Saturday Sanity: The Antidote to the Madness (April 4, 2009) Spring Winds; Squirrel Wars; Bees Invade Feeder; Wounded Butterfly; Sunrise Over the Organs; Slick Lounges Around

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

It’s been a tough week for the garden in some ways.  The spring winds have arrived so I’ve had to put wind barriers up around the raised beds. I’m using the sunshade for this, because it’s bright and I don’t want my plants to dry/fry!!!  The temperatures are still in the 40’s overnight so with the winds coming through, although they weaken overnight, I don’t want too much of a temperature shock.

Still have some of the plants saved for the pots…a couple of peppers, an eggplant, and a couple of tomatoes…but I’m keeping them inside overnight. I bought some annuals…zinnias, petunias, a new geranium and an interesting spirally plant called “Rush.”  But these are all sitting safely under protection for now…

The squirrel wars have started. They’ve been gnawing at the cactus in the far corner of the yard and nibbling at the eggplant and lettuce. I’ve got tons of peaches on the tree in the warm corner and I’ll have to “bag” the fruit soon or else the squirrels will be busy there too as soon as they start smelling something sweet.

The hummingbird is coming all the time now…until today. The feeder was full of swarming bees!  This happens every year and I think these may be Africanized bees. So, the hummer and I will back off until they go.

A few days ago I spotted this butterfly on the ground. I picked it up and placed it in the Texas Ranger.  The poor thing obviously had some problems with its wings. A short while later it had gone…

Wounded butterfly

Wounded butterfly

This past Thursday I had an early morning blood test.  The Healthplex branch of one of the hospitals is near our house and has stunning views of the Organ Mountains.  And being up so early, I knew I could catch the sunrise….


As I write this, I’m just back from a rendezvous with Animal Control. This morning I was walking Slick and Toro in the arroyo and suddenly spotted a golden lab (?) who had obviously recently given birth. I thought I had seen this dog barking from behind a wall on the far side of the arroyo. We left in a hurry and I figured she could easily jump back over the wall and get home.

At 8:30 PM as I as out with Slick and Toro again for their last walk, I thought I saw the dog near the path into the arroyo. It seemed to go back down into the arroyo.  I immediately call Animal Control and I took the officer down to the path and pointed out the house I thought the dog came from. We scanned around with a flashlight but didn’t see anything moving.  The officer was going to stop by the couple of houses where she could have come from to find out more from the owners.  I sure hope this all turns out OK, because if there are puppies involved, I’d hate to have the mother wandering lost for days or sitting in the shelter.  It’s expensive to get dogs back these days and I wouldn’t want her to be left there and the puppies orphaned.

This sort of thing always makes me go and give mine a hug…I’m not bragging, but they have a really good life…because they run mine!!

Slick lounging, safe and sound

Slick lounging, safe and sound

Let’s hope next week bring less wind so I can finish planting…and that the lost dog is found.

12 Responses

  1. Grrl, your concern for a wounded butterfly and a lost dog once again renews that part of me that knows that basically most people are good and kind and caring. Thank you once again for the sanity you bring to our Saturdays.

    Not to mention the beautiful Sunrise photo. That alone renews my day. I’m an early bird love beautiful sunrises.

    Our garden is still cold, wet, and not ready for springtime. But I am. Oh I really, really am!

  2. We have a different version of your squirrel wars where I work. The building has a reflective coating on the windows and every year we have birds that can’t tell the difference between the real world and the reflections. We put feeders up to try to discourage it, but there is always the dreaded thud of some poor robin or finch that has tried to keep going once reality meets safety glass.

    This year we have a rather feisty male cardinal that doesn’t fly into the windows, but rather thinks that he sees another male in his territory and comes at the glass somewhat more slowly with his beak and tries to fight the other bird he sees. The good news is that he does it slowly enough not to hurt himself, and his obsession with defending his turf seems to be keeping the other birds from flying into it . That occasionally results in a somewhat serious injury to our avian friends. Last year we had an absolutely gorgeous Baltimore Oriole that kept bashing his head into the windows at rather high speed until we suddenly never saw him again after a particularly brutal incident. Hopefully the Redbird’s shenanigans will prevent another such disaster this spring.

