About Sarah Palin…

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

I was at the gym on the Wave when I saw the news about Sarah Palin’s resignation. My first reaction was “Oh, this is bad!  They’ll call her “a quitter.” I listened patiently to the patter on FOX and later at home and, of course, the term “quitter” was brought up, as well as speculation about her not having a thick enough skin,” her family concerns, and maybe how having a Downs child demands more time than she originally thought.  Or maybe she she was just “fed up.” I was informed that she had been acting “bizarre.” I heard the radio news playing back the Katie Couric interview about what Palin read. (Frankly, she said she read everything, which sounds just about like how I would answer on the fly…I’m sure if she had specified at the time, people would have criticized her even for that!)

I can only speak for myself but as I heard more of what she actually said today, especially the part about working for Americans in the future, I actually began to feel good about all this. I love that she focused on the political climate in Alaska. I loved that she didn’t consult with the Congressional delegation.

The “elite” have been out to get her since Day 1 and the Letterman crap didn’t arouse much passionate defense. (The late comments by NOW were just that–late and rather pro forma to save their image after they got an earful, most likely.)  Frankly, the Republicans don’t seem to want her either.

You know what? I would love it if she left the Republican Party and traveled around speaking, pointedly, about the political climate in this country. I’d love if she began saying point blank that the media is garbage.  I would love it if she mused out loud about the criticism about her “stupidity” and lack of “experience” and compare that to this fraud in the White House’s experience and his need for a teleprompter. I would love it if she starting hanging around with a Ron Paul or some of those Democratic reps who don’t approve of a lot of the Obama Adminstration’s crap, the GOP and the demise of this country.

I would love it if she spearheaded a third party.  Basically, I’d love it if she essentially started campaigning against Obama by going after the creeps around him, some of whom have been going after her in Alaska. She can also talk about the Republicans who join in the game.  She can without any problems call out the elites in D.C.  I think the harsh attacks on Palin belie a great deal of fear…She has nothing to lose, so I would love to see her really unleashed on her own terms.

However, if she chooses not to, that’s OK…because I don’t want to see her go down in a small plane “accident”…

Right now the punditry and the elite are rather shocked, it seems. Well, screw them!  We’ve been inspired by the women of Iran recently and maybe here in the U.S., we can be inspired by a woman who isn’t afraid to go out there and be herself and speak her mind.

Whatever she does, it will be interesting.

For now, I’m hoping she goes on every damned talk show and simply unloads.  I hope she gives Obama and the rest of the Villagers some nervous moments.

And maybe she can provide the spark that gets this country to wake up…

Just a couple of days ago she let this drop:

Palin says she’d beat Obama in long run

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she’d come out ahead if she went one-on-one with fellow jogger President Barack Obama in a long run, according to an interview published online Tuesday.

“I betcha I’d have more endurance,” she told Runner’s World magazine.


“Sweat is my sanity,” Palin told the magazine.

Somehow, I don’t think Palin is a quitter. She’s playing the game her way.  Whatever her plan is, I say:


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  1. Don’t underestimate her.

    She’s pretty scrappy, and i think she’s got something up her sleeve. Can’t wait to find out what it is

  2. “Right now the punditry and the elite are rather shocked, it seems. Well, screw them! We’ve been inspired by the women of Iran recently and maybe here in the U.S., we can be inspired by a woman who isn’t afraid to go out there and be herself and speak her mind.”

    Amen to that!

  3. Way to go, IA. We should have an interesting few weeks, at least, when the MSM picks their chins up off the floor and begin their ranting. By resigning at the end of this month she has caught them all off guard with their pants down. This is one smart cookie and I’m all for her.

    She is so above either political party that both sides are scared to death of her.

    Here on the eve of our Independence Day she has announced her own independence and to hell with them all, politicians and pundits alike, who have tried to keep her down. She has given us something to look forward to in these dark dismal days.

  4. Sarah has good instincts — we’d be lucky to have her as President. I trust her more than the other politicians — especially the ones with the boy parts.

  5. Following the surprise Palin announcement, website supporters are gathering across the nation to support Sarah Palin for President in 2012 can be found online at http://www.palin4pres2012.com

    Our the website is in danger of crashing due to the flood of readers and supporters signing up to show their interest in a Palin Candidacy. The GOP establishment had better watch out, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul combined with the power of the internet will remove the stranglehold of GOP special interests and the elites who have brought the party to its knees in defeat in the 2008 elections.

  6. The radio has been carrying reports that the Palin PACs are seeing huge increases in activity, donations and signatures.

