I’ve Been Tagged…So Here Are Six Things About Me….

A few days ago (or was it MANY days ago…I forget, I’m losing track of time these days), I was TAGGED by our ex-pat in Italy (my ancestral homeland), American Indy in Italy….

Which means I have to write 6 things about myself and write to 6 other people. I’m going to include the crew at IA in this, too, just to cover all the bases here at IA.  I’ve probably broken the chain, but here goes:

1) I graduated #1 in my class in Automotive Technology back in the mid-80’s and then was given jobs like fixing water leaks on convertibles instead of the money jobs like brakes.  See how long my being pissed goes back??? (and it goes back even further, believe me!) (At least to my undergrad and graduate student days at Cornell and Rutgers School of Library and Information Studies, which is now called something else…)

2) I really love COOKING!  My latest kick is watching Gillian McKeith on BBC America. The show is “You Are What You Eat” and it is brilliant!  The one recipe that I have adopted with gusto is here Sweet Potato Pie Pizza….that crust is AMAZING!!  I top it with greens like fresh-from-the garden steamed mustard, kale or collards, or stir-fry up some broccoli and top the crust with that and lots of olive oil and garlic.   I’m making it tonight!!

3) I’ve gardened for at least 25 years and really got into it while recovering from foot surgery. I read lots of books since I couldn’t walk for awhile.  I had a huge garden in Jersey complete with a Troy-built rototiller. I canned tomatoes for the whole winter.  I’ve had to re-learn everything for the Southwest (high desert) and have two raised beds (about 3 feet high) to spare my back (had surgery 9 years ago).  You can see pictures of my winter garden on this site in various places.  I planted more lettuce yesterday, by the way.

4) My doggies and betta fish are my babies. Toro, the oldest and the one we bought via the vet, a chi but with lots of rat terrier in him (a “deer chi”).  Tico, who is probably a mix of chi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and Slick, the min pin rescued from the street.  The fish is still unnamed and I could use a  few suggestions.  I’m trying to learn chess, and still listen to shortwave radio.  But I’ve just found a new site that I will be writing about that is really great…foreign TV!  My favorite TV channel is Turner Classic Movies, especially anything they air that’s pre-1970.  Preferably black and white.

5) I lived in London during the mid-80’s and made a lot of trips there before and after that experience (and the rest of Europe, too, including behind the Iron Curtain, including a foray alone into East Berlin). I had a work permit and had a blast working around London. I also attended Vidal Sassoon to perfect my haircutting (I had graduated from a local “academy” and got a work permit for the UK since I had been a student at 35!)  The only time I ever got sick traveling was when I went to Paris for a quick few days. On the train to the Hovercraft, it started.  So, I actually got sick in London, not from the traveling!!  I had also planned to go to Moscow and Leningrad and had my tickets all set from the official tourist bureau…but Chernobyl blew up.  The Russians decided to refund my money….I guess I was caught in the radioactive cloud as I walked around Kew Gardens that day…

6) I started inviting folks to contribute to the blog and wound up with the crew you see on the sidebar! Kenosha Marge is a really talented seamstress!  Grail Guardian is a history buff and works with computers!  American Lassie has worked in the tax field!  And Leslie works in a Chicago hospital setting and is a long sufferer as she deals with the media there!

So now I have to write to 6 bloggers…I don’t know who’s been tagged, but I’ll find some folks and tag them as soon as I eat lunch!!!

14 Responses

  1. LOL! I figured it would happen!!

    I’ll try again!

  2. IA, #3 on your list hits home with me. I never did garden on the scale that you do, but I used to enjoy putting the seeds into the ground and watch them germinate and grow. To me, this is the best form of mental therapy a person could possibly have. After a long day of crunching the numbers I could hardly wait to get out into the back yard.

    My favorite vegetable was zucchini. I kept my neighbors supplied with zucchini all summer long, since they grow so abundantly. My husband’s specialty was tomatoes and each year we would have a contest to see whose produce was doing the best.

    Zucchini bread, fried zucchini, ratatouille, oh my what good eating. After my husband passed the gardening wasn’t as much fun, but it was still good therapy.

    I had to sell my property a couple of years ago because my prolonged illness made it impossible for me to keep it up, and I also needed the money to pay for expensive medical treatments and physical therapy. Although I had insurance it didn’t come close to covering the medical bills. Then I moved into my present building because they offered physical therapy on the premises. I expect to be able to move into a house again soon and can hardly wait to get a fork into my hands along with a pack of zucchini seeds.

    When your garden starts producing again why don’t you take some more pictures and post them? I enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor. I don’t seem to be able to get the cam shots of your pets. I’m not doing something right. Par for the course with me, since I know next to nothing about the computer.

    As usual, nice post IA.

  3. Oh wow, you are a jack of all trades! I always told my daughters they should marry a car mechanic and take a pass on the doctors. The way I figured it, if I get sick, I won’t go to my son-in-law to fix me up…that would be too weird. But there’s always a car in the family that will need repair and the cost for auto repairs are usually pretty high. But do my daughters EVER listen to me? No…one married a doctor (and I can’t stand the guy,either). Sheesh.

    Great job on your meme, kiddo!

  4. Thanks (I think) for the tag. I’ll try and get it out tomorrow. Mulling, mulling….

  5. I’ve got it posted. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

  6. LOL,

    I guess technically I was tagged, too. As were KenoshaMarge, American Lassie, and Leslie Chicago Correspondent. We’re all listed at the end of the article under “tagged”…

    Does that count towards your 6 GRL?

  7. Yes, I included everyone in item 6!

    I was surprised to be “tagged” but I thought including everyone was apropos!

  8. Wow, that was interesting. Nice to know something about the people I have been writing comments to. Thanks.

  9. So since you “tagged” things like garlic and Kew Gardens, does that mean you have to tell us 6 things we didn’t know about each item listed there?

  10. No, I don’t think so…

    The original post was:
    Hey Grl – Consider yourself tagged!

    I just threw in the item about you guys for a bonus and because I thought it was apropos……

  11. Do the poppies bloom as lovely on your side of the mountains as I see them on the east side?

  12. Hi, we have some poppies on the side facing town (west side) but nowhere near the glorious poppy field just over the pass on the east side!!!

  13. I would love to see some dog picture!

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