The Scanner–Politics March 18, 2009: (Taitz-Supreme Court; Sharia Law in Minnesota re: Home Mortgages; Stimulus Money Wanders from the States; Privatizing Vets’ Healthcare)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Where to begin? There are so many things out there to choose and I had to delete a few!

So here goes…

If  you missed the Monday night show (3/16) with Betty Jean Kling and Dr. Orly Taitz, check out the archived on demand program. If you don’t have an hour to do so, at least check out the post on the subject: Chief  justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition which raises some very interesting question about what the heck is going on at the Supreme Court re: the justices “not knowing” about briefs about Obama’s citizenship issues and cases being erased from the docket.  Recall that Obama met with Roberts and other justices and start wondering…But, if you can listen to the show, which has much more information to ponder…

And, to really keep up to date, check out Attorney Taitz’s website at


From the more funny business department:

A HUGE hat tip to Deadenders for this story about mortgages and Sharia law unfolding in Minnesota.  And, for a news report on this, see this article from the Bismarck Tribune.

Minn. state agency offers Islamic mortgages

Mar 08, 2009 – 04:05:16 CDT

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – For many Minnesota Muslims, it’s been virtually impossible to buy a home, because Islamic law forbids the paying or charging of interest. To help close the home ownership gap among Muslim immigrants, the state’s housing agency has launched a new program offering Islamic mortgages.

Now, recall the post we had up  just after the election about meetings at the Treasury Department: The SCANNER-Politics 11/7/08: Newsweek Editors on Charlie Rose in the SCARIEST Description of Obama So Far…(Video/Partially Transcripted); Sharia Hits the Treasury Department/HARVARD Alert!; Hill the Shill (UPDATE 1X) .  American Lassie had tipped me off to the meeting and I did a bit of snooping at the time:

Islamic financing by Sharia law has been in operation around the globe for quite awhile and is not necessarily a first step toward full Sharia Law being included in our legal code.  As far back as 2006, HARVARD LAW SCHOOL was running sessions by the “Islamic Finance Group” under name “Islamic Finance 101: Introduction and Career Opportunities” under the auspices of Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

So, we’ve got HARVARD UNIVERSITY/LAW SCHOOL, BUSHCO, and OBAMACO….all doing their thing on SHARIA INVESTING.  Coincidence?????  (UPDATE:  See Al-Mansour connection below)

Michelle Malkin (I can’t believe I’m citing her, but facts are facts!) put up a post on this Treasury event later yesterday/Thursday.)

I couldn’t find the story at Human Events when I tried yesterday, but I did track down it down at the Center for Security Policy. They may sound over the top, but…They were holding a press conference on all this…did you hear about this subject in the MSM?  Think not…

And now it seems the state of Minnesota is involved in Sharia Law…


Hey, seen any stimulus money yet in your state?  Well, some of it may be going out of the country… From the Albuquerque Journal:

N.M. Stimulus Creating Jobs Elsewhere

Will a batch of transit-related federal stimulus money help boost the Duke City economy? Or will people mainly be taken for a ride on a bunch of new city buses built in Canada and Minnesota?

The city was recently allocated about $11.3 million in federal stimulus money for ABQ Ride vehicles and equipment purchases. Of that total, $11.1 million will be used to buy about 20 new buses and upgrades to fare boxes.

ABQ Ride has been upgrading its fleet in recent years. Almost 40 new buses are being added, and they are built by Winnipeg, Canada-headquartered New Flyer.

About 40 percent of each bus is built in Canada, the other 60 percent in Minnesota, where New Flyer also has manufacturing facilities.

Transit Director Greg Payne said that, despite its Canadian operations, New Flyer qualifies as an American-made company under the rules of the Federal Transit Administration.

Lawrence Rael, executive director of the Mid-Region Council of Governments, said the stimulus rules require proof of job creation.

They just don’t have to be here.



While the stimulus money wanders around, the American Legion is angered by Obama’s plans to charge wounded service people for their care. No improvement in care in Obamaland over Bush…

The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President’s Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment

Featured Topics:


WASHINGTON, March 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization says he is “deeply disappointed and concerned” after a meeting with President Obama today to discuss a proposal to force private insurance companies to pay for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries. The Obama administration recently revealed a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in such cases.

“It became apparent during our discussion today that the President intends to move forward with this unreasonable plan,” said Commander David K. Rehbein of The American Legion. “He says he is looking to generate $540-million by this method, but refused to hear arguments about the moral and government-avowed obligations that would be compromised by it.”


“Moral and government-avowed obligations?”  Obama honoring them?   HAH!

