A Giant White Rabbit in Britain Reminds Us How “Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead”…

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

I did not watch Obama’s gig last night before Congress, but the TV was on in the other room for a few moments and I heard lots of applause coming in waves.  As I walked through the room I caught a glimpse of Biden and Pelosi sitting like self-satisfied fat cats and saw Mr. Hopey Dopey up there orating, sans the stern, serious scowl.  Pundits seem to be saying that Bill Clinton must have convinced The One to stop the gloom and doom and it seemed like Obama was bouncing around and pumping out a sales pitch that one panel member on Hannity’s Great American Panel called “Reaganesque.”

It bugs the hell out of me to see Clinton all over the tube lately coaching the guy who supposedly had all the answers and the “best” campaign evah!

I have to say that the ultimate for me was seeing Jared Osmond, a lesser Osmond singer, opining on Hannity’s Great American Panel.  Where did they dig him up? And Caroline Heldman of Obama’s Occidental College, who seems to be around a lot today on FOX these days, says that all this spending is not a “socialist move” (nobody had even brought that suggestion up, why was she so defensive?).  Later she said that the speech would improve consumer confidence and that she hopes that “people who have good jobs will go out and eat twice a week instead of once a week”—doesn’t that sound like SPEND SPEND SPEND a la George W. Bush??

I’d also like to know why FOX chose to repeat the speech after Hannity and crew got off the air.  Seems so UN-Foxlike, doesn’t it?

And I was pretty peeved when I heard that the pilot who got that plane down safely in the Hudson River,  Chesley B. Sullenburger III, was trotted out.  OK, I know that he’s on the cover of People Magazine and was chatting with a committee on Capitol Hill yesterday.and has been in the spotlight…but, this guy trained for years and was a fighter pilot  and to see Sullenburger  used (and apparently liking it) by Obama the fraud, who has no real accomplishments and a hidden past, really ticked me off (this contrast was discussed in piece at  The Confluence at the time of the incident compared the pilot’s experience to Obama’s “flash to fame” based on zip and not in a nice way).

Frankly, so many people are so blinded by this con artist, courtesy of the media and the Obama PR machine (which Bill Clinton is now part of) that it is mind boggling.  It amazes me, but it shouldn’t since the setup has been so complete and the media has been so complicit.

I happened to find this story from Britain just after listening to this drivel and it got the “association” center of my brain rolling immediately.

Two police officers given run-around by giant white rabbit

Two police officers were given the run-around for 20 minutes in a low-speed pursuit of a giant white rabbit on the loose in a town centre.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent

Two police officers were given the run-around for 20 minutes in a low-speed pursuit of a giant white rabbit on the loose in a town centre.

Pcs Matt Jackson and Yasmin Mossadegh, of Kent Police, came across the two-foot long, 20lbs animal – the size of a small dog – hopping along a road in Canterbury at 2.20am on Sunday.

They admitted that at first it seemed like “something out of Alice in Wonderland”. But detaining the albino rabbit before it caused an accident proved to be more of a handful than they first thought.


The sight of that huge white rabbit and the reference to “Alice in Wonderland” lead me to the inevitable:

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she’s ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you’re going to fall
Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Recall Alice
When she was just small

When men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow
Go ask Alice
I think she’ll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen’s “off with her head!”
Remember what the dormouse said;

Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead”

Can’t say it any better…

15 Responses

  1. Was the giant white rabbit’s name “Harvery” by any chance? If it was he was probably just looking for the nearest pub.

  2. Good start to this day, ia. I, too, am sick of Clinton shilling for Obama.

    Loved the white rabbit and Airplane lyrics.

  3. ROFL, Marge! Snap!

    I stopped in to visit Dad last night and he had the Bestest State of the Union after 1 Month in Office Evah on the Tee Vee, so I did catch some of it. Here’s a summary for those of you who were luck enough to miss it:

    Blah, Blah
    Spending money on Education will help the economy
    Blah, Blah, Blah,Blah
    If you earn less then $250,000 your taxes won’t go up “one dime” (perhaps several thousand dollars, but not a dime)
    95% of working Americans will get a tax cut (or was it a hair cut?)
    The deficit will be reduced by half
    Blah, Blah
    Everyone “sitting in this room” loves America and wants her to succeed (at which point everyone instantly stood for a standing ovation – I kid you not)

    and in the background was Joe Biden (looking like he was longing for a scotch) and Nancy Pelosi (looking literally like she just had a stroke – she couldn’t control her lower lip from sagging with out conscious effort – time to lay off the botox!!)

