The Financial Filter: How CNBC Handles Howard Dean vs. Susan Boyle

~~By  InsightAnalytical-GRL

Lately, I’ve been testing my mettle by actually tuning into CNBC occasionally. We don’t have FOX Business here, but you get enough of their angle on the regular FOX shows featuring Neil Cavuto and the weekend financial panels.

Yesterday, I caught Howard Dean just around the Noon hour ET (on Power Lunch), slugging it out with that panel they have which features Larry Kudlow among others.  I was wondering what Dean was doing on there following the latest Geithner comments, but perhaps he’s getting warmed up to defend the upcoming healthcare “reform” that will be vomited out of the Congress and Obamaville soon.

Anyway, Kudlow was yelling again about “why can’t the markets be allowed to correct themselves” to which Dean retorted in perfect Obot fashion “Look what the markets did to the American people!” (sic).

Well, I waited for the comeback…I waited to hear one of these panel people, including Kudlow, respond snappily with how Congress, particularly Democratic members, failed to provide oversight over the housing mortgage debacle, which seems to have precipitated much of the mess we’re in.


But, as I thought about it, I figured that’s exactly what I was expected to hear. The GE family of companies that “bring good things to life” don’t consider history and full debate healthy for the 5th-grade level critical skills level of the American viewer. Kudlow is probably under orders “not to go there,” so he doesn’t go there. He’s loud and passionate about “the markets” but he pulled up short with Dean.

But that’s the way it is now. The media is in a permanent state of coitus interruptus when in it comes to discussing financial matters…or most political news. Especially since the Obama folks are so cozy with GE…

Sue Herera and Bill Griffeth, still at it after all these years,  are stuck in the middle of all this.  They’ll get a couple of people on and ask some serious questions, but the upcoming segments which follow always involve some provocative pugilism.  After listening to the Dean segment, which included another guest plus Dean and the four CNBC panelists,  I felt whiplashed, not informed. Mission accomplished!

After 3 PM, we get a lot more sober discussion for a brief time as The Closing Bell airs and things settle down.   Gone is the screaming on the panels and the minute-by-minute, breathless spewing that sounds like the coverage of a sporting event while the market gyrates. Maria Bartiromo anchors and does interviews and the discussions are less hysterical. Today, I caught a young guy from the NY Times and a few experienced hands getting down to the real problems with the financial sector…including the one-time things done this quarter courtesy government largesse that won’t be around to play with over the next few quarters when the rubber meets the road.

Yeah, but then it’s over as we get Fast Money then Jim Cramer’s Mad Money to liven the pace for evening prime time with their gameshow approach to finance and to appeal to the young dreamers who want to get rich quick and don’t have a clue. And then Kudlow returns.

In a comment to yesterday’s post, Lee M. had a musing which captures the zeitgeist of CNBC these days, too…I’ve done some word substitutions where appropriate:

…the cretins over at MSNBC CNBC, having crossed the Rubicon, have no where else to go.

They know that those of us who value our Constitution [journalistic integrity] have written them off, so they keep pitching their wares to the far left and the Obots because without them they would have no audience at all.

Like Julius Caesar before them, the die is cast, and they can’t go back. So they will continue their vile jokes [obvious bias and omissions] that would have gotten anyone else censored [fired] before this. They are tolerated because that is the way TPTB want it for now.

So Howard Dean is treated with kid gloves, the facts be damned!

Oh, but the folks at CNBC certainly DO have somewhere to go, if I may quibble a bit with that first line of the above comment. Where? Well, let’s visit the CNBC website where yesterday afternoon I found somebody dragging Susan Boyle along in a “humor” piece that ties the global economy to her performance…with an odd mixture of  admiration (?) and the requisite mockery (of course).  How appropriate…the taunts begin the day after I write about “Smeargate” in the UK and the level of “discourse”  we have here in the U.S.:

1:49 PM ET

As she concluded the song and the crowd jumped to its feet cheering, Susan Boyle blew a kiss. A kiss that, like the butterfly that flapped its wings, set in motion a flutter of dollars, pounds, euros and yen that will get this global economy humming again.

Will YouTube Sensation Susan Boyle Save the Global Economy?
Posted By:Cindy Perman

As the world grapples with headlines about troubled loans at Bank of America [BAC 8.76 +  0.74 (+9.23%)
and pirates wreaking havoc on the high seas, a lone dove has emerged to save the global economy.

Boyle rolls her unknown-to-man hips.

Teenage girls roll their eyes. (Yeah, we saw you, eye-rolling girl at 1:24)

Susan Boyle has given people a reason to hope.

