The Complicated Diplomatic Life of Hillary Clinton (UPDATE 1X: Clinton on the Defensive in Congo over Bill’s “Presence”; UPDATE 2X: Bill Off the Leash?; UPDATE 3X: Video of Clinton Congo Outburst, Glenn Beck Comments)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

UPDATE 1: 8/10/09 PM:

Apparently, Hillary Clinton IS getting touched by the recent focus on her husband–in Congo, no less!  This is SO NOT GOOD! And in so many ways…for women, for Clinton herself, for the country…is the final set-up in place for her to leave? A large part of her visit to Congo is going to focus on the mass rapes in the country and human rights issues, but by the time the following report gets to the U.S. that emphasis will probably be lost.

Note: I’ve deleted the original excerpt after seeing that it was from the AP….replaced by the story from the France24/AFP:

Clinton pushes rights issues in Congo, Angola


Clinton faced a flurry of questions from the students, not all to her liking. At one point, she showed a rare flash of public anger as a young man asked for the views of her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

“My husband is not the secretary of state, I am,” Clinton said forcefully.

The AP story also quoted her as saying she wouldn’t be “channeling” Bill Clinton and described her response as being “snapped.”

The Voice of America news omits the exchange and the BBC story only cites the last line/quotation (without the “she snapped” or the “forcefully.”)


Albert R. Hunt, Exec. Editor for Washington for Bloomberg News opined 8/10:

Big Dog May Not Return to Leash After Pyongyang

What will this Pandora’s Box yield?

UPDATE 3   8/11/09   AM

From the AP story at FOX News, the video…and, as predicted, this is going viral. Glenn Beck was razzing Clinton about this on his AM radio show just now and will sending it in his newsletter.  He did make one comment that makes a lot of sense: that Clinton must really regret that she took the job.  Whatever it is, she’s cleary frustrated as hell.  Beck also played a tape of her during the campaign in which she shouts about how “Amercans have a right to debate” and how “debate is patriotic” (in reference to the Bush Administration). Beck mocked her “gentle” style and compared it to her outburst in Congo.  He also commented on her absence from the trip to Russia and the N. Korean business.  He was implying that she was being cut out of the loop.   He was caustic, of course, but an awful lot of it was spot on.  Especially when he finished up by saying that the Obama/ACORN machine had taken down the Clinton machine–that’s how scary these people (Obama people)  are.

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ORIGINAL POST BEGINS HERE (Touching on what’s been brewing and finally came out today, as reported above.)”

This is a complicated post that has evolved over several days observation…

To start,  back on Tuesday, 8/4/09,  I posted a little comment over at the TD Blog’s open thread on Bill Clinton’s mission to N. Korea to free Al Gore’s journalists/reporters  from Current TV (or whatever they are).  I commented:

I expect to hear at some point that Bill’s success shows that Hillary sucks at being SOS…

So, lo and behold, I listened to the report on the “rescue” the next  morning on the BBC World Service news bulletin (at 1400 UTC)  and at the very end, the throwaway comment by a reporter on the phone (a British reporter, not an American) was (sic) “What’s interesting is that SOS Hill Clinton is married to Bill Cinton and he accomplished what she couldn’t.”  The AP on Thursday (8/6) in an analysis piece (can’t quote them) and the L.A. Times in a news story that, of course, includes “analysis” used the word “overshadow” in their post-mission coverage.

Meanwhile, over at the BBC’s “Have Your Say” page, the teaser is “Should Africa Listen to Hillary Clinton?”

Should Africa listen to Hillary Clinton?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has begun a tour of Africa, saying improving democracy is the key to boosting trade and development. But should Africa follow her advice? (more)

Gee, I thought she was representing the Obama Administration/the United States–why the “personalization” of her foreign policy trip?

Well, I guess it’s understandable, since Clinton has personalized some of her rhetoric, notably her comments in late July regarding North Korea. From the detailed coverage of the spat at India’s IBNLive:

“Maybe it’s the mother in me, the experience I’ve had with small children and teenagers and people who are demanding attention, Don’t give it to them,” she said in the interview.

She also said the North Koreans were like “little children” who “had no friends left.”

I have no no problem to the reference to motherhood, in general, but …did Clinton’s acid comments really help the situation?

