House Passes HR 1388 Under Cover of AIG Diversion –The Linchpin in the Obama Plan to “BUY” Voters …Read What It Says and PLEASE SIGN PETITION TO SENATE NOW!!

~~Via W.A.M. (Wake Up America)

The House of Representatives sailed through HR 1388 (G.I.V.E  Act) this Wednesday  (3/18/2009) – without conscience or attention to consequence – in keeping with their voting record so far this year. A version of this measure is now in the hands of the Senate. If passed into law, it will put into place  Obama/Axelrod’s largest linchpin in their plan to take over our country and our society by taking over our youth (and even attempt to lure in our needy senior citizens) by “paying” them to co-operate.

More details on this looming danger-the greatest we have faced since Obama took over are revealed at the Wake Up America movement website. Here is the opening summary…videos of Obama and quotes about his plans follow at the W.A.M site:

The “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” is Now before the Senate

Passed by the House of Representatives in a 321 to 105 vote yesterday, this G.I.V.E. Act should come as no surprise – within our current economic crisis and near bankrupt status being used – once again – by the Obama administration  as an excuse for the civilian-military force he spoke of during his campaign. At a start-up cost of $6 Billion dollars, what makes this quantum leap of youth re-education so critically urgent right now? The answer lies in the pages of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, which states:“The first step in community organization is community disorganization. “The disruption of the present organization is the first step toward community organization. Present arrangements must be disorganized if they are to be displace by new patterns…. All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.”

This video clip of Obama’s campaign pledge with a video reminds US of this misrepresented law’s potential impact. This sudden move by the new “Change” Administration for a rapid-fire, cloaked revision of our nation’s standards of  “Voluntary Service” has been swept under the rug of MainStream Media. Conscious Americans need to WAKE UP THE U.S. SENATE FAST!

And here is a section of what the bill covers:

Misc. section, #6104: (6) “ Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds” (by) (C) involv(ing) an increasing percentage of students in secondary school and out-of-school youth in the community in school-based or community based service-learning activities each year, with the goal of involving all students in secondary schools served by the local educational agency and involving an increasing percentage of the out-of-school youth in service learning activities. It goes on to state: “Each program funded under this part shall be carried out over a period of three years, including one planning year and two additional grant years, with a 1-year extension possible, if the program meets performance measures developed in accordance with section 179(a) and any other criteria determined by the Corporation (AmericaCorps) . . with “Requirements” as follows: `It is the sense of Congress that the number of participants in the programs . . .  should grow to reach 250,000 participants by 2014” in service programs that combine the best practices of civilian service with the best aspects of military service, including leadership and team building, to meet national and community needs” It further states that the Director determines appropriate “Uniforms” with references to “camps” revised to “campuses.” There are also references to programs at even the elementary school level in SEC. 1201, though the specific contents and supervision of these programs remain unspoken.

COVERING UP THIS GIVE ACT IS THE REASON for all the intentionally-timed commotion on AIG. What they stand to gain on this National Service Laws rewrite is far greater than anything they lose on temporary criticism for their AIG conduct!

AN URGENT PETITION to the SENATE is waiting for everyone’s signature. W.A.M. will send it with all signnatures on Monday A.M. so do act fast!  SCROLL DOWN FOR THE TEXT of the  PETITION…

(After signing this PETITION, you will gain immediate access to other ACTION TOOLS on this critical issue.)

RIGHT NOW: Will you please OFFER PROTECTION to our country’s future generations, your children,  your aged relations (plus all existing American charities and authentic community service groups) by reading and signing this petition?

This Letter to the Senate includes the information that will update the reader on what’s really happening in D.C.:

To: U.S.Senator (name here)

Fax # here

Regarding: Taking Away American Rights in the name of G.I.V.E Act

As a voter and political activist, I am appalled at the lack of diligence and conscience with which our Congress has been conducting itself. It is clear to all informed citizens by now that the AIG fiasco lies directly in the lap of Congress itself.


The current legislation to rewrite the “National Service Act” into a government-run indoctrination of American youth – and government take-over of the role of charitable institutions and community service organization (including pay-offs to involve hapless senior citizens) is absolutely the very last straw! The lengths to which the Obama regime is going to push its agenda into a permanent alteration of the face and fabric of our nation – all under the guise of “rushed emergency measures” – has become glaringly obvious and revolting to all our country stands for!

If you have the integrity to hold the Senate seat to which We the People have elected you – and you perform with due diligence on this measure – you will certainly stop this G.I.V.E Act take-over from becoming law. This letter from one voter is an urgent plea, representing millions of Americans, who look on in horror as our trusted officials undercut our economy – with ill-timed and ill-advised sweeping, rushed revisions of our nation’s laws which undermine our entire way of life.

