AP Analyzes Obama:He’s FED UP With Protests About the Stimulus Plan…Too F*cking Bad!!

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

With my mother still in the hospital as they try to figure out her heart meds, I didn’t have the time to stay glued to the TEE VEE and watch Obama recite his talk about the stimulus package.  To be honest, when I saw him speaking LIVE, I quickly changed the channel and kept on cooking artichokes…I have quickly adopted my defense which I used against the aura of  GW Bush, which was to ignore the talking head as much as possible and rely on printed words.  Annoying as THEY were, they still didn’t raise my blood pressure as much as actually hearing Bush uttering his crap.

And it is the same with the new petulant fraud in the White House.  I am on “gray hair” watch, however.  I am watching to see the Obama’s hair color change, not out of acquired wisdom, but with the stress of not getting his way ALL the time as the long 4 years unwinds.

So I had to laugh when I saw this AP story on O’s address on the stimulus package.  The headline that caught my eye contained the words “fed up” but was the one that linke to the actual story…The AP decided to call this ANALYSIS rather than dropping the editorializing into the story without warning…and it’s quite a delicious opening:

General News – Analysis: Obama says GOP can’t criticize stimulus.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama looked comfortable enough at his first White House news conference, but he sounded like a man fed up with one thing: Republicans lecturing him about his $820 billion economic stimulus plan.

Message to Obama:  The Republicans aren’t the only ones fed up.  ME, I’m fed up, too!  Being “lectured to” pisses you off?  Well, I’m pretty sick of being “lecture to” by YOU!!

Oh, and what happened to the charisma?  “Looked comfortable enough” is faint praise indeed…

My underlying nightmare is that in one month, this jerk in the Oval Office and the Democrats in the Congress under the “leadership” of Pelosi and Reid have set up the Democrats to be CRUSHED eventually at the polls.  Anything good that the Democrats might accomplish will be blown away because of the crap that has been coming down ever since they’ve taken control.

It’s the ARROGANCE and STUPIDITY, baby!

But why should I care? I’m no longer a Democrat…but I AM a citizen who wants to be free of the GOP that seems to never wise up and move off the subject of women’s bodies and destroying the social safety net  (which Obama and the Democrats are helping along…more coming on this).

Fed up?  I’m SO FED UP with both Republicans and Democrats, religion being shoved down my throat, etc., etc. that I can’t even begin to express it!!

PS…the artichokes turned out great!!

4 Responses

  1. You and I are in the same boat, girlfriend. I avoid the teevee at all costs. I’m withdrawing into my artichokes, my pets, my singing…. Anything but the current political nightmare.

    Oh yes, and I’m reading. About a man who made a difference…. even in what may be the worst political climate on earth. You know… the one where an endless war is being waged against the people…..

    I guess I kinda figure… if Greg Mortensen can make a difference in Pakistan and Afghanistan…. who am I to complain at having my chance for a truly progressive govenment whisked out from under my feet….. by this bunch of “neoprogs” who are not, in fact, progressive at all?

    At least I console myself that way.

    On good days.

  2. Maybe he’ll get so fed up he’ll quit.

  3. I’m glad the artichokes turned out great, IA. I was afraid they might be smashed into paste after a glimpse of Obama. I think his petulant attitude is going to turn off even the democrats that are still following him. With the obots, not so much. They are so deep into the tank they haven’t registered yet how disappointing he is.

    The repugs? I don’t know. I had high hopes with Michael Steele as head of the RNC, but then he hasn’t had enough time to do much yet, and the ones that are already in Congress are still following their own agenda. I’m afraid they will use Obama’s weakness as a chance to scuttle what few worthwhile programs we have left. What did Timothy Geithner say? We will drop some programs and add some? I would like to have a little specificity here. He spoke of transparency – I’d like to see some. Unless I heard wrong, Geithner said the Federal Reserve is going to kick in over a Trillion Dollars? If so, then they will own us big time.

    Regards to your mother. She is in my prayers.

  4. Geithner said the Federal Reserve is going to kick in over a Trillion Dollars? If so, then they will own us big time.

    They already own us. Lock, stock, and barrels of oil.

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