Obama World in Pictures: Privates and Flights of Fancy

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

Over the past week I’ve been wondering why we haven’t been treated to comments by Kenosha Marge. Well, I talked to her last night and she had a computer virus. But, it looks like everything if finally OK, so hopefully she’ll be prowling the internet as early as today!

In the meantime, I’ve dipped into a collection of “funnies” she sent me awhile back and pulled out a couple that are in keeping with some recent news items….

First, we are now being told that 17,000 troops will be shipped to Afghanistan in Obama’s very own “troop surge.”  In honor of this move, I’ll share this “billboard” from Canada:


I wonder what advice Russian soldiers could pass along…about Afghanistan, not about their privates!

Now, there are a whole lot of expensive helicopters that may be replacing the current ‘copters being used to ferry Obama  et al around. From the International Herald Tribune:

Obama’s dilemma: Security or savings

President Barack Obama has slammed high-flying executives traveling in cushy jets at a time of economic turmoil. But soon he will have to decide whether to proceed with some of the priciest aircraft in the world – a fleet of new Marine One helicopters, each of which will cost more than Air Force One, a Boeing 747 aircraft specially equipped for use by the president.

I guess the new ‘copters may have more headroom. Obama bumps his head just like Bush did, and we sure can’t have any of THAT sort of embarrassment ruining the Obama Image…



Which brings to mind another “billboard” from Canada courtesy Kenosha Marge:

With all those helicopters flying around, I hope the residents of D.C. keep their eyes open and learn how to duck…just like their Messiah has to learn how to duck, at least with respect to helos.

Actually, Air Force One is an old 747 rattle trap, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama doesn’t order up a couple of newer planes. With the mileage he’s racking up pushing his big bailouts and programs around the country, the old planes may bite the dust a lot faster than imagined.