Spirit Renewal: Fledgling Orioles, Green Chile, Solar Ovens…and a Double Rainbow!

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

I’ve had a couple of heavy-duty research things hanging around which I just don’t have the time/urge to complete.  There’s another post on non-GMO seeds that’s percolating.

But, it’s been a spell of having to accomplish other things and frankly, another period of  “give me a break!” Rather than being dragged down by the garbage going on lately, I get this irresistible urge to enjoy my time on the planet for awhile. Forgive me, but the urge becomes imperative!

Over the last week or so, there have been some wonderful things while the world goes crazy.

Sunday (8/23) was a banner day.  I went to the co-op as usual and bought my local veggies and enjoyed their “festival.” First, I ordered my green chile, which I will pick up next Sunday!  It’s organic and will be roasted before my very eyes.  Then, I’ll have to process it, which means peeling and freezing to provide a year’s supply.

The previous week I had attended a talk by the President of the Sun Oven company at the co-op (with delicious food samples–a rice dish and fresh-baked bread) and on Sunday there was a solar oven cook-off (more sampling, this time chocolate cake).  I purchased my oven but we’ve had no real sun for the first time all summer! This oven (see www.sunoven.com) has been installed in places such as Afghanistan, along with a bigger model that can cook for whole villages.  The company is basically operating on a non-profit basis, as ovens sold in the U.S. subsidize ovens in poorer countries.

In the meantime we’ve had visits from fledgling orioles and their parents which have filled the gap…

Hanging out at the jelly feeder...

Hanging out at the jelly feeder...

One of the two fledglings got “into” the jelly, literally sitting in the bowl!  Obviously, a novice jelly-eater, not quite sure of how to approach this lovely treat:

Getting into it...

Getting into it...

Along with the long-awaited rain, came a true wonder….We often get rainbows in the summer, but this evening (Monday, 8/24) there was a FULL, DOUBLE RAINBOW spanning the sky for a long while!  I couldn’t get it all in one frame, of course, but here’s a sampling…




Of course, these pics can’t do justice to the spectacular show in the sky last night!

All these things are experiences that renew the spirit…

13 Responses

  1. Beautiful pics! Thanks for starting my day out with a smile.

    I’m not familiar with jelly feeders. What kind of jelly do you use?

    • Well, I don’t use an “official” feeder….I have an old metal hanging “dish” that’s rusted out on the bottom in a small place…so I put an old dog bowl in it and use plain grape jelly (or sometimes anything else that’s on sale!) and the finches, mockingbirds, and adult orioles love it….this was the first to see fledgling orioles enjoying the jelly!
      Hopefully, this will entice them to come back next year when they’re all grown up!

    • PS—in the “left” rainbow pic,. that’s my antenna pole sticking up with the one end of the longwire antenna I use to pull in all my shortwave radio stations!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to make us remember beauty.
    I have only seen double rainbows a few times in my life and remember every one.



  3. With respect to the chile, freeze them without peeling. When you thaw them for use, the skins almost fall off on their own. So much easier!

    I will be picking most of the rest of the apples this morning. The birds have definitly been feasting. I put up several jars of apple butter and have bags of diced apples frozen for later pie and cake baking. Do you think if I put out a feeder, the birds would leave the fruit alone?

    • Thanks for the tip about the chiles, ea! I was actually tempted to do this myself–not take off the skins…it makes a whole lot of sense!

      Well, some birds like the sweets, not all, it seems. And, even the ones who like the jelly will finish it off and head for the fruit…

      I’m the one who bags her peaches and grapes to protect from birds AND squirrels!!!

  4. http://www.maniacworld.com/Light-Speed-Tour-of-Our-Universe.html

    a really awesome trip. Talk about getting away from it all



    • Wow, that was great!!!!! Loved the “clouds” near the end….

    • Took the tour – it was great! I needed something to give me an uplift tonight. Couldn’t sleep, and am all out of reading material until tomorrow and don’t watch television anymore. Thanks to you helenk and thanks to IA for having a place to post it.

  5. Great pictures, IA. I enjoyed them very much. A nice change from what we are being subjected to every day lately.

  6. Once when driving through the mountains of Norway on a foggy night I noticed a rainbow ahead of me. As I got closer I realized that the rainbow began in a valley and ended literally in the road right in front of me. I jumped out of the car and tried to get my camera in time to take a photo. But by the time I found it the rainbow had dissipated. It was such an incredible experience “feeling” a rainbow right where I stood. I also saw a rainbow in Norway that arched over the sun. Too cool.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  7. Isn’t it wonderful to see where our beloved pets go when they cross over the Rainbow Bridge????

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