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  1. This wa not a good thing to read these articles at 6:30 am. I am furious!!

  2. Betty,

    With Obama and TPTB it’s all about throwing so much at us at once that we can’t catch all the details and they slide this crap through without a word. We need to remain vigilant and spread the word that Congress is really just a modern day version of The Hole in the Wall Gang, being led by Butch Pelosi and the Nevada Kid.

    Scream loud, far and wide about these constant violations of the will of the people, and remind everyone to Vote the Bums Out in 2010


    Thanks for giving us the recap – we have to keep repeating this stuff so people can catch it.

    • I appreciate all of you so very much. Thanks. Why are the republicans not speaking out about all the things happening? We are in such a disgusting time.

      • Betty, you don’t hear about this from the Repuboicans, because nine times out ten they are in on the deal.

        The repubs will take turns voting with the dems to pass most anything Obama wants done. They are all bought by the same TPTB.

        I’ m too sick to get into much right now, but take Grail Guardian’s advice. Spread the word, and do all you can to help throw ALL the bums out. When you have a rotten pickle in the jar you have to toss the whole jar.

        Pay heed to the links IA has up about Shariah Finance. It is more widespread than most people realize. Getting into the banking system is only the toe in the door. Be very wary about what their real plans are.

    • I bet we will not be able to vote the “bums” out in 2010 or 2012 or anytime after that. Why you say? Why do you think the Great Oz and his friend G$$. enabled ACORN to take the census? Boy are they going to make money doing that project. humm humm could it be that the numbers are going to be so far in favor of the Oz’s party (especially after they legalize all the illegals, re-educate the youth to “socialism”/”facisim”), that we will have but one party that will continually win, because Mr OZ has been able to give them everything for free. The vote, will be “in the bag” so to speak for Mr. OZ in which case “bums” will also win again. We have been stimulated and socialized and don’t even know it and the plan to get out of this mess (what plan) is no where in sight. The Republican party has turned into a bunch of old foggies who don’t know new technolgies, have no idea how to gain the youth of America’s support, and screw up every opportunity they get to bring any sort of honor to the party. You can’t even send them an email on a decent web site with any concerns. Who’s in charge? No one. By the time the rest of the comrades realize what has happend to our country, it will be too late, so we will be under the control of the new American Corp made up our youth who really don’t know what’s going on, they will be leading us all to the Fema camps, and to work for the government who by then will own us all. , The dollar will be in the tank. Shariah Finance is in AIG, CITicorp; and now MN wants to add it to their laws so that Muslims can buy houses in Minnesota without being charged interest( it’s a Isam law thing based on Shariah Law (which by the way 3 Sheiks oversee in this country in AIG and CITI and other banks which we have given billions to, that’s possibly why the money went over seas….what does it take to get people of common sense to realize what is going on. Do you just have to be knocked in the head or what. I suggest you sit your children down and read them some real history books,so they actually know how this country came about., because they are never going to understand how you let it this happen, to them and I don’t think you know yourself. Are you so true to your Democratic party or your republican party that you really don’t see what is going on. Shame on all of us for letting it happen on a daily basis. Our country will never be the same. Once these laws are passed, it’s done, your in it for whatever comes, and what is coming at us is not a pretty site. Our greart grandfathers and ancestors are rolling in their graves.If you want to stop some of this tell your Senators to stop the G.I.V.E. resolution. which halts funding for so many charitable institutions in this country, House Passes HR 1388 Under Cover of AIG Diversion –The Linchpin in the Obama Plan to “BUY” Voters …Read What It Says and PLEASE SIGN PETITION TO SENATE (Through Monday 3/23)!! Where are the Americans who want a free country, where is your spine? Where are you? Where are you?

  3. Late last night I decided to email every senator on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee about this “new plan” (not too unlike the Bush administration charging vets for their meals and care, actually).
    Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) is the chair of this committee and he has issued a statement that his committee will NOT agree to this plan (of Obama’s) period. He states:
    “”VA’s sacred duty is to care for veterans injured in honorable service to our nation, and the department should not turn to wounded warriors’ private insurance to pay for combat injures. Under my Chairmanship, the Veterans’ Affairs Committee will not advance any such legislation,” said Akaka. “

    If you would like to let him know how you feel about this planned mistreatment/abuse of our veterans, you can contact him here:

  4. If you were to live in any Muslim Country you have to abide by there laws and rules. You if you are a woman you have to wear a sheet over your body or a scarf covering your head…you cannot walk, drive or be seen alone unless you are with a “male Relative”. Your rights as woman are…? Is not that the reason many women are murdered b/c of the Honour code of Islam!
    You abide by the laws of the country you are living in! That goes for any person that arrives in this country! If you can’t for whatever reason that ok…just leave!!!!!!