    I may not always agree with Sarah Palin. I almost never agree with Zer0. And I don’t like him. Whereas I do like Sarah Palin.
    I agree IA, I hope she crosses the country (safely) confronting Zer0 and his merry band of thugs. There is so much to expose.

    lee ~ I like the thoughts about Sarah, her independence and ours. nice.

  7. I second everything Lee said and would like to add that Romney and Bambi are both freaking out right about now. Can’t attack her as a political figure anymore, and when the moonbats lose their minds in the blogosphere they will look like the Spanish Inquisition going on a witch hunt.

    Sarah just disarmed all of her enemies and took the offensive. I am planning on expanding on these ideas in a post in the very near future.

    IA – you are right on the money!

  8. I suspect that MEchelle’s buddy’s at Vanity Fair planned the hit piece against Sarah, purposely lieing about the post partum thing. MEchelle is out to destroy Sarah. Remember the pic of Mechelle giving the fish eye to Carla Bruno and we all said it’s because Carla reminds MEchelle of Sarah?
    And MEchelle likely had some photshop experts to do those awful pics of trig.
    I say it’s time to attack MEchelle’s kids and photoshop them. What’s their names now? Hopey and Changey? ( they are bumf ugly if I say so myself)
    MEchelle is trying to make it look like she has the perfect family (yeah with a closeted gay man as her husband who is a doper) and she’s trying to make it look like Sarah has problems with her family. It has her Modus Operandi all over this. She did the same when trying to attack Hillary in reagrds to her family, namely she ‘couldn’t control her man’ and that she is pimping Celsea out. You want to knock MEchelle down therby knocking down nobama? Go after her kids. She’s doing it to everyone else and she is behind the Sanford thing and all. (He was going to run for pres) The M. O. is apparent. All the Repubs who had to recently resign had their love lives uncovered. The Frigheaded ugly obama’s have done this since thier community organizing days. MEchelle stays quiet while her band of thugs do the dirty work.
    It’s time to put out there that nobama sleeps with men and has a lover in the whitehouse..seriously..this won’t stop until we stop MEchelle dead in her long legged mack daddy tracks. She is sooooooo ghetto her kotex was bulging out of her skimpy dress..what trash she is. Pull back the curtain and find MEchelle pulling the strings. Maybe she even slept with Soros to get his money and backing because Soros was initially supporting Hillary. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some ‘goods’ on Pelousy and that she threatend her to steal the election for her and her stinky husband.

  9. sorry for the typos. letters are too tiny

  10. BUT now Sarah can SUE MEchelle for her attacks against her family. This will be fun.

  11. A couple of weeks ago I saw a Palin 2012 bumper sticker in rural Arkansas.

  12. I was actually at a Tea Party when I heard the news about Palin, but the crowd refused to be discouraged about it. They cheered and rallied knowing that Sarah had something more in mind. You betcha!

  13. I wish she had finished her term as governor but she’s too smart a lady to have done it without due consideration.

    And for someone the MSM and all the nasties in the Democratic party say is “finished” they are sure wasting a lot of time on her.

    She may also have had something like this in mind too:

    Palin attorney warns press on ‘defamatory material’

    • Saw that…It’s like being “Clintonized” all over again, this time Democrats and insider GOP enemies….what happened to all that crap about “civility” that Obama spewed?? LOL!!

      • You called it perfectly “all that crap about “civility” that Obama spewed”

        But that was in the campaign, right? I hear that campaign talk “doesn’t count now”.

      • Don’t forget that kids off limits! Except when you throw a party for the an invite the media….oh, then “realize” that was a mistake…

        Of course, you may just be behind smearing Palin and her kids….maybe….probably!

    • Marge,

      Palin has been attacked since the day after McCain announced her as VP candidate. She has a plan here, rest assured. Not the least of which is that as a private citizen she is free to go after all the news outlets and bloggers that are making crap up (think Daily Kos and that idiot Moore in Alaska) and finance her 2012 campaign with her lawsuit winnings.

      She actually did the right thing for Alaska – she was under heavy fire and costing the state taxpayers time/money because she is unable to effectively do her job while the left bombards her with ethics charges. That will eventually come out in the wash, but in the meantime she’s given Lt. Gov. Parnell the ability to complete the current agenda in Juno and freed herself to go after the fauxgressives.

  14. I agree that she did the right thing for Alaska Grail. As she explained, her office and staff were spending 70% of their time and millions of dollars on this attack crap. And I hope the first one she sues is that idiot Shannyn Moore. The best thing that could happed was that she, Moore, would be too broke to blog. That would take a lot of the polution out of the air in Alaska and remove some toxic waste from the blogosphere. She is one sick female dog.

    • I heard it was 80%!! Whatever, it’s damned large amount of time….
      Remember the meme about whether Clinton could do his job while all that GOP crap was flying???

