Checking in with PEACHES! Much Better Than Geithner Getting Laughed At in China…

By InsightAnalytical-GRL

I’ve posted an update on my peach crop over at

Take a peek at the HUGE picture I have up of part of the delicious pickings.  Managed to get a few this year…in fact, the most ever!! Picked the last few today.  Congratulations to me for outwitting the squirrels and the bugs and many thanks to the universe for some rain and good temperatures!

This harvest makes me feel very happy and a nice change from worrying about my money being in the hands of  Timothy Geithner et al.  I wish I could laugh like those Chinese students did today!  Idiot Geithner…what made him want to go talk to students?  At least the Chinese leadership wouldn’t laugh outright in public.  Can’t believe the stock market went up so high today after the Geithner performance…

2 Responses

  1. How did you outwit squirrels? We are having a hard time here. I think the squirrels have told all their squirrelly friends that there are lots of free grub in our yard. We did an early crop of mustard greens, cabbage…kale…collards. For every 4 we planted..the squirrels ate 3. They are at the point where they don’t even run when I come the the yard. They just sit there in the raised garden beds and happily munch away.

  2. Well, in the case of peaches and grapes, I put brown paper bags over them (staple the tops).

    I use chicken wire around sections of the garden…next project, protect the eggplant and tomatoes. Am redoing the system I was using, so it’s taking some time. Right now I have the squash and zucchini plants protected, because they are eaten even if no fruit i on them!

    I also cover seedling and small plants with cheesecloth which helps keep off bugs and the squirrels don’t seem too interested. The cheesecloth also helps shade the plants.

    “My” squirrels peek at me as I throw leftover greens over the wall and they have come up on my patio. The dogs keep them at bay in the morning, but once they come in, the squirrels get more brazen. However, they will come over the wall near the veg garden which at the other end of the yard even when I’m there. I was face to face with one the other day!!

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