We’ve Lost a Noble Warrior, But Will Not Give UP the Fight! In Memoriam: Marlene C. Utz

Editor’s Note: We here at IA received the sad news of the death of Marlene Utz, Grail Guardian’s mother, on Friday.  We send our heartfelt condolences to Grail and her family and our love and respect to Mrs. Utz. Godspeed, noble warrior…From all of us here at IA.  (SEE UPDATE AT THE END OF THIS POST)

~~By Grail Guardian

We’ve lost a noble warrior, but will not give up the fight!


In Loving Memory

Marlene C. Utz

April 10, 1938 – February 5, 2009

As many of you know, the past few months have been especially rough for me since my Mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in her life. She battled courageously as we tried everything in our arsenal to beat back the beast. But just as our nation was overtaken from the evil within, she lost her valiant struggle this week to that which grew inside her. I have learned so much while researching her disease, possible cures, and the corruption that has swallowed our “health care” system and smothered any hope of recovery for cancer patients in this country. I cannot begin to share with you all of the details I have found, but this will be the first in a series of articles about the death of the medical profession in America, and as you will see it is totally related to the current political crisis in this nation.

Let me begin with the personal part of the tale, because my mother’s story needs to be told. We first discovered she had cancer when she went in for what was to be a routine cholecystectomy, the removal of her gall bladder. Normally, the surgery is laparoscopic and involves four small incisions, miniature surgical tools, and an overnight stay in the hospital. I myself had the procedure several years ago, and was home the next day. The surgeon called down to the waiting room following the procedure and informed my Dad that there had been a mass in the gall bladder and they had to perform an open surgery and would be biopsying the mass. She was left with a major incision and a five day hospital stay( which she was furious about). But after the surgery, despite her gaping abdominal wound, I began to notice that she appeared healthier than she had seemed in months (if not years). When she went for her standard follow-up visit with the surgeon after a couple of weeks (there was a visit in between with a nurse or PA to check the incision) he brusquely informed my parents that the mass had been malignant, that he probably had not been able to remove it all, and, as an almost casual aside,  mentioned that he had removed part of her liver during the surgery. He referred her to a local cancer clinic, where we were immediately told that a program of chemotherapy, followed by a month of radiation therapy plus chemo, and finished off by another 3 months of chemo alone was pretty much the only way to go. It would not cure her, but if all went perfectly we could expect to get maybe a year and a half more of her life.

Now having gone through some of the earliest chemotherapy ever given, nitrogen-mustard gas (yes, the same stuff they used during WWI and subsequently banned from warfare, but not medicine), Mom was more than a bit reluctant to have chemo again. But once faced with the option that she was going to die (and die very quickly) if she didn’t have the treatment, she surprised us by changing her mind and agreeing to the chemo. Based on the recommendation of the oncologist, she started a 3 week course of Gemcitibene in October. After a week off, she took another 3 week course in November. The following week (on her recovery week) they sent her for a CT scan, where she was asked to drink radioactive material so they could trace its course through her body. It was immediately following this test that she began her slow downward slide. She felt very tired and drained for a few days, and the following week when we took her in for her next round of chemo, we got the news; it wasn’t working and she had developed “nodules” across her peritoneum (the protective tissue that surrounds your abdominal organs. There was no need to continue the chemo or try radiation we were told, and they basically sent her home to die.

That’s when the anger kicked in. We became defiant and refused to believe that it could be over and done with so quickly. After all, nearly 40 years before Dad had been told to go home from her hospital room and begin the funeral arrangements (she was proud to tell everyone she knew that she outlived 5 of her doctors after her bout with Hodgkins) and my sister had been told her son, who had fallen into a swimming pool at age 4 and suffered severe brain damage, would not survive–but he lived for another 21 years. So I went into research mode. I began to read everything and anything I could get my hands on about cancer. I scanned websites and articles that told of successful alternative treatments performed in other countries such as the South American herb Graviola, Japanese mushroom therapy (Shiitake and Maitake mushroom extracts), mistletoe, and even the heat treatments performed in Germany on the rich and powerful that simply raise the body temperature to 107.5 ° and make you feel like you’re taking a pleasant nap as cancer cells are killed off and healthy cells survive. According to author Andrew Schollberg:

When President Ronald Reagan got cancer during his presidency, the great German doctor Hans Nieper, M.D, treated him. It would have been front page news if it hadn’t been hushed up at the time.

