Empowered or Powerless? Hillary in the Box…

~~By kenosha Marge

Being a Hillary Clinton supporter I was not happy about Senator Clinton taking the position as Secretary of State. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe she would do the job well. Hillary Clinton is a competent and smart woman who works hard and would do any job well. But this was a position where she would be subordinate to a man I dislike and distrust. I thought she should stay in the Senate where she would be a free agent and able to pursue the things she found important.

An article in the New York Times on January 31st entitled “And Now Let the Jockeying Begin” confirmed all my worst fears. I expected any NYT article to portray Hillary Clinton as a power grasping harridan. What I didn’t expect was for it to point out quite so clearly how she has been boxed in.

She is Secretary of State. And for all the silliness of some of her supporters suggesting that she will do all the work and Obama will take all the credit that isn’t how it works. High-profile Secretary’s of State, especially those hyped by the media as successful,  get credit for what they do. They also take the blame for what goes wrong. That will be especially true for Secretary of State Clinton because the media hates her and never holds Obama to account for anything.

However, before she has done much of anything other than settle in and get her staff ready she’s had much of her turf taken away to re-sod someone else’s place.

“In her first days as America’s top diplomat, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton found the Middle East portfolio handed off to a special envoy.”

Is not the most important issue the Secretary of State expected to deal with the Middle East? Isn’t this diluting her power a great deal before she’s even begun? But wait, that’s not all.

Afghanistan and Pakistan were assigned to a special representative. And administration officials expect another special envoy to be tapped soon to deal with Iran.

When I was uneasy with Hillary Clinton giving up her Senate seat and becoming a part of the Obama Administration I was told by some of her supporters that I was wrong. She was smart enough and knew politics well enough not to get bamboozled by Obama. She knew what she was doing and that meant that she would have more power as Secretary of State. Some even suggested that she taking the position to protect the world from Obama’s lack of experience. “Drivel,” I said, “She’s making the best career choice for herself she can at this point in time. And, I repeated, I think she’s wrong! So there”

However I thought that she must have had some kind of assurances before she swung her support to his Oliness. “She’s too canny a politician not to do that,”  I told myself. Hillary Clinton has been around politics most of her life and thus knows that it’s about as smart to pet a cobra as it is to trust another politician. She’s got the knife scars in her back to prove it.

The NYT acticle continues with more good news. Good news if you have CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) or are a member of our Misogynistic Media.

So with much of her turf already parceled off, Mrs. Clinton made a bid to take over the China file, which in recent years has been primarily the responsibility of the Treasury Department since the major issues with Beijing tend to be economic. Mrs. Clinton said the administration needed “a more comprehensive approach.” The only trick is Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner has no intention of giving that up.

So where, I am asking myself, does that leave Secretary of State Clinton? Who will deal with all the problems around the world? Will she have to be content with just being a high-profile “figure head? The Secretary of State to Europe?

I confess that I don’t know. All I know is that her “job” is suddenly much smaller than her predecessor’s. Special this and special that jobs are being created faster than you can say “gotcha.”

Obama seems to have a fondness for creating “Czar” positions to take over the jobs of people who would normally be doing the job (See the full article for the details on all the “czars” now in D.C.)

More than any president in years, Mr. Obama came into office creating new White House czars and special envoys to supervise various hot-button issues at home and abroad, overlaying an additional set of actors upon a bureaucracy already scratchy about “who’s in charge”.

Mr. Obama concluded that new high-powered figures were needed to force change but they pose a delicate management challenge for a president with no real management experience beyond his presidential campaign.

Personally I was always for shrinking the bureaucracy not expanding it. I think too many cooks do spoil the broth.

I also believe that maybe, just maybe, in this instance, Hillary Clinton, for all her intelligence was hoodwinked. Even smart people get deceived if they allow themselves to believe that the deceiver will negotiate in good faith.

We don’t know, and probably never will know exactly what the Clinton/Obama deal was. We don’t know if he kept his word while playing her for a sucker with an intent to handcuff her to an empty position.

Politics is a dirty, nasty game to these folks. That’s why they can call each other names, impugn each other’s character, intellect and intent and then hug each other and work together. Some say it’s necessary to get the country’s work done that they be that type. Some people who certainly have a lack of character themselves excuse this behavior as politicians being politicians as if having people with a lack of integrity running our country is an acceptable thing.

