Left and Right and Silly

~~By Kenosha Marge

I admit freely, openly and honestly that for many years I voted a straight Democrat ticket. I admit freely, openly and honestly that for many years I was a nitwit for doing that. I didn’t research and I didn’t even care all that much about investigating whether the person who got my silly vote so easily was worthy. If it breathed and had a “D” after it’s name, it got my vote. Come on admit it, most of you did the same thing.

Now all those years and silly votes later I am appalled at my lack of integrity. How can someone, anyone treat their precious right to vote so cavalierly? How could I? I hang my head in shame.

Like many of the left I pooh-poohed the sight of voters in Iraq proudly showing their “purple” fingers. They displayed their “purple” fingers proudly and courageously. Because I was so partisan and loathed George Bush I missed something very important. Among all the death and destruction a good thing happened. Just because I hated the war and those that supported it was no reason to dismiss the joy those people felt because they were finally allowed to vote. Did they all vote intelligently? Do we? They dodged gunfire and the real fear of death to vote. Many Americans stay home if it rains. I am ashamed that my partisanship made me dismiss that pride and courage.

I was a person who had always prided myself on being a good citizen because I always voted. Now I see myself as no better than those that didn’t vote. They might have been lazy, but I was stupid. Sadly there are a lot of voters, left and right that do the same thing I always did. Sadly they haven’t seen the light. If it lives and breathes and spouts the correct talking points and has the “right” as in correct consonant after their name, they’ll vote for he/she/it. Isn’t it amazing how easily satisfied we have become about the people that are supposed to represent us?

The newly smarter me now looks at actions instead of words and deeds instead of the doer. And guess what? There are many times when I would not vote for the Democrat. The first time I came to that conclusion I was totally goshwoggled. How could I have been so blind? Kinda like many people feel once the honeymoon is over.

Having decided in my old age to take off the partisan blindfold I discovered a world of things I had not acknowledged as worthy. If all worthiness is in my party then your party is unworthy. Had I ever trimmed all the rhetoric and high-flying phrases down to that simplicity I might have noticed what a nitwit I was far sooner. I must admit that the words “ better late than never” don’t sound so good to me right now. As we used to say back in my day, it sounds like a cop-out.

I also should have noticed far sooner that are media is no longer made up of the same kind of people we had when I first started watching the news with my parents. It is no longer a “Chet and David” media world.

I always suspected that most politicians, even a Democrat or two, lied occasionally. It didn’t occur to me that people in the business of informing the people did the same thing. People who had their own little section of the Constitution wouldn’t be so crass. Would they? Are they? Damn.

The majority of the print media as well as those that infest our airwaves and television screens are people with little or no integrity. They “spin” the news to make it say what their corporate bosses want it to say and then collect giant paychecks for being liars. Prostitutes give more bang for the buck than presstitutes. They have a higher customer satisfaction rate too I suspect.

One of the sleaziest of these overpaid slugs, by the name of Olbermann, has one of the lower ranked and rated programs on cable news. Olbermann is consistently beaten and beaten badly night after bloviating night in the ratings. This would seem to say that his bosses–that would be GE–are willing to pay this cretin enormous amounts of money to lie, spin, twist, and distort the news for public consumption and to hell with ratings. I am happy to report that the cretinous Tweety Matthews has even lower ratings..

I admit to having watched Olbermann for a while. His shtick grew old very quickly. He did bash Bush when few others were willing to do that. He also made a nightly habit of beating up on some dimwitted or demented female personality. What was with that, I wondered. Time came to prove that is was because the man is a rampant misogynist. Probably has a small or inactive weenie too. That he uses Murrow’s tagline is repulsive.

Now that I have finally opened my eyes and looked around I find that there is very little differences in the two major parties. They both pander shamelessly to their base, they both promise the moon and deliver a pizza, and they are both corrupt. Their issues may at times seem polar opposite but in the end they are alike in that all they truly care about is getting rich, getting power, and getting re-elected.

Common sense, which I once thought I had should have made me see the error of my ways long before I did. The Democratic Party had to show such corruption that I could no longer ignore it before I admitted the truth to myself. None of us likes admitting that we are/were wrong.

As a resident of the great state of Wisconsin I should have been more aware. We after all have foisted men like Joe McCarthy on the public. We have also gifted them with the likes of William Proxmire. Seems almost schizophrenic doesn’t it?

We carry through on that tradition to this day. Our two “Democratic” Senators, Feingold and Kohl both have a “D” after their name. One really does represent all those old-fashioned democratic ideals that I have believed in and thought I was voting for all these years. The other? Not so much. I am proud to have voted for Russ Feingold and equally proud to have voted against Herb Kohl. Both these actions are now done with both eyes wide open and without a partisan blindfold in sight. I even find myself agreeing with my Republican Congresscritter Paul Ryan now and again. Imagine that. A short time ago I couldn’t have.


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20 Responses

  1. So what is the answer to this? Most people are in it for themselves..and if we don’t fell comfortable we don’t vote? Give me the good old days..when politicians were in it for themselves ..but took care of the people. Is there any truth to the fact that congress has their pensions in AIG and that is why they get bailed out?

    • I hadn’t heard that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was part of it. The main reason we bailed out AIG is that they insure nearly all of the European banks, and if we had let them fail the European Union would have failed immediately thereafter.

  2. Marge,

    We here at Partisans Anonymous understand your pain and embarrassment over your past voting record, but we are here to help! You can learn how to identify when a politician is crooked (s/he has a D or R after their name), when they are lying (their lips are moving, or Obama’s are), and we can even show you how to re-oxygenate the room after a politician enters (bring Sarah Palin).