Just imagine if the American public knew a sitting president preferred German cancer treatments!

I learned about it from my confidential source in Germany. In addition, Reagan’s German doctor acknowledged it in an interview.

I learned that the salary for an oncologist in the US can range from over $100,000 per year for new docs, and as high as $787,000 per year for radiation oncologists. Andrew Schollberg also claims that American pharmaceutical companies have offered a German doctor 3.7 million euros (approx. $5 million US) under the table merely to recommend that his cancer patients use their brand of chemotherapy. That’s one single doctor, and that should give you an idea of how lucrative the chemotherapy business is in the United States. He adds:

It costs $350,000 to die of cancer in America.

So I read on; books like How to Fight Cancer and Win by William L. Fischer that stressed the importance of diet in preventing and beating cancer, including details of the poisons labeled as food on your grocery store shelves in the guise of commercially processed fats (a true eye opener, even if you don’t have or fear cancer). I read pamphlets like  Deadly Cancer Myths – And the Truth that Will Save Your Life by Dr. William Campbell Douglass, I that talked about the dangers of chlorine, flouride, and prescription drugs. We radically changed her diet, including freshly juiced vegetables and fruits (especially antioxidant rich purple ones), stopped red meat and sugar intake, and (thanks to my sister’s natural foods website) added supplements like Silymarin, IP6, and Nattokinase to her daily regimen.

While we frantically reviewed the myriad of alternative treatments, my cousin Christina (who has a medical background) e-mailed that she knew a doctor that had successfully treated a friend of hers for lymphoma and strongly urged us to see her. Her name is Dr. Dana Flavin, and she heads the Foundation for Collaborative Medicine & Research (http://www.collmed.org/). What Dr. Flavin does (and did next) is truly amazing.

Dr. Flavin is a former toxicologist for the Food and Drug Administration. She spent 20 years doing research on cancer and cancer prevention in Germany before returning to the US and heading the Foundation. Put simply, this woman reads between 100 – 150 medical research papers each week. She is an intellectual sponge that understands the nuances of biochemistry, pharmacology, and nutrient biochemistry and translates an incredible amount of highly detailed scientific data into an understandable treatment plan that doesn’t unnecessarily poison (chemotherapy), burn (radiation therapy), or cut (surgery) the human body in an effort to heal it. She will consult with your current physician or oncologist and recommend a course of action based on all the latest data that your doc doesn’t have the time to read because they’re busy treating 30-40 patients per day.

We were lucky enough to be able to take Mom to the Foundation in Greenwich, CT last month for a consultation with Dr. Flavin. We were armed with a 38 page report from the cancer clinic and the desire to learn. And boy, did we learn! We spent nearly 3 hours with Dr. Flavin as she not only rattled off a variety of natural supplements to build the immune system, detoxify from heavy metals, and remove parasites (not the big kind, the microscopic stuff like bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast) but also made us aware of a new treatment discovered by the University of Alberta (Drs. Stephen Archer and Evangelos Michelakis) involving Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA), which appears to induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Apoptosis is a natural process that cells use to commit cellular suicide when their time is up. Cancer cells do not die off like healthy cells, and DCA appears to restore that function to the cancer cells.

