The Obama/Media Combine Whoring Abraham Lincoln, Non-Stop

~~By InsightAnalytical-GRL

President-elect Lincoln, February 23, 1961

President-elect Lincoln, February 23, 1861

If there’s one thing that really bugs me about the present sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in, it’s the utter lack of “history.”  Everything goes down the rabbit hole, unless it is re-written and spun into a revised version of what actually happened before. Rarely is any news item put into context, unless it pertains to the career/personal life of a Britney Spears or some other “celebs  in the news.”

Obama, of course, in his Reno, Nevada interview during the primaries in which he waxed poetic about Ronald Reagan, completely dissed continued references to lessons “learned” from the Vietnam War. (And, I see how lately, Wes Clark has joined the bandwagon).  History? WHO NEEDS IT WHEN WE ARE CREATING OUR OWN FOR MASS CONSUMPTION!!

The only history that matters these days is “Obama History.”   Almost nothing is ticking me off more about  this cheesy media creation hitting D.C. than the misuse of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. To see “Honest Abe” being used like a brand logo a la Mr. Clean or Ronald McDonald, especially by a liar like Obama, is more than just cheesy–it’s downright nauseating.

Of course, the general public doesn’t give a hoot, since they don’t know squat about Lincoln. How could they? They don’t know squat about ANYTHING other than football scores and the weather.  Knowledge about George Washington isn’t faring too well either, from what I can see.

Of course, when they took away the holiday for each of these Presidents and glommed them into one day–President’s Day–that was the start of the disrespect.  Hey, why have two holidays, one for the guy who was there at the founding of the nation  and one for the guy who held the country together during a civil war and got assassinated for his trouble, if you can have one day and can get all this history out of the way in one fell swoop? And even better…banks only have to close for one day instead of two! As an extra bonus,  it’s easier to have one big sales event rather than changing the ads for another one only a week or so later!

I’ll make a prediction: You’re going to see a “Obama Day” as soon as is possible. I bet it will celebrated on August 4th, Obama’s birthday, nicely slotted in between July 4th and Labor Day.  The sales planned that day will be especially big in the sporting goods stores (lots of opportunity to sell bathing suits) and the grocery stores will feature bologna, of course.  There’s no way you’ll see “white sales” because they would be deemed racist, of course!

Now, back to Abraham Lincoln, who has been used by the Obama camp to the extreme. I get the “Lincoln freed the slaves” angle and the narrative that ties into the first “black” President, coming from Illinois, no less.  The Lincoln references kicked off  in February 2007, when Obama picked the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois to announce his candidacy.  But since then, Lincoln has been cheapened by Axelrod and Obama and their marketing slaves who are in overdrive.

Over the weekend,  the Obama family visited the Lincoln Memorial:

Obama family visits Lincoln Memorial

By CHRISTINE SIMMONS, Associated Press Writer Christine Simmons, Associated Press Writer Sun Jan 11, 12:52 am ET

WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama made an unannounced visit Saturday night with his family to see the Lincoln Memorial, paying tribute to a former president he frequently invokes as an inspiration.

It was a day in which Obama played the role of tourist, seeing the most famous monuments in the nation’s capital while experiencing the flavor of the city.


AP – President-elect Barack Obama walks with his wife Michelle, and daughters Sasha and Malia, after touring …


Obama will be back at the Lincoln Memorial soon. He plans to trace the train route that Lincoln took and hold a welcome event at the Lincoln Memorial ahead of his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Though he’s worked in Washington for about four years as a senator, Obama appeared to relish the sights of Washington on Saturday. Before arriving at the Lincoln Memorial, his motorcade drove on Constitution Avenue and then swerved around on a road right beside the Washington Monument. His family had the opportunity to get a full, close-up view of the monument for several minutes.


The whole tone of the article makes it seems that the Obama family are first-time tourists.  “Experienced the flavor of the city”??  “Appeared to relish the sight”??? Which makes me wonder…if  Obama and his family are so devoted to Abraham Lincoln, didn’t they hot foot it to the Lincoln Memorial when he first came to the Senate?? Maybe he was just too busy signing those book deals for later use in a the “unplanned” Presidential campaign…Of course, Obama didn’t really “work” in D.C. for four years, since half the time was spent running for President in spite of announcing that he didn’t have enough experience to do so…

Taking the train route that Lincoln traveled and the event planned at the Lincoln Memorial are  the culmination of this Lincoln blitz.  Some previous uses of Lincoln as a stage prop include:

1. The news that one of Obama’s kids will be doing her homework on Lincoln’s desk…and it was HER idea!!  Oh, please, who can buy this?? Well, Barbara Walter could and the whole video is still available with the ABC story:

Malia Obama Calls Dibs on Lincoln’s Desk

Obama Talks to Barbara Walters About Homework, History and Happy Family

Malia Obama, the 10-year-old daughter of President-elect Obama, plans to make herself right at home in the White House and has already called dibs on using Abraham Lincoln’s desk for her homework.


“She says, ‘You know, Daddy, I’ve got an idea,'” Obama told ABC News’ Barbara Walters during an exclusive interview.


“She says, ‘Well you know how sometimes I have these, you know, big papers that I have to write? If I’ve got an important paper, a history paper, I think I’m going to go in that room where Abraham Lincoln, where there’s that thing where he signed it?”

“You mean the Gettysburg Address?” Obama asked.

Yeah. I’m going to sit at that desk because I’m thinking that will inspire big thoughts,” she told her father.

“Hey, go ahead kid,” Michelle Obama said with a laugh.

