The Past Week: July 12-18, 2009 (Energy-Saving Porch Project; “Full Plates Full Lives” Food Campaign; JFK, Jr.)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

We’ve been busy for the last week or so having our back porch enclosed. It’s costing some bucks, but we figure we get an extra room out of it and eliminate the dust and dealing with the wind, which has made the area virtually unusable, except to pile up a lot of junk!  It’s unheated, but we bought E-366 doors and windows and have insulted the walls with above spec insulation. Here in southern New Mexico this means that we will have a delightful place to hang out during the winter and also in the cool mornings and evenings during most of the warmer months. Even all closed up now the temperatures are no more than what’s going on outside, which means our choice of the E-366 glass and the insulation is really paying off already!  Our AC isn’t working any harder, so we’re very pleased!

Here’s what the room looks like before caulking and final finishing. By next week I’ll be able to show you the entire room painted and in all its glory!

Porch Enclosure in Progress...

Porch Enclosure in Progress...

Unfortunately, the dogs aren’t getting out into the backyard very much because of all the mayhem.  But Slick, in particular is enjoying the gated area at the front of the house:

Slilck hangs out...

Slilck hangs out...

As we prepare to write a large check for this project (which is being done by neighbor who teaches but has a contractor’s license, too), it seems we’ve been musing a lot about money and the economy this past week. Here’s something in particular that is something to consider supporting:

Full Plates Full Lives

U.S. Foodservice, a 150 year old company that supplies food and related products to “restaurants, hospitals, hotels, schools and governmental operations” is running a “STEMulous Drive” now through October 15, 2009.  They’re organizing neighborhood drives, selling a cookbook, etc. all with the aim of feeding families who need help during these tough economic times. “Operation STEMulous” is specifically aimed at getting fresh fruits and vegetables to needy families.


Speaking of vegetables…this porch project has really cut into my gardening time…I’m barely able to water everyday, but as of last night the patio outside the new room is finally cleared of lumber!


And finally, this:

Jul 16, 2009 10:25 am US/Eastern

10th Anniversary Of JFK Jr.’s Death Passes Quietly

NEW YORK (CBS) ― The tenth anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr., in a small plane crash off Martha’s Vineyard passed with relatively little notice Thursday, overshadowed by attention paid to the 40th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon mission.

I remember that night clearly…It was a sultry evening in New Jersey and after hearing the initial reports I stood outside on our back patio and gazed up at the sky for a long time and prayed it wasn’t true…but it was.



CNBC (Among Others) Caught in the Act “Reporting” Nouriel Roubini’s Comments on the Economy…He Responds

HEADS UP! It’s HERE! The New World Currency Design, Presented to the G-8 Delegations (With Pics)

The Past Week: July 4-11, 2009 (Where We Are Now re: The Economy-Robert Reich, Nouriel Roubini, Robert Shiller, Chris Martenson)

4 Responses

  1. Would the house and garden stuff be something to post on the Open Range Ramblings page? I like that you have that little haven over there.

    • Yes, I am going to be posting more at Open Range…but I’ve been so busy for the last couple of months!
      Things are looking up, though. Once this project is done that will be great. And, I don’t have to do IV’s twice a week as of last week….
      So, I will have more time to post the neat pics of the ABQ tram (and maybe a little movie if I can figure out how to do it) as well as more about this porch! And maybe I can restart the Saturday Sanity thing again!!

      I figured I’d put the porch story up because of the E-366 windows….an excuse! LOL! But, also to lighten up the stuff that really is quite a bummer…

      The fall garden will have to be planted soon, so that’s more stuff that will be going on!

      Waiting to resurface, like a sub that has been prowling around the bottom for awhile…!! LOL!

      • Hi IA,

        I hope that I can resurface with you. That little bout of the flu that I thought I had turned out to be the swine flu. I have been very miserable for the past weeks, and according to my Dr. it should be no surprise because that intensive long-term chemo treatment destroyed my immune system.

        I tried to send you an E. Mail to the last address I had for you but it bounced back. I tried forwarding it to a previous address and hope you got it. If not, send me a new email address and I’ll repeat it.

        This is the first time in a while that I’ve even felt like checking my mail, and I have a slew of it to catch up on.

        Did you catch the news today about the Islamic group conference in Chicago? Scary. How do they justify letting this group into the country, when they make no bones about the fact that they are working to overthrow our government and replace it with an Islamic one?

        Fox news broke the story this morning and I expect there will be more tonight. I had heard about this group back in April, but then it went quiet and I thought perhaps they had been stopped.

  2. Lee..
    Check your email!
    I have a post nearly completed on the group and will post it sometime tomorrow….

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