Needless to say, we were quite excited when we learned about the possibilities, plus Dr. Flavin also provided Dad with some help for his case of borderline glaucoma (which she noticed immediately upon sitting down opposite him at the table) and psoriasis. I had pages of note with the names of natural substances that would help Mom, plus we all had a comfortable understanding of what each item was expected to do and why. When the time came to leave, we were bracing ourselves as Dad asked her “How do we pay you?” and you can’t imagine our relief when she responded that we could make a donation to the Foundation according to our financial ability. She understands that many cancer patients have been so financially raped and physically abused by the approved “main stream” medical system that they cannot always afford hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional medical advice, even though they desperately need it.

I would like to take a moment out here for a shameless plug. If you have ever lost someone to cancer (or any other disease) and felt like they should have, or maybe even could have been saved if only there were just one more thing you could try, I would like to ask you to consider donating anything you can muster to the FCMR (there is a handy PayPal link at the site: www.collmed.org ). If you have ever laughed, cried, or been moved by anything I have written here at Insight Analytical, consider taking the money you might have donated to a political candidate this year and instead direct it to the Foundation. Their work will actually save lives, rather than ruin them. (unabashed begging)

We now return you to my story. We left feeling encouraged, hopeful, and much lighter of spirit. I called my sister that night and read her off the list of supplements we would need and told her about our wonderful experience. As we spent the night at Mom’s cousin’s house, we gushed with enthusiasm and tried to explain the sheer phenomenon that is Dr. Dana Flavin. I even snuck on to their PC to check out the magnificent website she had recommended for research:


This site contains a wealth of information about the research that has been done, plus a forum for families and patients to share their experiences using DCA. I was overjoyed at the possibilities, and could hardly wait till we returned home to start my research into DCA. And just as you might expect, once again the walls came tumbling down. As I read and researched DCA, I made a horrible discovery. Not about side effects or lack of efficacy, but about its regulation. You see, as it turns out the University of Alberta took out what are called “methods of use patents” on DCA and decided to forge ahead with studies of DCA as a possible cure for cancer. And I’ll bet you can already guess what the rub was; yep, you guessed it! Money. The almighty buck, the great North American greenbacks. You see, DCA is actually * gasp * inexpensive. That’s right, no drug company can patent it and make trillions of dollars a year off of it like they do chemotherapy drugs. So likewise, no pharmaceutical manufacturer was willing to spend the estimated $1.5 million needed to conduct the required blind studies on DCA. (Don’t despair totally, the U of Alberta is proceeding on their own by privately raising the funds to conduct the required studies on their own!) So my next lesson in the world of DCA was horrifying; the FDA had actually shut down DCA manufacturers for selling DCA in the US. In fact in July, 2008 the website http://www.buydca.com/ was raided and shut down. It is operated by the same people who run the informational site http:www.thedcasite.com, but was not the first or only such raid on a website that sells supplements. Click here to read about the terror induced by the FDAs Gestapo-like tactics against the Life Extension Foundation.

The long and short of it was this: the FDA (self-proclaimed arbiter of good and evil items to ingest, and the folks that brought you such perennial favorites as Aspartame, Vioxx, and Fen Fen) had declared it illegal to sell DCA in America. We were crest-fallen. I began to research whether we could enroll Mom at a Toronto clinic so she could receive legal DCA cancer treatment or whether I could purchase DCA in Canada and bring it back to the US legally. I was frantic to get on to the chat room at the site, but the night I tried to register I was unable to do so. I sent an e-mail to the administrator and he responded the next day. I was able to log on, and since I had his attention, I asked if there were any legal way to obtain DCA in New York. The wonderful folks at the site: Jim Tassano, Heather, and Jackie all contacted me to ensure that I was able to obtain some pure, pharmaceutical grade DCA without violating any laws. (If anyone reading this ever wishes to try DCA in the US, e-mail me at GrailGuardian@nonpartisan.com and I will gladly help you.)