What is acceptable to these people, this subset of humanity,  is not always tolerable to the rest of us. Those of us that think that integrity and honesty are kinda good things to have in our leaders. Not pie-in-the-sky phony-baloney rhetoric like most of them treat us to so often. The kind of rock-bottom honesty we once honored and respected in this country. The kind of rock-bottom honesty we now only give lip-service.

I think Hillary Clinton got duped. Or she deluded herself into believing that either A. She could trust Obama. Or B. That she could handle Obama. Either way, to me it looks as if she was wrong.

I think she’s been effectively boxed in and will have very little power or say in what does on. That’s a loss for all of us. A smart man would have used her considerable talents for the benefit of all. A petty little man like Obama boxes her in and makes her powerless.

I really hope I’m wrong. I really hope I’m only reading the situation through my dislike and distrust of his Oliness.


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18 Responses

  1. Kenosha – I do not think you are wrong. In fact, this is such a fine explanation of just exactly what happened to Hillary…and it is her own damn fault for allowing it to happen. Unless, of course, there is some kind of payoff that is not visible on the horizon yet….and if that is the case – it is gonna be a doozy.

    As with everything else that has happened in the last two years, time will tell….

    Great post!

  2. This is a political struggle to be sure, but I think the jury (do we still have those?) is still out. Clinton is a representative of a certain group within “the powers that be”, just as Obama is. It boils down to much more than do they like or dislike each other, and Clinton is there because those behind her want her to be.

    This is still playing out, as Obama’s support has plummeted to 42% after 2 weeks. Everything is being watched, and the “winner” has not been established yet. If Obama and his group fall flat on their faces, Clinton will be there to pick up the ball and run. If Obama and his group succeed, Hillary Clinton will be the least of our worries.

  3. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I fully expected the NYT to attempt to marginalize the Secretary of State. But the truth of the matter is that negotiations always start out with lower level representatives and when it appears that a deal has been hammered out then the Secy of State gets involved.

    It isn’t even possible from a pure logistics point of view for the Secy of State to handle ever “hot spot” personally on a day to day basis. So relax, HIllary CAN handle BHO and the NYT is less than a rag.

  4. Well done, Marge.

    I was one of those who begged – “Don’t do it Hillary” – You can’t dance with the devil and not expect to get your feet stepped on. Hillary may have thought she would get the same deal as Condi Rice, but Condi wasn’t dealing with a nefarious back-stabber as Hillary is. Bush might have been a lot of things, but he let his Secretary of State have top dominion over her territory. As Marge points out, it seems that Hillary really doesn’t have any territory. She seems to be the Secretary of State in name only – a mere caretaker – while Obama brings in others to try to do the job that Hillary could do much better.

    I’m not surprised. He wanted her out of the senate because he was afraid she wouldn’t just rubber stamp anything he proposed, and he figured as her boss he could make her tow the line or just kick her to the curb if he so chose. She’s not on the bus, and never will be. This man is not about to let Hillary and her capabilities shine a brighter light in world affairs than he ever could. He is number one and don’t you forget it. He would rather endanger our position in the world than admit that Hillary is more accomplished than he is,

    Thanks Marge. I very seldom read the papers anymore and have let my tv set go idle most of the time since the election, but I see I am going to have to enter the dirtry world of MSM again because I am missing too much.

  5. KM, Looks like you are onto something…From the get-go I have said if Hillary took this position, they would find a way to get rid of her and she would have nothing….unfortunately, it looks like this may come to pass. Her NY senate seat will be up for grabs soon….maybe she can get it back 😦

  6. Obama plans to run his administration like he’s the president of Chicago, creating high-level jobs to pay off his cronies and suck the Treasury dry. You’re right, it’s all games to them, and very lucrative ones at that.

    I’m not against expanding the bureacracy as needed at the levels where work actually gets done. But Obama doesn’t care about that; Constitution be damned, he’s just not into promoting the general welfare of ordinary citizens.

    It’s Dubya Bush all over again, only where Dubya’s people did most of their stealing thru the war machine, Obama’s going for his big pickings on the domestic side.

    And you don’t want some silly woman actually trying to get things done. Peace and prosperity? Who can make a corrupt buck off that?

    Here’s hoping Clinton still has some tricks up her sleeves.

  7. Hillary can always say, “I screwed up.” It works for barfy.

  8. I think all of the envoys and special representatives report to her, so I think she’ll be okay. And considering our economic situation, China is very important.