North Korea’s Foreign Minister issued a scathing response. From the KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK(Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)

She said during her recent trip to India that “north Korea should not receive the attention it is seeking through behavior like missile launches,” likening Pyongyang’s behavior to that of unruly children. Her words suggest that she is by no means intelligent.

The DPRK has taken necessary measures to protect the nation’s sovereignty and right to existence to cope with the U.S. hostile policy and nuclear threat, not to attract anyone’s attention.


We cannot but regard Mrs. Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community.

Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.

Anyone making misstatements has to pay for them.

While some stories in the Western press called N. Korea’s personal attack “bizarre”  (See: the Agence France-Press report at titled  North Korea in bizarre Hillary Clinton attack ),  over at IBNLive there’s a vote up on Clinton, up or down which is basically tied, and also a place where, among several choices,  you can give her flowers or throw tomatoes, complete with a “live action” tomato throw at Clinton.  Currently the tomatoes are the most popular choice.

The result of this spat was that the 6-party talks were declared “dead”….but the rhetoric was toned down and backchannel work to reset the playing field  was undertaken and then, enter Bill Clinton and the freeing of the Current TV writers.

Early on,  Asia Times Online, the “private” nature of Bill’s N. Korean rescue mission was nabbed as a “fantasy”: See Dear Leader stars in Bill and Hillary show for a good read.

Clinton was just the high-profile visitor North Korea hoped to entice from Washington in return for handing over the journalists.

Why bother to pretend otherwise, after wife Hillary, as secretary of state, had laid the groundwork by saying that maybe Ling and Lee had made a mistake and strayed across the Tumen River border with China when North Korean soldiers picked them up on March 17? And hadn’t Hillary already expressed an apology for the mishap after having said earlier the two had done nothing wrong?

The Independent Opinion Page seemed to think everything is OK for Hillary:

Yet one perk now stands out. How many other jobs would enable a woman to send her philandering husband to North Korea? Many women have fantasised about it. Mrs Clinton has actually done it. Take note Harriet Harman. Some sisters, at least, are letting their menfolk know who wears the (pantsuit) trousers.

Well, that BBC reporter quoted up top doesn’t seem to echo this shallow assessment. Neither did the AP or the L. A. Times and other media outlets. From the  above L.A. Times story,

It once again led to him overshadowing his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, even as she is on her own diplomatic trip to Africa.


At the same time, the trip left some uncertainty about how Clinton’s new diplomatic career is fitting in with that of his wife, America’s chief diplomat. While Bill Clinton was in a worldwide spotlight, the debut of Hillary Clinton’s 11-day trip to Africa received scant attention. She has been trying to raise her visibility in an administration stocked full of capable diplomats and influential White House foreign policy aides. The Africa trip, including stops in Kenya — Obama’s father’s homeland — and several longtime hot spots, was meant to help her raise her own profile.

In an NBC interview Wednesday, the secretary of State said that though she had originally favored Gore for the North Korea assignment, she was “very much in favor” of sending her husband once the North Koreans requested it.

And, here’s something else, also from the L.A. Times story:

“This is really going to help consolidate his role as an elder statesman,” said Ross Baker, a political analyst at Rutgers University. “It almost gave him a kind of heroic tint.”

So Bill is the hero of the story; Hillary, not so much. Heck, by the end of the week on the McLaughlin Group, Hillary Clinton’s name didn’t even come up in the discussion of Bill’s trip to N. Korea and its potential implications at all!

Back to that BBC news bulletin I mentioned right up at the top…

A short bit later in the same news bulletin, I heard the report on Hillary Clinton’s umbrage at the Kenyan government…their corruption, impunity, and failure to correct the problems that resulted in the post-election violence back in December 2007.

The BBC story below has a video of  Clinton Speaking at the 8th AGOA Conference.

Kenya impunity ‘disappoints US’


Addressing the press following a meeting with the Kenya’s president and prime minister, Mrs Clinton strongly criticised Kenya’s political leadership.

She said the absence of strong and effective institutions had permitted ongoing corruption, impunity and human rights violations.

And she noted that these conditions had helped fuel the violence that engulfed the country in early 2008.

“We’ve been very clear in our disappointment that action has not been taken [over the violence],” she said.