We waited anxiously, but Mom started to show signs that she was weakening even further. She wasn’t eating much solid food, needed to sleep often, and started to have intermittent pain in the vicinity of her liver. On the day I walked into the house with the DCA, she had been on a diet of over 30 natural supplements to strengthen her system but before she was able to take her first dose she began to have swelling in her feet. Worried, I called Dr. Flavin to ask her advice. She was concerned about kidney or liver failure and recommended we get her in for tests right away. We trundled her off to the cancer center to have blood drawn and a urine test, but the strain on her body was evident. By the next day, she had begun to experience new pain that did not go away no matter what she did (by now she was sleeping in her wheelchair with her head on the kitchen table as it hurt too much to lie back in bed). The oncologist had called to say her kidneys were fine, but didn’t really go into much detail with Dad and he was distracted by her worsening condition. She stopped eating anything solid, but still took her DCA treatments every day. By the weekend, she was unable to help Dad transfer her in and out of the wheelchair so the round-the-clock care began. My sister and I started to take shifts to spend the night so Dad wasn’t on call for her 24 hours a day (he was totally exhausted because she rarely slept through the night). During the days, I made calls to Dr. Flavin and the cancer center. They hadn’t sent the test results to the Foundation, so there was little Dr. Flavin could do but guess as to what was happening. I struggled for a full week before I was finally able to get the tests faxed to her, and by then Dr. Flavin was very worried about her liver and the huge increase in her tumor markers. She recommended another treatment called Hepa-Metz, which removes ammonia from the liver, but were unable to get to see the practitioner as he was half a state away (unlike Dr. Flavin, he seemed more worried about being sued and how he would get paid). We did all we could do to make her comfortable (which, of course, never seemed like enough), and eventually brought in hospice care through Lifetime Assistance, who were absolutely wonderful at the end. The nurses and social workers listened and took notes about the treatments we were trying, excited about the possibilities. Even the nurse that showed up after she finally surrendered peacefully asked questions and wrote down Dr. Flavin’s name and the Foundation’s website.

When I e-mailed Dr. Flavin that Mom had passed, she took the time to reply to me:

”Only God can do miracles, and perhaps you did even more than any mortal could have done. Tell your Dad, he did all he could and more. When it is too late, we have no decision anymore on this. God bless”

And with those words begins my next quest; to find out why it should be that we, as ordinary Americans, can learn more and do more to cure cancer and ease pain than the entire combined medical establishment of this nation, powered by the Ted Kennedys and Tom Daschles of the world. To find out why those who shun the poison/burn/cut philosophy cannot find funding, and why a family’s efforts to try everything before giving up hope are met with ridicule, derision, and impatience by the very people paid to give aid and comfort and first, do no harm. I will continue with Mom’s fight, and urge each and every one of you to join me. The current Congress and Administration will only make matters worse, and “Universal Health Care” in this country died a violent and rapid death 16 years ago when Hillary Clinton’s efforts were trashed by Big Pharma and the MSM used the opportunity to wage their personal war against the only politician in modern times that ever actually attempted to improve the health care system in America.

I will continue her fight, and I know she will be beside me all along the way.

This is a photo of Mom in her InsightAnalytical hat (made with love by our own Kenosha Marge). She loved this hat, and felt she was somehow connected to us by it. One of the last times she left the house she wore another of Marge’s hats on the trip to CT to see Dr. Flavin, but this one will be present at her viewing this weekend.


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2/12/2009 Health Links: Alternatives to Mainstream Medicine re: Cancer and Other Diseases; Stem Cell Research Clinic

40 Responses

  1. Grail, I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    Thanks for the detailed information. I have a friend, all of 38 years old, with an inoperable brain tumor, and will ensure she knows about the websites and treatments.
    Bless you.

  2. A worthy warrior lays down her spear and begins the rest she earned. Another worthy warrior, her daughter, takes up the spear and the battle.

    We would be less than what we can be if we did not join her.

