Hillary Clinton At It Again in Africa…This Time, Talking about Elections…

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Can somebody explain all this action in Africa?

Since the Congo incident, the State Department has been scrambling around trying to put Hillary Clinton’s angry outburst to rest.  According to the Washington Post’s Washington Wire, the State Department has reversed itself on how to explain the incident away.  “Bad translation has now given way to the questionner’s “nerves.”

But now, there’s another incident.  As reported in The Times (UK):

August 13, 2009

Dodgy elections? We have them too, Hillary Clinton tells Nigerians

Hillary Clinton has risked provoking American conservatives by drawing a parallel between political corruption in Nigeria and George W Bush’s contested election win in Florida in 2000.

The US Secretary of State made the comparison while talking to an audience of activists in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, yesterday, during an 11-day tour of Africa.

Then, she went into more detail:

But she added: “Our democracy is still evolving. You know, we had all kinds of problems in some of our past elections, as you might remember.

“In 2000, our presidential elections came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state. So we have our problems, too.”

The State Department went into scramble mode:

State Department officials defended Mrs Clinton’s remarks, saying that she had not been making a partisan point but one about the peaceful transfer of power in the US.

“The point she is making is that it’s about a disputed result and then the willingness of the candidates to accept a flawed result rather than, say resort to violence,” an official said.

Now, I don’t give two hoots about offending “conservatives,” but the crap coming out of State about a “peaceful transfer of power” bugs me. Yeah, those thugs sent down to Florida from D.C. were really inspiring, weren’t they? But, of course, thuggery in the current Chicago on the Potomac crowd is de rigeur these days, so I guess we can forget 2000…And calling 2000 a “flawed result” is so, so…civilized!!  Makes me want to wretch at the new myth making about 2000…

So our democracy is “evolving?”   To me, it seems more like it’s DEVOLVING…

Of course, what bugs me even more is that Clinton seems to be careful about avoiding any mention of  the Democrat’s own primaries last year and the problems with THAT whole process…Talk about IRONY!!!

I don’t know why Clinton is blabbing so much in Africa these days, but something must be going on in her psyche.  Hillary seems to have contracted the contagion of nonsense that prevails these days.

As  for MY psyche, at this point I’m so totally disgusted with everything about the Obama Administration that I want to bury myself in a carton of ice cream and stay in the house watching movies all day…anything to avoid what the media may say on this latest matter, which will be another source of diversion from critical issues if and when the chorus begins…

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  1. I’m not a Clinton fan; have never been one but I watched the clip about her “i’m the SOS” rant in Africa. To me, it looked like she was extremely tired. When a person is that tired, even the brain cells slow down. Or….she is wrangling for something she knows is coming???? Like comparing her campaign and the “flawed” election that came during that one while projecting onto the 2000 campaign? Just a thought. It’s sometimes what is not said that’s the clue.

  2. But, you can’t make excuses…it’s her job. Or is it that she really doesn’t WANT to be doing this since her situation is so lousy.

    I’m completely frustrated by what’s going on…Clinton is so smart…is she subconsciously trying to get herself out of this position she’s in, working for the creep who cheated to get the nomination???

  3. Personally, I am happy to see Hillary speak her mind for a change. And I sure the hell hope she doesn’t apologize for speaking the truth.

    My impression: maybe she is thinking of retiring and doesn’t give a shit if we like her any more? Did “we” (meaning the people of the US) ever like Hillary? If so… we have had a strange way of showing it….

    Go Hillary. Let ’em have it.

    Yes! You are the SoS, not Bill.

    And Yes, the 2000 election was stolen.


  4. Yes, the 2000 election was stolen. But then so was the 2008 Democratic Primary. If you’re are gonna tell it like it is, best you tell it all not just something along party lines.

