Obama World in Pictures: Privates and Flights of Fancy

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Over the past week I’ve been wondering why we haven’t been treated to comments by Kenosha Marge. Well, I talked to her last night and she had a computer virus. But, it looks like everything if finally OK, so hopefully she’ll be prowling the internet as early as today!

In the meantime, I’ve dipped into a collection of “funnies” she sent me awhile back and pulled out a couple that are in keeping with some recent news items….

First, we are now being told that 17,000 troops will be shipped to Afghanistan in Obama’s very own “troop surge.”  In honor of this move, I’ll share this “billboard” from Canada:


I wonder what advice Russian soldiers could pass along…about Afghanistan, not about their privates!

Now, there are a whole lot of expensive helicopters that may be replacing the current ‘copters being used to ferry Obama  et al around. From the International Herald Tribune:

Obama’s dilemma: Security or savings

President Barack Obama has slammed high-flying executives traveling in cushy jets at a time of economic turmoil. But soon he will have to decide whether to proceed with some of the priciest aircraft in the world – a fleet of new Marine One helicopters, each of which will cost more than Air Force One, a Boeing 747 aircraft specially equipped for use by the president.

I guess the new ‘copters may have more headroom. Obama bumps his head just like Bush did, and we sure can’t have any of THAT sort of embarrassment ruining the Obama Image…



Which brings to mind another “billboard” from Canada courtesy Kenosha Marge:

With all those helicopters flying around, I hope the residents of D.C. keep their eyes open and learn how to duck…just like their Messiah has to learn how to duck, at least with respect to helos.

Actually, Air Force One is an old 747 rattle trap, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama doesn’t order up a couple of newer planes. With the mileage he’s racking up pushing his big bailouts and programs around the country, the old planes may bite the dust a lot faster than imagined.

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  1. It strikes me that the things that the “left” comdemned so stridently in Geedubya are fine and dandy in Obama.

    Which makes me glad I am an Independent that has done my best to remove partisanship and just look at actions and issues. Anything that was wrong for Geedubya are wrong for Obama. Anything else is hypocracy.

    And the hypocracy capital of the world, IMHO, is Washington D.C.

    The sooner the PR Pres plants his boney ass in the Oval Office and quits his expensive flying around the country for photo ops the better off we’ll be.

    Using Air Farce One to take MO out to dinner in Chicago for Valentines Day may make some pinheads all warm and romantical but it makes me wonder what the hell is going on.

    Are there no romantic places to dine in D.C.? Or does it have to be a place “Oprah” reccomends? Whatever, if people got their heads out of their butts long enough to think instead of being all touchy-feely they might see that what we have isn’t change, it’s Bush III.

  2. Maybe with higher ceilings there will be less brain damage?

    Actually, the announcement I’ve been waiting for is that Obama is comandeering Air Force 2 from VP Biden for Michelle’s use.

  3. IA,

    With that swelled head that Obama has they need to make the door to the planes and copters at least 10 inches higher. The added room is need to allow for clearance of his ego.

    The way he dances down the steps I am expecting any day for him to take a tumble ala Gerald Ford. He is trying to display his agility and his ability to hit the ground running, as he said he would do many times during the campaign.

  4. I have to wonder why Obama isn’t being reprimanded by the so-called “Progressives” over the waste of fuel and other costs to fly Obama on his multiple trips to Chicago and Camp David. They sure as hell raised Caine when Bush took his vacations! Obama uses that 747 as if it’s a bus trip across town.

    I agree with lee M….they need to make the door wider to fit his swelled head. And there is nothing I would like more than to see him fall flat on his face as he prances down those steps. Of course, t he media would be so filled with concern over his safety instead of laughing at him like they did Ford and Bush, that it would suck the fun out of it.

    btw, (off topic) I thought the monkey cartoon was funny. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it was making fun of our Congress/Senate for drafting a bill that looked as if a monkey wrote it. I should have known that the “Regressive’ s” would call it racist. If anything, the chimp world should be insulted because even a monkey could have done a better job than Pelosi and Reid.

  5. What I have never understood is why the media wastes so much air time showing us our Presidents getting off and on a plane. (Or helicopter)

    Are we supposed to be enchanted with their ability to get off and on a damn airplane? Because, I am not. I know lots of people that can do that. Even do it with agility.

    We don’t need a Nureyev prancing out of an airplane. We need a leader. We got screwed on both countsf!

  6. http://sweetness-light.com/archive/

    it is 598 miles (962 km) (519 nautical miles) from Washington, DC to Chicago, Illinois.

    Mr. Obama’s two trips back and forth from DC to Chicago add up to 2392 miles – as the crow flies.

    Which, if our calculations are correct, amounts to at least 3.8 hours flying time for Air Force One. And 4.6 hours of flying time for the accompanying cargo plane.

    (For the sake of simplicity, we will assume that both planes were going at their full speed, which they probably were not. And we will not count the time in service on the ground before and after each flight.)

    Using these very conservative figures, Air Force One cost $214,768 and the cargo plane cost $32,140. For a grand total of $246,908 for Mr. Obama’s two round trips.

    But of course that is just for Mr. Obama’s air transportation. And it doesn’t even cover all of that.

    For, as is the custom, Mr. Obama took the helicopter, Marine One, back and forth to Andrews AFB. (And he is usually accompanying by two other helicopters on the short trip.)

    However, we are frankly too lazy to try to calculate all of the costs involved.

    But just thinking back to Mr. Obama chiding these CEO’s about the use of their private jets, when he is spending (at least) a quarter of a million dollars to hop back and forth and back to Chicago strikes us as a bit irresponsible.

  7. Barb, those are some numbers!

  8. Hmmm. Dr. Yudkowsky. Where have I heard that name before, Diamond? :mrgreen:

  9. Dr. Moshe Yudkowsky. Would he by any chance be related to Eliezer Yudkowsky, “the eerie one”? Or they one and the same.

  10. o answer my own question, no they are not one and the same.
    Eliezer Yudkowsdy is the founder of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

    Dr. Moshe Yudkowsky is the President of Disaggregate, a consulting co. that helps companies create, understand and apply revolutionary technology. Specializes in speech recognition , texts to speech and biometrics – to communicate with computers without a keyboard.

    Couldn’t find anything specific about any relation but both names are mentioned together on a Yudkowsky page. Am working on something else right now but when I have time I’ll dig further.

    If Diamond feels we should be cautioned there is bound to be something there.

  11. Lee,

    Moshe Yudkowsky is Eleizer’s father.

  12. hanks Grail.

    I tended to think that was the case, but I got so interested in reading Eleizer’s thoughts on his brother’s death, that time got away from me before I could do much more digging.

    It is obvious from his writings that Eleizer deeply cared about his brother (as he seems to also care deeply about his sister) and when you read about his feelings on this subject you wonder if it is the same person you read about in another venue.

    Although he has some wild ideas about artificial intelligence, I will go back and read more of his postings. Who knows maybe Hal was for real, or could be pretty soon. Strange things are happening every day that we can’t explain. Sometmes I think I’m trying to cram as much knowledge into my brain as I can while I’m still able.

  13. And just for kicks, Moshe’s web page bio says he was born on Mars!

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