~~By Kenosha Marge

Have you ever written and/or emailed your Congresscritter or Senator and gotten back one of their “now,now…there, there” letters? A letter so condescending it makes your eyes bleed from just reading it?

As the blood rushes through your veins and threatens to blow your damn head off you wonder how you could have ever voted for this creature. And if you didn’t, you take some small satisfaction in that. You comfort yourself with the thought that at least this was one Asshat that you didn’t support among all the other Asshats that you did.

However, that doesn’t address the question, why on earth do these “elected” officials think it wise to send voters such letters? Do they really think we are that dumb? (If you answer yes you win a Kewpie doll.) Looks like Kewpie has had a close encounter with our government.

a kewpie-doll mARGE POST

It is obvious and has been for a very long time that the people that we elect to represent us don’t represent us or respect us.

I can understand the lack of respect. After all they lie to us again and again, do more flip-flops than seen at the last Summer Olympics and they can still count on our vote. What’s to respect in that?

Politicians are well aware that for the most part we will continue to support “our” party, even when “our” party doesn’t support us. Where we gonna go?

A “good” Democrat would sooner chew his/her leg off that vote for one of those rat-bastard Republicans. And a “good” Republican feels the same way about voting for one of them Wing Nut Democrats. I guess being good human beings and good Americans comes somewhere further down the list. Much further on the good human being part if many of the scurrilous remarks made about the “other” party are any indication.

Politicians are well aware that if they can just get some talking point stuck in the empty heads of many of the electorate they have won their battle. Nothing will dislodge these bits of misinformation from said empty head. No proof, no new information, no tablets coming down from the Mountain will change their minds.

If you doubt this then the proof is in that there are a whole lot of people around that still believe that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that he had something to do with 9/11. Or all the little people giving their pennies and nickels financed Obama’s campaign. These people have the cognitive abilities of a box of rocks. I may be maligning that box of rocks.

A box of maligned rocks

A box of maligned rocks

I  I have been disabused of the notion that our conservative/Republican brethren and sisters were less well informed than our own better, brighter, more informed people on the liberal/Democrat side. The last election and the immerging Obot Nation proves that Republicans have not cornered the market on stupid.

But I digress; let’s get back to our non-representing Representatives. They are our Representatives because we elected them. Enough of us voted for them so that they get to go to Washington D.C. and not represent the people that just elected them.

In many cases voters cast their vote without having the faintest idea what this person has done or not done for their district/state. Having that letter “D” or “R” is all that matters. And we wonder why they don’t respect us. They count on our stupidity and we seldom disappoint them.

Many of these politicians have been slurping at the public trough for decades. They are therefore now eligible for that nice little pension that we taxpayers are going to pay for. Even if we don’t have a pension plan for ourselves at least we can rest easy knowing these people that did/do such a second-rate job will have a comfortable retirement. If we can ever get them to retire.

Some of them can’t even dodder onto the floor of the House or the Senate. Some are off in rehab, for the second time and must be hauled back to vote on important bills. See:

I feel sorry for the husband of a friend of mine who has an alcohol problem. That doesn’t mean that I would vote for such a person. Sympathy from me you get Congressman Kennedy. My vote? Not in this lifetime!

Once these people are elected/re-elected, they can cozy up with their real constituency, which would be the folks with the money.

Let’s see now– talking points firmly embedded in constituency’s empty head? Check.

Little/no concern about better-informed and/or recalcitrant voters because they have nowhere to go? Check.

Send condescending letters to any voicing disapproval/concern for actions not in keeping with what they were lead to expect? Check.

Call person with the most money to donate to my/his/her campaign and assure them that I will vote whatever way they want me to so long as the money keeps coming my way? Check!

There are many reasons we as voters are not respected and represented by those that we elect to public office. Many of them are just so damn sure they are smarter and know better than we do that our outrage or protests don’t even register unless and until it threatens their re-election.