    Yes, we at Partisans Anonymous are all experienced former Democrats and Republicans that not only understand your pain, we have lived it! Membership is easy – simply disavow the idiocy of existing political parties and you’re in! Learn how to be a fully functional American, how to understand and defend the Constitution, an never be embarrassed about your vote again!

  3. I’ve learned my partisan lesson well Betty and Grail.

    Of course I will continue to vote. But I will vote for the best of the worst and then watch them like a hawk If they don’t perform, they won’t get my vote again and I will work and speak actively against them.

    Politicians need to be informed, by large numbers of us that business as usual, as in party-line votes are a thing of the past. PUMA!

  4. I am a recovering Democrat, although I’ve never yet been to a meeting of Partisans Anonymous. I followed/continue to follow a 12-step program:

    1. Acknowledged my addiction to the “D” and accepted responsibility (voted in first election in 1972; that and all subsequent elections always always always mindlessly and blindly voted “D”)
    2. Called my local Department of Elections
    3. Requested a new Voter’s Registration Form
    4. Completed the form, checking the “Decline To State” affiliation box (aka Independent)
    5. Mailed the form back to the DoE
    6. In the recent election, voted for McCain/Palin (R)
    7. In the recent election, did not vote for Pelosi (D)
    8. Have opened honest and respectful dialogue with Republicans
    9. Support those officials who best reflect my values, regardless of what letter they have after their name
    10. Support those organizations that best reflect my values, such as 51% and The New Agenda
    11. Speak out against the ineptitude and criminality of the current administration and congress no matter the resulting loss of friends
    12. Am no longer afraid to state, loud and clear, “I’m an Independent and I’m proud!”

  5. I am not only not afraid to state, loud and clear, “I’m an Independent and I’m proud!” I shout it from the rooftops. I don’t care if they are from the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, The Green Party or a Tupperware Party, I will vote for the person I believe is the best choice for this country.

    No damn politicial party will ever again come between what I believe is right and what I believe is right for this country.

    The “D”s and the “R”s have shown us by their arrogance and their corruption that if we support them blindly out of some silly “team” spirit or dimwitted sense of “loyalty” that the people and the country will suffer.

    Thanks for the input SFindie. And the link

  6. Oops link for Tax Day Tea Party appears to be broken. Here’s another:


  7. HI Marge, great post. You’ve read the minds of many people and put the results in writing better than we could have.

    May 31st, 2008, was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. After many years of being a registered Democrat (a family tradition) I changed my registration to Independent. When I was growing up I remember people saying, when they disagreed with the established position on anything – “I’m just as independent as a hog on ice” Now I still don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m still that independent.

    Never again will I take what any politician has to say at face value. If they tell me it’s raining, and I’m standing there getting sopping wet, I’ll still question it.

    Even with the crap that was going on during the primaries, I still gave some of them the benefit of the doubt. NO MORE! The day of reckoning has come, and I’ve got two on my list already that I have begun the attack against.(In my state, that is) There are numerous ones around the country that need to go. I frankly think we should clean house and start all over again, but I guess that isn’t possible. We’ve seen, by Obama’s actions, that it can’t all be done at once. But unlike him, we have right on our side.

    • Lee,

      We can clean house and start from scratch! We have the opportunity in 2010 with the midterms, when the entire House is up for re-election. All we need to do is convince everyone we meet that Congress is loaded with a bunch of stinking crooks, and voting for an incumbent (any incumbent) is a guarantee to spend more tax $$ like a drunken sailor!

      It is do-able! Everyone is totally disgusted with Congress right now. All we need to do is tell them what to do with that anger!

      • You’re right Grail. I just got back from running an errand, and while I was waiting for my son to bring the car around at the shopping center, I was amazed at the people who stopped to talk to me. I haven’t gotten out much the past few weeks and I guess standing there leaning on my walker the curious (small town, old people clinging to their Bibles and guns) wanted to chat. Can you believe it was all about the same thing? The giveaway of our tax money. Some of them were my former clients, so the subject came up naturally. I grabbed the opportunity to educate as many people as I could. For most it was surprisingly easy to do. Just about everybody you see has been affected by this in one way or another. The two on my list that I want rid of? I’ll bet their ears were burning for sure. I really enjoyed it. I’m going to go out shopping more often, now that the weather is better. And not just on shopping trips – but everywhere I go I’m going to spout my piece – whether it’s what they want to hear or not. It really feels good to say face to face to people what I’ve been saying on the blogs. I think you’re right. All we need to do is tell them what to do with that anger. They’re for the most part loyal Americans just like us, and even if some of them strayed for a short time, they’re coming around now.

        And it doesn’t hurt that I told them about the BC, and the fact that we couldn’t get our elected officials or the SCOTUS to do the right thing. Sme question all around. Why don’t we know where he came from. Grail, so many people don’t know that part of the story that it makes me sick. Damn the MSM.

  8. Lee,

    I totally believe it! I say if we can’t get people pissed about Obama, Congress makes just as good a target (if not better). Just tell everyone that will listen to vote out the incumbents. It’s a simple as that! Obama can’t do much without Congress, and if he tries, the new legeslators might be more willing to toss him out for being a usurper.

  9. legislators – fat fingers

  10. And tell everyone to work for term limits. That is something that could keep some of these “powerful” representatives from being so “powerful”. Also, no elected official should be allowed to have better medical coverage or retirement funds than the citizens they represent. If the country can’t afford it for all citizens then it shouldn’t provide it for these bloated, corrupt asshats. They work for us, not vice-versa!

  11. AMEN, MARGE.

  12. And so, it is time for a new political party, the American Party, that represents Americans who are moderate, thoughtful and forward leaning. And I do not feel ashamed or remorse in any way to say that I have not voted for a president since 1968….Hubert Humprhrey. I’m afraid I can’t vote for the lesser of two evils…that’s a sad choice. It’s time for a political party revolution!

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