The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the North American Union: A Layman’s Overview of the Coming New World Order

~~By Grail Guardian

As a follow-up to American Lassie’s excellent article last week I have expanded on a comment I made. As I stated then, I had just listened to a Blog Talk Radio show that had our good friend Diamond Tiger (from Logistics Monster) as the featured guest; use the link to the archive in the post. It’s well worth the listen! I also strongly recommend you check out this piece linking to clips from the movie Zeitgeist for an overview of the ties between today’s political climate and the events of the past. (Wikipedia notes that the term “Zeitgeist” refers to the ethos of an identified group of people that expresses a prevalent world view at a particular period of socio-cultural progression.) But one of the most important points Diamond brought out in the interview is that Barack Obama was chosen (and one could even argue created) by TPTB (The Powers That Be) as a distraction. We spend so much time focusing on his being a usurper and his buffoonery that we don’t watch what’s happening “over here”. She is 100% right, and I applaud her along with everyone at InsightAnalytical for not falling for the distraction. This excellent research is exactly what TPTB are hoping no one does.

I am convinced that Citibank is a huge player in this, and I was struck by their volte face last week (going from being nationalized to turning a profit in just about 2 weeks). Following the money will show just how much fiat currency is mixing and mingling between the 3 members of the proposed North American Union, and I predict that you will continue to see Citi mentioned in small bits buried in obscure places. Of course, Citibank (aka Citigroup, or just plain Citi) is the current rendition of National City Bank of New York (one of the early players in the Federal Reserve System originally run by protégés of John Jacob Astor), so we’re back to the same group of bankers doing the same thing they always do: pushing for global domination in an indirect way.

The plan is to take everything over quietly while they distract us with the Obama show, and by the time we realize what’s happened,  it will be too late. Our banks will be owned by Canada; our real estate will be owned by China; our jobs will be owned by Mexico, India, and Indonesia; and our souls will be owned by the central banks. We will have glass tracking chips implanted under our skin in the name of “National Security”; we will have video cameras recording every moment of every day in public and in private (think about the more than 10,000 public cameras located throughout London;  not to mention the way that webcams are now being built into every new laptop PC and will soon be standard equipment);  each mouse click or keystroke on our computers will be tracked by software that’s been perfected over the past few years disguised as viruses and spyware,;  our mileage will be monitored and regulated electronically via GPS systems built into our vehicles (why else would the government buy the automakers?);  our guns and ammunition will be monitored and eventually the attempt will be made to take them away (although I am convinced that this will fail and likely be their downfall–America will not give up her firearms or Second Amendment rights); and how many Americans will be caught playing with their Obama “Yes, we can” messages on cell phones and Ipods when the civilian police force comes knocking at our doors?

The real message to remember here is one I must again attribute to Diamond Tiger (and of course the late, great Douglas Adams):

Don’t Panic. clip_image001

[For those of you unfamiliar with this classic, I highly recommend listening to the original BBC radio version in a darkened room with surround sound!] at:

That’s what will set us apart from the masses, and if we spread the word far and well enough, it might be what averts the pending disaster TPTB have planned for us. So in the style of H2H2, just remember a few basic points:

1. Nothing is what it appears to be. If something draws your attention left, look to the right for the real story.

2. “Zaphod Beeblebrox” Obama is just the dancing hot dog that’s there to entertain and divert you until the real show starts.

3. Don’t believe the media about how bad things are. They’ve been lying to us for years; why would they stop now?

4. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Be sure you and your family are prepared for whatever might happen. And don’t forget to bring a towel.*

5. You are not alone. No matter how much the Oborg tries to convince us otherwise, there are way more than a dozen PUMAs that are worried about America’s future. Hell, there are way more than a dozen countries that are worried about America’s future!

6. We are Americans. We will come through this, one way or another. That’s what we do.


*From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have”

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  1. Enjoyed your post. It’s important to point out, though, that the video cams built into Macs cannot be used as you describe, fortunately, but I can’t speak for PCs. Macs come with an app called Activity Monitor that displays every process that’s going on at any moment. If a process were attempting to access the cam, it’d be easy enough to detect it.

    As for the rest, all too plausible. This is a good documentary:

    The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

    • Ron,

      As is usually the case, PCs will allow many things to occur in the background without the user’s knowledge that a MAC will not. Webcams are one of them. Of course there is software available to monitor systems as you describe, but the typical PC user wouldn’t even think about that possibility. And the issue is worse with Microsoft operating systems, especially Windows Vista (which likes to do just about everything without the user having much control, except for the silly interaction messages which no one understands).

      Computer savvy people will not have a problem – it’s the masses that are influenced by the MSM that I’m worried about…

    • Grail I just watched the Obama Deception last night. I too, was planning to recommend it today.
      It is nearly 2 hours long, but well worth the time.
      I’m glad

      • I hit a key accidentally and ended up posting before I closed.
        I was going to say I was gald you also mentioned Zeitgeist. That brilliant nephew I have mentioned here before, had sent me to Zeitgeist nearly a year ago. After last night, and remembering Zeitgeist, I think more people need to see these.
        But they will simply say we are “crazy conspiracy” folks, and walk right into the maelstrom.