“It is far preferable that it be done in the regular course of business, that prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officials step up to their responsibilities and remove the question of impunity.”

The violence broke out after supporters of Raila Odinga – the main opposition leader at the time – said he had been cheated of victory in the December 2007 polls.

Clinton adds:

“I want you to know President Obama feels a personal connection and commitment to the future of Kenya.”

If you listen to her speak this line, she enunciates every word very carefully, as if she wants to make sure everyone listening gets it.  It’s overkill, of course.  Perhaps over-compensating for Obama’s ties to Odinga and the same old, same old foreign policy that’s chugging along. Or some reflexive sense that she has to make sure any hint of “not being fully on board” is dispelled.  Whatever.  It seems to happen fairly often.

A little bit below this video there’s an audio clip which discusses the main concern of the U.S. regarding  Africa, namely, OIL, since 24% of our imports come from Africa and catching up with China, Russia, and India.

Emira Woods, Liberian-American  journalist and an “expert on U.S. foreign policy in Africa”  comments, that  despite the ” lofty rhetoric” of Obama’s Inaugural Address, U.S. foreign policy is “still focused on a  narrow definition of U.S  interests” with regard to “extractive industries”…oil, gas, and mining.  Then there’s the “land grab” which is going on across the African continent.  According to Woods, large “tracks of lands” are being turned over to the production of biofuels to fuel cars around the world, but there’s really very little concern about feeding starving children.  Woods also relays concerns about the militarization of Africa. (Note: Both the Clinton video and the Woods audio are here on one page:

Very little “hope and change” over there, just like there’s very little here at home…

And in Angola, Clinton pushed for  “credible elections”…you know, the kind the Democrats gave us last year during the primaries.  Eek!

Of course, the topic turned to oil. From the BBC:

In Luanda, Mrs Clinton is expected to sign a memorandum of understanding with American oil giant Chevron and the US Agency for International Development (USAid) to promote investment in Angola’s agricultural sectors like coffee and bananas.

Asked about China’s growing influence in Angola, Mrs Clinton said she was not interested in what other people were doing in Angola because her focus was on what the US was doing.

Last year, Angola overtook Saudi Arabia as China’s leading source of crude oil.

She’s not interested in what China is doing?  Really?  Oh, please.  It sounds sort of glib, doesn’t it? And completely disingenuous…

So, basically, all the trumpeting of a new foreign policy seems to be a lot of hot air and not much different than anything that’s come before. The U.S.’s self-interest is still all wrapped up in oil.

Remember how during the Bush years we got all sorts of big talk?  Remember the infamous “axis of evil” reference in his 2002 State of the Union address (axis = North Korea, Iran & Iraq)?  Well, there are times when Clinton sounds just like George W. with her sometimes very harsh or very glib statements.

Now, I really deplore the snark from that BBC reporter aimed at  Hillary Clinton about Bill coming to the rescue.  She seems to absorb al this without batting an eye. Then again, Hillary got the “street finger” from the Obama crew during the primaries. And she chose to leave the Senate and sign on with the Obama crowd.  It’s nice that she’s adding some comments about women in her speeches, but in real life, she’s being slimed by a reporter for the BBC and undercut in her desired appointments to positions by the Obama team.  It’s been reported that HIS  people are in under her, not her first choices for key jobs.  And now, Bill has re-entered and is the new hero of the N. Korea situation.

But she’s apparently OK with all this. (?)

So, the upshot of how this makes me feel is that 1) She’s getting shafted or undercut too often and 2) Sometimes she speaks in ways that makes me scratch my head. But most of the time, I just wonder what will happen next. What does Bill do next?  Madeline Albright sure didn’t have to deal with this sort of thing. I can’t figure it out, unless Clinton is used to the soft form of “battered wife” syndrome.  Then there’s the dealings with Obama, the guy who cheated and muscled himself into the nomination.  Here she is, right on board the train with the usual U.S. foreign policy, surrounded by Obama loyalists, while he keeps his nose clean. I guess she’s OK with this and how she must defer to his lead, but it I don’t feel OK watching it all happen.