    • Every once in awhile we hear a loud thud on our kitchen window. We take the sunscreen down in the winter and the birds can see my plants….and thud! I think it’s usually a white dove…

      As for that cardinal…he sounds like a betta fish! Once a day I leave a mirror at the side of the tank so Trooper can “flare”…as if he’s getting ready to fight another fish!!!

      By the way, I’ve had cardinal here on and off lately…but ours are gray with reddish crests—not as colorful as the reds back East! The females are even duller…

      I thought I heard oriole calls last week, but nothing recently…

  3. I agree with the above by Marge that we are thankful for your Sanity Saturdays. This little respite is needed and thanks to you we get it.

    Your love of plants and animals is a wonderful thing, IA, and it is refreshng to know someone who cares so much. Thank you.

    OT, And you will probably kick me for introducing the ugly into this beautiful post, but in case you guys don’t already know this, here goes.

    In my inbox this morning I received the update from No Quarter and I am repeating a portion of the post. You must go to No Quarter and read the whole thing, and then start opposing this obscene maneuver.

    “The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (PDF) – a bill introduced by John D. Rockefeller D-W.Va., and Olympia Snowe R-Maine to establish the “Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor” – an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control internet traffic”

    If I’m reading this information from NQ correctly this bill would give the executive absolute power to monitor and curtail all activity on the internet in the name of National Security. Sound familiar? It gives them the right to enter our computers and seize all data.

    Please go to NQ and read the whole thing and tell me I’m wrong. I don’t think so.

    What’s up with Olympia Snowe? Has somene indoctrinated her completely? I hope her constituents in Maine know about this.

    • Is this related to the bill that was defeated last year? The one that had “tiers” of service, etc. etc.

      • You may be right, there is mention of “Cyber Stragetic Inquiry” 2008 in the draft of this bill which can be read at :

        Click to access CYBERSEC4.pdf

        BTW – Remember the newly created Technology Office that Obama said was a must for his administration?

        And the person he appointed to head this department is on suspension pending outcome of an investigation by the FBI of his former office, the D.C. Office of Chief Technology. Two people have been arrested following this investigation, but so far Vivek Kundra, our head of Obama’s technology office is not named as suspect, although his former office has been thoroughly searched and files taken.

        Now we know why Obama felt that he needed an Office of Technology. These plans were already in the works and he only had to nudge two of his ass kissers to introduce a bill giving him all the authority he needed to implement them.

        “There’s nothing new under the sun”

        “We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect.” – Henry David Thoreau.

  4. P.S. If Obama has already created an “Office of Technology” I wonder why the necessity of also creating an “Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor” as per Rockefeller and Snowe? Answer – much more power if it passed as a lqw by congress.

  5. if he has his way.we will all be kicked off the internet..

    • That is exactly what he wants. I’ve been warning about this since last year, and they’ll accomplish it by forcing the new monitored “Internet 2” down our throats. Once they do, every click and keystroke will be monitored and recorded for use against you. Fight this one tooth and nail, folks!

  6. The winds. Oi. I went to Juarez recently and zipped through your town. The only thing I recognized was the exit to the mall.

    FYI–I bought a jujube tree to replace the nectarine tree that died. It tolerates poor soil, low water, and extreme temperatures. It also resists borers. The fruit allegedly tastes like a cross between an apple and a date. Not sure if I’ll get any fruit this year.

    • Did you get it in Juarez??

      • No, I got the tree in ABQ, from “The Fig Man”–a gentleman who cultivates fig trees and Chinese date (jujube) trees. Apparently there was a government-sponsored effort to start jujube planting in the Texas panhandle. The trees did great, but people did not see the fruit as food, so jujube is not part of this country’s food basket in the way the apples or oranges are. Or so I understand.

        I went to Juarez to help at a children’s home.

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