Iowa Gone Wild With Nazi Reference at Public Hearing (Listen to the Audio) as New Yorkers in CD-20 Test Obama’s Popularity

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

It’s not just about “Tea Parties” anymore…

Things are starting to get wild…in IOWA, of all places. But, actually, it’s pretty ironic. After all, this is where Obama began playing games with the Democratic primary system, by delivering people to the caucuses across the Iowa-Illinois state line.

So, here we see some people in Iowa starting to getting unruly at public hearings.  From the DesMoines Register:

BREAKING NEWS: Hundreds of Iowans thrown out of public hearing

By JASON CLAYWORTH • • March 31, 2009

More than 500 people who are upset with a plan to change Iowa’s tax laws were cleared from a hearing tonight at the Iowa House after they interrupted multiple times.

House Speaker Pat Murphy, D-Dubuque, cleared the crowd at about 8:30 p.m. The decision brought about loud protests as the crowd was escorted from the chambers by Iowa State Patrol officers.

“This is the most atrocious thing I’ve seen in the history of the 15 years I’ve been a lobbyist. Pat Murphy has acted like a jack-booted Nazi,” said Ed Failor Jr., president of Iowans for Tax Relief, a conservative taxpayers’ rights group from Muscatine with 50,000 members…


Note the word “Nazi” in print…with “jack boots,” no less. And here is the short audio clip of Failor’s comment.  And the state troopers…

And, oh dear, Iowa’s governor, Democrat Chet Culver, was simply aghast, too:

Gov. Chet Culver said today that he was disturbed by reports that unruly audience members threw objects from the House gallery during Tuesday night’s public hearing.

“I was very disturbed to hear that some things were thrown from the gallery. That’s completely unacceptable, completely out of bounds. I hope the next time we have a public hearing that people will be respectful and civil. That has to be a part of the process,” Culver said.

Were Murphy and Culver this upset when Obama freaks intimidate voters during the primary caucuses?  When they abused caucus rules?

I don’t condone riots, but if we’re facing chaos according to the Obama plan, it might as well start in Iowa. (And don’t forget, we’ve already seen fisticuffs outside a closing car dealership recently.)

Last night on Lou Dobbs I saw a sign up in Hoboken, New Jersey by a realtor which suggested people could lower their property taxes by LEAVING! Problem is, there’s no where to go in New Jersey that doesn’t have high property taxes.  We left New Jersey ten years ago this coming September to escape what was obvious–in the future, we couldn’t afford to live in Jersey on retirement incomes.  Well, the future is now, and we’re really happy to be out Jersey.

As for New York, Rush Limbaugh, who makes millions, can rant about the taxes in NYC, but what about the “little people” elsewhere in the state?  Apparently, Obama’s “coattails” are beginning to fray there, too.  The election for the seat that Kirsten Gillibrand vacated to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate is now too close to call. (Gillibrand won this district with 61%  of the vote just 5 months ago…and Obama beat McCain here, too.) Sure, it’s a rural, traditionally Republican district, but Pelosi and the  Obama people put a lot of effort into this race–and Obama endorsed candidate Scott Murphy publicly:

That makes the election an intriguing test of Democrats’ claim to hold the middle ground and also of Republicans’ ability to recover from their electoral drubbing in 2008.

Justin Phillips, a professor of political science at Columbia University, said that victory in New York would be a springboard for next year’s nationwide Congressional polls.

“This becomes a tool for fundraising and candidate recruitment. They say, look: ‘You can run in 2010 as a Republican and you can win.'”

Tedisco hopes that the Obama stimulus package — hamstrung by the storm over executive bonuses at the government-rescued AIG insurance company — will tarnish his opponent.

As of this writing, recounts, lawsuits, etc. are probably coming down the pike; the winner probably may not be known for a couple of weeks.

So, while Obama and his lovely wife Michelle (who got touchy-feeling with the Queen, ignoring simple  manners, let alone formal protocol) zip around London, things may be shifting here at home.

You know what’s sad?  The country has been ready for many Democratic ideas for awhile now, but Obama’s reckless spending plans and the slow revelation of what’s in all those bills being passed are beginning to add up.  His 3-Card Monte game may be getting stale. The Republican Party is offering the same old tax cut mantra but the country just may lurch toward this simplistic message again and sooner than we may think.  And decent Democrats could suffer and where would we wind up?  Perhaps, with the Democratic Party destroyed, as many of us warned last year.  Either way, it seems, it’s the little guy that’s going to get screwed.