    Well done Momma Grail Marlene. Well done worthy daughter Grail. Many collapse into a pile of tear-soaked flesh. You fight on in your mother’s name and to help that others do not have to experience the same frustrations, rage and pain. We are fortunate to know you.

    A wonderful tribute to your mother’s spirit. And a great example of how her spirit lives on in our own Grail Guardian.

  3. My heart goes out to you in your loss Grail. I would like to help in your fight, just say the word and I’ll be there, spear in hand.

  4. My deepest condolences on the loss of your Mother. And many thanks for giving information out about real alternatives to Big Pharma and the tyrants at the AMA, FDA, etc.

  5. My sympathies to you and your family on the loss of your beloved mother. Your story touched my heart in that it shows the will to live and the love of family, family pulling together during the most challenging times. God love you all for all the love and devotion you showed your mom and the love you showed each other.

    I lost my mom at 51 and we to pulled together and came out stronger for it. A special thanks to you for offering others the information that you have found and for your hard work in trying to inform others of the need for Universal Health Care. Perhaps one day we will join other Western Nations in offering Universal Health Care to all Americans.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  6. GG~

    The disease both steals from us and gives to us. It frightens us and humiliates us and creates in us immense courage. It saps us of our energy and gives us strength. It makes us angry and gives us a chance to love even more.
    Thank you for sharing your joys and your sorrows with us. You, your mother, and your family are cradled in my heart.

  7. IA,

    I posted a response about an hour ago and it hasn’t appeared. Was it lost, or was it unacceptable?

  8. Imust,

    Tell Uppity I expect her to bring a pie!

    Thanks so much to all for the wonderful thoughts and prayers. We just came back from part 1 of the calling hours, and reading them was very heartwarming. I’ll be back, sword in hand, in a bit…

  9. GG….your heart must be broken and look at the fascinating, insightful post you have put up…..I suspect it will help many in their fight against this horrible disease. I know you are making your mama proud 🙂

    P.S. I am going to post your piece at saywhatyouwill, as I want as many people as possible to read this…..

  10. I”ve posted everything that has come through …I just got back. My mother fell and is in the hospital and I just ran home to take care of the dogs! She may stay overnight for observation …she smashed up her face, knees, etc. pretty bad. They did a CT scan….Big lump on her head and her eye socket apparently has bled…and the nose bled for an hour and a half…

  11. First of all…I’m am so sorry for your loss.

    I just lost my sister-in-law who passed from cervical cancer late last summer. I was with her the entire week before she passed at the hospice and was holding her hand when she took her last breath. After experiencing that I was so frustrated and angry with our medical care and especially with the chemo. It seems we suffer more from the chemo than we do from the disease.

    I’m bookmarking all this information for future use…I want to read more and see what the alternatives are in case I am struck with cancer…which with my family history is quite possible.

    Thank you and may Marlene rest in peace.

  12. IA, I am so sorry about your mother. I pray that she will be all right. I will say a special prayer for both of you tonight and hope for good news from you tomorrow.

  13. GRL,

    Tell Insight Mama I said she’d better behave and recover quickly! We’ve hit our Mom quota for quite a while, and we can’t afford to have you distracted!

    On a serious note, thank you all again for all your thoughts and support.

  14. She’s in the hospital for about 24 hours…the CT scan seems to be OK…they’ve added a different medicine for the atrial fibrillation…hopefully, that will work and not make her sick…

    I’m so TIRED!

    I know you must feel exhausted, GG…

    Thanks, Lee, for your thoughts…

  15. IA ~
    I just got home to read this unhappy news about your mother… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

    And if I could, I’d send you some energy – or rest your way. Take care. get rest . (When you can.)

  16. Grail,

    I am so sorry for your loss. From her pictures, it’s easy to see your mom was a charmer, and you must miss her terribly. I will be following your series, and might be able to point you to some more information. Last year I lost a dear friend to a rare soft-tissue cancer. Her husband was constantly researching not only nutritional information but also scientific papers on treatments for cancer.