A reason to look up from their flaming 401(k) statements.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by

A reason to walk over to their computer and log on to

When hope was high

A reason to buy Kleenex in bulk at Costco. [COST 46.48 + 2.14 (+4.83%) ]

And life worth living

A reason to go to [AMZN 78.75 + 1.18 (+1.52%) ]

I dreamed that love would never die—


I dreamed that God would be forgiving

A reason to watch the made-for-TV movie about her on Lifetime and expose themselves to millions of dollars in advertising. [DIS 19.47 + 0.06 (+0.31%) ]

Do you get the feeling that someone RESENTS the fact that Susan Boyle wasn’t manufactured by the entertainment industry and the mass media, but simply appeared and touched people’s souls without a filter? If the “money machine” were cranking up for one of their fake creations, would you get the slights and mockery that we see directed at Susan Boyle in this piece? Or the cheapening of a great performance (and a pretty darned good song, too) ? The vultures find it so distasteful that the the plebes responded spontaneously even though the entertainment biz types will be trying to make money off  her until the well runs dry?  Personally, I hope she makes a bundle on her own terms and then walks away…before we start getting the “whispers” about her single life that will probably be started up to shove her aside for some plastic doll that can be marketed and controlled for public consumption… Like, what? She doesn’t deserve to make any money off her REAL talent??  Mark my words, Simon Cowell will look like a compassionate saint compared to what could come down further along this road…

Yes, just like the filtering of political and financial news, we have to get a filter in place for Susan Boyle so the public can be redirected to enable the opinion/money makers can move onto creating a fab NEW item for which they can take full credit and reward themselves with extra executive compensation bonuses.  Maybe TPTB can recycle the filters they used with Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and a “feeble” John McCain as they deal with Susan Boyle.

Heart seems to have a short shelf-life these days…

12 Responses

  1. I am sure someone will find a way to exploit Susan Boyle. She is a “marketable phenomena” right now and they means money in someone’s pocket. Not necessarily hers.

    The meanspited words you showed above is typical of the world in which we live. Mean-spirited people have always been among us. Most of us try to ignore them whenever and wherever we are subjected to their nasty little souls and mouths.

    Now, however, they have a voice and like-minded, small souls can enjoy the sadistic words they crave. And if they get to demean a woman so much the better. Acting like the mean girls in high school is about as enlightened as this bunch gets. Disgusting little twits.

  2. FROM Lee M.–

    IA, it would be a travesty if they tried to revamp Susan Boyle. She is perfect just as she is. If she allowed them to give her a make-over it would spoil the magic that she brought to us. Please, let us keep one thing clean and fresh amidst all the filth and scum that is out there. I think Simon Cowell is smart enough to know that her attraction as a money maker is just to leave her as is and be satisfied with that.

    I, too, hope she makes a bundle and can enjoy her lovely life there in Scotland without too much change. Susan Boyle has given a lot of women new hope that life CAN begin at 40. (or 47)

  3. I’ve seen two different pieces attacking Boyle. I loved that moment, and have watched it a few times. One piece from a non-singer blogger in Gt. Britain claimed she “isn’t even that great of a singer.” Just that day I listened as Patti Lupone called Susan on The Early Show to say she wept when she heard her sing the song she had introduced on Broadway and the West End. She explained that it is a very difficult song to sing, and Susan did it proud.

    The other article I read believes the whole thing is a premeditated marketing production by the evil Simon Cowell.

    Isn’t it sad that something so unadulterated cannot just exist as it is, and be enjoyed, before the sharks circle? We’ve become quite a cynical world, haven’t we?

  4. Don’t know about the Cowell stuff. If you see the full tape, you can see he looked a little “down” at the very end after being basically told off by Amanda Holden.

    I’m sure he wants to make a buck, but there may be other media forces behind the attacks already starting, as I opined about in the post. I may be totally off-base, but it’s just a thought I had…I’m very cynical these days!!~

    • You’re not kidding! When I started reading this, I had to scroll back up to check the byline; I thought I was reading Kenosha Marge for a few grafs! 8)

      The MSM types will surely think if you can’t mass market Ms. Boyle that she is this year’s Pet Rock. I hope she proves them wrong and remains in the spotlight for years to come – not just to piss “them” off, but to give the rest of use real hope.

  5. OH, now there’s a 12-year-old doing an imitation of “soul-singing”…a pint-size wailer.

    Of course, he’ll win because he’s 1) younger and 2) singing the sort of crap that passes for music these days…

    No question that Susan B. has the REAL soul and passion…the kid already sounds contrived as hell!!

  6. Was disgusted that Friends@ FoxNews morning show….wanted people to vote on whether Susan should get a make-over. PATHETIC!!!!

    • That’s funny because the Comcast News fan announced last night that she HAD a makeover…some clip from one of the E stations….
      Poor woman probably wearing the same leather jacket she’s had for ages…and her hair was blowing back…

      Yup, she had a complete makeover already!!~

      What ASSES!!! They should learn how to save their money and read a little…the idiot box is just that…

  7. I hope Susan wins. She is a once in a lifetime find, while this 12 year old kid can be found anywhere these days where they count caterwalling as music.

    Even my cat thinks she can sing when you turn on a rendition of agony and wailing set to so-called music. Let’s bring a little more REAL music to the forefront.

    • My Slicker is an excellent yodeler!!!!

      All three also do a great imitation of the Anvil Chorus when a siren goes off…

  8. Maybe Susan Boyle should try her hand at fixing the economic crisis……she could not be any worse than those in charge…and she has a lovely singing voice.

  9. I liked Susan even before she started singing. When Simon was asking her those questions, & well, being Simon, & she didn’t even try to flirt with him like the other girls do. She just gave him straight up common sense answers, & he kept getting snootier & snootier, & I’m thinking, there’s no way this video would be all over the net unless she’s getting ready to punk him but good. And she did. She reduced him to grinning like a jackass on his own show. LUVVED IT!!
    And like you said IA, the singing was great!! 🙂

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