T.A.R.P, Recovery Plan, Term Limits Action…All Obscured Under the Cover of Media Hoopla

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

What’s been going on under cover of the media’s endless coverage of an airline incident in NY and the Inauguration hoopla?

While the plane floated in the Hudson River,  the Senate passed the remaining $350 billion in T.A.R.P. expenditures.  Since it would have been necessary for both House and Senate to vote down this measure, the funding is now assured and already in process.

Just to be certain their tight vote passed,  Roland Burris was sworn in early that day and Joe Biden withheld his own resignation from the Senate until day’s end, after the vote. You won’t see reports of such maneuvers in the MSM, but we’ve have to expect them to continue as this Administration gets into gear.

Speaker Pelosi, for instance, appears to be planning a re-interpretation of House Rules to serve the purpose of “dead of night” measures to circumvent opposition. Rumors indicates she hopes to start taxing Americans’ retirement funds, while evidence is clear she remains a strong backer of ACORN, according to the Center for Individual Freedom. Founded in 1998, this organization tends to focus on Republican and libertarian values and is part of the Townhall.com consortium.  These days, however, we find ourselves having to at least look at information sources other than the MSM, even if they are in the “other” camp.

From CFIF.org:

On the very first day of Congress, Pelosi pushed through a change to a House rule known as the “motion to recommit,” a rule that was implemented a CENTURY AGO specifically to PROHIBIT the leadership of the majority party from railroading horrendous legislation through Congress under the cover of darkness.


Nancy Pelosi changed her tune on a great many things once she assumed the position of Speaker of the House.

Two years ago, she said; “Bills should generally come to the floor under a procedure that allows open, full and fair debate consisting of a full amendment process that grants the minority the right to offer its alternatives, including a substitute.”

Even the liberal Washington Post could not help but comment on Pelosi’s blatant hypocrisy and her apparent rush to change the rules when it comes to transparency and openness:

“When they took over in 2007, Democrats set aside their pledge in order to muscle through their agenda during the first 100 hours; their promises continued to prove hollow in the ensuing months…. Democrats brought more measures to the House floor under closed rules – permitting no amendments – than any of the six previous Republican-controlled congresses.”

Check out this post at The Swine Line, the blog  of  Citizens Against Government Waste,  for more detailed discussion.  I’ve extracted the links to the House Appropriations Committee documents from the post:

Spending package/Recovery Bill http://appropriations.house.gov/pdf/RecoveryBill01-15-09.pdf

Report language http://appropriations.house.gov/pdf/RecoveryReport01-15-09.pdf

The question that remains related to T.A.R.P. is what will the House of Representatives do to regulate its distribution and oversight. Barney Frank, Democratic Chair of the Banking Committee has presented a bill which claims to serve that purpose. This bill is subject to a vote as early as this week, following the Inauguration.

Title: To reform the Troubled Assets Relief Program of the Secretary of the Treasury and ensure accountability under such Program.

Additional information on the bill, including cost estimates, text, amendments, etc: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d111:HR00384:@@@

Of even greater concern, however,are the currently nebulous contents of the “Obama Recovery Plan.” Expected to multiply the initial costs of T.A.R.P., this package of ten bills is currently a mere shell for the insertion of who knows just what. Apparently, all the Obama rhetoric has yet to be magically transformed into substance. By contrast, another bill also introduced on January 7, to discourage teen pregnancy is four pages long – offering an amount of detail greater than the 10 sketchy Recovery bills combined! Yet the headers of this package portend sweeping changes in almost every aspect of American life. One, for instance, with a header related to “Fairness” for the middle class (?) includes, on its short list of potential laws, a brief reference to CardCheck (Pelosi and ACORN’s approach to storming small businesses with mandated unions, initiated with the peer pressure of no secret ballot.) Note that this is  just one  item on a longer list on one bill of ten! For a review of the massive scope but lack of content of this “Recovery Plan” see here:

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/d?d111:0:./list/bss/d111SN.lst TOM:/bss/111search.html|

There’s every indication the Democratic power-party is preparing for diverse back room deals and dead of night maneuvers to turn our country’s standards and laws upside down as quickly as possible – all with the blessings of a co-operative Mass Media which is committed to informing citizens about as little as possible of what is going on.

Take, for instance, the re-introduction of a Resolution of January 6 by Rep. José Serrano (D-NY) to eliminate term limits on the Presidency. The history of its prior introduction (1995 to 2007) has been weak. To grasp the orientation of Rep. Serrano),  just look to some other bills he introduced that day: to provide federal funding for clean needles to drug addicts (with 31 co-sponsors) and to end our trade embargo on Castro. This time around, the threat of ending term limits has meat on its bones – cosponsored, as it is, by Barney Frank. What, may we ask, is the head of the Banking Committee thinking to sponsor a bill extending Obama’s term in office – with no limits?! (Please note; Rep. Frank’s co-sponsorship is dated November 2008 but buried in the record of an earlier record of the measure. Just an error?)

Here’s the bill: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=hj111-5


The Wake Up America movement (W.A.M) is enlisting volunteers to “Watch Washington Now”  track legislation and communicate to both Congress and the mainstream media what is acceptable and what is not. (Quick use sample letters and contact information for key figures will be provided.)

To get involved with W.A.M. please click this link (or the logo on the right sidebar). Preserving our democracy needs your support.


10 Responses

  1. I keep getting the rules all mixed up in my head since I am no longer a rabid partisan Democrat. It’s “power grab by Republicans bad” and “power grab by Democrats dandy” in my bad old way of thinking. Now I just have this silly idea that it’s bad no matter who does it.