  5. I wonder if my prior post makes it in?

  6. If you’re going to potshot Hillary Clinton, then accept pumas taking potshots at you, no?

    • Uh, are you an official representative of PUMA? Cause if you think you are then perhaps that explains a lot of things. PUMA was a battle cry that united many of us that refused to accept what the Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee and the Democratic party in general did on May 31, 2008. After Hillary screwed over her supporters, me included, at the Convention PUMA splintered into various factions even though it never officially had a single head. Some people that still call their selves PUMA still support the Democratic party. I do not. Nor do I wear the mantle of PUMA anymore, mainly because it has no relevancy to me anymore.

      You can label yourself anything you like. But please do not come onto this blog and accuse the authors and members of being Republicans. They are not. Never were to the best of my knowledge. They are insightful individuals as the title of this blog acknowledges and they, as well as I, are not going to put up with any of your so-called PUMA crap!

      • even if PUMAS in general disagree with each other over far ranging issues, PUMA talking points still exist.

        One of those talking points is mistreatment of female candidates by male dominated media. I witnessed Keith Olbermann go into overdrive in his attacking of Hillary Clinton. Olbermann was so driven to topple Hillary Clinton he openly lied on television about his treatment of her.

        Olbermann was so over the top that even Bill O’Reilly was blown away and said so on the air.

      • Thanks, SHH…No, we’re NOT REPUBLICANS!

        And, yes, there are some big PUMA sites that are still very much attached to Hillary Clinton…one is The Confluence.
        While we really like a lot of what we read there, some of the folks don’t really delve much into the negative so HC.

        We are independents here. I registered with the Democratic Party in 2000 (before that I was an indy, but voting Dem), but am back to official independent status as of last year late in the primaries when I saw what was going on.

        We are also VERY MUCH against the mistreatement of female candidates! That’s why we wrote about Sarah Palin at one point, on that subject for the most part in her favor. However, female politicians do not get a free pass when they make bad decisions or become like their male counterparts! So, since we’re independents, we criticize in a non-partisan fashion when something hits us the wrong way!

        As for HC now…what I’m most angry about is that here really important message about conditions in Africa are being completely overshadowed by the media garbage she herself helped to create by some ill-advised comments. We think this is really “too bad” as the long post before this one concluded…

  7. Huh? Alessandro Machi, in case you missed the memo, WE are PUMAs. PUMAs don’t cut anyone any slack if they’re screwing up…including Hillary.

    • The point is, you deleted my prior response. Your position on this matter is stupid. Read other viewpoints before sounding like a Hillary Clinton hating republican.

      • I have never deleted any of your posts, Alessandro!!! But was your first post one that just called people stupid without any discussion a few days ago?

        That one I never put up because it said nothing except hurl an insult.

  8. What Hillary is doing is not part of her job. She is making herself look cheap..and falling right in line with this administration. Too much kool aid?? I am surprised she didn’t apologize for being there. What a bunch a fools they are. Whether we like Hillary or not…the truth should be the truth. Isn’t that what we are missing from our government today? They could have had it all.

  9. By the way, your perspective is NOT PUMA.

    PUMA’s don’t automatically support HIllary Clinton, but your position is sooo Republicanish I doubt you now.

    • Alessandro,

      I know it seems harsh, but the reality is that Hillary Clointon abandoned her supporters when she accepted the Secretary of State position. She willingly joined the movement that we PUMAs will fight to our last breath for one reason only: Party Unity. Think about it.

      Personally, I would love for Clinton to smell the coffee and wake up, but at this point it seems more than unlikely. She has acted in a manner that will guarantee she is unable to disassociate herself from the Obama administration. She’s given the conservatives more reason than ever to hate her, and she gave up her Senate seat from NY (more than just a political move – it cost her support from Upstate NY which she will not ever get back). All she had to do was say she owed allegiance to the people of NY and she wouldn’t be in this mess right now, and might have stood a chance in 2012. We have to move on now, and frankly Hillary is making it easier to do so.

