Saturday Sanity: The Antidote to the Madness (March 21, 2009) (Flowers, Fruit and a Miniature Spider Web)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL


Things have really progressed this week in the garden!  First of all, the temperatures have been getting into the low 80’s and the overnight temps have stayed in the 40’s the past few nights.  I’ve started planting some of the veggies, but am holding back on the tomatoes a bit longer as it’s supposed to be windy on Sunday into Monday.  The last few nights I’ve kept the plants out overnight, but covered.

A lot of annuals overwinter well here.  The petunias, for example.  A couple of years ago I had some petunias that lasted 2 years!  Tthe purple and fuschia petunias from last year started blooming this week.  The purple flowers are particularly striking, but seem more fragile…here’s the first one of the year:

Returning Petunia...

Returning Petunia...

Snapdragons do well in the ground and pots, too…and they take only a short break depending on how mild the winter is….

Yellow Snapdragns in the Garden...

Yellow Snapdragons in the Garden...

An Interesting Snapdragon in a pot...

An Interesting Yellow/Red Snapdragon Combo...

The New Mexico Privet in the backyard is starting to bud out!  Meanwhile, out front, the NM privet that I’ve been training as a tree hasn’t even started. That’s what micro climates are all about here.

Backyard NM Privet

Backyard NM Privet

In the fruit department, the grapes and figs are really on the move! And the peaches on the tree in the warm corner have doubled in size. Meanwhile, in the more sheltered area, that peach tree is just barely getting bud swell.

Baby Figs!

Baby Figs!

Baby Peaches!

Baby Peaches!

By the time the April winds die down, half will be gone…

Here’s one of the artichokes…I bought two, but each pot was a double and I managed to tease out 4!  I’m going to see how they do and if they can grow as perennials here…



Finally, here’s very lucky shot I got of a very small spider web on  the slow-developing peach tree at the side of the house.  It’s a miracle I got this shot!!

Tiny Spider Web

Tiny Spider Web

In the raised beds, over the last couple of days I’ve planted a couple of eggplant and peppers in the garden, and took the stray potato that started growing in the composter and planted that, too.  I soaked the chard and okra seeds overnight and planted them yesterday as well.

13 Responses

  1. Snapdragons and Petunias are two of my favorite flowers. The range of color and the way they just keep flowering all summer long with so little effort is amazing.

    The sight of them growing in your yard this early has me so pea-green with envy I will have to shop for make-up for Martians to go with my complexion.

  2. Your gardens are beautiful!

    And I can see they are well loved.


    PS. If you go out to garden today, beware of Bots:
    And Viva La Baracuda!!

  3. Thanks for the spring think. I will think about these photos and smile as I go for my annual mammogram in 15 minutes.


    • Good Luck, Leslie – I know the feeling. I’m praying for you.

      IA, I don’t know whether to thank you or to give you an Obama salute. You are making me so envious that I can hardly stand it. Will be shopping for a couple of pots and soil today, don’t know if I will tempt fate to plant yet because it is in the thirty’s here today, although there is a little sun.

      Stray yellar dog – I visited your link and the other links that you had in your post. One question. If Mac had all that power why in the world didn’t he use it during the election? It could have solved a lot of problems for all of us.

      The mood I’m in today, it wouldn’t be wise for one of the bots to approach me.

  4. Lee…go get those pots and soil and meditate on them! It will help your mood!

    Leslie…fingers crossed. I had a false alarm a couple of years ago and am nervous every time…

    SYD–see my comment over at your blog!

  5. Have you already had a fig harvest? I cut down my dead nectarine tree a couple of weeks ago (borers–watch out!–but I’m not sure if you get them down south) and haven’t decided yet on its replacement.

    • No figs yet…This is the second year this tree is in the ground…last year I only got a few fall figs.

      I’m hoping for a breba and regular crop as this baby gets settled in… It’s already out sooner than when I had it in a tub and wrapped up…didn’t really get started until April then…

  6. happy spring all.i love your pictures they made my day..

  7. New Mexico is amazing — yesterday we were up in the mountains just below the snow level and it was raining. Today at the lower elevations — the trees are putting on a display of that neat spring green that looks great in paintings.

    For us it’s hot — for the locals — most are wearing jackets.

    • Lee,

      I have no idea what that site is, but it’s freaky as all get out! Those pictures just gave me the creeps on so many levels…

      • Grail, I got it at No Quarter. It is apparently the way the Japanese see Obama. Yes, it is indeed creepy, although at NoQuarter they seemed to think it funny. I did too, until I paid closer attention. The facial expressions, etc. Some of the facial expressions are so like ones I’ve seen him use on television. Maybe the oriental mind is more perceptive than ours.

        When this doll is put on the market I don’t want one of them near me. If it is marketed here you can bet the obots will cherish it.

  8. Wow, that looks like the model for a robot!

    Creepy is right…very scary depiction of THE ONE…

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