  5. RE the buses. I ride those buses. Disappointing that they are not made in the U.S.A., but if the Canadian manufacturer is a union shop, I know those workers are getting a living wage, whereas a “right-to-work” shop somewhere else, or a sweat shop somewhere, that might not and is not the case, respectively. I do not know if the Canadian company is union or not. Are there home-grown city bus plants in the U.S.A.? I know there are school bus manufacturers here.

    • The bigger dots to connect is that the bleedthrough to Canada of our stimulus money goes along nicely with the shaping of the North American Community…it may be inadvertent in this specific instance, but it still illustrates the “community” already in place…and a siphoning off money that should be going for the creation of American jobs, which is what is supposed to be happening…

      I wonder who builds Greyhound busses? Must check for the hell of it…

      That didn’t take long!

      “Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the sole national provider of intercity bus service in the United States. Its fleet of 2,400 buses carries more than 22.5 million passengers each year over a route system that extends for more than 75,000 miles. Greyhound travels to more than 2,600 destinations, with 18,000 daily departures. In addition to its scheduled passenger services, the company offers charter bus service, express package service through Greyhound Package Express, and food service at some of its terminals. Greyhound is also involved in cross-border bus service through joint ventures with Mexican transportation companies. In March 1999 the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Laidlaw Inc., a Canadian firm involved in bus transportation through its ownership of Greyhound Canada Transportation Corp., which was subsequently merged into Greyhound Lines.

      The bus company that became Greyhound was founded in 1913 by Carl Earl Wickman. Wickman was an immigrant who settled in Hibbing, Minnesota, because the weather there reminded him of his native Sweden. Wickman’s first ambition was to be a car salesman, but when he could not sell a single seven-passenger ‘Hupmobile’ he founded the first U.S. bus company.”

      OH, and they just bought a bunch of VOLVOs….

      So much for THAT “American Icon”….

      • OMG, IA – I should have stayed in bed. Got up to get a cup of tea and couldn’t pass the computer without checking to see what you were doing.

        I hope I’m never in the position to have to ride a Greyhound again. NAU here we come for sure.

        Back to bed for me – see you soon.

  6. Here is an update that I just saw…i’d like to think the uproar really had an effect. Bu tI wouldn’t be sure. It was surely a Distraction.
    Obama Drops Controversial Health Care Plan for Wounded Veterans
    FOXNews – ‎3 hours ago‎
    “President Obama will not advance a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs for the treatment of troops injured in service.”

  7. Excellent news, a victory by a vocal group,….
    Now if the rest of us can raise hell when the healthcare juggernaut comes at us…

    Thanks, Leslie!

  8. Did you guys check this out at Logistics Monster?

    It’s a wonderful story about service members that have taken an oath to protect America, no matter what, against those that would destroy the Constitution.

  9. Playing the “snow bird” — I’m now in N.M.

    We’ve seen hundreds train auto carriers — just sitting empty — going nowhere in the NM desert.

    I was complaining to my husband how his family on the east coast has been to Europe SEVERAL times — but never bothered to see the USA.

    People fly OVER the country but don’t bother (or have the time) to see the country.

    Flying — yep — not much of a change at all — apparently the TSA Gestapo at the airports will be harassing Paying air travlers even more then they already are. People will be pull out of line “randomly” to be harassed.

    Generally the idiots doing this work are ignorant and probably have a low IQ — or lack common sense.

    /end rant

    I love New Mexico — it’s been years since I’ve been here and it is really a special place.

    (Funny — but apparently a large number of Americans don’t realize that NEW Mexico is a State of the USA. I tell people that I’m going to NEW Mexico and they think I’m going to Mexico (the country.)

  10. NWRain…where did you see those trains? I’ve followed the line in out along Route 54 awhile back…

    Yes, NM is often confused with Mexico….

    How far south are you traveling?

    • We saw the auto carrier cars along Rt. 10 — west of Deming. I was amazed to see so much equipment sitting idle.

      We are staying north of the border — we are north of Deming — near Silver City and plan to tour the Carlsbad caverns etc. before visiting the Indian ruins in the northern part of the state.

  11. The Islamic Banks. Instead of charging “interest” they charge a “fee” not called interest that is equivalent to the interest. Now having said that, they are much more conservative in their non-lending lending practices and take much lower risks. Therefore, they are well capitalized and are not speculative. However, I do not know the restrictions of lending practices in regards to gender or people of other religions. overall.
    There are also “Christian” banks. There are Christian banks and Credit Unions.

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