The Past Week: February 15-21, 2009 (“Efficiency” Experts Michelle and “3-Card Monte” Barack Obama…Michelle’s Legacy at U of Chicago Hospital Under Fire by ER Physicians; Hubby Plans to Halve the Deficit via “Efficiency” (Among Other Things…); Spring Garden Prep!

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

This is going to be an abbreviated roundup as things still are rather hectic here.

We did get this nugget from our Chicago Correspondent Leslie, who heard a radio report on the local NPR station in Chicago on Friday morning (February 20).

Here is what she passed along:

This morning on NPR (usually the voice of BHO), I heard there is a medical group (I didn’t hear the name) accusing
UofC(hicago) Hospital ER of “dumping patients” with limited ability to pay in order to avoid having to treat them.
This report (by NPR) specifically named Michelle Obama for developing the program used by UofC Hosp. These doctors were quite clear that the purpose of the program was not for “more efficient use of the emergency room” but was expressly developed to move poor patients from UofC Hosp.
I found it pretty interesting that this report on NPR in Chicago did not screen the report more closely. I’ll have to listen the rest of the morning for the replay of this report. Let’s see if they even re-air this one item.

Our intrepid correspondent followed up with the link at the NPR site, surprised that it was even there.

Under the City Room “News Briefs” we find the story about how, in what the Vice-President of the American College of Emergency Physicians calls a “highly unusual” move, the group is accusing the U of C of dumping patients. In fact, Dr. Sandra Schneider says she can’t remember any other time the group has “called out” a hospital like this.

Doctors Slam U of C Hospital

The organization singles out the hospital’s Urban Health Initiative, which diverts some patients away from the ER. It’s supposed to make the system more efficient by freeing up ER staff to treat the most urgent cases. But the doctors group likens it to dumping unprofitable patients.

SCHNEIDER: We would ask the university to find ways where it would become good business to take care of all patients, not just those that pay.

The Urban Health Initiative was developed in part by First Lady Michelle Obama when she was an executive at the hospital. A U. of C. spokesman called the doctors’ criticism, quote:”way off-base,” and said the hospital hasn’t cut back on emergency care.

Back on January 12 we posted the news from CC Leslie about how Michelle’s former job was being cut and how one of Barack’s friends was taking over the duties.  So, the legacy of Michelle Obama lives on at University of Chicago’s hospital…
Speaking of  making the system “more efficient.” I write this post, a story has just come up on the Comcast news feed…talk about an eerie “coincidence”…

And, he has vowed to scale back spending and improve government efficiency by eliminating programs that don’t work.


It’s that “EFFICIENCY THING”!!  I wonder if the Obamas stay up nights talking about “efficiency”?
Monday we start the next campaign and start seeing what Obama thinks should be cut.  Meanwhile, the money will be flowing with very little supervision to the states and to his favored recipients.
And I’m wondering…how many seniors on Medicare get thrown under the bus?  How many people on disability???  That would seem to fit in in with the policies left behing by Michelle Obama at U of  C very nicely…
UNREAL!  Audacity, hubris, whatever you want to call it…I call it “3-Card Monte”…(another example of  Obama’s prowess with 3-Card Monte” here.)
This week in the high-desert garden.  Trees are budding out and the daytime temperatures are getting into the 70’s.  This week I pulled up most of the mustard, which has started going to seed. Same with the arugula.  I also harvested a few more sideshoots of broccoli and those plants have been pulled, too.  I still have to prune the grapes and fertilize. The rock squirrels are beginning to spend more time outside; when I look over the wall, I see one with his head poked out of his hole now all the time.  Today, I saw one of the crew on the wall,  near the feeder where I put cracked corn for the doves, so I know the squirrel was out for a sample.  Every year one of the squirrels tries to dig into my raised bed garden and usually they’ve dug out tunnels up to a couple of feet long before I find out about them!  I fill them in and the squirrels come back!  Then, they seem to get discouraged and stop trying. I’m really afraid that someday they will extend their burrows under the walls into the yard!


*By American Lassie

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15 Responses

  1. Halve the budget deficit? Here he comes to save the day….Mighty mobama.

  2. Wow, do you mind if I link to your report about the U of C on NPR? I have been studying the concept of “new localism” that started for me on a post that UW borrowed from RBO and Pundita. Localism seems to be an answer to the fact that we are in a quest for ever-increasing efficiency and the consequences stemming from that quest. It is interesting that your discussion on the deficit reduction pulls that word out of the summary!

    I am blogging, but am very new to it! 🙂 I promise to give you credit for your work!!