    He was furious with the medical community. He’s retreated and said he would re-emerge this year, so I might be able to see if you and he wanted to share information, if you liked.

    I actually popped in here to find kenoshaMarge and tell her something frivolous … that I checked in to see whether Buzzflash had returned to sanity, and found them specifically whining about missing her… but now I’m in no mood to gloat over their continued denial as to their destructive role in the political landscape.

    Much better to simply move on and work on making progress in the good….as this blog and those in your blogroll have been doing…and let those left behind catch up if they will.

  17. IA….sending out good thoughts to your mom…..hope she makes a speedy recovery!

  18. Hello, all!

    Zee, well, I guess after writing for them for 7 years, Buzzflash doesn’t miss me at all! LOL! That’s gratitude for you! I haven’t been to the site in …gee, forever! Where where they whining? I would love to see it and enjoy it!!!!!!!

    Update on the incident….My mother was hooked up to anitbiotics for all the abrasions, given a tetanus shot, (immediately after she was seen yesteray), being monitored. When I saw her last night, she said she wasn’t hungry but managed to eat most of the fajita meat and a peach…in the classic, “I’ll just pick” style!

    She IS a mess, though…I’m planning to take a picture when she arrives home, probably later today and keep it on the refrigerator to remind her of what happens when she doesn’t listen to me when I tell her not to chase wayward shopping carts, I’LL GET IT!!!

  19. Hi Grail

    Just me form UW… I am so sorry for your loss I hope your heart will be at peace for your Mom however I understand your fight has just begun…. Stay strong I am sure you can help others and never forget Mom is looking down on you and carrying you along!

    ~~Marlene rest in peace & blessed be~~

  20. Grail, I posted a response to your article yesterday, but it got lost. I probably hit the wrong button, or neglected to hit submit. I’m having a little trouble getting my fingers to go where I want them to go.

    Again, I’m so sorry about your mom, and I greatly admire you not only for the fight for her life but also for the fight you are now waging for the rest of us. I’m so sick of Drs. that if I wasn’t afraid to, I’d quit going to them altogether. As you’ve found in your quest there are a few who really care and are not in it for the almighty dollar, but on the whole it is the money for most of them. Just lke the big drug companies.

    But to the Drs. who think they are God, I would like to say “let us know the whole story and we can be forewarned. We are paying you to tell us what we can’t figure out for ourselves.

    A few days ago my feet, legs, hands and arms began swelling up. At first I thought little of it, but when overnight the swelling was so pronounced I began to get really concerned. I had just had a rigorous schedule of tests and was pronounced “cancer free”, but I thought UhOh , I’d better get to the Dr. right away.

    It seems that I have developed Secondary Lymphedema caused by the removal of 14 lymph nodes when I had the mastectomy. The Dr. saw the onset of it when I had all the tests run, but neglected to mention it to me. He didn’t want me concerned because at that time it wasn’t so bad. I had to wait until it got to the point where I could only wear bedroom slippers, had to remove my rings, and couldn’t get gloves on that I became so concerned to go to the Dr. with it. If he had told me, maybe I would have done something sooner – like find another Dr.

    I’m told there is no cure for “Secondary Lymphedema” but it is treatable. The Dr. has put me on a potent diuretic (Furosemide) that seems to help. A little of the swelling has begun to subside, and some of the tenderness and pain has gone away. After researching this drug on the internet and reading about the side effects I’m not too happy, but as my Dr. said “hey, it’s better than cancer”. He might have been trying to lighten up the situation but I was so angry with him for not telling me what to expect that I didn’t appreciate it at the time.

    At the bottom of the page when I was researching the medication was a notice – ” contact the FDA if you have any concerns about this medicine”. As if I would consult the FDA about anything. After the egregious way they went after the Life Extension Foundation I want nothing to do with them.