So, while others cling to Hillary Clinton as their personal inspiration, I can only say that I’m left with very mixed feelings at this point. I sort of shake my head and say ” Too bad”  about Clinton’s odd position at State, along with everything else that is “too bad” these days…

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  1. It’s painful for me to watch Hillary Clinton these days. She spent so much time near the top of the list of powerful women, and now she has allowed herself to become The Incredible Shrinking Woman. I was a supporter of hers fom pretty much day 1 that she entered the national political scene during Bill’s 1st campaign, and I admit to feeling a personal blow to the gut when she interrupted the nominating process at the Democratic Convention to call for her supporters and delegates to swing to Obama.

    But I’ve gotten over her now. Unlike Secretary Clinton, I am not “used to the soft form of ‘battered wife’ syndrome” and will not allow my tormentors to retain control over me. Even if one of them is a former heroine.

  2. Good grief! Mixed feelings? What is it going to take?

    Making Hillary Sec’y of State was a brilliant tactical move on Obama’s part. For Obama. All you need to remember about anything the Oval Office Opportunist does: it’s all about the O.

    Behold: In one fell swoop, he closets any policy opposition she might muster because now she’s playing on the team, negates her efficacy by appointing special regional envoys who have the real responsibilities, and then sends her husband in Bing’s party plane to pick up some girls. That’s a big sword flourish worthy of Zorro’s “Z” on her chest.

    Hillary’s toast until she resorts to the drama of a resignation. Does she have the balls for that? Questionable. She’s like the kid in the commercial who eagerly accepts the toy pony, and then watches with saucer eyes as the other kid gets the real one. “But you didn’t ask for the real pony.”

    Rule #1 of Victimhood: You can’t be a victim if you refuse your victimizer permission.

    • Spot on, Betsy!

      Humiliation is not inspiration, either!

    • When has she ever claimed to be a victim? She is enjoying her job. The envoys are her idea and they answer to her, they do not go to the whitehouse without her. Hillary has ovaries of steel and proves it everyday,even with obama working against her and her so-call supporters treating her like trash she still gets up and works for America.

      • She’s never claimed to be a victim, but for people of a certain age, we see her as a sellout. She’s compromised herself and is apparently OK with it and has been for quite awhile, which is pretty much what the piece I wrote implies. She’s not exactly a shining example of a woman who really stands up for her own dignity and self-respect. She’s willingly taking a lot of crap which seems to set back the position of SOS, especially for a woman in the office. She isn’t the inspiration that she’s cracked up to be. While any SOS is confined by an administration’s policy, she seems to be in a box and also making some of her own faux pax.

      • How is she a sellout? She is a democrat and will always be one. She always stands up for herself,she does not take crap. The things like what the BBC or Dowd says she could give a crap about. That stuff does not matter to her,what does is being an effectives SOS for America.

        She is an inspiration becasue no matter what anybody throws at her she gets back up and fights.

        Honestly, were you really a Hillary supporter?

      • Jill, please. The envoys are not her idea. While her steely ovaries may assist in girding against humiliation from everyone who is working against her, she is marginalized. Krauthammer nails it:

        “On Hillary Clinton’s irate response to the mistranslated question in the Congo:

        “She lost it. It was not a real good moment. In part, I’m sure it was because she thought she was being treated as an appendage of her husband.

        “But I think part of it is also the venue. Here you have Richard Holbrooke running Afghanistan and Pakistan — the heart of our troubles in Asia. You have George Mitchell in the Middle East. You have envoys here and there, and she is the secretary of state, and she’s sitting in the Congo, in the Congo?

        “You’ve got Petraeus running Afghanistan. You’ve got Odierno running Iraq. She is totally marginalized, sitting in Kinshasa. I’m sure it is a great city — in fact, it’s not — but the Congo? Africa is very low on the scale of important interests of the United States.”

        It’s an understatement to characterize this as not her finest moment, as other commenters here have. But primarily, this moment encapsulates what she has become: totally irrelevant. More:

        “She was supposed to be the president of the United States at this point. She was going to be queen of the world. Instead, Obama bestrides the world. He gives speeches in the great capitals, in Cairo — and she is in the Congo! You’d be upset, also.”

  3. I stopped watching BBC America during the Primary because of the anti-Hillary syndrome it doused itself with daily.

    Now and again I turn it on but it gets switched off pretty quickly.

