What’s Going on With This Blog?

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

UPDATE: August 6, 2010…Resurfacing for a bit…My beautiful betta Trooper passed away a couple of weeks ago after a vain attempt at curing whatever ailed him.  Probably old age…Rest in Peace, Trooper…Your beauty and grace lives with me…

Still learning about stocks…am totally immersed in this…With inflation that will eventually clobber us, must learn how to make money!

UPDATE: May 30, 2010 I’ve been extremely busy trying to learn how to analyze the stock market!  There’s simply been no time watch anything else very closely!

However, my sun oven is really fantastic and I wanted to share my experiences with it as the summer season…and all that sun…kicks in!

UPDATE: March 21, 2010  I’ve added a new link to Carolyn Kay’s great site Many Years Young.  You’ll find it under the Life/Health tab above!

UPDATE: October 28, 2009

I continue to be swamped but am trying to post interesting tidbits I find along the way as I try to salvage my economic future.  Don’t forget to check out the section of the blogroll that is full of useful links: Economic News/Analysis/Contrarian Blogs.

UPDATE: July 5, 2009

I’ve been posting a bit more recently and have added a new blog roll category: Economic News/Analysis/Contrarian Blogs

It’s slotted between the main blogroll and the Foreign Policy blogroll, so scroll down!!

Original Post

After a couple of weeks of being incredibly busy, it doesn’t seem my hectic schedule will let up in the near future, which I was hoping for.

Last weekend was the first time I missed a “Past Week” and didn’t update the “lifestyle” sister site, Open Range Ramblings.

Sometimes, you have to take a breather.

I have a list of great stories I want to write about and research to share, but I can’t do anything justice right now.  So, things will continue to be slow here for awhile.

However, InsightAnalytical is NOT closing down because there’s plenty of good research pieces in the archives on the economy, polling, and the Obama personality and list of friends. So, if you’re visiting for the first time, take a look around.

If you are a regular visitor, don’t give up the ship because I’m going to try to get something worthy of reading once a week, at least.  And if Grail Guardian, Kenosha  Marge, American Lassie, and Chicago Correspondent Leslie send anything my way, I’ll put it up pronto!  Frankly, I think we’re all rather “burned out” and there’s only so much you can do when a juggernaut is coming at you. You have to pick your fights to conserve your energy.

So, until things settle down here, things will be a bit slow. And forgive me if that promised “once a week” maybe doesn’t happen on cue…

Just remember, though, that the CAM WILL BE LIVE every day, although it may go on later that usual as I don’t get to the computer as early as I would like…



24 Responses

  1. Take a breather — you deserve a break.

    I’ll keep checking back — meanwhile my garden needs some work — and then I’d like to try my hand at dehydrating “stuff”.

    0zero will still be stupid — he’s a sleazy b@astard — sometimes we get top up on disgust.

    I’m glad I got to Chaco Canyon in NM — worth the trip and some of the mysteries of the “vanished” ancient ones have been solve in my mind, at least. That was my break from the crazy times we live in — what an isolated place to put a major building complex — Great Houses that were GREAT! from 900 AD to about 1150 AD. Think of the great leaders required for such an undertaking . . . and then the climate shifted . . . and they moved on.

    What happens to all the former Anthropology majors — we retire and at last have the time to visit the ruins of the Southwest!!

    New Mexico is an amazing place — vast oil fields, and vast archaeological ruins.

    • Hey, I minored in archaeo!

      • One of the rangers said that she is meeting lots of us anthro/archaeology major/minors — finally getting a chance to SEE what we studied in college.

        In the past there were many tyrants who demanded loyalty from their subjects — or death would result. That primitive tyrant gene is still loose in the gene pool — or is it just testosterone poisoning on steroids??

  2. I won’t give up the ship! I totally understand…. sometimes one needs a break.

    In fact, “time off” seems a bit of a PUMA theme this past week.

    I have been out thanking the PUMAs who are holding down the fort… for me, and others, who need a bit of a break to get summer up and running.

    • It is highly UNLIKELY that we will EVER forget and I sure as hell will NEVER forgive what happened ONE year ago today.