We urgently request that you demonstrate respect for your constituents, our Constitution and the United States by doing the job we have hired you to do. Please apply the full power of your office to withdraw any and all legislation re: U.S. National Service standards and requirements and its further funding and return your attention to the really critical matters at hand – to preserve our security, liberties and prosperity- not to undo them all in this dangerous manner.

Your actions on this matter will be scrutinized and your responsible conduct on costly, damaging National Service revisions will move quickly to public attention with lasting consequence!

From a voter and activist in the state you are sworn to represent,




We the undersigned People are firmly opposed to the formation of a “National Civilian Community Corps” as proposed in the “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” including that:

  • We are vehemently opposed to any mandatory requirements for the youth of America to National government service of the National government in any and all forms recommended in this Act.

  • We uphold it is the responsibility of the citizens and local communities to independently choose which private institutions, organizations and causes to support and in which to participate, if any.

  • We fervently insist that no action be taken by our Federal government to combine, in any way whatsoever, civilian service with military service for any purpose at this or any future time. We abhor any legislative measures be enacted that create a domestic “security” force in any form for any purpose.

  • We demand that no national Corporation or Commission instigate to select, mandate or impose any Federal programs into the education of our children which determine, define or instruct them in “how to meet national and community needs.”

  • We adamantly object to the use of Federal funds in the form of grants, scholarships or any other form of compensation to induce American youth and/or senior citizens in nationally regulated programs which supplant private sector charitable work and/or local community service with Federally controlled programs.

  • We insist that our public officials in Washington return your attention to matters which are your Constitutional responsibility and withdraw support from any Federal government involvement in “service based activities.” We advise you, instead, to direct your efforts to apply due diligence to your elected offices to the critical issue of fiscal responsibility and to conduct yourselves responsibly and ethically for the purposes and functions for which we have elected you – while allowing We the People, within our own families and communities to determine what our own “service based” guidelines, interests and rewards will be for ourselves.

MORE DETAILS are also located:



THE ABOVE FAX LETTER SHOULD BE SENT TO YOUR SENATORS showing WE KNOW what’s really GOING ON in D.C. All are welcome to send this letter as is- or revise to suit. Link below will provide free FAX access plus all contact info for all US Senators after you sign the Petition.

For more information and to sign NO G.I.V.E Petition, go to: SCROLL DOWN TO GET TO THE PETITION!

14 Responses

  1. OK GRL, I have signed the petition , sent an email to Barbara Mikulski and one to Ben Cardin. Mikulski may not remember my namebut I knocked on many doors for her, stuffed many envelopes, and made countless phone calls for her over the years. Since I am no longer registered as a Democrat I may be toast as far as she is concerned. But I tried and I will send several more over the week-end.

    I’m not surprised at this move, it is pure Obama tactics.
    To paraphrase Grail Guardian, if they throw something at you on the right side you’d better look to your left.

    “combine the best aspects of civilian services with the best aspects of military service” ? “National and Community needs”? “uniforms, camps or campuses”? OMG – it’s the Hitler Youth Corps all over again, only this time trying to ring the elderly into the equation.

    WHERE THE HE## IS JOHN ROBERTS? He could have read Dr. Kaitz’s documents a hundred times over.

    Obama is moving faster and faster, his evil to cement ,before we have a chance to expose him for the usurper that he is.

    God help us all, if he gets away with this.

    • Patience, Lee. All in good time! Obama will be gone when TPTB are done with him. By now you should have reached the conclusion that Obama is not the problem, but merely a symptom.

      The civilian police force is needed since the military has made it clear that they won’t attack Americans. So they need another way to harass us, keep us in line, and eventually round us up into camps.

  2. Remember? Gen. Wes Clark had a proposal for a 2-year period of service in his platform when he ran for President….

    I also remember his talking about the military as being “more democratic” than the rest of the country and how services like health care, etc. etc. were all offered to people in the army and what a great model that was….

    • 0-bambam is so ignorant of the military. One thing the military is NOT is democratic.

      Health care — military style — is not a model that the rest of the country would want. My experience was was the Navy side of the military — but I expect for dependents there isn’t much difference between the branches of the service.

      We are so screwed.

      Forced volunteerism — now there’s an oxymoron.

  3. Another oxymoron (or just moron) is president obama.

    I signed the petition, and sent links to my Obot family.
    as well as to my peace group. I, too sent messages to my senators and my Rep. But they are sll so deep into the %$* of Precious, I know it is a waste. Still I continue to pound my head against the same brick wall of blindness (democrats in congress).

