SWITCH THE PARADIGM! Why We Really CAN Make a Change for the Better

(Editor’s Note: This inspiring essay comes just in time for the July 4th holiday.  Enjoy the holiday but take some time to reflect on what it really honors…IA)

~~By Grail Guardian

I’ve been reading a lot of internal squabbling on various web sites lately about whether or not people can or should vote for Republicans in order to restore the political balance in Washington. I’ve “listened” to both sides of the argument and for those who have not been paying attention (or living an actual life instead of following the blogs) I offer this brief summary of each:

Pro: Voting Republicans in is the only way to offset Obama and the idiots in Congress that are bleeding the country dry. The Democratic majority is killing the American economy and Constitution and is out of control. No third party candidate will be able succeed in the current system, so we must hold our noses and vote for all Republican candidates and hope they induce a stalemate in Congress.

Con: The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats, and we’ll just end up swing from far left to far right (then back again) if we vote them back in. I can’t vote for someone that supports everything I have fought against all my life just to stop the Democrats (i.e.: abortion rights). Replacing one form of evil with another does no good, therefore I must look for the least offensive Democrat to support despite the fact that they will likely vote along party lines (think Kirsten Gillibrand in NY).

I must confess that I can find some truth in both of these arguments, but there’s something I need to point out here: These are not the only options!

That’s right – I said it! There are other choices. To wit, we need term limits and alternative candidates that don’t belong (a totally accurate term in every sense) to either political party. But, but…Grail, you say, how could that be? No Congress critter will ever vote for their own term to be limited and everyone knows that no third party candidate can possible get elected!

Wrong! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to play Switch That Paradigm! The exciting game show where you, the American public, actually get to choose the winners! No, it’s not American Idol. Not even close. It’s a nifty concept I learned about from commenter Practical Madman over at Logistics Monster, and it’s called Get Out of Our House. Here’s the concept: If we want to stop the insanity in D.C. we must clean out the political lifers in Congress; the Obama administration (or any other administration for that matter) cannot pass legislation without the support and complicity of Congress (at least as of the writing of this piece), no matter how many mouth breathers support him. The easiest way to do this is in the House of Representatives, since the whole barrel of monkeys is up for re-election every 2 years under the Constitution (yes, all 435 members are up in 2010). Besides, the Senate isn’t exactly a cohesive majority, and if the bills can’t pass in the House they aren’t making it to the Oval Office for signature. Get Out of Our House, or GOoOH (pronounced “go”) wants to dump all 435 members at once and replace them with ordinary citizens that actually (gasp) vote for what their constituents want. That’s right – you and me for Congress!

Here’s the deal: if enough regular Americans are willing to participate, they group can raise enough money to support candidates in every district. People who wish to run for office complete a comprehensive position questionnaire that is posted on line. There are no right or wrong answers, no political philosophy you must adhere to, no liberal or conservative viewpoints required at the door. You answer the questions, and sign a legally binding pledge that if you are elected you will vote the way you answered on the questionnaire or abstain from the vote if there is fuzzy or unrelated material attached to the bill, as Congress is wont to do. (Note: there is an alternative option wherein you can change your vote if you post your intent to do so online at least 7 days in advance and a majority of your district votes that it’s OK for you to change your vote.) Once the candidates have locked in their answers, a series of Selection Sessions are held where members get the chance to vote for or against candidates that best represent how they would like their Representative to vote. Sessions are held until there is only 1 candidate per district, and that person becomes the GOoOH nominee for the district. The whole organization is based on the concept that the candidates will not follow any particular school of thought; for instance, voters in New York City would probably tend to select a candidate with more liberal viewpoints, whereas voters in Butte, MT would be more prone to select a candidate with conservative views that fit the local political consciousness.

Oh, and did I mention that all candidates agree in advance to a few interesting conditions:

· To run for no more than 2 terms (it was originally 1, but was changed due to input on the site)

· To disclose in advance of each Selection Session if you are an attorney (originally excluded, but again changed due to commenter input)

· To disclose in advance of each Selection Session if you are wealthy (a multi-millionaire)

· To resign within 72 hours and pay a fine if you vote contrary to your stated positions (per the questionnaire)

· To resign within 72 hours and pay a fine if you accept funds “other than your federal paycheck”

Are there drawbacks to the system? Yes. Some of the bigger ones are: the $100 membership fee (that is used to fund the candidates that are eventually selected, the fact that at least 500,000 members are needed to make it work, and the inability for people not on the web to participate in the upfront process (we all get to vote eventually, but you must register online).