    You must realize that BBC World differs from BBC Britain because it is not financed by individual subscribers but by big finance-some of which happens to be Arab. Hence all the publicity for Dubai etc.

  4. Yes, the BBC World Service really turned during the Bush Administration….really pushed the American point of view at that time!!! It was very obvious!!! (I’ve been listening for years via shortwave!)

    • No I was talking about BBC World TV. The radio world service is ok-I’ve started listening to its music programs on the internet!

      • :No, the BBC World Service is definitely NOT OK versus what it was prior to the Iraq War and Tony Blair’s slashing of the budget, right after the David Kelley affair and the BBC being accused of of all sorts of things by the Blair people.

        Now, they’re doing a lot of “borrowing” from TV and outside producers. On the World Service.They often run the audio of TV documentaries, for example, rather than producing their own. Local coverage on the domestic BBC has been sharply cut. I wrote about this somewhere awhile ago.

        “Have Your Say” on the World Service was formerly “Talking Points.” That show hit the skids, becoming an outlet for Bush officials pumping up the Iraq War. It’s pretty deferential to Obama and U.S. policy now, too.

        If you’re talking about the local BBC radio programming for the various regions of the UK, there ARE many delightful programs. I listen to that,too, sometimes via the internet.There’s far more variety than here, where we get 5 station all with Rush or Hannity on at the same time!! I remember my friend in England listened to The Archers faithfully 30 years ago and I think it’s still on the schedule!

        Like any media outlet, you have to be careful about everything.

        On the ground reporting from foreign countries, of course, the BBC WS remains better than anything the U.S. has to offer. They get local stringers to report from the scene, along with regular correspondents.

        I actually enjoy Radio Australia more in the morning here for their evening programming. I switch between the BBC WS and RA for the news bulletins. Radio Netherlands runs great programs, and Radio China International is polished and gives a lot of insight into what’g going on in China.
        Of course, if you want to hear Marxist radio, tune in to North Korea. It’s a trip!

        Having a shortwave radio with a longwire is really fun!! During the Bush Admin. early on, I listened to it to get REAL news. I even got a card from Turkey.

  5. I lost all admiration for Hillary Clinton at last year’s Democratic National Convention. When she stopped the roll call and drank the kool-aid I quit being her fan.

    I wish her the best in her new job. It’s really what she deserves, being Obama’s lap dog. Because that is exactly what she is and was from the moment she stopped the roll call.

    Has she done some wonderful things? Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have supported her last year. Is she a victim of Obama? Hardly. She knew what she was getting into the moment she signed up. She intentionally wanted to be a part of it.

    If she had any integrity she would have told the DNC to F off last year. I sure did.

    • Exactly!

    • I agree wholeheartedly with IA and everything that shhitsthe fan had to say.

      On May 31, 2008, Hillary Clinton showed her true colors and lost a lot of support from former loyal campaign workers (including me). She became one of the sell-outs of the Democratic Party and I will never support her for a political office again.

      Her statements urging the United States to sign on to the International Court is just the icing on the cake. If she truly believes that American service men and women should be subjected to an International Court and be brought to trial in a foreign country by a foreign court, then she has not one ounce of patriotism in her bones.

      Can you imagine, in the light of the “hate America” phase foreigners are going through, that Americans are going to get a fair trial in an International Court? No way, and Hillary Clinton should be ashamed to call herself an American, She is a p-poor SOS, and an even sorrier turncoat for backing this proposition.

      Kudos to the Big Dawg. He really did what nobody else could, and I’m sure the two young ladies and their families look up to him with adoration. If this was your daughters, sisters, etc., wouldn’t you? Go Big Dawg, and let those of lesser stance eat their crow.

      Let’s hope that our military will never be subjected to an International Court.

  6. If we don’t trust international courts for our people then we sure as hell shouldn’t expect any other nation to do so. If it isn’t good enough for us then why is it good enough for others?

    I’m not trying to start an argument, I just see some hypocrisy that I am trying to understand.

    The conflict evidently is that international politics would skew any fair trial. Unlike here at home where that never happens.