    “We are so screwed.”

    It ‘s something I think more and more every day.

    • Ooh Poor baby! Obama is great! Get over it, he is in and your cheating, underhanded, slave mentality republicans are on thier way up out of there.

      Can’t handle the heat, get out the kitchen.

      In yo face……

  4. The house has passed H. Res 250. Friday, began National Volunteer Week. So what has congress done?

    They passed the H. RES 250 sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, which eliminates federal funding for the Points of Light Foundation which supports the following:
    Points of Light Foundation employees are most connected to
    Hands On Network
    Corporation for National and Community Service
    Habitat for Humanity
    United Way
    It’s been in business for 43 years. It is the world’s largest gathering of volunteer and service leaders from the nonprofit, government, and corporate sector.

    It also eliminates the current Community Based Learn and Serve Programs. ( see website for what they are…YMCA….. Requires states to develop comprehensive plans for volunteer and paid service by Baby Boomers and older adults.
    Revises under DVSA: (1) the VISTA program; and (2) the Senior Corps, including the Retired and Senior Volunteer program (RSVP), the Foster Grandparent program, and the Senior Companion program. You will have to look up those yourself.

    The Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network
    The Points of Light Foundation is a national, nonpartisan, and nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging more people and resources more effectively in volunteer service to help solve serious social problems.

    Our work supports and increases the millions of volunteers in thousands of communities. Through more than 360 Volunteer Centers throughout the nation and more than 1,000 nonprofit, government, and business members, the Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network provide leadership, knowledge, programs, and resources on a national and local scale to unify the national volunteering and service sector.

    What Are Volunteer Centers?
    Volunteer Centers promote and provide easy access to a wide range of volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations and government agencies that serve the entire community. Volunteer Centers link people who want to help –individuals, families, students, businesses and their employees, and civic, community, and faith-based organizations — with places or causes where their time, talent, and interests can be utilized effectively.

    National Volunteer Week: Inspire by Example; April 19 – 25, 2009

    summary of HR bill is at

  5. pulling the rug out from under Habitat? I wonder what Jimmy thinks about that.

    United Way too?

    but AIG can have big bonuses…..

    what a bunch of hypocrits.

    why pass a forced volunteerism bill & simultaneously pass a bill eliminating funding to the very organizations & umbrella groups that depend upon volunteers?

    I’m thinking Grail’s right- this GIVE bs is a front for something else

  6. Hey — I might be somewhere close to the mountains in the header of this blog!!

    The mountains I was looking at during dinner here in New Mexico sure look a whole lot like the photo of mountains above. Real jagged mountains — sort of looks like rabbit ears. But I’m further away — near an Interstate route.

    It feels like summer — but the nights are COLD!

    • If you were near I-25/I-10 and Routhe 70, you were about 2 miles from my house!

      Cold? I went out at 8 pm with Slick for his last walk…nice and mild, no jacket!

      But, it’s not DAMP, so it may feel colder than if you’re used to lots of humidity….we’re at 24% now near midnite and it’s going to get a bit higher with a chance of rain tomorrow and wind predicted…

      The past few days it’s been around 10%!!!

  7. ok I just got back from THOMAS. Something about that bill was niggling at me. an H Res is a House Resolution, not a law, & in this case H Res 250 merely supports Hr 1388 the so-called GIVE Act (Known elsewhere as involuntary servitude) So I looked into HR 1388, specifically sections 1304 & 125, which deal with Prohibited Actvities & Ineligible Organizations. I didn’t see anything in there that would exclude Habitat. As for United Way, they are such a large umbrella group, there may be a few groups they sponser that are in violation of these sections. Ironically, one Organization that is definitely Ineligible & engages in Prohibited Activities is ACORN, according to these two sections- 1304 & 125. The next section (1305) had to do with funding & getting grants, & at this point my eyes started glazing over. A lawyer, or at least a grant writer, would have to explain this stuff to me. Or perhaps I was looking in the wrong places, other parts of the bill may eliminate the funding. If that is so, like I said before, these people are hypocrits.

  8. have more patience on this that most of us have at this point! Our eyes are already glazed over from reading other bills…

    I bet there are loads of contradictions between these two bills but by the time the Senate gets them and then they go to Conference…well, I’m sure ACORN will be fine!!

  9. Here’s some new info…on how the original Senate bill was gutted to include the HR crap…

    Kennedy S277 (Serve America) gutted to allow for H.R. 1388 provisions
    2009 March 24

  10. Hey! Just letting you know that, although I’ve not posted comments lately, I’m still reading here. And I did, indeed, sign the petition.


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