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say Mr. Favreau is recycling old campaign speeches.

    • Yeah, it was “YES WE CAN” over again! No terrorists for US!
      Good old American get up and go will solve it all! SHHHH…don’t mention Porkulus…

  4. I only watched part of his Oliness’s 3000th campaign speech since he started visiting the Oval Office on the days when he isn’t restless and tired of being in the White House. In order to watch the complete thing I would need to get a much stronger anti-nausea medication.

    For the rest of the night I simply watched most of last week’s repeat of “Leverage” which led into the second part just in time for me to miss all the Pundidiots telling us how awesome his Oliness was.

    Jindal disappointed big time! If he’s the hope of the GOP then we’re gonna be stuck with the Obamaphony for 8 long years.

  5. Hey Marge,

    I thought about Jimmy Stewart and Harvey also. Many times during the past 2 years Harvey would have been a good companion.

    I agree with you about Jindal. They should have had Michael Steele give the rebuttal. If Bobby Jindal is the best they can do, you’re right, it’s lights out for the Republicans. And I’m sick and tired of Bobbies, Jimmies, Timmys, etc. Let’s get some grown up names in there. People who aspire to political office should at least pretend to be grown up.

    Thanks, IA, for the story on the white rabbit. If I’d met that going down the highway in the dark, I would have been looking up into the trees for the Cheshire Cat.

    I watched a little of the speech, but I couldn’t stand the sight of Prancy Pelosi hopping up and down and clapping her hands. I expected at any minute to see her go into a song and dance routine.

    The words of Jefferson Airplane are very apt.

  6. I didn’t watch the liberator…nor do I think that I missed anything. No need to agitate myself any further. I will say that I was out for the night..dinner/dancing. At the bar two tv’s are always turned on. At 8:30..tv’s turned off..and were not turned on again..we left at 10PM. Message there?
    The question is…what do I do with the rest of my life in any kind of political party? I am interested and did contact the republican party about a meeting. Seems their regular meeting for now is just for fun. The speaker …four realtors in a round table discussion. While I know that the housing problem is huge..I really don’t want to hear a realtor speak about housing…and I don’t want to go for fun. So I remain displaced. Any thoughts?

  7. I am thinking about writing my own “Declaration of an Independent” Betty. Because right now I couldn’t with any degree of enthusiasm support either of our dysfunctional, dishonest, disloyal parties. Disloyal because they don’t care nearly as much about their country as they do about their party.

    I intend to support any candidate from any party that at least shows some semblance of integrity. Yes, it will be a long search. I am definitely feeling all Diogenesy these days.;)

  8. Quote: ‘And I was pretty peeved when I heard that the pilot who got that plane down safely in the Hudson River, Chesley B. Sullenburger III, was trotted out. OK, I know that he’s on the cover of People Magazine and was chatting with a committee on Capitol Hill yesterday…but, this guy trained for years and was a fighter pilot…and to see him used (and apparently liking it) by Obama the fraud, with no real accomplishments and a hidden past, really ticked me off. ‘ Unquote —- Posted on February 25, 2009 by insightanalytical

    I must say, that I beg to differ on the comment you made regarding Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s lack of accomplishments. I’d say that saving the lives of 155 people is quite an accomplishment. May I ask you, how many lives you’ve saved in your lifetime, much less in one day? Of course Captain Sullenberger has experience. He was not only a fighter pilot, he graduated First in his class at the Air Force Academy. I would say that is quite an accomplishment as well. Thank God he was paying attention when he was going through all the many years of training, & that he was in the right plae, at the right time that fateful day. If that hadn’t been the case, then the whole situation could & likely would have had a much different outcome. His training not withstanding, I still am quite impressed with his abilities to carry out his pilot duties under immense pressure. The outcome alone speaks for itself & speaks volumes about the fact that Captain Sullenberger can be counted on when the chips are down, & when the pressure is on .