    • Marge, I don’t agree with having an International Court for ANY people. Not our nation or any other nation. This is too much leaning into the idea of a New World Order. I’m for letting every nation police their own. Life is scary enough as it is, and subjecting our service men and women to the whims of other nations just doesn’t seem right to me.

      I know that as president, Bill Clinton signed on to this agreement, but George Bush rescinded it. I have no faith that Obama has the best in mind for our troops.

    • I’ve actually been to the International Court in Den Haag (The Hague) when Milosevich was standing trial. I thought it was a great idea. Where else was he supposed to be tried? The guy intentionally tried to wipe out an entire civilization of people.

      I agree with Clinton that we should join the Court. It would demonstrate that we are not a nation that believes we are above the rest and are willing to abide by international norms of behavior. And judged on our merits rather than our rhetoric.

      But to Update 3: Not one of Hillary’s finer moments.

  7. I was a Hillary supporter..and I think she was an embarassment . What happened to the two for one? Hillary not only at times looks time she was very unprofessional. As a matter of fact I said she behaved as the democrats are with the health bill. They should be proud of her. The previous administration looked awful for eight years…until obama was in office for 6 months. Everyone in his administration behaves just about the same way. Let’s face it…had Rice as SOS behaved in that way she would have been ridiculed right out of office.

  8. I am so proud of Hillary for taking on these issues and standing up for herself.

    The media is intentionally trying to trash her at every moment because she could easily upstage Obama.

    It is sad that the world has to be see that the U.S. does not respect women. They are taking their cues from us. We are basically telling them to not respect women.

    • This time Hillary trashed herself. Whatever the reason..when you are representing this Country as she should appear much more professional.

  9. Unfortunately, Hillary is not helping herself…she’s playing into their hands with her recent comments and demeanor.

    It’s undermining the message on women that she’s trying to convey.

    It’s a screwed up mess…she put herself in the middle of the Obama Administration and Bill has also injected himself into the scene.

    It’s very bad…

  10. Wow insightanalytical, I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    I respect Hillary even more now for going to various places and speaking out about the atrocities that are happening to women.

    She should never have been expected to turn down a position such as SOS.

    • You are missing the point completely! All her good efforts are being undermined by Obama, Bill, the media and her own ill-advised comments.

      Of course, she and ANY SOS should be addressing issues like we see in the Congo, the mass rapes, the humanitarian issues everywhere! But, here message is being diluted by all the “drama” around her and the “box” she’s in serving in the Obama Administration. She’s getting the screws applied from Team Obama and their interference in staffing at State, for example. But she’s also saying things that are causing problems on their own.

      It’s a shame that her own issues, issues of the Obama has shown in the past toward women, etc. reflect back on women in general. The sensitivity about Bill that Hillary showed indicates to me that she herself knows this is bad for her image as SOS.

      And on top of that….it’s good she’s addressing the issues in the Congo, but our own policies there re: military stuff is increasing the rape numbers, according to reports on the situation…and don’t forget, human rights are off the table re: China.

      So, Clinton is delivering one message, one she really believes in, I’m sure, about the women in Congo….but U.S. foreign policy, which she is representing, doesn’t really care too much about human rights in general when it comes to our interest in keeping the oil pumping (and other areas we want to keep going our way).

      • So you are blaming a woman for men’s bad behavior? (i.e. Obama) Well, I’m afraid that’s nothing new for women.

        I also don’t feel she has made any ‘ill-advised’ comments.

  11. Lily, this conversation with you will be closing. You do not get it at all…

  12. I supported Hillary Clinton, I voted for Hillary Clinton and I respected Hillary Clinton until she caved at the Democratic convention. She hadn’t the right to give away the votes that we gave to her. She disrespected everyone of us that had supported and voted for her.

    Once she became a member of the Obama Administration she became just another Obamacrat to me.

    This one moment, when she looks tired, annoyed and is slouching in her chair is not only not her finest moment, it will be, unfortunately the moment that will be used to define and destroy her. She gave the media the club they will use over and over again to show her as petulant and annoyed.

    Not her finest moment indeed and one that I believe it is the one short moment that will haunt her. She’s better than this and yet, she’s only human. But media doesn’t care about that. And her enemies don’t care about that. I’ll bet Obama saw that clip and high-fived Axlerove.

  13. Amen, Marge.

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