The Scanner-Politics: March 25, 2009 (G-20; Glenn Beck’s “The One Thing” Segment on the Dollar [Video]; “The Big Takeover”; Al Gore Releasing New Book on Election Day 11/3/2009; Augie the Dog Sends a Deposit to the U.S. Treasury)

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We looked at the upcoming G-20 meeting in yesterday’s post (See: The Scanner–International Edition, March 24, 2009: Say Goodbye to the Dollar? China, Russia Proposing a New World Currency for “Non-Credit” Based Economies, Echo G-20 Agenda of Expanding IMF; China Will “Consider” Buying IMF Bonds; 10th China Develpment Forum Underway), and lo and behold, a few times during the day, I began picking up some items on the TV discussing the meeting, which will be held in London April 1-2.

I caught a few moments of Shepherd Smith on FOX during the afternoon, interviewing a woman who ticked off all the reasons why the dollar wouldn’t be replaced as the world’s reserve currency at the meeting. The discussion was in the context of how it would affect the U.S. economy and how complicated it was, and that’s why it wouldn’t happen. China’s worries about its investments in U.S. Treasury bonds was mentioned and their desire for the dollar to be dropped as the reserve, but the EU was supporting the U.S. There was absolutely no mention of Russia and its release suggesting what China suggested.

Apparently, Glenn Beck wasn’t so circumspect during his morning radio show or his FOX TV show later in the afternoon.  I didn’t hear either but my mother said he sounded EXACTLY like what we had written in our post yesterday.  Since I had printed it out for her to read, she knew what was in it.

Well, what he opined wasn’t EXACTLY what we wrote about, but he touched a whole bunch of bases in giving a general “history” of how we have gotten to where we are today.  It’s like “From Biggest Lender to Biggest Borrower 101.”  Apparently Glenn Beck and IA are on the same page, at least on this one topic.  That’s a bit weird for us, since I think Beck is pretty insufferable, to say the least, but I think the “The One Thing” segment he did yesterday evening was pretty darned clear. This is a very short segment, so do watch it all! (Note: I had trouble inserting the video from the FOX site, so I found it on YouTube. The “title” comes from FOX, however.)

The One Thing

By Glenn Beck

The incredible shrinking dollar: Where’s the outrage?


A big hat tip to Uppity Woman who posted about the story by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone which actually comes out and talks about the “revolution” that is underway courtesy the big insiders.  Go to Uppity Woman to catch some of the excerpts of note.

And here’s the direct link to the piece:

The Big Takeover

The global economic crisis isn’t about money – it’s about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution


Well,  just in time for the 2009 election is…Al Gore, who issued a press release yesterday about a follow-up book to An Inconvenient Truth.  I loved the film and got a copy of the book as “payment” for my efforts in the not-so-long-distant past at a certain Chicago-based website that went crazy last May.

From the blog, Al Gore:

Our Choice March 24, 2009 : 1:07 PM

From the Press Release:

Today Vice President Gore announced that his next book, Our Choice, will be published by Rodale in the US and by other publishers internationally on November 3, 2009. Picking up where An Inconvenient Truth left off, Our Choice utilizes Mr. Gore’s forty years of experience as a student, policymaker, author, filmmaker, entrepreneur and activist to comprehensively describe the real solutions to global warming. A co-recipient of the Nobel Peace prize in 2007 for his environmental work, Mr. Gore continues to make sense of the pressing issues we face and Our Choice will unquestionably inspire and rally those ready to fight for solutions that were deemed impossible only a short time ago.

I was really ticked when the guy who delivered those stirring speeches about the press and the Constitution during the Bush years turned around and chose to endorse Obama instead of remaining a statesman for the world by staying neutral–the same Obama who took all that money from Exelon and rewrote a nuclear safety bill to please his donors and the Republicans.

So now, Gore will inject himself into the 2009 elections as all the PR push for his book in the period leading up to its Election Day release.  He’s been pretty quiet since the Inauguration and hasn’t talked about energy policy at all, although he’s supposed to be some sort of adviser to the Obama Administraiton.  Elections for governor will be held in Virginia (where Terry MacAuliffe is currently running for the Democratic nomination) and New Jersey (where Democrat Jon Corzine may be facing re-election troubles).  Frankly, I view this “book business” as manipulative and cheesy. And so damned obvious…


Finally, on a lighter note…

Augie the Dog and his owner make a statement of sorts about money.  I think it’s appropriate that the bag displayed near the end of the video will be going to the Treasury…Follow this  link and enjoy!

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  1. Has everyone noticed that suddenly the MSM is perfectly willing to trash Obama? I actually used to like Glenn Beck, then got ticked when he failed to cover the real issues during the election. Don’t get me wrong – I like what he had to say in this piece. It’s just that apparently someone has released the hounds this week. I guess it’s ok to make Obama look like the fool he is as long as you make Rupert Murdoch look smart (no easy task IMHO). I think the shift of power has begun, and it’s about time for us to be “rescued” so we can be distracted by the media again. We’re all buddy-buddy now because we agree that the whole AIG mess was evil and preplanned, so now our “friends” in the MSM can tell us how it really is. Sheesh!

