Oh, The Heck With it All…It’s GREEN CHILE Time!

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

You know, sometimes it’s hard to post, not only because of a heavy schedule, but also because one gets fed up with politics. This has been happening on a grand scale lately for me.  I’m fed up with Democrats, Republicans, the rush to canonize Glenn Beck, since he won’t be so dedicated to “the truth” when the Republicans get back into power again…etc., etc.

Lately, I’ve felt political discourse has disintegrated to the point of sheer crap and I point the finger at everyone!

But, there’s been a moment of respite as the green chile has hit town…

I’ve posted pictures of how I’ve processed 25 lbs. of the glorious green over at sister site Open Range Ramblings…if you want to get a glimpse of the New Mexican passion for chile, click …

Oh, The Heck With It All…It’s GREEN CHILE TIME!

You may not be impressed by the pictures, but trust me…these babies are delicious…


Here’s glimpse…more pictures over at ORR:

Chiles ready to be frozen...

Chiles ready to be frozen...


Related post–last year’s batch:

Exhausted….from GREEN CHILE!

10 Responses

  1. I have a load of habaneros I grew this year just waiting for me to pick them. I was thinking about freezing them but I have concluded that I would rather dry them and make my own chili powder along with a large bounty of kung pao peppers already hanging around. I’ve pretty much resolved myself to smoking my jalapenos so I can make a nice chipotle sauce to keep myself warm during the coming winter.

  2. Oh, and about Glenn Beck. I agree. Sometimes he is right on the money and other times he is just another whack job.

  3. I agree with both of you about Beck. I never watch his entire program, but often zip in and out. Sometimes what I hear makes sense to me and I think, “wow, I misjudged this guy.” Then the next time I tune it, he’s just another wingnut. Oh well, if there’s anything I learned during the primary debacle and the general that followed, it’s that I will pick and choose who to listen to and when. And that I will take my truth and or wisdom from whenever and wherever I find them. Be an “Independent” has it’s up side. I don’t “have” to listen to or “like” anyone. And so I don’t.

    And just my opinion, but many of those that declared themselves “In dependants’ after the primary debacle, are no such thing. They are Clinton Democrats or Democrats in Exile or even Disgruntled Democrats. But if they automatically attack and dismiss anything that even smacks of the GOP or coming from conservatives, they’re not Independents. I kind of think of In dependants as Libertarians with a heart. But then I’ve been wrong before and fully expect to be wrong at times again.

    • Funny, I was musing on who I could vote for and thought of Ron Paul, LIbertarian. HOWEVER, he doesn’t think women have the right to deal with their own bodies…and the Libertarian Party doesn’t in general, so that’s no real choice either!!

    • Marge, I left you two phone messages earlier in the week….have you been away?

  4. I am not making excuses for anyone. It doesn’t matter what we call ourselves politically..democrat..republican ..or independent..we still have all of this in our lives. When obama was campaigning many people chose not to listen to the info availabe to them. They ended up voting for the dear leader. Here we are. Beck is goofy at times..but the info is there. Without him telling us we know it is true. Should we pay attention? The dear leader will now speak to the children..what next?

  5. Here’s the thing about Glenn Beck. He’s not always right, he didn’t report the truth during the primaries, he sometimes calls us wingnuts, and he’s not the be-all, end-all. But…

    He’s got tens of millions of viewers, and he’s been broadcasting the truth lately.

    So don’t marry yourself to the guy’s philosophy, don’t tell people he’s the messiah. Tell people, “You know, the stuff Glenn Beck i talking about right now – it’s the truth. I’m glad someone in the MSM finally figured out at least some of what’s going on.”

    That is our problem in this country; we’ve all become all-or-nothing politically, and we feel that we must support every single thing every single person does 100% of the time. Well guess what? That’s crap, and until we break that thought paradigm we are soooooo totally screwed!

    The reality check is that there is no one person you will agree with 100% of the time! Did every liberal agree 100% with FDR or JFK? NO! Did every conservative agree 100% with Reagan? NO!

    America is about compromise. That’s why it works; we elect people that are the closest we can get to what we think, and then when they fail we elect someone else. That’s why there are 2 houses of Congress and 3 branches of government. The current problem stem from the fact that we have failed at our responsibility and allowed TPTB to nudge their agenda along for decade after decade. We don’t want to boot the bums out – we always want to give them another chance and we’re too lazy to pay attention to what they’re doing and demand proper representation. Instead, we let them entrap us in these silly debates and worry more about my side vs. your side than about what both sides are doing!

    In any case, we’ve allowed ourselves to get the the brink of the abyss, and we’re running out of options. We need to focus on the big picture here, and that big picture is that we are about to stop being a Republic and start being an fascist oligarchy. What the hell does it matter what kind of health care we have if we lose our freedom?

    We need to wake ourselves up again if we expect the rest of the sleeping dog to arise.

    By the way, great looking peppers! If you get the chance, could you send me some seeds? I think we may all be growing our own food to survive again very soon.

    • The biggest problem at this point with Beck is that people will think he ALWAYS tells the truth…well, he won’t do so when the Rethugs get back into power.
      Plus, I have to say, while he speaks the “truth” he sometimes leaves out or skews things and you have to watch for that.

      I’m afraid there are an awful lot of people who are following him as the pied piper just like the other crew who followed Obama. And they don’t really think for themselves.

      You know, I keep telling my mother…Beck is all over “government control of doctors” BUT do I ever hear him add that we already have the same thing going on with corporate bean counters rejecting claims, delaying surgeries, etc. etc?? NO…

      That is my problem with Beck. If you’re really looking for “revolution” it applies all around….I don’t consider a backlash that installs Republicans the revolution we need at this point, either!!!

      • PS–GG, I have to finish that thing up about the non-GMO seed sources (and I still have that Beck list of things, too)…

  6. OMG…I can smell it…YUM!

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