  3. Earlier in the week, One said he would “call out” those (governors, mayors, gov’t officials) who squander the $$ given them via the “stimulus” bill. He’s gonna embarrass and humiliate them if they demonstrate indifference or irresponsibility in the management of said $$. I’m all for demanding fiscal responsibility of those who are on the receiving end.

    What about the guys who’ve already misused/abused the dollars (do banks, and auto manufacturers ring a bell?) and handed themselves HUGE bonuses? I guess they don’t call them bonuses any longer. They call them rewards or something for staying on the job.
    (Isn’t that what a salary is?)

    And if He embarrasses the fiscally irresponsible, what then? Do we flog them in the Rose garden? Do they have to publicly skinny dip in the Potomac? Or are these “just words” from the wordiest (TelePrompTer and Jon Favreau notwithstanding) of our Dear Leaders ?

    BTW: The end date of this “new” era of fiscal responsibility is 2013 . Just in time for the 2012 election cycle. . . . (shocker)

    Go to a movie today. Go to three. There are some really good films out there… “Doubt” …”Milk” … “The Reader” … “Wall-e” … “Slumdog …”

    Have a good Sunday.

  4. Leslie…

    I want to see the exact place in writing where all this “fiscal responsibility” will be ENFORCED…!!

    Isn’t Bloomberg (3rd termer, how did NYers go along with that??) going on about how they’re going to have to raise taxes? I heard that people are afraid all the very wealthy will leave the city…You have to wonder if the unrest begins to show then as things in the cities go south….then we have the martial law thing? I know people even like Peter Schiff (who predicted this mess) have “exit big cities” as a way to

  5. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Obama plans to punish you if you don’t take stimulus money (ie, you want welfare recipients to get job training first) but if you do take it, you’d better not spend it on anything on the unapproved list.

    It’s easy to cut the deficit in half if you tripled it beforehand. Bush ran $400 billion deficits before the recession, and Obama has one coming in at about $1.6 trillion. He’s already spent 4 years worth of deficits. He’d have to run a surplus for the next 8 years to meet that imaginary goal.

  6. GAGIRL—by all means, link anything you want!

    And if you have anything to say about the “new localism” write it up and we’ll post it …or we can write it up. It’s a great idea for a post!!! I know there are networks that encourage bartering etc. and I can post a link to one of them!

    I’ve been telling people to “go local” re: banking, etc. to get out of the messed up big financial system as much as possible!!

  7. Why wait? Here’s the link to FREECYCLE…

  8. gagirl,

    I remember a few months ago reading about a study that determined that human beings function most efficiently and happily in groups of 150 or less. It talked about how the whole city concept goes against our instincts and raises our stress levels. It made tons of sense, and I think that after the revolution that will be how things break out. We will return to neighborhoods and villages. The detriments to cities outweigh the benefits.

  9. I tried to “go local” for banking. There is only one “local” bank in my town. All the rest are BoA, Citi, or other large versions of them. The “local” is not easy to access and because it is managed by the former spouse of a very good friend, I am loathe to take my meager funds and my business there. I originally mortgaged my place at a local bank, who then sold it to WF.

    This all reminds me of the movie “Escape from NewYork”. Or maybe it was “BladeRunner”. But the movie was gritty, and grim, and it was laden with the fear and dread that I see/hear reported every day now on the news, NPR and internets.

    Betty, I had that same image ( mighty mouse) in my head. 🙂

  10. “Isn’t Bloomberg (3rd termer, how did NYers go along with that??) going on about how they’re going to have to raise taxes? I heard that people are afraid all the very wealthy will leave the city…You have to wonder if the unrest begins to show then as things in the cities go south….then we have the martial law thing? I know people even like Peter Schiff (who predicted this mess) have “exit big cities” as a way to survive…”

    I wanted to share a link to a Naomi Klein article in The Nation.
    This article, “All of them Must Go”,
    addresses the global protests and the unrest that has precipitated (even) government shutdowns.
    (If you haven’t already, read Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” for an understanding of Milton Friedman’s free market capitalism)

    Sorry for the multiple comments today . . .

  11. There was an article in the Chicago Tribune recently about how U of C Hospital emergency room refused to take a kid who who severely mauled by a dog (his parents had no insurance, if I recall) and was sent to another hospital emergency room.

    Pardon the cut and paste, but it was easier than the link I had available…..

    Neighborhood concerns mount after U. of C. unveils plan to redirect some patients

    By Jason Grotto | Tribune reporter

    When a stray pit bull attacked 12-year-old Dontae Adams last August, tearing a chunk of the boy’s upper lip from his face, his mother took him to the University of Chicago Medical Center. Instead of rushing Dontae into surgery, however, Angela Adams said, the hospital’s staff began pressing her about insurance.