  2. They’re all the same, left/right, in the media. It’s all a game for them…
    I’m so mad at Greta, a very smart woman, who spends about 10 minutes aggressively questioning people on a very superficial level on key issues, never going beyond the headlines, then spending the rest of the hour on kidnapped child stories. GRRRR!

    I listen to some of Rush and Hannity now, which I didn’t do before…but always find something they say that makes me turn them off, usually on abortion, etc. which is always at the top of the list of “conservative” values…they can’t resist throwing in that crap while talking about the economy. Hannity keeps pining for Reagan and Rush, who could do some real good, will never give the real context of anything as in recalling how Bush screwed with things prior to Obama.

    They never go the extra step to link the two because they are waiting for the next election, when they push the “conservatives” on us as our saviours–who, actually, will screw us over some more, as they have in the past!

    You have to pick and choose with these guys. These days, I listen to them less as they just smash all “liberals” as usual more…I don’t fit into their trashing of liberals, since I’m not an Obamabot, and that’s the line that gets my ire up. Once they cross that, the radio goes off…

  3. Chicago Correspondent Leslie sent me an email yesterday with the link to he Big Takeover, by Matt Taibbi. It was eight pages long and I read every page. I guess Leslie was afraid I would have a stroke after IA’s post about China, Russia, etc. and wanted to let me know there ARE others out there that feel as we do.

    As for the MSM beginning to relent a little in their hero worship of Teh One, I think there wil be fewer press conferences where he takes questions and more campaign lectures. I think TPTB are getting ready to kick his skinny butt out of the “Cat Bird Seat”.

    There was an interesting note in the Yahoo News this morning. It seems that Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, whose country (for now) holds the EU Presidency , says U.S. plans to spend its way out of recession is “a way to hell”. He feels the actions of the U.S financial system are going to undermine the stability of the world. (not verbatim but close to it)

    Watch for more and more criticism to come from Europe about this administration and Teh One.

    I usually don’t give a hang what Europeans think about us, but it is nice to see some of them waking up.

    • Great tip, Lee!

      I’m going to have to do more of my Watches, both energy and foreign press in general…I used to do them and I can find things for more regular “scanners” which replaced the World …Watches…

  4. Lee,

    It may seem like only semantics, but it’s not what Europe thinks of us, but what Europe thinks of the administration. There’s a big difference. I think Europe is smart enough to know that once the US falls, everyone is screwed.

    Billy Mayes’ Obama’s sales pitch last night is evidence to me that TPTB know the plan is not going smoothly. Once they determine Obama is no longer able to hoodwink the people, he will be gone and quickly. They’re saving that for as long as they can, but it will be a good distraction. (Hey, look! You got what you wanted! He’s no longer President! Uh, never mind what’s going on over there. Nothing to see – move along!)


    For those of us who are buying precious metals here is a flash from the past. In my email a short while ago I got this tip from No Quarter.

    It seems that President Franklin Roosevelt took drastic steps during the great depression to shore up the Federal Reserve. I thought I knew my history, but here is one I either missed or forgot about. The author of the article is vouched for by No Quarter where they list his impressing credentials.

    This is a must read. It could explain why the great push to pass the GIVE Act and why the
    Banking Community has been spending so much time at Logistic Monster. If Obama gets the OK for his Gestapo this could be one of their duties.

    All gold and silver was confiscated by the government, bank safety deposit boxes were frozen and any applicable items were confiscated by the government.

    Read the article clear through to the end. What is so interesting is that this was written in 2006 – “New Gold Seizure- Probability or Paranoia?”

    There are statutes permitting this, and they are listed in the article.

    Seems I never have anything good to say lately. The Spring hiatus didn’t last long.

    • Read this (read the whole thing, info near the end is important):

      Before investing in gold or silver, read our informative article: Myths, Misunderstandings, and Outright Lies >>

      There’s quite a bit of misinformation on many metals sites, but this one clears it all up…


      “Gold Confiscation

      Some gold and silver dealers foster the circulation of many myths, misunderstandings, and outright lies about the purchase and sale of gold and silver. Generally, these misconceptions and falsehoods promote the notion that the government may again call in gold as it did in 1933 and that “reportable” transactions are preludes to confiscation. By cultivating such fears in investors, unscrupulous firms can sell high-priced (and often overpriced) coins with greater margins of profit.

      Investors who believe these stories invariably pay too much or buy the wrong coins. After reading this Web page, no investor need be taken advantage of….

  6. I’m losing it guys, I forgot to leave the link. Here it is:

  7. Dog sends deposits to Treasury —

    Dog of course is goD backwards.

    Picking up after your dogs takes on a new meaning!

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