Some of the other advantages are: the ability to join an existing organization that is prepared for the political process, regardless of your political views, the ability of average Americans to have a “hands on” role in actually choosing the nominee from a large pool of candidates (rather than just the guy who has lost the last 3 times in your area), and the inability of political interest groups (lobbyists, PACs, unions, or even religious groups) to influence the candidates. I personally believe that America is at a “do or die” juncture as a free Republic, and GOoOH may just provide a way back to the basics. We are at a crossroads that our Founders predicted and feared:

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” –Samuel Adams

“A government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have… The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.” –Thomas Jefferson

Now is the time for all good PUMAs to put up or shut up. We all agree we want change. We all agree that the current system is not working. We all agree that the time to stop the juggernaut poised to crush our nation is extremely limited. We call agree that 2008 ended the political process as we knew it forever. And who better to change things than us? And who are we? Simply average Americans that have seen the road the political corruption and corporate greed of the current government is leading us down and wish to return to the Constitution as it was written. For those of you that need a bit more background, I offer this excellent video courtesy of Diamond Tiger at Logistics Monster that explains the current political situation in concise and frightening terms. Take 10 minutes and watch it all the way through; if you are not scared at the similarities between circumstances preceding the fall of Rome and the current fall of America at the end, then go in peace and enjoy your final moments of freedom. If you are disturbed and unwilling to take any more, take a serious look at the GOoOH site and see what you think. I know it is not the ideal solution, but if we wait for perfection our economy will be collapsed, there will be record inflation not seen since 1920’s Germany, government will have taken an extraordinary amount of power away from We the People, and our country as we know it will be gone.

Change is inevitable. The only question is: which side of it do you want to be on?



Or this:


These images should remind us of a few very simple concepts:

· Ordinary people can make a difference if they believe enough to fight against tyranny

· You can speak truth to power, no matter how well ensconced it may appear

· Women can and do lead the way

· We have what everyone else in the world wants, and we are letting it slip away with little more than a whimper

· “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (This quote is generally attributed to Edmund Burke but the true source appears to be unknown.)

The truth of the matter is simple: the concept that we, the people of the greatest nation in the world, cannot alter our destiny or stop The Powers That Be from destroying our Republic is nothing more or less than the same mass-marketing advertising scam that has been used to brainwash the masses into thinking we need the latest bright, shiny object on the market to distract ourselves from reality. It’s a sales job – that’s all! If enough of us are disgusted and use our votes, any candidate can be elected and any party can be successful. When you get right down to it, isn’t that all political campaigns have evolved into? Never-ending infomercials! And now the very office of the President of the United States of America has been turned into the world’s largest infomercial. (I’m surprised he doesn’t have a Guthy-Renker logo on his backside!) But that’s really good news, because that means that we don’t have to buy it! We can shop around for what we really want, no matter what they tell us on the tee vee! For cryin’ out loud, when have they ever told us the truth? Isn’t that the whole concept of Madison Avenue (and K Street)? Lie big, lie often, and then lie some more and eventually people will buy what you tell them because that’s what Charlie and Katie and Brian tell them to do!

Well, I’m here to tell you the sad news: Edward R. Murrow is dead and so is the “fourth estate”; John F. Kennedy was barely elected (and probably only then because of “creative” voting in Daley’s Chicago) and there was no “magic bullet” (no matter what Arlen “Which party am I in again?” Specter wants you to believe); aspartame and fluoride are actually toxins sold to us to make profit off of useless chemicals; and the United States Constitution does not grant the government the right to tax income or sales, no matter what the IRS says. They are all advertising scams designed to persuade compliant Americans to buy the “official” version of a convenient fabrication. The idea that no third party candidate could ever win a national election is another such ad campaign, and we have bought it lock, stock and barrel. We even preach it to each other. So the time has come to shift our paradigm and alter our vision of “reality” (whatever that is). Dorothy eventually looked behind the curtain and discovered that Oz was nothing more than a two-bit carnie hustler, and that the ability to return to where she wanted to be was always within her own power. We, too, must accept that we’re not in Kansas anymore and take a good hard look at what’s behind that curtain.