      • Hillary Clinton had no chance. All avenues were cut off to her. If she stayed in the Senate, she was not going to get the healthcare committee she desired.

        Anytime she didn’t agree with Barack Obama, MSNBC would have hammered here.

        She is getting an amazing amount of experience by being SOS.

        If you really think that one comment Hillary Clinton made in Congo is more egregious than what is happening on a daily basis in the US with the banking industry, you might just be naive, an obfuscator, or perhaps a banker or make your living from banking.

    • Sorry…I have been a democrat for probably before you were born. Voted for Bill campaigned for Hillary. She is making herself look bad.

    • Alessandro,

      HC is pretty “Republican” herself…as are most Dems these days! The foreign policy she represents continues the Bush policies which continued the prior polices in large degree re:
      U.S. “interests”–mainly, oil and maintaining our power around the globe.

      She buddied with Republicans in the Senate and she’s pretty hawkish on her own.

      Let’s face it, the Democrats have moved in the direction of the Republicans more than the other way around on most issues!

      • The Clintons are treated as pariahs by both parties because they believe in the ideas that make the most sense. Usually this results in a combo effect in which they incorporate ideas from both sides.

        Then the Republicans get angry because a democratic president steals their ideas, the democrats get angry because first term they lose some seats, but the country is HAPPY because the best ideas were incorporated into a logical conclusion.

        I issued a challenge below, I’ll issue it here as well.

        Write the response that Hillary Clinton should have given to the “booby trap” question, (is booby trap considered politically incorrect these days?), and I’ll show you how the media would have spun it.

  10. It was an eclipse when Hillary said that. Eclipses can do funny things to people like maiking them blurt out the truth in an aggressive way. I love what she said and did. Whoo Hoo. Tell them all off Hillary.

  11. which will be another source of diversion from critical issues if and when the chorus begins…

    I think the whole purpose of her being there IS to create a diversion from the issues here back home. Already several blogs are praising Hillary for standing up for human rights and telling it like it is about Bush. And as you so aptly note, not a word said about her treatment during the primaries. As if we are so civilized. Hypocrisy out the yin yang.

    Our entire foreign policy seems to be summed up in three sentences: Bush bad. Me not Bush. Me good.

    And that’s really how I feel about it.

    Why isn’t Hillary jetting off to Pakistan to persuade their dictator president to rescind his version of our Alien and Sedition Acts? You know, the one where anyone that says anything remotely detrimental about their president or government can be fined and imprisoned? I mean, that’s what Secretaries of State do, don’t they? Not that I blame it all on Hillary. She is only following orders.

    On another note, have you heard about the latest attempt by Obama to usurp the Constitution? This guy make Bush seem like a boyscout.

    That Constitutionally Mandated Oversight stuff is such a burden

    It’s a fairly long post. But if you read to the end I think you will appreciate the real(istic) journalism.

    • Interesting idea, SHHHH!!!! Is Hillary creating this sort of news out of fatigue, disgust…or, as a deliberate sideshow?

      And you’re right about the Pakistan thing…

  12. Alessandro wrote:

    um, sorry, but you are making her look bad by not supporting her.

    and then linked to a page which blames the reaction on sexism. What tripe!

    Hillary Clinton responded the way she did because she responded the way she did. And the public responded the way it did because her reaction was less than professional. It doesn’t have a thing to do with her gender. At least not from me and most sensible people.

    I won’t allow myself to be group labeled a sexist any more than I will allow myself to be group labeled a racist just because I point out something obviously screwy.

    I don’t view Hillary as a woman. I view her as someone holding an important position of power with the responsibilities of that power. To criticize someone for not doing their job very well occasionally is not now, nor has it ever been, sexist or racist. Making implications of sexism only distorts one from viewing the reality for what it is.

    Frankly, crying sexism any time someone criticizes someone that just happens to be a woman diminishes the importance and focus on REAL sexism. Victim mentality is half the problem with our society today. That, and identity politics.

    • Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong. The question was a lose lose question no matter how she responded, it was a set up question. Whether done intentionally or not is irrelevant.

      In earlier days lawyers would trip up defendants by asking them if they “still beat their wife”, the idea being that either a yes or no answer makes the man look guilty.

      No matter how Hillary Clinton answered, the media could have run with it.

      If HIllary had ignored the question, the headline could read, “Hillary snubs husband at press conference”, and on down the line to ANY ANSWER YOU CAN COME UP WITH NOW.

      Go ahead, YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION, and I’ll come up with a headline that puts Hillary Clinton down, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ANSWER IS.

      After what Hillary Clinton was put through last year, you should know better, if you really are a PUMA.

      • Heck, tone counts, too. Even if she said it, she could have done it with some humor and a smile. Instead, she came across as very angry and defensive.

        Please, she could have handled it quite gracefully and pleasantly if she had wanted to. It seems that something deep inside was coming out, not the diplomat she was supposed to be on that stage.

        As it stands now, she’s conflated her job and her personal feelings about being in a box, and that’s not good for someone who is Secretary of State. It’s not for public consumption. Which was the subject of my prior post a few days ago…

        One of the things the RW always harped on while she was in the White House was that she had a terrible temper and and was basically a witch.

        Boy, did she give them fodder. She actually had rehabilitated her image during the campaign…seems she’s lashing out more now since she’s not campaigning.

        Oh, and by the way, …I have no idea which post I was supposed to have deleted, because I actually did have that “dumbness” reply up at the previous post…

  13. Just curious if you’ve ever called or heard a male called a “warlock”, or are there only witches in your vocabulary?

  14. Of course, I know the term “warlock.” Of course, you’ve missed the point…that the RW is the crowd that harped on HC’s personality.

    As of now, I also know that you plan to continue to disrupt this blog. You are over.

  15. I’m surprise, IA, that you let Allessandro blow on as long as you did. He (or she) was just trying too get a rise out of the visitors to this blog and also to you. When they take it this far you know you have hit a nerve.

    As Grail Guardian said, it’s time to move on. Hillary has shot her wad, and I think her chickens are just coming home to roost. Those of us who supported and campaigned for her up until May31, 2008, are finished with her, and after her betrayal of our trust some of us will never vote for her again. Nor will I, for one, have any sympathy for her because she’s being trampled by Obama. We saw the handwriting on the wall and she should have also.

  16. Lee,

    Alessandro is not an Obot or a winger. He is a loyal PUMA with a differing point of view. I have no problem with the discourse as long as it’s constructive. He still supports Clinton, which is by no means a criminal act. God love him for still having the faith. I wish I did. Hillary’s actions have made me writhe and squirm inside as I so/i> want to believe in someone again.

    But the reality check is this, Alessandro: There are people, and yes even PUMAs who disagree with you. That’s the way it’s always going to be. We can’t let the details get in the way of the big picture, though. We all want America back – our America, where discrimination against anyone is wrong and the Constitution is the law of the land, not the crazed, despotic, Orwellian nightmares of a few power mongers calling themselves leaders.

    The one thing we all need to remember is that both of the major political parties are money/power hungry bastages that wouldn’t hesitate to sell us all down the river for 30 sheckels. We can argue the finer points enthusiastically once we have our country back.

  17. Grail

    Unfortunately I don’t have much patience left. Every so often I have to have a little talk with myself and tell myself that everybody’s opinion counts – which it does. But there are times when I grieve over my inability to have much faith and trust in anyone anymore since Hillary’s about face that I long for a new face to come along. Until then I pray that Sarah Palin can get her message across to the majority of us who are looking for a new leader.

    If my health permits, I will be in Washington on 9/12 and hope that the inspiration will help. I am so close that to not be there is unthinkable. The main thing is to keep the fight going and never give up on our principles.

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