    “I asked them why that should matter. My child’s lip was literally gone,” said Adams, a medical assistant whose only insurance is her son’s Medicaid coverage.

    Adams said she demanded that the medical staff admit Dontae but that they refused. The emergency room staff gave Dontae a tetanus shot, a dose of morphine, prescriptions for antibiotics and Tylenol 3, and told Adams to “follow up with Cook County” in one week, according to medical center documents.

    Panicked, Adams took her son on a bus that night for the hour long journey to John Stroger Hospital. With bloody gauze pressed to the boy’s face, they arrived at 5 a.m. Dontae was quickly admitted for surgery so his lip could be fixed and his speech preserved.

    “He’s fortunate that his mother knew what to do,” said Dr. Mark Grevious, the plastic surgeon who reconstructed Dontae’s lip. “This was an urgent matter, and it needed to be addressed.”

    Dontae’s experience captures the fears of many South Side residents and health advocates after an announcement this week that the university’s medical center plans to expand a bold yet controversial program aimed at clearing its ER of patients with non-urgent injuries and illnesses by redirecting them to community hospitals and clinics.

    Because many of those patients are uninsured, the hospital’s policies also highlight a contentious debate about the amount of free care non-profit hospitals should provide in return for tax breaks, a debate that carries enormous consequences with joblessness on the rise and the health-care system reeling from the recession.

    Without making this comment even longer than it is, I can tell you how patients are treated who have insurance and those who aren’t at U of C. My granddaughter was admitted to the U of C ER when she fell into a pile of white hot coals that left in the park (John Kass of the Chicago Tribune did an article about it when it happened). If it weren’t for the fact that her dad was an ER intern at the U of C Medical school at the time and he had insurance through the school, she would have been dumped at a much worse hospital nearby and the damage from her burns would be much worse (the skin continues to burn even unless treated immediately). She had burns on both arms up to her elbow and on her stomach and chest which required surgery for skin grafts. If sent to another hospital because my daughter and her son (who has a different father) was uninsured because she was not married to him at the time, she would have sustained much more damage to her skin and her scarring would have been horrid. Had it been my grandson who fell in the coals, he would not have been treated at that hospital because he was uninsured at the time.

  12. Thanks Leslie, for the link to Naomi Klein, about Iceland’s “pots and pans revolution”, etc. I spent almost an hour on that page, and am still going to go back . The video by Michael Adams, the Health Ranger was great. I’m going to try to listen to the other videos on this link tonight. You do come up with some great items for us. I wonder if we could get enough people to bring their pots and pans to Capitol Hill and try the same thing there? Or would King Harry and Dame Pelosi have us thrown in the slammer before we even got started?

    Mary Ellen, Michelle’s legacy to the people of Chicago is so sad, especially in light of the fact that she was being paid over $300,00 per year while she was instituting these policies at the U of C that endanger the future, if not the lives, of the poor people of Chicago. As in the case of Dontae Adams, whose chance of a normal life would have been gone if he couldn’t speak normally.

    The Obama’s are calloused individuals who are only concerned about their own welfare. I’m dreading what he has in store for us in his overhauling of the Health Care System. If Michelle has her hand in it (and she probably will) I sudder to think what the outcome will be. My worst nightmare is that he will try to appoint Michelle to HHS, using the excuse that time is of the essence and he hasn’t been having any luck with an appointment thus far. He is becoming pretty brazen.

  13. Thanks for the link to Naomi Klein’s article at the Nation leslie. I have her book “The Shock Doctrine” and have to remind myself to close my mouth as I read it since it contains so many jaw-dropping facts.

    Please don’t apologize for mulitiple comments. How can we have a dialogue or a conversation if we don’t have multiple comments? Especially when you are adding so very much to the conversation. I say, comment away. (Cause I intend to speak my piece as often as I can.)

  14. RE: the garden.


    Do you till the plants into the soil or pull and place in a separate compost pile?

    Are rodents attracted to your compost?

  15. I compost…my raised bed garden (about 2.5 ft-3ft high) is too small to till, although I did own a Troybuilt rototiller in Jersey!

    I feed the tough stems to the squirrels and compost the leaves.

    No rodents because I do not put any meats or fats in the bin. That’s what attracts livestock…!! I also do not put eggshell in because our soil is way too high in calcium, etc. as it is. In other areas you can put washed-out eggshells in the pile.

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