Or suffering from a severe case of whiplash…

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  1. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for Iowans. Where was their outrage last year during the caucus fraud? The only thing Iowans care about is being the first caucus/primary; nothing else mattered to them for the last several decades, no matter what they hamstrung America with. If we’re going to a fascist state, I truly hope it starts there for a bit of poetic justice.

    Of course, I’d rather Americans get off their butts and stop taking this crap! If you haven’t read this excellent essay by Shtuey (via Logistics Monster) yet, read it!

    • I’m with you on this one. Iowa started the ball rolling for the big O (either that, or his popularity was either exaggerated or exploited), so let them lie in the bed they made.

      It will be interesting to see if the Tea Parties actually happen. From what I hear, there’s going to be a bit of trouble.

  2. I bet most of those protesting weren’t Obama supporters…

  3. I’d like to see more demonstrations all over the country.
    It might wake up a few complacent polticians who think they have an innate right to continue in their seats forever.

    I’m anxious to see what happens on April 15th. If the rally and march on Capitol Hill take place as planned it shoould be quite interesting. Betcha the MSM won’t cover it.

    VOTE THE BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes, Iowa’s been more concerned about being #1 in the primaries, but I think this time it was so contaminated by the Chicago thuggery and ACORN and Soros et al, that the only way to have assured TehOne’s exposure would have been to move the Iowa caucus to Puerto Rico and locked down the place. It was made worse because the ones who became enamored of this fraud, were unable to, in the end, see what a corrupt figure he is. And a myth.

    None of us deserves to be betrayed the way we have by this One and the last pResident. No One. I am currently (again) back to reading The Shock Doctrine and seeing the history of Bolivia (that’s where I’m at in the book) being semi-played out – this time here. It is frightening because we are so unempowered. We are spread out throughout the country – and if the “Live Traffic Feed” on the left hand sidebar is accurate – throughout the world. And maybe because of being spread out like this, we are unable to rally our forces.

    This morning I was thinking about what happened to dissent in this country. I protested Iraq and the Bush (s)election for years, in many cities and more times than I can even recall. I remembered calling the media here in Chicago asking why there was no coverage – even when there were cameras and interviews. I’ve been listening to the reports of the demonstrations and protests and riots in UK, but oddly enough, nothing about protests in Iowa.

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you…..

    • YES!!

      Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein — is a must read.

      Many of the countries that were forced into the Chicago School of economics “free market” garbage sold of National assets.

      If you think the US doesn’t have assets that the folks who put 0bama in power are drooling over — think again — look at a map of the US and all the National Parks, Interstate Highways, National Forest etc.

  5. I am going to stand up for Iowa because the people in that room protesting their taxes going up ARE NOT the people who always rush to the 1st place position in the primaries. The people that make sure Iowa is number one are POLITICIANS, AND when are AMERICANS going to start STANDING TOGETHER against THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. Be ashamed!

    Now – I am calling for July 14th “Bastille Day” as the day for the march on DC to fire all the politicians and send their butts home!

  6. Interesting story from Iowa, ia. I had missed it. Thanks for putting it up.

    Grail, as far as I’m concerned, Iowa SHOULD pay the price for foisting Barack Obama off on the rest of the nation. We blew it, though from ignorance not corruption.

    It will be interesting to see where this goes. Iowa, while a relatively honest state politically, has recently developed a thirst for more and higher taxes but they don’t seem to want to play it straight. They’ve added several new state “fees”. (“Fees” are the perfect swindle for states. They don’t have to be voted on, so the payee never gets a voice.) They re-vamped property taxes a couple of years ago, resulting in fifty-percent increases everywhere and sometimes a doubling of taxes.

    Iowans are normally pretty docile. For the most part, we pay our taxes in full and on time, figuring it’s the price of living in such a nice state. We’re slow to rile but can get worked up when necessary. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  7. I have to rescind a bit of my anger about Iowa after hearing that they have passed a gay marriage law. While it doesn’t make up for Obama, I can’t lay the entire blame on 1 state and it does go a long way to show they are trying to do the right thing once again. Way to go Iowa, and keep up the protests!

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