A Reminder: Live Streaming of the First “Bernard L. Schwartz Economic Policy Symposium” Today (3/26) With a Rather Interesting Group & Agenda (To End “Fumbling” on Economic Policy)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

This might be something to keep an eye on…

From the Washington Note:

Bernard Schwartz, Laura Tyson, Martin Wolf, George Soros,  Mark Zandi and Others to Headline Major NAF Economic Policy Forum on London G-20 Meeting and What Will Replace US Consumer


This conference will be STREAMED LIVE at the WN site…

Excerpt from the above archived  post/ URL:

The first “Bernard L. Schwartz Economic Policy Symposium” will take place in Washington at the New America Foundation offices on Thursday, 26 March 2009. Attendance information is here.

Financier and former Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz has been trying to push the administration and Congress to realize that there are different kinds of deficits the nation has to struggle with — and the most important in his mind is leaving an “infrastruture deficit” to the next generation. He will be helping to open this important conference.


I will be moderating the meeting along with my colleague Sherle Schwenninger and New America Foundation President and New Yorker staff writer Steve Coll.

Bernard Schwartz. . .George Soros. . .Laura Tyson. . .Martin Wolf. . .Clyde Prestowitz. . .Desmond Lachman. . .Tom Gallagher. . .Steve Coll. . .Mark Zandi. . .William Gerrity. . .Leo Hindery. . .Richard Vague. . .Nicholas Lardy. . .Jeff Madrick. . .Sherle Schwenninger. . .and others make up quite a line up for a great meeting.


This entire conference will STREAM LIVE on this blog, The Washington Note between approximately 8:30 am and 1:00 pm EST on Thursday, 26 March 2009.


The purpose we have in organizing this meeting is to try and position some of the key issues that should be considered at the London G-20 meeting and to begin to emphasize that the fumbling on economic policy needs to stop. (my bolding)

It’s time to begin organizing a Team B economic policy effort — even if it is organized by a network of concerned civil society leaders.

MMMa “Team B” ….”even if it is organized by a network of concerned civil society leaders.”

Remember Laura Tyson during the Clinton years?  And what’s George Soros got to say??

13 Responses

  1. If Soros is part of it I’m instantly suspicious.

  2. I agree with creeper. If George Soros is part of the mix I am EXTREMELY suspicious.

    I agree with the group on their assessment of Obama’s “fumbling on economic policy”, but this isn’t the only thing he is fumbling. The guy is a loser and his only reason for being in the office he is in is because TPTB saw a likely candidate for the minority vote who would do their bidding if elected.

    Our deficient infrastructure sadly needs rebuilding but at this point in time I don’t see it getting done. So far the priority has been to take care of Wall Street and the banks and to put in place a personal Gestapo to enforce whatever Teh One wants done. Where are all the promised jobs? I don’t see any sign of them in my area of teh world.

    Could be that the forming of this group is a sign from TPTB that Obama has outlived his usefulness and it is bringing in the B Team. With George Soros aboard it could mean anything.

    “Believe nothing you hear and only half that you see”, and old saying from whom I don’t know but I’ve heard it all my life. It’s a good motto to use in these times.

  3. I couldn’t get on the stream, Firefox kept crashing…I’m hoping for an archived broadcast….

    Perhaps Soros et al are losing faith in the Obot, as you and GG have suggested….the meeting is in D.C., so there must be a LOT of rumblings about the “fumbling.”

  4. oh.they are fumbling alright..

  5. I saw reference to this a moment ago at riverdaughter. so I linked to the article and read this article.

    ‘I’m having a very good crisis,’ says Soros as hedge fund managers make billions off recession


    Doesn’t it just make your day?? /very angry snark

    • He is a true piece of SH*T….his attitude mirrors Obama’s…

    • In the article George Soros says this crisis is the culmination of his life’s work.

      And the dirty SOB days it with a smile. Forget all the little guys who went broke and the thousands who are out of work.

      Wonder what Hillary thinks of her great gloating friend now? Or does she even care that he is a slimy rat?

      OT – I’m being targeted again for some reason. Security notified me that there had been a lot of attempts to hack into my computer in the last two days.
      All attempts were blocked. They were labeled as High Attempts. Only two hackers doing it. Doesn’t bother me anymore, but makes me believe that the Obots are still at it. Does “Trojan” strike a spark with any of you guys?

      • I remember when I thought MoveOn.org was a great tool for moving the nation forward (pre-Ozero push) and that Soros was being smeared without merit.

        “The culmination of my life’s work” this guy ought to be tarred and feathered. And I say that with real care lest TPTB want to “get me” for any bigger threat.

      • Trojan is not a good thing when it comes to PCs. It’s basically the computer version of Obama – something nasty hidden inside an unremarkable wrapper.

      • They don’t like us, I guess.

        Seriously, I want to do gardening posts and nothing else, but I keep finding new crap to write about!

        I got a very nasty comment yesterday which I didn’t approve, obviously…

  6. I managed to copy some stuff from the main page for tomorrow’s post…but that site is just not accessible from my computer! No other problems at all…and I’ve never had a problem with that site before…

  7. If the site is attacked by large quantities of successive or concurrent hits, no one can access it. It’s proven a successful way to shut sites down in the past, and I’m sure it’s listed in a supplement to the Alinsky handbook.

  8. Perhaps, I thought something like that might be going on. And couldn’t link to the page with the agenda and speakers, which I wanted to peruse to include in my post…and had to try repeatedly before I got the excerpt copied from the home page. Maybe today things will ease up…


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