The SCANNER–International/Political Edition, 2/24/09 (Which Deficit is Obama “Halving”?; Canada Rubs U.S. Nose into Its Stable Banking System; GM/Chrysler Beg for Bailout Help in Canada, Too; Half of Foreign Criminals in Canada Are Fleeing to the U.S. [???])

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

I heard a clip of The One yesterday talking about cutting that deficit on the news as I drove around town.

Obama said that he would halve the deficit….THAT HE HAD INHERITED.

Of course, the typical headline reads:

Obama pledges to halve budget deficit by 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama pledged on Monday to cut the ballooning U.S. budget deficit by half in the next four years and said the country would face another economic crisis if it did not address its debt problems soon.

Oh, this Reuters story finally gets to the real point, 6 paragraphs into the report, out there in the area which usually gets cut from local papers picking up the story.

“We cannot and will not sustain deficits like these without end,” he said. “Today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office.”

Frankly I”m surprised the clip I heard on the radio even got aired…but I guess that most people driving around might be busy on the phone, talking to someone else in the car, or too busy drinking a Slurpee to really notice the magic words “deficit we inherited.”  And by the time they hit the TV “news”–well, I bet somehow those magic words will be buried in pictures and glowing reports. Since I don’t watch TV news, I don’t know if that forceful pledge will be played in full or if it will be truncated to just the first part of the statement and the “inherited” bit fades into the ether.  I guess it won’t matter in the long run, since it will go down the memory hole, unless some Republican decides to dust it off someday.

I do have a question, oh Messiah:  When do you cut the deficits YOU are creating by a half??


While we here in the USA wallow in this muck, the folks in Canada are trying hard not to smirk. Yesterday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was visiting touting the financial stability of Canada’s banking industry. From The Toronto Star:

PM praises Canada’s financial sector on U.S. TV

Feb 23, 2009 12:53 PM

Ottawa bureau chief

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper hit the Big Apple today — the heart of America’s economic meltdown — to boast about Canada’s stable banking system, warn against trade protectionism and note the insatiable appetite for oil south of the border.


The prime minister sang the praises of Canada’s prudent banking and financial system, which he said can be attributed to “activist” regulation by Ottawa.

“We’re helped by the fact we have six major banks, three major insurance companies so it’s easier for the government to exercise moral suasion on the sector,” Harper said.

He said that Canada, while hit by the economic downturn, hasn’t suffered a meltdown of the financial sector or the mortgage foreclosures that have hit the U.S. economy so hard.

“We haven’t had to bail out any of our financial institutions,” Harper said. “There will be no government bailout of mortgages in Canada.”


But, it seems that Canada may not get off entirely scott-free of demands for government cash.  Guess who’s asking for help?

GM, Chrysler ask for billions in Canadian aid

General Motors has outlined a restructuring plan that would cut its Canadian workforce to 7,000 and seek as much as $7 billion from the federal and Ontario governments, while Chrysler is requesting around $2.8 billion in aid.

GM didn’t specify how much it will ask for, but Reuters quoted federal Industry Minister Tony Clement as saying the company is asking for between $6 and $7 billion.


The Canadian government doesn’t seem to want to bailout CAW pensions…time will tell.


I get a news summary from Radio Canada International every day (most of the news comes from the CBC) and noticed this short squib about how foreign criminals are heading out of Canada to the U.S.

2/22/07  10:37 PM


A new report to Canada’s government suggests that many foreign criminals might be fleeing abroad, mainly to the United States. It’s believed that about two thousand foreign criminals are hiding in Canada.  But a squad of special border police found that almost half of the criminals being tracked had left the country.  Last year, the auditor general criticized the agency for the large number of missing people.  There are concerns that the list of high-priority cases maintained by the Canada Border Services Agency is out of date.  The agency is responsible for deporting unwanted foreigners.  It has 1,973 priority cases for whom removal warrants have been issued.  The Agency removes about 12,000 people from Canada each year.  About 13 per cent are classified as criminals.  Three out of four of them are failed refugee claimants.

If you follow the link, you’ll get the current day’s news.  The funny thing is, however, the day I searched for this story, it wasn’t there. In fact, of all the story summaries I received in the RCI newsletter, this story about foreign criminals was the ONLY story that wasn’t up at the site.

The question is: WHY??

The bigger question is: WHO are these “foreign criminals,” how successful is the U.S. in finding them…and WHAT are they up to here in the U.S.?


By the way, the RCI site has extensive information on how to relocate to Canada, in case you want to get out of the U.S. (Scroll down a bit down the page to get to the information.)    Maybe if I were younger…

7 Responses

  1. Anybody want to make a bet on the ethnicity of those criminals? Ooooooh – what a racist I must be! Guess what PC types? I don’t care if you call me racist anymore! Yes, I now believe in ethnic profiling, and it’s for a sound reason. It’s been quite a few years since Japan sent any suicide bombers to the US (they prefer to conquer us financially), and even throughout the Cold War the former USSR wasn’t into blowing themselves up along with us. There is only one group that has chosen to attack Americans by killing themselves in the bargain, and there is no more dangerous enemy than Muslims.

    I did not say radical Muslims, because the silence of the entire Muslim community following barbaric acts has led me to understand that there is no such creature as a moderate Muslim.

    The reason the article disappeared is that the Canadians realized they’re better off if the criminals come here of their own accord, and they don’t want it to stop. The aspect our brothers to the north had best consider, however, is that if the Usurper in Chief invites all these Islamic terrorists into the US, they are going to have some pretty nasty neighbors. And as we have learned the hard way, they can slip across that particular border with the greatest of ease.

    Right now Canada and the US are the last ones standing. We need to stand together.

  2. When you have an enemy who has such a low regard for human life (even heir own) you can’t afford to be politically correct. It’s too late after they have detonated their bombs to say “I should have known”. I’m not ashamed to say that I am also a racist. I don’t want to extend the hand of welcome to a group of people that I know would like nothing better than to wipe our country and our way of living off this earth. IMO, racial profiling is one of the most effective tools we could have in our security basket.

    The worst thing we could do is to be seduced by the “North American Community” b.s. that is being touted today. Make us one happy group – U.S., Mexico, and Canada combined for safety, security, and progress? Get off the can, and secure our borders the right way and let other countries do the same. Joint law-enforcement? Joint industry? Joint banking? I hope I never see it in my life time. Joint currency? Amero, anyone? Wake up America and smell the coffee before it is too late. We are being sold a pig-in-a-poke, and even with lipstick , it spells disaster.

  3. Great Post IA. I personally think we all should be looking at what actually happens (the chain of command) when the Usurper is revealed. Doesn’t that throw the whole election out? Who becomes president?

    It’s coming….

  4. From your keyboard to God’s ear, Diamond!

  5. Great point about the “halving” what we “inherited”!!! I was telling my husband about this post and he said he heard it yesterday, too. I’d have been happy if he had just halved the stimulus bill.

  6. I wonder how many heard the “halving what we inherited” as halving the deficit? Because that’s what a lot of media outlets were saying. And halving what “we” inherited is one big hell of a lot different than halving what “we” created.

    It’s so easy for this phony to lie and distort because the few, the very few, who report on his lies and distortions are shoved aside for the ass-kissing slobbering gushers who just can’t praise his Oliness enough.

    I plan to stock up on anti-nausea medications, the supply may well run low for those who haven’t chugged the kool-aid.

  7. […] had a great point about the Fiscal Summit, at which the President said he would “halve the deficit that he […]

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