      0bots are the enemy — I like to simplify my life.

  3. GRL,

    No problem. We’ll be here.

  4. I hope you enjoy your break.

  5. I get a sense from 0bama and his bots of a frentic flailing that reeks of fear, desperation, insanity. Reminds me too much of the way “W” goverened. Just do something no matter how insane. Don’t allow the ramifications to sink in. Just keep everybody off balance.
    I have no hope whatsoever. But I can sure smell the change that is bearing down upon us. Poor us.

  6. Hang in there, ia. This, too, shall pass.

    There are only supposed to be twenty-four hours in a day. It sounds like you’re cramming twenty-six into yours.

    Do what you have to. We’ll keep an eye out for you.

    • Thanks, creeper!

      I do have something I’m going to post tomorrow! (not the research I’ve got stashed, but something indicative of the time…

  7. Hi GRL and gang,

    Since IA wanted a rest, I decided to catch up on some of my reading. I re-visited “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. This lady must have had a crystal ball. The similarities to what is happening today and the things she writes about in this book are astounding. I would recommend everyone read this book, and if it’s been a while since you first read it, by all means deive into it again. It is 1,168 pages of gut-grabbing reality.

    For some reason I’m still being routed through Washington, D.C. This has been going on for a while now, although I still live in the same town. Weird.

    IA, I have several good ideas, and will get back on board after everyone has had a good rest.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf9taKF-CCE This is a must see. obama in N.C. Yesterday.

  9. nm-grl,
    I totally understand what you said about salvaging your economic future; it seems that we now have a government dedicated to “making it more fair” the way it is in many countries where most people are equally terribly poor. The official class of government planners, government organizers, government administers have it all worked out: government pensions, government jobs, government health care, government education etc. etc.

  10. It’s government that’s been taken over by business interests and robbed by the same business interests!!! And it’s been going on for years!

    Government isn’t the problem, it’s the people who have taken over it….and Democrats have become too much like Republicans, the latter whom never had any respect for anything govt. has done to help people.

    Stiglitz was at the Commonwealth Club today and had an interesting observation: that basic research is done by the gov’t and brought to the market by business…so many things we take for granted started with gov’t…including the internet!

    So, gov’t. in the hands of people who aren’t transplants from industry or lobbied to death by industry CAN do some good things!

  11. It’s been a long time since I’ve had much to say, but I wanted to share Carol Marin’s column in today’s Chicago Suntimes.

    “National press gets a taste of crafty Obama “

    Carol has been one of the writer’s from the get-go to try to alert MSM of the relationships between Obama, his campaign, and the truth.
    Here are the last few paragraphs of this column:

    As the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz reported Friday, “The Justice Department’s decision to subpoena a New York Times reporter this week has convinced some press advocates that President Obama’s team is pursuing leaks to the press with the same fervor as the Bush administration.”

    James Risen is a Pulitzer Prize- winning reporter for the Times. He has refused to tell the government who his confidential sources were in writing his 2006 book, State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration.

    The subpoena was approved by Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder.

    Kurtz quotes Lucy Dalglish, the executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, who argues that the message the Obama administration is sending is, “‘You leak to the media, we will get you.'”

    Perhaps, over the soup course at the correspondents dinner this weekend, the national press corps will have gotten the folks from the White House to explain how exactly this squares with “Change We Can Believe In.”


  12. Thanks for the link, GRL!

    Carolyn Kay

  13. Be careful with the stock market. The stock market used to be slow but steady and you will finish ahead, now you have to know when to get in and when to get out to help spread around who gets screwed over.

    Residual income from the internet is 50 times LESS LIKELY if you don’t actually have a shingle from where you sell a product or service.

    An ideal way to make money is to not owe money to anyone. Have you forgiven Hillary Clinton yet?

    • Hey, I’m learning not to be a buy and holder…studying like crazy…technical analysis.
      I don’t owe anybody…Hillary? Frankly, I don’t give a hoot about any of them anymore…

  14. Hope you are careful about investing in the stock market. My sister thought she knew everything. Had been successful for years. She lost $50,000.

  15. Sorry to hear about Trooper. XOXOXO

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