Threats to re-election means it’s time to either dust off the old talking points or get some new ones. After all, those pointy-headed little voters keep falling for the same play why change it when you are winning the game? And if they voice some disapproval, send a condescending letter to explain it to the poor rubes.

Now-now, there-there little voter, we know what’s best. Don’t you worry your silly/pretty/empty little head about it.

13 Responses

  1. I no longer consider myself part of any political party. Don’t really know where I belong. For me for the future it’s “Country First.”

  2. Me too Betty. But I am still “Represented”, no matter how poorly by folks that do belong to one party or another. Thus the fact that I do write/email them to let them know what I’m thinking. Doesn’t do any good but at least I have voiced my opinion. It’s their snotty, condescending responses that frequently get me all riled up all over again.

    I am now, and have been since May 31st, an Independent. And I damn well intend to stay that way. jAs you say, “Country First”.

  3. I have received this year two mailings from my Rep. Bruce Braley. They were full-color, heavy stock, bi- and tri-fold. Each of them states (in small print, of course) “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.

    Just for grins, I went to a couple of online printing sites to see if I could figure out how much it cost us to print these up. You can actually get a quote instantly if you enter the proper information.

    Bottom line…by the most conservative estimate possible (rounding down all numbers) these two mailings have cost us $65,600. That is printing alone. It does not include the cost of composition nor mailing.

    Sixty-five thousand dollars for what are nothing more than campaign mailings telling us what a great guy Bruce Braley is.

    And I worked to elect this asshat three years ago. Needless to say, I will not be repeating the error.

  4. Now, now, there, there, little voter 😉

  5. Marge,

    I just heard from the box of rocks. They’re talking about suing for defamation of character.

  6. I knew I was making a big mistake taking on a box of rocks. Well good luck to them with their lawsuit. Can’t get blood from a stone! 😀

  7. MARGE!

    My HUGE collection of rocks in my backyard are joining your rocks in solidarity! I have a veritable ARMY of rocks…big and small, river and quarry…all ready to go!

    If you want, I can send the lizards along for backup support….

  8. Rocks yes. Lizards NO!

    I am not a fan of reptiles of any kind. Gives me the shivering whimwhams just thinking about them. :-0

  9. “In many cases voters cast their vote without having the faintest idea what this person has done or not done for their district/state. Having that letter “D” or “R” is all that matters. And we wonder why they don’t respect us. They count on our stupidity and we seldom disappoint them.”
    Yes, it seemed many voters weren’t even concerned with the letter after the name and voted for the media darling.

    I have also received such “there there” letters. Letters that didn’t even bother to correctly spell my last name or to address the specific issue that lead to my contacting them. You are damn stright it made my blood boil. It also made me want to work to get them out of office.

    Love, love, love your writing style BTW! 🙂

  10. Fantastic – well done – Brava!
    I wish i had written it- you spoke my heart-SO
    now what?

    How do we convince the rocks to throw the bums out?

    Voter zimposed term limits is the only waty to discourage career politicians. When it does not pay to stay they will go away!

  11. Given that most of them are passing off the Tea Parties and the like as “astro turf” and pretending that polls that show the country isn’t happy with our elected represenatives it’s doubtful we can make them listen.

    There has to be a consentrated effort to throw out the old and elect the new. And not ever, ever allowing any candidate to run unapposed or unprimaried is a good start in my opinion. We have to stop allowing the asshats to take “us” for granted. We need to remind the asshats that “we” are the bosses and they are the employees. That would put the fear of re-election in their arrogant little minds.

    The journey to an honest and competent government start with the ouster of one arrogant asshat. Every now and then we rock their little world when someone they think of as forever in Congress is sent home. But as they think of us, they have short memories.

    And much as I am sympathetic to Senators Byrd and Kennedy, what’s with sick and to old to particpate Senators, or Congress Critters, keeping a death grip on a job they are no longer able to do? Would any employer in the private sector be expected to keep them on the payroll?

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