    Regarding Captain Sullenberger’s appearance on Capitol Hill…Who better to tell the powers that be about the stress, pay cuts & lack of pilots training in the airline industry, than someone who has seen or experienced these dilemas first hand?

    I, for one, say hats off to the crew of flight 1549 & especially to Captain Chesley Sullenberger, In these times of uncertainty, war, struggle, & suffering, he & his selfless actions, as well as those of his crew,are a wonderful example of all that is right in the world. All involved the events that unfolded on January 15, 2009, have given Americans, & well as people around the world a reason to be proud.

    • Smiley Face…

      I was referring to OBAMA’s lack of accomplishments,not Sullenberger’s!!!!!

      (…to see him used (and apparently liking it) by Obama the fraud, with no real accomplishments and a hidden past, really ticked me off.)

      I will clarify if you have a problem the reference back…and there is no issue with testifying before Congress.

      The point was…he has already been the spotlight, but what ticked me off was his appearing during the Obama stage show. And what really ticked me off was that Obama used him, just like Bush used people and others before, for political boosterism. Just a bit disappointed that a man of Sullenberger’s caliber went along with it…the credentials of Sullenberger and his experience contrast with Obama’s negatively, ie, Obama has done SQUAT compared to Sullenberger.

      • Thanks for clearing up the misconception. It could have read either way, & wasn’t sure how it was meant.
        I guess I should have said ‘If you were referring to Captain Sullenberger, then I beg to differ.’ Sorry for the misconception on my part.

        As for feeling that Captain Sullenbergert getting caught up in Obama’s speel, I don’t know that he ‘went along with it’. More to the point, I think he’s just reeling from all the attention, more than anything. He said that he doesn’t perceive himself as a hero. I think he’s just being pulled in so many different directions, that he doesn’t know what to do. Even a strong, calm, cool & collected person has their limits. I say the guy did more than his share of good deeds for the day, so I think the media & all should just let him live in peace. If anyone deserves that much, it’s him.

        Maybe in four years we can say ‘Sullenberger for President.’ I’d sure vote for him! Then again, I would think he’s had more than his share of headaches, so he probably wouldn’t be interested in that job.

        Lastly, I don’t care how many times I hear the tapes of flight 1549, I just have to shake my head every time. Captain Sullenberger sounds so calm. It’s like ‘Oh well. It’s simply another day at the office.’ If that were me, I think I would have been loading my drawers in a situation like that! I know it’s what he trained for all those years. Still I have to say…Hats off to Captain Sullenberger & the crew of flight 1549! They’re all really something!

  9. This may be a bit OT, but perhaps not. No white rabbit, though.
    Last night I broke one of my personal rulez. I turned on MSNBHO “just to see” how they were preparing for The One’s “Speech of a Lifetime”.
    Olbermann didn’t disappoint. But Maddow quite surprised me. She mentioned that Obama had announced that we would be in Iraq “longer than the anti-war corwd who voted for him would like”. And that “The Speech” was not going to address this latest in Obama broken promises.
    Olbermann wanted to know why that was an issue!
    Maddow told him ! !

    This is the first time I turned on MSNBHO in nearly a year. And for once, I’m glad I did. Maddow called Teh One on the carpet – so to speak. I wonder how much longer she’ll be employed at MSNBHO.

    I wonder how much hate mail she will have generated by that criticism. (And believe me, she did criticize. )

    That was the start of a good nightm so I turned away from news, and turned on the “Leverage” program on some other independent station. Missed that speech in its entirety. And since I always missed Jr’s (W’s)speeches, I was happy to miss Jr, jr’s speech as well..

    • “nightm” at the end of my comment, should read night, (that’s night followed by a comma). Bad typist.

      • Bad typist LOL!@ But thanks for the great update on MSNBC which I haven’t turned on in ages!!!

        And yes..we’ are trying out the nesting sort of thread so you can reply directly to comments!!
        And I finally got the “auto” post for previous posters working!!

      • GRL – I love it! Great format changes!!! Thanks!

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