Hedging Our Bets…Hedging Our Futures

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

I have a load of interesting things to write about, but no time.  But it’s not the usual daily chores and appointments.

Lately I’ve been wracking my brains about what to do with all the cash I raised as I eased out of the market after last year’s crash.

I’ve take some small steps, but most of the time I’ve been reading a lot and worrying.

Now, I’m REALLY worrying…I stumbled upon this link a couple of days ago…

Now, we’ve all see those little “how much you need to survive during your retirement years” calculators, some of which seem to think we’re going to be having normal economic conditions in the foreseeable future.

But it’s apparent now that our dollar is going to sink.  The hope is that it will do so gracefully, but there’s always the chance that things will get chaotic.

The unsuspecting public doesn’t have a clue about all this.  But retirees who are facing another 20-30 years on the planet are shaking in their boots if they have any knowledge of what’s going on.

Of course, I’m one who is totally immersed in this, so the calculator I found really lit even more of a fire under me.  This calculator is painfully detailed and will probably make you faint if you fill it out with some seriousness.

You’ll learn a bit about some of the parameters as you go along since every field is explained below  the tool. (Note: this is an online calculator, nothing to download.) And, here’s how this in-depth tool is described:

The Advantages of a Return on Investment Calculator

Return on investment calculator is a handy software tool that helps a layperson comb through the cobwebs of financial and investment planning. Most of the people feel genuinely sick when adjusting the tax deductions and effects of inflation on the actual investment returns.

Be brave.  Check it out:


I can honestly say that not only did I feel sick, but I felt scared to death.

But, it’s something to confront, NOW!~

And, if you want to see what some smart folks are talking about how to cope with our situation today and in the future, do check out the links on the sidebar under the “Economic News/Analysis/Contrarian Blogs.” One of my absolute favorite hangouts is ChrisMartenson.com.   The Daily Digest is a must read for stories are ignored by the mass media and the discussions are full of informative links and insight. Do make sure to visit that site if you only have time to check out one site…It’s right at the top of the list…

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