Anything More Nauseating that Bill Clinton Shilling For Obama on Greta Thursday Night?? (2/19/09)

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Well, sure there is…listening to The One himself…

But I listened carefully to Clinton last night, making it all sound nice re: the need for the “stimulus” bill etc. etc. and the housing proposals that will reward those who never should have had a mortgage in the first place.  And, it’s a really nice touch when he repeats that he only knows from what he reads in the papers, that he doesn’t know the details….yeah, right!!

Greta talked tough, going after the “image” of Obama flying around the country in tough times. And she made noises about legislators not reading the package and the whole game of URGENCY, then sitting on signing the bill and jetting off instead of a signing in the Rose Garden. She attempted to link the places Obama visited to where the Democrats won on Election Day, where they made in roads into normally Republican strongholds.

Clinton was at his finest delivering reasonable explanations and concluding that the stimulus bill was A-OK. I give Greta some credit for trying to push, but then again, she pushed on some peripheral stuff…no really push on items in the package on things like the ramifications of the health care provisions.

Then she closed with the soft stuff…Clinton teaming up now with companies like Pepsico to fight obesity (sounds like the smoking campaigns delivered by tobacco companies) and Hillary’s trip to Asia.

Greta has a brain, she tries…but I guess she can only go so far. Which is SO frustrating…On the other hand, she may very well be 1) blocked by the bosses from doing anything more challenging or 2) just doesn’t want to go there because of her own politics (Democratic, but her husband supported McCain…so who really knows at this point?)

You take what you can from this sort of interview…so, if you forget about how Greta is framing things and just listen to Clinton, you can see how the wheels are turning in his mind and how he smooths a lot of concerns over by acknowledging them, then putting them away.

He’s the guy who is keeping the average American who sees this chat “calm.” He’s Obama’s best spokesperson…He’s the official “smooth things over” go-to guy.

Here’s the link to some of the video…(There’s a third part on the obesity chat at the On the Record site)

Opening Part with Obama Travel, etc.

What Would Clinton Do? (Economy)

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  1. Bill was on ABC too, giving Obama an “A” for his first month in office–WTF?! I know Bill is a Dem through and through, but this is too much. I still don’t understand how they can stomach him after he smeared them as racists, let alone praise him. I guess that’s why I’m not a politician–I don’t have the tolerance for the lies.

    Bill Clinton: Obama Should Sound More Hopeful

    Bill gives Obama an “A” for his first month in office…and thinks there will be good news from the economic stimulus fairly soon.

  2. IA, I watched part of this last night on Greta, and became disgusted and turned it off and went to bed. I’m on ET so unless she has an interesting program I don’t lose my sleep to watch it. I need my rest more than I need to get more agitated about what is going on. Watched the whole video here, and am still disgusted. I will probably get a lot of flack for saying this but my respect for either of the Clintons drops considerably every time I hear them applaud anything the One does. Why didn’t President Clinton point out that with the energy crisis what it is, and the economy tanking – why didn’t Obama make his announcements from the rose garden or some other White House location instead of using all the gasoline and taxpayer’s money to jet across the country each time he signs something?

    Clinton is a smart dog, and he may have his own reasons for trying to calm the situation, but he should realize that by echoing everything Obama does he is accepting part of the heat when it all hits the fan. And it will when the rest of America wakes up and sees what Joe the Plumber saw months ago.

    The slide is getting more slippery every day and we are pretty close to the bottom. Hope we land in sand and not in concrete.

    I don’t know this new Bill Clinton, but I’ll keep watching and hope to see the old one peeking out on occasion. Sometimes he gives a sly hint that is missed the first time around.

  3. What’s the old saying?

    If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem

    My opinion of the Clintons is still higher than most Dems, but it gets weaker day by day. They really just need to STFU, but then again I’m sure they’re under tremendous pressure to rescue Obama’s faltering ship before it runs aground.

  4. I can’t recall a former President being so “political” …

    And, ironically, remember how the Obots wanted Cinton OFF THE STAGE?? That was one of their chief reasons to vote for Obama!

  5. Exactly. He wasn’t this political when W. was in office, which leads me to believe he has been called into service to try to divert attention from the runaway train.

  6. When anyone puts their political party above what is good for the country I can’t respect them. I have lost my respect for the Clinton’s..and personally would never vote for either one of them again. A letter from the democrats with obumpy’s picture on it was returned to sender today. They are about as low as the stock market.

  7. I’m beginning to not ‘feel’ either Clinton very much lately. Hillary could’ve hung in there, although I felt differently at the time. Bill, I’m not so sure about.

    Although he comes off as ‘positive’, he’s not really doing anything that supports Obama per se; rather, he seems to be a cheerleader for the Dems and their agenda.

    I would hate to kick both to the curb, but believe me, I’ve had harder decisions to make. All it takes is one more reason……

  8. Bill Clinton is like most politicians, a member of his party first and an American citizen second. I believe it’s a part of his DNA as it is of Hillary Clintons and all the others. It’s what allows them to work with people that vilify them.

    I think Bill Clinton also sees how Ol “Hopey-Changey” and his message of “Doomy-Gloomy” is adding to the problem of people not having any belief that things will get better. That only adds to the problem and I believe Clinton actually believes he is doing the right thing. Wonder if he would think it the right thing if a Republican was in the White House.

    I do respect the Clintons more than most but that’s not saying a lot. Even the Democrat I respect most, that being Russ Feingold, voted for the Porkulus bill.

    Did he vote for it because he honestly believes it is what’s best or because he’s a Democrat?

    Funny thing is when I watched a couple of other programs Bill was being vilified for saying his Oliness should be more “hopeful”. Wish Clinton would go back to his charity work, which he does brilliantly and STFU about politics. It’s now apparent that he will not be honest about an administration of which his wife is a part.

  9. I feel like they have something on the Clintons and are forcing them to support this administration. I know that Bill likes the limelight, and maybe he felt like this would be taken in the view of an elder statesman encouraging a lesser, oops, sorry, younger one, but he has plenty going on that could take care of that for him.

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