Report From the Rochester, NY Tea Party (With Pics)–April 15, 2009

~~By Grail Guardian

Rochester, NY Tea Party April 15,2009

The attendees assembled at 11:00 am in Genesee Crossroads Park. They were orderly, peaceful, and diverse.


The crowd begins to gather for the rally


The numbers begin to swell. The local paper first reported 200 attendees, but it was probably closer to 500.


The sign reads “I’m only 7 and I have more common sense than CONGRESS. Just ask my Dad”


The best type of pitchforks and torches! It was a peace-loving crowd of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.



Members of We Surround Rochester, the group that organized the Tea Party


The procession starts across the bridge over the Genesee River


Lead by bagpipes &  followed by flag bearers


Young and old alike gathered


The swelling crow remained courteous during speeches and songs. They got rather excited about NY Senator Charles Schumer (who said the people don’t care about how their money is spent) and chanted “Let’s chuck Chuck!”


Robbing from our children was a common concern and all agreed term limits are needed now. Songs ranged from the National Anthem to God Bless America and even Amazing Grace


The march along the river towards the County offices and City Hall


More speeches, but no politicians came out. Cars passing by on Main St. honked horns in support, and there were chants of “No More!” and “Vote them all out!” Members of the Rochester Police Dept. looked on, but had little to do other than stop traffic for the crowd crossing the streets and make sure everyone was safely on the sidewalk. The only mess I saw after the rally was left by one of the horses from the mounted patrol.


My sign in front of City Hall. A quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

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  1. Grail, thank you so much for this “On the Scene” report. Seems it takes ordinary people to tell the truth these days since most of MSM is determined to support those that steal our money and our future.

    I watched much of the Tea Parties on FOX last night as they were the only ones that seemed willing to report honestly. Granted they are trying to horn in on the whole phenomena but at least they kept saying that it was not partisan. And they kept saying just as you do that the crowds were made up of orderly people that were Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

    Not that other news sources were honest enough to do that.Some female twit on CNN got very confrontational with some poor guy with his son sitting on his shoulders and then was dismissive of the whole idea to end her “piece”.

    Just goes to show how skewed the media has become. It it ain’t faux-gressives protesting it’s just wack-jobs and wingers.

    And to my jaw-dropping amazement it is only FOX that is doing an honest job of reporting. I even found myself agreeing with Laura Ingraham when she said, “Republicans in Congress had better be listening”.

    Thanks again for the images and the report. You rock!

  2. What a wonderful post and the pics are amazing! Of course, the MSM wants to make it look like the protesters were an unruly crowd who aren’t worthy to voice their opinions in public. What has boggled my mind is the news media who object to these protests and on the other hand cherish their freedom of speech on the air waves.

  3. Thanks Grail, the pics show that this is a serious and well thought out protest. All across the nation hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, people turned out to protest the spending and crass disregard for the people’s wishes. Even in the rain in Washington, D.C. there was a huge crowd.

    In Maryland alone there were five different huge groups in five different areas that I know of. In Annapolis, at the state capitol, we were rained on also but it didn’t dampen the spirits of those of us who were determined to let the present occupant of the White House know how we felt. I’m sure we got through to him although Robert Gibbs said the man at the helm wasn’t even aware of what was going on. (Perhaps he was too deep in doggie doo-doo.)

    According to reports, in Sacramento there were overr 4,000 people in attendance. Did he not notice that?

    We need to keep the momentum going, and keep in touch with those that we met at these protests. Many names and addresses were exchanged and TPTB haven’t heard the last of us.

  4. Thanks Grail. The photos are wonderful and I can only reiterate what has been written here. I supported the demonstrations, and would have been at the Chicago demo if I hadn’t had patients to see yesterday. (I even thought about taking an hour, but rethought it when I realized that if it did get nasty, I could lose my job by leaving for a “political issue”. Honest, it’s in the rulez here.)

    I saw a video of the CNN “report” (harrassment) on NoQuarter yesterday. I sent an email to CNN right away. It was ugly. I did take a peek at the FoxNews station last night and was surprised at the difference in coverage and the seemingly respectful (compared to CNN) approach to reporting on it.

    I am so proud to be an American today!

  5. FOX is trying to jump on the Tea Party Band Wagon although I suspect that some, In lots of places Republicans tried to get on the band wagon and were told no. I love that. That surely tells me that these are people after my own heart.

    Neil Cavuto for one has been all over the spendthrift ways of our out of control government spending. To give him credit Cavuto has been yelling about that for years and was all over the Republicans and Bush too.

    I think Glen Beck, who I think it a nutcake, is actually sincere in his fear of big government. But then I also fear it. Guess I’m a nutcake too.

  6. i remember some one saying..a government big enough to give you everything,is big enough to take it away..
    and boy!! are they taking it away..

  7. Thanks for that quote foxyladi14.

    I keep hearing about banks and businesses that those to big to fail are too big to exist. A sentiment I might add with which I agree whole heartesly.

    But I had not hearf “A government big enough to give you everything, is big enough to take it away…” I couldn’t agree more. Too bad those who forever are looking for a free ride don’t see that. I believe in a helping hand. I do not and never will believe in hand outs. There are always strings attached. Especially from governments.

  8. […] Here’s another Rochester report from Insight Analytical! […]

  9. Just like the Alice in wonderland Tea Party, a sorry collection of loonies, who seem to be enslaved to Faux News. A weak attempt to try and derail the popularity of our President while he tries to heal a divided country suffering from 8 years without leadership. Even if you take the exaggerated number 500 attendees, it is less that 1/4 of 1% of Rochester’s population. There are probably 100 alcoholic street people in downtown Rochester on any given day, so this represents a minute “fringe’ group of people, and after weeks of promotion on radio and television by the Corporate news poster boys. These “protesters” seem to be upset that Obama wants to increase the taxes on those earning over $250,000 per year and give every social security recipient an extra $250. Talk about shooting yourself in the pocketbook.

  10. That was a great tea party there. That would be much more fun with Party Bands.

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