the darkest novel in his moody oeuvre — where they hatched a plan for the biggest free-trade deal of the 21st century.

How could a development of this magnitude result from a fairly routine conference between Canada and the EU? (At the time, the Czech Republic was responsible for the trading bloc’s presidency, which rotates between member states every six months.) The short answer is that after decades of spinning their wheels, Canada and the EU finally agreed to begin negotiating a free-trade agreement (FTA).

Immediately after declaring these talks as “hatching” the plans for “the biggest free-trade deal of the 21st century,” the reporter immediately shifts gears:

That’s far from a Bond-villain plot for world domination. But fast forward to last week in Ottawa, Canada, where the first round of Canada-EU negotiations reached a successful conclusion, with both sides optimistic that a deal can be signed as early as the summer of 2010.

Wow, I’m so relieved! No “plot for world domination” here!

But it all boils down to trying to save the neck of the U.S. apparently (my bolding):

When that happens, a push will begin for the ultimate goal behind the Prague agreement: a NAFTA-EU trade zone to counterbalance the growing economic power of Fortress Asia, and the ascendancy of the so-call BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) group of countries.

“The U.S. will lose its leadership position in trade unless it comes up with a new strategy,” says Steven Schrage, a specialist in international business at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington. “It makes sense to integrate NAFTA with the EU.”

Annual two-way trade between Canada and EU is about $100 billion, less than 20% of the total between Canada and the U.S. under NAFTA. But a trans-Atlantic NAFTA-EU trade zone would encompass nearly 1 billion people and account for $35.2 trillion in annual GDP, more than half the world’s total.

The article continues by noting that  China, India, and the 10 ASEAN nations (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) are “not standing still.” Our buddies at Goldman Sachs opine that “by 2050 the world’s three biggest economies will be China, the U.S. and India in that order, compared to the U.S., Japan and Germany today. That represents a clear shift away from the G7.”

A NAFTA-EU trade deal may get stiff opposition here in the U.S.  Why?

However with protectionist sentiment in the U.S. gaining momentum, helped in part by President Obama’s controversial Buy-American position, getting the world’s biggest economy to expand its free-trade frontier could be an uphill battle. At least for the near term.

But wait a minute…

Marc Ambinder in The Atlantic provided a transcript of Obama’s musings in his piece of February 3, 2009 titled  Obama Wants “Buy American” Out Of Stimulus Bill and you can find more stories on the “back down” below!

So, the Fortune report seems to have “forgotten” what went on in February.  Which begs the question–how “uphill” will be this “battle” to integrate NAFTA with the EU in the “near term”?

In my last post I listeda series of posts related to globalization and here’s the link to the post by American Lassie titled  THE PROPOSED NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY/NORTH AMERICAN UNION: 2010 Is Just Around the Corner (March 9, 2009) that was mentioned above.

So, do you think all this NAFTA-EU “conflict” will be settled sometime next year?

Well, silly me!  The Fortune article actually informs us that “both sides optimistic that a deal can be signed as early as the summer of 2010.”


Everything right on schedule!!!


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7 Responses

  1. You’re absolutely correct, IA, it’s happening right on schedule. Stay tuned and you’ll see further proof of the plan.

    TPTB are determined to have a global economy, global banking, open borders and trade plus all the other little goodies that come with such a situation. Not to mention global government.

    Are you ready to have your identification chip implanted? This, too, is part of the plan; making it easier to cross borders without all that ID checking and time wasting that slows down traffic. It will also make it easier for Big Brother to keep tabs on us. This will enable them to not only monitor where we go, but what we buy, what we eat, what we do in our spare time, etc.

    For all we know, since it has already been admitted that the swine flu virus was concocted in a laboratory, how do we know what is really in the virus? I’m having a terrible time kicking it. It comes and goes in waves but never goes away completely. As for the vaccine, forget it. It’s hard to tell what they’ve put in that.

    Think I’m nuts? Just watch for the next step.

    Thanks for the post IA, it is something everbody had better take seriously. And keep an eye on the immigration bills coming down the pike. It all ties in together.

  2. No, I don’t think you’re crazy…since I keep mentioning your brilliant original post!!

    Keep me posted on those bills so I can continue to update all this!! Thanks!

    Hope you do “kick” whatever you have hanging around…My two back to back colds (?) were certainly weird and I’m still coughing. Have heard it takes ages to get rid of. But, for your info….a few years ago I was FLATTENED by a flu even though I had the shot…it was around December….4 days then tired for weeks. And then, in February….the same exact symptoms and flat on my back for 1 day…then, it was gone.

    Very strange indeed…

  3. I had the same “flu” a few years ago. I was miserable and prostrate for about a week and then enervated for months after. Then bingo, it was back again. Same symtoms, same result. Vowed then and there to never get a “flu” shot again because it brought on the worse “flu” I ever had.

    I haven’t had a “flu” shot since and I haven’t got the flu since. Didn’t think much about it except that I was probably one of those people that had a bad reaction to the shot. Now I’m feeling all tin-foil-hatty.

  4. Welcome to the club, IA and Marge. I’ll never get aother flu shot. My last one was in Oct 2008 and Iv’e been sick ever since. Just like your symptoms and it comes and goes.(Mostly comes.) My Dr. insisted that I get the shot because of damage to my immune system, but they’ll never get near me with another needle. Now he thinks that I still should have the H1N1 vaccination even while I already have the flu. Think what I need is maybe another doctor.

    In view of the reports out of the CDC, even THEY don’t know what to expect from this latest vaccine.

    • A few years ago I never even considered it was the flu shot itself since I never had a problem. I had the regular one this year…mmmm! I wondered about the swine flu, but the symptoms were like a huge cold/sinus infection, but not a real sinus infection that creates a fever. Mine was more like a bad cold, twice.

      Lee, for the immune system….2 things….if you are allowed, use several TBS of fresh lemon juice a day and DO look into Alpha Lipoic Acid, whicih regenerates cells and strengthens the immune system! It actually “rei-igntes” vitamins in the cells…amazing stuff, right in the mitochondria (at the cellular level). Esp. post-cancer, it’s something to consider. The most experience researcher on this is here in LC and I go to him and there’s tons of positive research on it…

      Look into it!

      Look up Burton Berkson, MD and you’ll see what it’s about. He even was the researcher for the FDA, who promptly dragged it’s feet since big pharma can’t make a buck off it. Look for an interview with Berkson by Richard Passwater for a very complete overview…

  5. Okay G, I bought Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules today and have started taking them.

    I did a lot of research into it and it seems like it could help. Like you say, Big Pharma won’t make a ton on it so they won’t promote it. Like any other natural alternative.

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