    Grail, I followed all your links and can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate what you have done and are doing for the rest of us by all this research and sharing it with us.

    As for the money made by the Oncologists, I’m not surprised, and that German Dr’s remark about what it costs a cancer patient to die in America is probably not far off the mark. Even with insurance, I had to sell my home to help pay the humongous medical bills I had accrued. And the drug Letrozole (oral form called Femara) that they wanted me to continue for the rest of my life costs $80 per month out of pocket, and almost $400 per month to the insurance Co. Once I was pronounced cancer free I decided not to take anymore of that. It weakens your bones, and makes you just as sick as the infusion treatments did.

    Grail, I will be looking forward to the rest of your series.
    And thanks again for the links. I am going to take advantage of all of them.

    Don’t eat any peanut butter or anything containing peanuts for a while. Had the FDA been on the ball instead of trying to prevent us from obtaining cancer cures not manufactured by the big Pharmas maybe those people wouldn’t have died.

  21. IA – Best wishes to Insight Mama and more prayers for her speedy recovery. Keep your chin up !!

  22. Lee,

    I’m so sorry you had to get screwed over by the medical establishment yet again. I would seriously recommend that you contact the FCMR and do a phone consultation to see if there is a better course of action for you to follow. I cannot stress enough that there are cures, it’s just that no one wants us to know about them. Please feel free to tell them I sent you! Don’t wait – you need to detox from the crap they fed you!

  23. Please accept my sympathy for your great loss. Your Mom must have been quite a trooper! I lost my Mom to cancer in 1995. You have been a terrific “child” to do everything you could to help your Mom. May you feel peace.

  24. Lee, I just had the time to read your post before I go to the hospital again. (My mother is in for another night because the doctor wants to observer her on the new meds and get her heart rate stable…)

    There are clinics for lymphedema…there is one here! I hope you can find a way besides just the drugs to deal with this latest issue!! We had an elderly neighbor who went to the lymphedema clinic for a time….it helped her!!!

  25. insight, hmmm….writing for Buzzflash for seven years…there was a long-time guest writer whom I admired greatly there and she sort of dropped off suddenly. I wonder…?

    Well, haha, no one ever misses me, as I am a great pest, but some of their offshoot websites were inspired by me and I notice no one else is catching and informing them of their headline typos, oh welllll. Yeah, I was super restless last night to go visiting old haunts. KenoshaMarge was mentioned in the letters section. It’s actually quite sad as they have maybe one letter a day, and always from the same two people now. A great many loyal readers were ticked off at their skewed coverage during the primary. I was one of the first ones kicked off the site…I knew the minute that they did not headline “Blue Dress Day” and skewer the MSM for that outrage when Hillary’s White House records were released that they’d OD’d on Hopium and it was all over for them.

    Meanwhile, I wish your mother a speedy recovery, and it’s a nervewracking constant worry, isn’t it?

    re the peanutbutter, lee….did you know that China executed the executives who manufactured those toys which killed children? Something maybe we should make our manufacturers consider with criminal trials for those who sent out tainted peanut butter. Of course, nothing was done about the tainted pet food and one friend I know lost her dog from that.

    We’re all guinea pigs. HRT, everything…all those birth control pills? Do you think they have any scientific way to gage the dosage and hormonal balance? Oh, hell no. They just prescribe you something and then adjust over and over according to the unwelcome symptoms you report.

    You’d think they’d have some test to determine the proper one to prescribe in the first place! I used to annoy my doctor by pointing out to her the about-faces the medical community were always making. Science, schmience.

    • Zee, if you read something called the Media Watch, which then changed to the World Media Watch and then an additional World Energy Watch, that was me.
      Also, I wrote a slew of special essays in addition to the MW columns which appeared several times a week! And I “dropped out” last May after a weekend of pure Hillary Hate that I couldn’t stomach. I wasn’t a Clinton supporter at the time, but the way the BF site turned sickened me and I didn’t want to be associated with it. BF is in Chicago and I would bet that money was involved…you know how Obama “courted” the blogosphere…

  26. Zee said:

    did you know that China executed the executives who manufactured those toys which killed children?

