Non-Stop Campaigning Here in NM-CD2 By Bill Richardson’s Hand-Picked Freshman Rep Harry Teague, Who’s Splitting His Votes Pro/Con on Obama Policies

~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

So, what’s your representative up to lately? Old buddy here in New Mexico CD-2, freshman representative Harry Teague, is in touch…a lot.

Last week I got another phone call about a meeting…this is the third event since he went to D.C. in January.

Today, I got a flyer…a big, glossy campaign flyer.  I’m wondering if all new Democratic reps are carrying on this continuous campaign.

The flyer is a 4 pager and features Teague’s “independent” thinking.  He voted for the stimulus package in February, but voted against the release of  “an additional $350 billion in bailout money for Wall Street.”  And he “lead the successful effort to stop a automatic 2010 pay raise for members of Congress. The latter two votes occurred in March.

You have to remember that CD-2 is a “conservative” district. That’s why Bill Richardson hand-picked Teague to run here.  He has many “Republican-lite” things in his business and local political career.  He’s owned an oil services business and was very popular with Republicans in Lea Country where he served as the top board chairman of the Lea County Board of Commisioners.

So here he is “splitting the difference” to appeal to both the Obama/Democratic crowd and the conservative Republicans here.

Around the time of the stimulus package debate in February, ads were running on the radio against Teague.  Looks like the Obama crowd is trying to “re-create Teague with the March votes against a couple of other Obama initiatives.

So, has anybody else been getting this sort of material in the mail or the invitations to meet their rep on a regular basis?

Here are the inside pages of the flyer with the blurbs about the “split” votes.

First the “stimulus” vote:

The stimulus vote...

The stimulus vote...

Then, the “anti” votes…

The "anti" votes...

The "anti" votes...

The last page of the flyer is all about “staying in touch.”  There’s the 888 number for The Harry Helpline,” an invitation to sign up for “Harry in Your Hometown Updates” and a list of his office…one in D.C. and 5 in the district.

Looks like there’s a full-court press here to keep Teague around for awhile…


More on Harry Teague, his Republican ties, and the machinations of Bill Richardson:

“Harry T. and the Chamber of Secrets” co-starring Oil and Republicans–Screenplay by Bill Richardson [Subtitle: The Behind-the-Scenes Adventures of Bill R., Harry Teague and the NM CD-02 Democratic Primary] (April 29, 2008)

DCCC Money Now in NM-CD2 for Richardson’s Guy HarryTeague…Where Were They When the Progressive Ran Last Time?? (The One Who Got 40% of the Vote, Then Was Shoved out of the Dem Primary the Race in 2008?) (June 22, 2008)

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  1. Not a peep out of my newbie Eric Massa. Got elected and that’s the last I heard from him (I was getting massive volumes of campaign flyers from him when he was running). I even sent him an e-mail after TARP telling him how disappointed I was in him, and got no response (not even the generic acknowledgment I get from Chuck Schumer and used to get from Hillary). So I began to wonder what was up with that, and visited his website. Here’s his latest update:

    Congressman Massa votes for FY 2010 Budget to Strengthen our Economy 04/02/09

    WASHINGTON, DC ¬¬- Today, Congressman Massa voted in favor of a budget that serves as a long term economic plan that will get our economy working again and put us on a path towards renewed prosperity. Rep. Massa had previously expressed reservations about supporting the budget because of a plan to limit direct assistance to farms that earn $500,000 in gross sales, however by working with the Obama Administration, Rep. Massa was able to eliminate this provision. By utilizing several lines of communication with the White House, including a face to face conversation with President Obama, Rep. Massa was successful in pulling this proposal from the budget.

    Rep. Massa Announces 29th Congressional District Schools will receive over $36.7 Million in Stimulus Funding

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Eric Massa announced today that $36.7 million in emergency education funding has been released for schools in the 29th Congressional District to help save education-related jobs and maintain programs for low-income students and students with disabilities. Specifically, 29th district schools will receive $11,302,950 in Title I funds and $25,437,000 in IDEA funds immediately

    Guess that was a wasted vote.

    • That sounds pretty much like the same format as the flyer except we don’t have farm money emphasized. We have the school number ($67million)…

      It’s all the same crap coming from the same machine!

      • It smells just as bad as your guy’s crap, too GRL. Massa has been a perpetual candidate in our area for years campaigning against a real sleazeball Republican, and getting defeated year after year. This time he finally won with his promises of change, and I don’t see the slightest bit of difference between him and Randy Kuhl. None of these bastages are even slightly interested in what their constituents want. They just want to get re-elected.

        So I say let’s start telling them what they need to do to be re-elected. Anybody seen the bill from Ron Paul looking for an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank? Let’s all contact our slimeballs thieves non-representative representatives and demand thay vote for it! The bill is HR 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act, and it calls for an audit by 2010. If the Obama administration is supposed to be so transparent, why should they mind? We can even say we think it’s a left over from Bush if that makes it gain public support.

        Talk it up with your families and friends!

  2. I keep getting emails from the DCCC. Boasting about their latest win in congress. How do they thnk they could not win with all of them sucking up to Obama the way they are? Each email stating that they couldn’t have done it without me and asking for a donation.

    I can’t begin to tell you how furious this makes me. They turn a deaf ear to the fact that I am no longer a Democrat and don’t want their slimy emails. Insteading of deleting the next one I’ m going to mark it unsafe and that way they will be screened out, I hope.

    I haven’t actually had any local representation for a long time and I will spend my time trying to defeat all three of my “elected representatives” in 2010. In fact, I’ve already started.

    VOTE THE BUMS OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. No mailer from Heinrich (I never remember if I’m in CD-1 or CD-3–but ABQ metro) to date. He was on TV the other day. Don’t remember about what. Maybe the digital TV switch, not sure.

    • The ABQ Journal had a big thing on him living in his little house….a real puff piece!

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