  2. MORE from on how Citi execs benefitted, too!

  3. Great piece Grail! More and more Americans are waking up every day, and if pieces like yours were in the MSM we would have so many converts we could truly rejoice. I firmly believe that as word gets out about what is really planned down the road for our country America is going to say ENOUGH ALREADY.

    With the exposing of their plans on this blog, Logistics Monster, and others like them , TPTB will see that they have more opposition than they dreamed of.

    Do you suppose that is why they are moving so fast? They must be afraid that Obama will go the way of their other president, Jimmy Carter, so they are throwing everything – including the kitchen sink into the battle.

    They know that most Americans are either working all day trying to keep up with the game of life, or they’re working all day at trying to find a job to get back into the game of life. Their strategy is hit ’em while they’re down, because if we allow them to get back up, we’re goners.

    Won’t work this time fellers – we’re on to you.

    And thanks to you, too, IA. You should pass out prozac along with these little bail-out tips. I like to keep up with everything that is happening, but sometimes my brain thinks it’s going to explode. I’m taking a cold at the present time, so that doesn’t help. Unfortunately with my immune system what it is, I pick up everything.

    • Lee,

      They are moving this fast because they know their product Barack Obama has a finite shelf life, and they want to slam as much crap through as possible before they move on to their product Joe Biden. Also, it keeps us off balance if’re we’re getting dizzy from the speed of the “show”.

  4. P.S. To all – – HAPPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY

    ’tis said that St.Patrick rid Ireland of the snakes. Some historians debunk this, but I prefer to believe it. At least I know that he rid the land of a lot of 2 legged snakes. As you know, St. Patrick was actually an Englishman who was held prisoner for a long time by the English who ruled Ireland at that time.

    It is my understanding that he was just a boy at the time and he was incarcerated in a religious establishment where the priests took him under their wing and it is thus he became to believe their faith. After his release by the British and his return to England (this is mostly hand me down lore, so if not historically correct, forgive me) he decided to convert and returned to Ireland to see what he could do for the land that he had come to love.

    Wouldn’t it be grand if His Holiness would send his spirit down to us and rid America of the two legged snakes that are trying to ruin us?

  5. If St Patrick were to rid this country of 2 legged snakes Washington D.C. would be empty of nearly all the politicians. And we’d be better off without the plotting, pilfering, pinheads.

    Thanks for another great article Grail. If the MSM had half the talent and integrity of bloggers like you this country wouldn’t be in such sad shape. And Oblahblah wouldn’t have his skinny butt in the Oval Office.

    Not that he spends much time there anyway. I hear he’s to be on Leno tonight. Another must miss for me. No problem though because I don’t like Leno or Letterman anyway. If their talent was anything the size of their egos, especially Letterman, they might be worth watching. Ergo, I don’t.

  6. My celebration of green is to move a mum, plant a couple of artichokes….then to the doc, then chess tonight…

    Have stuff for tomorrow but don’t know if I’ll have the time to get it up…but will try!!

  7. OH, we’re perilously close to 175,000….

  8. Bernanke May Need to Ramp Up Fed’s Asset Purchases (Update2)

    March 17 (Bloomberg) — Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Federal Reserve policy makers may have to ramp up their purchases of mortgage securities and other assets after the economy and job market deteriorated further since they last met.

    The Federal Open Market Committee, gathering today and tomorrow in Washington, needs to redouble its efforts after the central bank’s balance sheet shrank 17 percent from a $2.3 trillion December peak, Fed watchers said. The retreat came even as Bernanke acknowledged the chance that the unemployment rate will exceed 10 percent for the first time in a quarter century.

    “It takes massive balance-sheet expansion to generate significant easing in financial conditions,” said Andrew Tilton, an economist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in New York who used to work at the Treasury. “More needs to be done.”


    …and I mean, MORE MORE MORE

    • Huh. You mean they actually are starting to realize that just throwing obscene amounts of money at uber rich corporate executives and leaving Main St. twisting in the wind is not an actual solution? Will wonders never cease.

    we will survive this.that’s what we AMERICANS do best.!!!!..



  11. Many mahalos IA! Thanks for the lovely words and the “don’t panic” theme!!

    Congratulations on your new mark!!!

  12. What a great post, Grail! I want to print the basic points and hang them above my computer!!!

    These are strange times…..I am thankful to you all who research and report so that our brains can get around just some of the info!

  13. Waves to ((GG))
    Excellent post. REad it yesterday, and had to come back today to absorb it fully. Truly fightening, but it’s not only the U.S. that loses it’s sovereignity, it’s all the other people, in all the other countries that have been kept in the dark. It’s all ;those lowly little taxpayers.
    P.S. I love Guide to the Galaxy….who knew?.

  14. *waving to HT!*

    Yes, that is the downside. All the people lose (except the ultra rich ones), and all the nations lose their sovereignty.But we get to worship at the altar of the corporate gods in return.

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide in many ways parallels our current situation, but mostly I love it because the original was what radio was designed to be! It let’s the imagination soar, and no Hollywood producer can come up with a better image of Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ford Prefect, or Marvin the computer than I can in my mind. Not even the ones that created Obama.

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