    Hmmm. Maybe we sould take a lesson from that…

    If I pull out a gun and shoot a random person I see on the street, I will be captured and sent to jail or executed (depending on where I live). Why aren’t corporate executives that kill people jailed or executed?

  27. I would bet money was involved, too. Wonder how that money’s holding out now? They should renamed themselves Begflash.

    Hmmm….if the Media Watch was the oldest column, it may be the one I’m thinking of. There was an interesting link I remember about how the media started over-reporting kidnappings to coincide with a corporation set up to identity “chip” children…

  28. GG — I was wondering how your mom was doing. Thank you for sharing your experiences and research. The whole medical system in our country seems to be in as deep a hole as the financial segment. I am so sorry that she’s gone.

    IA — Yep BF sucks big time. I stopped going there ages ago — when I realized they were drinking the koolaid. Your mom is lucky to have you — and keep nagging her to take better care of herself.

    OH — I’m going to play snowbird and head south. We plan to wind our way down to New Mexico — we are visiting ruins of PreColumbian Indians. I studied Anthropology years ago and took classes in Southwestern Archaeology. I remember we looked at hundreds of slides of the stunning pottery of the era. On summer breaks we’d visit family in the mid-west and we visited many of the ancient ruins on the way.

    My knee is in really bad shape — so there’ll be no hiking for me — unless the warmer weather and less damp NW cold makes a difference to my knees.

    We’re bringing our furkids — one of the cats has been across country 5 times (round trips).

    GG — I’ve copied this whole page to “OneNote” — it is a nifty research tool that came with our laptop. “One Note” is a microsoft program. And it is one that is very useful for those of us who seem to live for research. When I see a web discussion or article I want to save — I just Control-P and choose send to “OneNote”.

  29. GG, I’ve not been to IA in the last week. Please accept my belated, heartfelt condolences.

  30. CoolAunt, MWhite and NWR,

    Thanks so much for the warm thoughts. Today, despite a foot of frost, we laid her worn out body to rest. But her spirit lives on in me, you, and all of us who refuse to accept the lies and deception fed to us by the media, government, and “the powers that be”.

  31. Grail,
    Your mom had great courage. Godspeed, Mrs. Utz

  32. Grail, adding my condolences. So sorry that you lost your Mom. All my best to your & your family.

    ps IA, hope your Mom is doing well.

  33. I’m saddened to hear of your loss Grail. Your generosity in sharing this story with all the information is very moving. God Bless.

  34. Grail,
    My deepest sympathies- we mourn together this week my friend. I had no idea that you were also going through this – I am so sorry for your loss.

    I would like to cross post if I may.

    Godspeed my prayers with you and yours.

    • Betty Jean,

      I cannot tell you how touched I was by this. That you would take the time to read this and cross post it during the midst of your grief over losing your wonderful daughter Denise was the kindest tribute anyone could possibly pay.

      Thank you my friend, and know that our beloved warriors are now watching over us both.

  35. […] Editor’s Note: We here at IA received the sad news of the death of Marlene Utz, Grail Guardian’s mother, on Friday. We send our heartfelt condolences to Grail and her family and our love and respect to Mrs. Utz. Godspeed, noble warrior…From all of us here at IA. (SEE UPDATE AT THE END OF Original POST) […]

  36. GG, Please accept my humblest and most belated condolences on the passing of your mom. She was blessed to have a family like yours, and your tireless efforts to see beyond traditional western allopathic models will no doubt save countless others. There is no one who has escaped the ordeal of cancer either from family, friends or first hand experience, and all who go after can learn from our strength, hope and experience when we honor them with our sharing. Please know that you and your family remain in my thoughts, prayers and meditations.

  37. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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