You can save this nation. You can be a US Representative. If you believe in the Constitution of this Republic, I propose you owe it to America to step up to the plate and either be a candidate or at a minimum support the system that may just be capable of returning every day, common sense Americans to the business of running this country.

The choice is yours; what will you choose?

16 Responses

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  2. […] any doubts, take a look at Grail Guardian’s terrific  and inspiring piece at today’s Insight Analytical.  Together, we CAN make a […]

  3. Thank you Grail – As usual you have hit the nail on the head. Too many of us have been saying “There’s nothing we can do”, but we should take into account that there are more of us than there are of them. I have been preaching this for months now and nobody seems to be picking up on it..

    You are a true Guardian of the Grail, and if more of us heeded your cry we could indeed do almost anything we desired. We ARE in the majority and we need to buckle down and defeat the dark forces that are trying to convince us that we don’t matter or that we don’t stand a chance.

    I will go to GOoOH and would suggest that like minded people do the same. People, if you are in the least familiar with Grail Guardian and her comments and posts, you will come to believe, as I do, that she is a very astute individual with a good head on her shoulders and it is filled with much common sense.

  4. P.S. Grail, I signed up. Your endorsement was all I needed to know that this has possibilities.

    • Glad to hear it, Lee! We need real patriots like yourself! It’s the perfect season to get a fire in your belly and the love of country above all else in your heart!

      Can we take back America? Yes, We can!

  5. Grail- YES we CAN!

    It’s time we take things into our own hands – step up and take the bulls by their balls ans squeeze! Out with the old in with the new Women’s movement- Come join TMU- Let’s show em how to do it right!

    An MS Mag rag ought to put Palin on the cover with the caption reading

    This is what a real woman looks like!


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  7. Grail – your piece so inspired me that I wrote another piece on a paper I did on term limit in your honor and I am directing people here as well. Thanks for the inspiration. You finish today what I started in 1990- thanks.

    Track back to

  8. and there goes the Grail rockin’ in the free world!

    What an excellent post….I have been mulling over the GO thang and wondering if I can do it or not.

  9. Great, brilliant, wonderful! Consider my paradigm switched! And I will sign up and on. For the first time I read the words “Yes We Can” without getting nauseous. And thank you for letting me see the word hope as something I can feel again without attaching it to the repulsive thug from Chicago. You bet we can. So long as we have patriots and people like our very own Grail Guardian.

    • Excellent! We need clear thinkers like you, Marge! We need about 400 or so more Kenoshamarge types to sign up, then we’ll be in great shape! Spread the word across the blogosphere!

  10. Grail- let’s keep this conversation going – between us tow we may have some momentum going- on my blog we have obots trying to change the subject as usual.
    Come on over and I will do the same – lets get this ball rolling and share commenters ?

    The problem is and always has been that everyone thinks they know what a feminist is. I think a feminist is one who believes a women is freeeeeee to think feel and do whatever the hell she wants to without having to have it dictated to her.

    Having said that why are we talking about gays and religion? I’ll tell you why- because rather than simply saying a free individual should have the right to do anything they want to do without hurting another human being and that church and state ought to be separate as was intended there would be no question as to everyone minding their own damned business.

    Religious people ought to go to church and obey their Gods in their own homes and obey the laws of the land outside their homes – We should not be making religious laws and should allow folks to have their religion so long as it breaks no laws like beheading their wives or dishonor killing them.

    If they really believe in GOD – they ought to let GOD judge the sins of another and mind their own damned busness.

    On the other hand – we ought to protect women and children from sexist/mysogyny in ads, movies etc. where women are obviously degraded, humiliated and generally run down as lesser than males which is the steady diet fed to out society 24/7.

    When females are disregarded and purposefully degraded from birth to death this should be a crime as is racism.

    For example add the term nappy headed and Ho becomes unacceptable. On its own ho, bitch and cunt are fine! Why?

    So why go off on all this other bullshit- when the crux of the problem is right here in these last few sentences. Everyone wants to obfuscate the problem into abortion and GAYs – that is not the problems at all- those are the elephants everyone wants to stampede women with – do not let them.

    The problem is BIRTH to DEATH women as a group are hated and despised – disrespected and abused and worse than that – we are sitting here taking it!
    Enought already . Stop the bullshit – do not let anyone change the damned subject- that is the subject!

  11. Excellent post! Let’s GOOOH!!!

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