    I used to think that Tom DeLay and the Republicans were the biggest hypocrites around. Nasty Nancy and her gang of thugs are proving me wrong.

    Pelosi Overturns Century-Old House Rules

    In a naked power grab for Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has angered Republicans by pushing through a rule change to curb the GOP’s rights to affect legislation.
    The rule change — approved on Tuesday, the first day of the 111th Congress — puts new restrictions on motions to “recommit” a bill to the committee that approved it in order to add new amendments.
    Previously Republicans have used the rule to delay or kill legislation or to force Democrats to take politically difficult votes on such issues as gun control and illegal immigration, according to The Hill newspaper.
    The new rule allows the full House to reconsider a bill without delay.
    The move, which Pelosi engineered, “silences the voices of tens of millions of Americans by further shutting down open debate on the House floor and taking away the minority’s right to offer substantive policy alternatives on behalf of the millions of Americans they represent,” Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio complained.
    And Rep. David Drier of California, ranking Republican on the House Rules Committee, said the rule change would create “the most closed Congress in history.”


  2. Oh, and I did see just a snippet on FOX about the remaining $350 billion in TARP money being passed. I missed much of it but it seems that calls to the “elected” officials office were running very much against this. They ignored it and passed it anyway. Their cohorts, laughingly called media kept this fact quiet.

    Thanks Obots, we’ve gone from the frying pan into the fire.

    A Democracy without an honest media cannot survive. We do not have an honest media.

  3. GRL,

    They have to act fast so they can derail holding any elections in America by 2010, when the Democrooks know they will be booted out of office in record numbers.

    My recommendation in addition to yours is in any election you get the chance to participate in from here on out, vote for any and all candidates that are not Democrats just to get as many of them out of office as possible (even at the dog catcher level). We no longer know party lines as PUMAs, now we must sacrifice voting for individuals we might like in normal times in order to wrest control away from the Dems as quickly as possible. I am dead serious about this. Vote for any candidate that is not Democrat or Working Families (ACORN party). I don’t care if they campaign on killing puppies in the town square (the Dems in power will never let these people do anything anyway, so we don’t need to worry about that just yet). Vote them out, plus vote out as many incumbents as humanly possible. The revolution must start now!

  4. Grail,

    I am with you all the way. I will work just as hard to get the Democrats out, as I used to work getting them in.

    When I think how many hours I put in for Steny Hoyer in the past I get sick. And Barbara Mikulski. These two are so entrenched that it will take a lot of doing but I will do my darndest to cause them as much damage as I can.

    Steny Hoyer has also put his weight behind the push to do away with term limits on the presidency. This bill and Nancy Pelosi’s tyrannical take-over would give the Democrats the White House for the unforeseeable future.

  5. yeah & how much you wanna bet Big Dawg will be back in faster than your head can spin. Do you really think that if he’s winning primaries left & right in 2012 the DNC’s gonna jack with him, take his delegates away from him, yada yada? Infact, I’ll bet that if there’s any Dems that have a few brain cells left in their heads, they’ll be begging him to run so the White House stays out of repug hands.

    that said, I want to add on to Grail’s post to say vote for alternative candidates if possible. I know many of you support the 30% thing & voting for women candidates whenever possible- I do too, up to a point- but many, not all, but many of the alternative party male candidates are feminists. That’s why these people are in alternative parties- they don’t think the Dems are progressive enough, & after their godawful performance this past election cycle, I have to agree, don’t all of you? We need to start voting alternative & elect these candidates into office. If enough of us vote alternative in a Presidential election year, one of these parties may just get the 5%, & then we’ll have another Major National Political Party that can give the Dems a run for their money.

  6. Sonrisa,

    Exactly! Anyone that isn’t a Dem or Rep first, but if there’s no other option we need to vote Rep to get the Dems out!

    I agree with the 30% solution, which is why we need to get the Dems out of office ASAP – they are the ones preventing women from breaking the glass ceiling. Remember, the Dems killed Hillary’s chance and the Reps offered us Sarah Palin. Political up needs to be down for a while until we can shake the nuts out of the trees and start from scratch. Sonrisa is right because if we just hand things entirely back to the Republicans, they will end up acting just as stupid.

    If you’re unwilling to vote for a male or a Rep, then run for office yourself! We need PUMAs in public office!

  7. Sorry, your votes for 3rd party and independent candidates will worry Democrats not at all, notwithstanding Joe Lieberman (the unusual circumstances enabling him to win are a fine example of the meaning of the adage, “The exception that proves the rule,” since almost no other candidate would have his advantages, especially incumbency.)

  8. it’s great to look forward to – and plan to – vote Dems out – However, if we don’t take ACTION now – on the existing Congress – we might not have the freedom to vote in 4 years.

    Think about Frank’s cosponsorship of NO term limits for the Presidency – and the fact that it would take effect 7 yrs after the current Ammendment being repealed- gee – that’s just about the end of 2 terms for the sham artist – this is no more coincidence than the fact that the Chair of the Banking Committee is cosponsoring the bill! We must ACT now.

  9. Getting rid of Barney Frank would be a wonderful first step! Anyone reading here live in his district?

  10. Brian, once upon the time the repugs were an alternative party. Then people (well men since this was back in the 19th century) started voting for their candidates more & more until the repugs hit the big time. The same thing can happen again- if more & more folx vote alternative. This 2 choices bs is just that- Dem bs to keep the alternative parties sidelined. If more people would realize that & vote alternative, we could get another party going in this country.

    OT, but the bastard is bombing Pakistan. Couldn’t even wait til the week was out! Jeez. I guess he keeps his promises after all. God help this country.

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