PALIN LAUNCHES “SarahPAC”!! (Updated 1X–It’s Not Just the Alfalfa Club for Palin This Weekend)

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R-UNQUALIFIED) has launched a political action committee…dubbed SarahPAC!

Here’s the link:

From the site:

Sarah Palin’s Official PAC

Dedicated to building America’s future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation.

SarahPAC believes America’s best days are ahead. Our country, founded on conservative principles and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity, innovation, and determination.

SarahPAC believes energy independence is a cornerstone of the economic security and progress that every American family wants and deserves.

SarahPAC believes the Republican Party is at the threshold of an historic renaissance that will build a better future for all. Health care, education, and reform of government are among our key goals. Join us today!

YOU GO, GIRL!!!  It will be interesting to see who receives help from SarahPAC in the future…

I don’t agree with everything in her political viewpoint…BUT, I give her high marks for GUTS in standing up to the shitty media, shitty Democrats, and shitty Republicans, not to mention shitty so-called “feminists” who have worked to demean her accomplishments as a sitting governor who has worked her way up the ladder.

Could she represent a better wing of the Republican Party?  Anybody is better than the slugs in D.C. right now…Republican AND Democrat!!

P.S.–Memo to Hillary Clinton: When you echo words like “clenched fist” exactly as Obama says them, you are disappointing.  You apparently very willingly got kicked upstairs as other people make big announcements about upcoming Obama foreign policy “events.”

Damned shame. Oh, and remember “always fighting for us?”  ……Not so much…


Repeating from prior post on the stimulus package vote:

Hat tip to Tennessee Guerilla Women….Obama Axes Birth Contol Funds to Please Republicans

So the F*cking SOB has begun demonstating his love and respect for women by trading our birth control for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And won’t it especially hurt POOR women??   And when do we stop paying for VIAGRA????

If I hear one complaint against upfront Sarah Palin, who has NEVER overturned a law that secures the rights of women and gays, I will put another HEX on NARAL, NOW, Ms. Magazine, and Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE 1   6:30 PM MT, January 29, 2009

Looks like Palin will be real busy in D.C. and it won’t be just the Alfalfa Club dinner this weekend…From CNN:

Palin is slated to attend a dinner Friday night at the residence of Fred and Marlene Malek. Fred Malek is a businessman who served Republican presidents Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush. High-profile guests from both political parties are expected to attend the function.

The governor’s office also says Palin will attend a luncheon at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Saturday before heading over the to Alfafa Dinner.

There will be other “non-partisan” events as well.  The visit to the Center for Strategic and International Studies is VERY interesting, isn’t it?

Gossip columnist Cindy Adams over at the New York Post opines:

ASK not what Sarah Palin can do for your country, ask only what you can do for Sarah Palin. And the answer is, pay attention. Trust me, Alaska’s governor is moving faster than those glaciers.

Adams goes on to say that it’s really significant that Palin is attending since she  “may only leave the frozen tundra  two days a month.”

She adds:

Next month she addresses a Washington gathering of prominent conservatives. She’s going ahead with a book. Her Facebook page has 410,000 friends. She wants to influence policy knowing the nation must turn to Alaska as its energy resource. She’s planning to be president.

Well, I’d say this is “developing”….

15 Responses

  1. This is big news

    Make this into an article on your blog, you can just cut and paste the whole thing and post it as
    “Political Censorship on WordPress”
    And ask your readers to post it on their blogs

    The censorship has started

    First they attack talk radio, then they target Rush Limbaugh

    Now they censored me, a Presidential candidate
    That is the ultimate dictatorship
    Make it impossible for anyone to oppose you in elections

    It is how Obama won all his Illinois elections,
    By getting his opponents deleted from the ballot

    It is George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth deleting people from newspapers and now from blogs

    Some liberal progressive Democrat got wordpress to freeze my Presidential account so I cannot post

    You can still read it, but I have been notified that wordpress will soon delete it

    My only offense is being smarter than Obama. Oh, also I wrote an article about how Obama was starting to censor the news. So they censored me.

