While Obama Blows Off Women’s Freedom as He Celebrates His First 100 Days, the Saudis He Bows to Clamp Down on Women Even More (UPDATE 1X – Souter Leaving Supreme Court)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

What, with Sharia Law creeping into our Treasury Department, Pakistani women trying to fend off the encroaching Taliban, etc. etc., it’s so good to hear that The One is so clear on the status of women when it comes to  freedom.  Go on over to Not Your Sweetie’s great post for some choice comments about  Obama’s little lecture about morality and ethics ad how the Freedom of Choice Act isn’t a big priority for the Ego-in- Chief:

Freedom of Choice Act – not a priority, and not “freedom” either

While women here in the U.S. bask in our knowledge The One thinks our reproductive decisions should be run past “our clergy”,  let’s see how that works in places like Saudi Arabia.

Here’s the latest indignity to consider:

Saudis clamp down on women’s gyms


Women’s gyms have become popular in the ultra-conservative Muslim country where the sexes are heavily segregated.

But only clubs linked to medical groups can get licenses and others will be closed, the Arab News newspaper said.

Saudi women were reported to have launched an online campaign in protest called Let Her Get Fat.

Government departments are not allowed to issue licenses for commercial gyms and sports clubs for women, unlike facilities for men, the newspaper reported.

No more hiding gyms behind the doors of beauty salons…

Amazingly, some very courageous woman fighting back:

A group of women launched an internet campaign in protest against the move, saying facilities linked to medical clinics were too expensive, and their health would suffer as a result of the closures.

Woman are so precious in Saudi Arabia that they really MUST go to gyms linked to medical clinics.  The reasoning behind this must be surveillance, right?

As the article concludes:

Women in Saudi Arabia are banned from driving, must wear a head-to-toe cloak when out in public and must obtain permission from a male relative to work, travel, study or marry.

And the Guardian reports that the clergy, of course, consider gyms for women “shameless.”

As a trade-off there’s been talk of letting women vote, but with the half-brother of King Abdullah looking strong as a possible successor, this sop doesn’t offer much solace.  After all, Prince Nayef, who acts as interior minister, said “the kingdom had no need of either women MPs or elections” just last month.

So now, many Saudi women won’t be able to the gym.

Meanwhile, the “President” who bows to the Saudi leader tells us that FOCA isn’t a priority.

I would like to use a string of profanity at this point, but it’s not good for my blood pressure.

By the way, thank goodness I can still go to the gym and work off the stresses of putting up with the insufferable Obama crowd…


With the news that David Souter is retiring from the Supeme Court, do you trust an Obama appointment?? This is the guy who wanted to vote to confirm John Roberts, but didn’t because of political expediency…

Obama could halt a lot of this “interpretation of the Constitution” stuff by pushing for FOCA and getting the court out of the “privacy” issue…but he continues to dance around. His “one hand giveth and the other taketh away” approach to women seems to leave women on the short end as we’re used for bargaining chips.  Well, he’s a misogynist, so why is that surprising?

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  1. Maybe NOW Ms Magazine would like to print another cover of Obama with a tee shirt that says “This is NOT what a Feminist Looks Like”. Hmm? Maybe? Ya Think?

    Nah, I don’t think so. Because all those clueless, mindless,females that were so enamoured of the great and mighty Obama won’t admit that they, in their little adolescent crush on some man have subjected the rest of our gender to his suppression of women and their rights.

    Suppression? To me it has long been a mantra that if you ain’t part of the solution you are part of the problem. Plus Obama’s obvious misogyny was apparent to many of us nearly from the gitgo. Now, all we can do is say “I Told You So” to all the dimwitted members of our gender that voted for him. And it ain’t enough. It ain’t nearly enough.

  2. Wait until the Obot crowd sees who Obama picks for the next Supreme Court judge. You can bet your boots he’ll be conservative and that it will be a HE. If he appoints a pro-lifer, it just may be the thing to get that kool-aid crowd to wake up out of their stupor. That’s all I heard from them, they didn’t care about Obama’s lies and broken promises, it was all about his choice for Supreme Court.

  3. Marge,

    You give the obottes too much credit. They will not even see this as a problem. After all, it’s not here, it’s in Saudi Arabia. Obowma hasn’t done anything wrong in their “minds”. I fully expect MS. to run another cover story calling Obowma the best thing since the chastity belt for women. They are tools.

    Mary Ellen,

    Logistics Monster thinks it will be a woman appointee. (I’m even thinking with the way things have been going that it could be Hillary Clinton.) It will just be a woman that fawns over Obowma and does his bidding. The best way to derail us is to promote stupid, unqualified women and then say, “See? We told you women can’t handle the job!” It’s a tactic that corporate America has used for years (on both women and minorities). It may even be, in the long run after he completely screws this country to death, the way TPTB keep from ever having another black President (or whatever they will be calling their Tool in Chief by then).

  4. We need the FOCA passed!! The Court is so tainted now…Ginsburg and Souter the best of the lot. Souter gone, Ginsburg will go…plenty of room to screw up. Picking a woman is not the answer if she plays the game like Obama does…

    If NOW were really for women, they’d be screaming about getting FOCA to the top of the agenda…maybe he’ll pick a NOW lawyer for the Court to keep women quiet…

  5. This is very upsetting news. I do not even know how to respond.

    • What’s even more upsetting is that so few younger women even get what’s going on…

      • Yes, the drooling female 0bots — they don’t have a clue.

        I call them the enemy — especially the women driving cars with the 0bowma bumper stickers.

        There is NOT deep support for 0bowma in a huge segment of the US — judging from how few 0bowma stickers we saw in over 8,000 miles — even in the 0bowma belt. All were in Urban areas — NONE in rural areas of the country. (No more than 12 bumper 0bowma stickers, about 6 McCain/Palin stickers & a couple of Hillary stickers) THAT was it!

        For awhile there I thought that 0bowma was putting up billboards in Arizona — gloating. UNTIL I figured out that these were Pepsi billboards. The Pepsi logo is nearly identical to the 0bowma logo. Slick marketing — not.

        As bad as things are for women here in the US — they are worse in other countries. One of the hallmarks of the conservative religions is their obsessive drive to control/dominate women.

        Ironically it is women who are generally more religious, more devote than men. This research is very old — but it has held up for several generations. Mostly men do the preaching — and it is women who do the believing in the religion. (Women devotion to religion is intrinsic where as the majority of males who dominate the world religions then to be extrinsic or they wear their religion like a coat — ready to take it off when it becomes too confining.)

  6. NW Rain…interesting about women and believing…
    Must go back to the days of Gaia and the Mother Goddess and being so linked to the source of life…

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