  9. I was under the impression that the “special” people were reporting to Beezulbama, not Hillary. I could be wrong.

  10. I too remember reading that the “Special Envoys” and “Czars” report to his “Oliness”. I’ll have to double check that.

  11. Count me as one who also did not want Clinton to take the SOS position. I couldn’t see any benefit to her (or us) in doing that and we lost an influential senator along the way. What did she expect from someone who shot her the bird publicly?

    Clinton is ten times as smart as Obama but not even half as manipulative. With all their experience in politics, the Clintons have never come up against someone like Obama.

    If he keeps stiffing her will she finally speak out?

  12. The special Czars report directly to Obama. By this method he can pretend to Hillary’s followers that she is in charge while in essence she is not. She will have no actual power, teh One will see to that. Her title is nothing but window dressing for the public and to have a patsy when things go wrong.

    In Israel alone, you can rest assured that George Mitchell’s plan of action is not what Hillary would propose. Mitchell has already made plain what he thinks Israel should do, and it is NOT the best course for Israel. He failed at this task once, why set him to it again? IMO it is because that is the path Obama wants to take with Israel. Mitchell is no friend of Israel. He is not even neutral, IMO.

  13. P.S. As further proof of Hillary’s non-power as SOS, take the recent slam to fmr Marine Gen Tony Zinni.
    James L. jones, the new National Security Adivsor called Gen Zinni and offered him job as ambassador to Iraq. Hillary Clinton then invited him (the General) to a meeting in her office where Jones, Clinton, Zinni and other state department officials were. She offered him the job as ambassador to Iraq and told her staff (in the General’s presence) that they needed to get moving on this appointment fast because Crocker (the current ambassador) is getting ready to leave.

    The next day Zinni received a call from VP Biden congratulating him on the appointment.

    When Zinni hadn’t heard from Jones all week, and after getting the run around, he finally located Jones and asked what was going on. He was told that they had decided on another person, Christopher Hill, a diplomat. This without even notifying Gen Zinni of the change of minds.

    When Jones then offered Zinni the ambassadorship to Saudi Arabia, Jones told him to stick it. Only I understand that Zinni’s words were much more colorful.

    The consensus of opinion is that this was not Hillary’s decision – she wanted Zinni. The vp was in agreement as well as national security advisor Jones, who offered the job in the first place.

    Who is REALLY running the state department? It is thought this decision was either made by Obama or one of his inner circle. This must be embarrassing to both Hillary and Jones. Apparently Obama or AXelrod will be both micro and macro managing all affairs of state.

    TOLDJA SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. relax. Hillary is in control.

  15. Sorry rise Hillary, just because you say or believe that Hillary is in control doesn’t make it so.

    Many of us believe that Obama is just waiting for the chance to stab her in the back. It is, in my estimation, given his character, or lack thereof, a reasonable concern. Simply saying relax in such a dismissive way is not a reasonable response.

    I have stated many times my respect for Hillary Clinton’s work ethics, her competency and her intellect. Hard-working, competent, smart people have been fooled before.

    Time will tell. And until then, sorry I’m not going to just relax with my concerns about the back-stabbing, petulant President that Hillary Clinton now works for.

  16. I was disappointed Obama appointed that piece of crap Hillary as sec of state. Talk about someone without character or beliefs. The way she treated everyone of Willy’s accusers weakened sexual harassment cases and made her a despicable person. I hope she get used and has no power that would be justice.

  17. The piece of crap would be the “greatone”. Many of Bill Clinton’s accusers appeared to have been the kind of bimbos that weaken sexual harassment cases by only being aware of having been sexually harassed after the fact and when it put them in the spotlight they longed to inhabit. They didn’t want justice, they wanted their 15 minutes.

    Blaming Hillary Clinton is also after the fact and is in fact just downright silly. But most Clinton haters are exactly that, downright silly. Why don’t you have a nice day, greatone(?), somewhere else. You and you megalomania.

  18. grateone,

    While we may have issues with Secretary Clinton caving in to pressure from Obama and his handlers, this is not the place to come to call her a “piece of crap” or to expose your lethal case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

    Regardless of our disappointment in the outcome, Hillary Clinton was still the only person to seriously challenge the current usurper in his bid to purchase the White House. We’re upset that she failed and followed the wave of weaklings and cultists like yourself that worship “teh one”.

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