  15. You can read the full text of her remarks at the link on the blogroll to the Alaska Office of the Governor near the top right…

    There a couple of things that stand out that make me alert:
    1) she repeats the adage about no “politics as usual” but makes sure she talks about the LIBERAL 9th Circuit court

    2) She talks about freedom and about how life is about making choices….yet, she mentions “life” …Now, I know she’s never moved to overturn anything regarding women’s right to choice, but it does irk me to see anyone talking about freedom and making choices who then stops short of women deciding about their own bodies.

    As for the LIBERAL court dig….that doesn’t sound like a departure from “politics as usual.”

    If she’s going to bring people in, like me, with whole-hearted support, she should clean up that sort of stuff…I like her and want her main message to succeed BUT….

    If she embraces the Rush Limbaugh “true conservative” angle that he’s been pushing, she may not get as far as she thinks she can.

    • Considering that HuffPo ran another piece about her son Trig, I guess I can excuse her references to “life”. The fauxgressives would rather Trig were aborted, but the last I heard, choosing to have a child was part of a woman’s “Choice”.

      I think she’s pretty far away from Limbaugh on social issues; they only share fiscal conservatism and governmental conservatism – two concepts that are gaining lots of popularity right now.

      This discussion is exactly why I’m hoping she’ll go 3rd party. I can’t stand either the Republicans or Democrats, and I will have great difficulty voting for either. Like much of America, I want small government, low taxes that pay for infrastructure (not golden parachutes – for the banking industry or Congress), and freedom on social issues. I believe in the Constitution as it was written, and the Bill of Rights. The rest of it is pure crap as far as I’m concerned, and the only solution I see is to scrap the rest of the laws and start from scratch with what the Founders intended. Nothing since 1913 is constitutional (IMHO), possibly since the late 1800s.

      I know the more left-leaning PUMAs still have reservations about Palin, but look at her record; she does not legislate according to her personal beliefs but by the constitution. How long has it been since we’ve had that? I’m not willing to give her (or anyone else) free reign, but right now I think she’s the best we’ve got that has the national popularity to win.

      We need to flush Washington, D.C. like the huge toilet it is and bring in some air freshener from where the air is clear!

  16. Of course, the “fauxgressives” cross the line…I’m strongy pro-choice, but that’s what it is…every woman has the right to decide for herself. I am totally supportive of Palin’s decision to have Trig and she and he should not be subjected to ANY second-guessing by outsiders…

    I know she has never legislated anything against women and in fact, followed the law giving gays more rights. I think the problem is if people lump her with Limbaugh. If he “claims” her, she’ll have a harder line to walk…Palin’s extended family is as flawed as anybody’s and she’s honest about it so I don’t think she has a rigid, mean personality and would want to make them disappear for the sake of political expediency. She’s a grounded, real person, which makes her complex, which freaks out TPTB and the media.

    At this point, she is the best thing out there, but I’m afraid the media will still be hounding her and she will still get bogged down. I don’t want it to happen, but this country is set up for nothing outside the main parties…and the main parties have become totally ossified and not ready to share power with outsiders. And they sure don’t care about citizens in general…

  17. I’m not certain where to place this comment, so I’ll just let it stand on its own. . .

    I had read about photo shops of the baby (Trig) but had not really seen anything (that I recalled). But I went to a former favorite snarky blog and there I saw a “humorous” photoshop of the baby as a cartoon character, and I just blew. I blasted away, and I’m most likely banned from the site. (but don’t plan to visit again anyway).

    It is despicable that the children – of anyone – are considered “fair game” as if this has no more impact than blowing your nose in a tissue.

    Where are the grown-ups?
    If the basement dwellers don’t come up for air and sunlight, (for anything besides the MJ memorial) we are doomed to repeat our most egregious errors.

    • Obviously the cretins never saw that great show with the Downs Syndrome actor (he was around 20 years old, if I recall.) It was a huge hit and he was a great inspiration….Patti Lupone starred in it…

      I had some personal experience with a couple of Down’s women, in their 20’s. They’d come to the foot doctor I was working at part-time. They lived in a home and traveled by bus. They were independent, intelligent and just like you and me, except for their health issues….(heart, I recall). They were living full lives and had friends and interests…

      SO THERE!!!!

  18. I am the mother of a special needs child. Mostly physical, mild mental retardation. And I swear to God I can hardly stand it when the REgressives start attacking Trig! I want to jump into the computer and start smackin’ people, seriously!! So I can’t imagine how Sarah and family deal with it. I’m pro-choice and I chose to adopt my special needs child. My daughter’s birth mother chose to give up her child, and Sarah chose to have and keep her child….that’s why they call it CHOICE.

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