    They will come for you next

    We must fight censorship




    Because we do not want censorship of Presidential candidates regardless of what Party they are”

    Then send a blank email to with the subject “censors”
    And add a link to your blogroll

  2. Sarah and her family are Feminism in action:

    No more “just words” please.

    Oh, and if Hillary is mimicking “the one” I agree … what a disappointment.

  3. I wonder how many times Barack fed his babies while Michelle worked?

  4. GRL,

    I just registered for e-mail updates. We’ll she how she does…

  5. Too bad about Hillary.

    Sarah Palin has taken the crap from the Dems and especially the women until I don’t see how you could help but admire and respect her. Thank goodness she has a husband that appreciates her and supports her. I think she will make her mark.

    Now, if the RNC would just elect Michael Steele as chairman, they would make a good team. Could almost make you go Repub?

    Naw, I couldn’t go that far. After being released by the Democrats (with a few bruises) I wouldn’t rush into any other alliance for a while.

    • Sarah Palin is the best thing that’s happen to the Conservative Republican Party since Ronald Reagan. I’m so excited about. I’ll do all I can to see her move up in the party. Jim Sullivan

      • Jim…there’s a story in the ABQ Journal today which reports on how Harry Teague CD-2, newly-elected Dem sounds EXACTLY like Palin.

        My one test for Palin will be if she’s TRULY conservative and not a panderer to the religious wing…If she really stays OUT OF WOMEN’S private decisions about their own bodies, then she’s about as perfect as can be. No one interferred with her decisions about babies and that right should extend to all women all the time. If she’s for the “GAG rule” that’s another potential negative.

        Real feminism is about women making real choices on their own as long as there are no viability issues. And Congress, Governors, etc. are not doctors and should not act like doctors. Neither should religious leaders who want to dictate their “faith” to everyone else outside their circle.
        If she starts on the “conscience” stuff for professionals that goes way over the top like Bush pulled at the last minute, that’s another problem. We are not all Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses or followers of extreme religious fringe stuff….we need our medicines over and above this sort of stuff. Our health takes priority!

        Misinformation coming out of the Bush Administration on so many science issues was nauseating.

        That’s not conservatism. That’s plain NUTS and an injustice to us all.

        If she can pass the “REALITY” test on these couple of issues, then I will continue to be a fan of Palin.

  6. I’m in.
    who says Sarah’s timing is bad?

  7. Well, maybe not! Some of the Repugs seem to be going along with Obama, some aren’t. She may be ahead of the curve…it may not be too soon for people to start getting angry about some of those gifts to ACORN etc.

  8. I am going to repeat this from another thread, because I think it is urgent:

    I cannot say this enough:

    Forget what you used to “know” about politics

    This is Barakistan, and all the barriers to misogyny and racism have been removed for his supporters. The only solution is to throw every stinkin’ one of them out of office asap! We need patriots, not politicians. I cannot encourage you enough to consider running for local offices – this is the only way we will win our Republic back! Don’t just get mad, get moving! PUMAs and other centrists must take back America from the evil that has usurped her (and trust me, Barack Obama did not do this alone)!

    There is no one else we can trust with the job!

  9. Amen, Grail.

  10. SarahPAC link wouldn’t open…..will try again later. Got message that site could not be found…..

    • That’s really odd because it DID work when I posted it!!! Wonder if the site has been TRASHED!~!!!!!

  11. I just clicked on the link in my post and it IS WORKING!

  12. Went back and tried again…and it was working. Maybe the site was being overwhelmed with hits at the time I tried to sign on. I got a message from Foxfire saying that the site did not exist…which I knew was ridiculous. Signed up for e-mail alerts.

    Sister called from LA LA Land…and said some State Department employee is suing Hillary Clinton…says her appointment is illegal. Might have to actually watch the news tonight.

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