OH, YEAH, the kid thought that one up ALL BY HERSELF!!  Any actual PROOF she said it??  I doubt it…sounds like a canned speech to me at the very least, or another FAKE part of Obama’s life history.

And, by the way, isn’t that desk a national treasure?? The kid’s got “dibs“????  What if this little scholar spills a soda all over it? I guess we’ll never hear about it, so not to worry…I bet Lincoln’s own kids never did there homework on this desk…Lincoln was too busy trying to deal with the Civil War, I would guess.  And, oh, yes, the White House was plenty “kid-friendly” then, too…

I really am curious, though, about who will be the first guest in the Lincoln Bedroom…

Of course, there’s MORE!

2. Obama will be EATING LIKE LINCOLN!!  From ABC’s Jake Tapper:

Obama Will Eat Like Lincoln on Inauguration Day

January 10, 2009 11:41 AM

On Inauguration Day, not only will President-elect Obama be sworn in using the Bible that was used to swear in President Abraham Lincoln, he will dine like Lincoln as well.

The luncheon that will be served in Congress’s Statuary Hall to the president-elect and vice president-elect and their families — as well as congressional leaders, justices of the Supreme Court and pending members of the Obama Cabinet — will be modeled after foods that Lincoln ate and enjoyed.

The first course will even be served on replicas of the china picked out by then-first lady Mary Todd Lincoln at the beginning of her husband’s term in office.


What, only replicas of the Lincoln china????

3. Then there’s THE BIBLE mentioned above:

Via the Columbus Dispatch (original story in the Chicago Tribune)

Obama’s Bible choice another nod to Lincoln

Wednesday,  December 24, 2008 2:58 AM


KAILUA, Hawaii — When he places his hand on a Bible to be sworn into office on Jan. 20, Barack Obama plans to use the holy book used by Abraham Lincoln at his first inauguration in 1861.

The selection maintains the Obama practice of encouraging historical comparisons with the 16th president, who was the first from Illinois and one of the next president’s favorites.

In announcing his presidential bid in February 2007, Obama picked the Old State Capitol in Springfield, where Lincoln had served. He also plans to follow Lincoln’s example by taking a train to Washington for his inauguration.

Obama will be the first president since Lincoln to use this particular Bible, which is typically housed at the Library of Congress. The book was not the Lincoln family Bible, which was packed away among family belongings that were being shipped from Springfield.


Well, no replica this time….it will be the REAL bible that Lincoln used.  I sure hope it isn’t raining or snowing on Inauguration Day, for the sake of the Lincoln Bible, if nothing else…


Yup,  Barack Obama really “hearts” Abe Lincoln!!  They have so much in common especially since they both represented Illinois. Of course, Obamas got to Illinois in a rather roundabout way.  At least Lincoln came from the nearby frontier…

And there’s so much more they share…not. While Lincoln was struggling in the wilds and living in a lean-to and log cabin, Obama was, well, er, a different set of character-building experiences:

Obama: From unknown to nominee, a meteoric rise

CHICAGO (AP) — When Barack Obama arrived at the Democratic National Convention eight years ago, he was a politician in need of clout.

He had just been trounced in his bid for Congress. His credit card was rejected at the car rental counter. He couldn’t snare a floor pass, so he ended up watching most of the speeches on TV monitors in the arena. And he went home early.

His political future was uncertain.

Four years later, Obama attended the 2004 Democratic convention. This time, though, there was a sea change: He had been tapped to be the keynote speaker, a coveted spot for up-and-comers — and as a U.S. Senate nominee generating political buzz, he fit the bill.

Gosh, what difficulties Obama had to face!  Heck, at least  he was spared the the horrors of Lincoln-Douglas-type debates!

Poor Lincoln, being used by this crowd.  But, how can anybody be surprised, since the Obama machine has shown so little capacity for class and respect all along?  Yup, Abraham Lincoln, right up there with Ludacris…


Abraham Lincoln — Timeline, Photos, Words (The History Place)

9 Responses

  1. So what time of the day is best to worship Honest obama? The one thing they forgot is…the favorite song of Honest Abe. If all this wasn’t so laughable…I would cry.

  2. Isn’t it amazing that with all this “Lincoln” love in the Obama family they haven’t bothered to visit the Lincoln Memorial until now? Hasn’t he been in Washington D.C. for 4 years as a Senator? Well not exactly because he was too busy running for President to actually do the job he was elected to do for the people of IL.

    As for history being rewritten that’s been happening for years. My Significant Other will no longer even watch historical movies with me because I scream about the inaccuracies.

    “What difference does it make”, he wants to know. “It’s just a movie”. The trouble is that when much of our population see some distorted historical fact in a movie they don’t know, or care, about whether it is true of not. Once it’s been up there on the big screen that even is perceived as a fact!

    As for Malia insisting on doing her homework on Lincoln’s desk, hogwash! I said this would be the PR Administration and once again I get to say, I Told You So. It’s about the only satisfaction I get these days.

  3. It just makes me want to gag… to see Lincoln, and for that metter, MLK “pimped out” in this way.

    Sorry for the Schusterism. I couldn’t help myself.

    Seriously. If these two men are aware of what’s being done to their legacies… they must be turning in their graves.

  4. Kudos to you, IA. This is a great post.

    You’ll have to overlook Wes Clark – someone spiked his coffee with a dose of the Kool-aid and it took hold.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the “glomming” of President’s Day. The memory of Washington and Lincoln has been demeaned by lumping them together with lesser presidents who don’t deserve being remembered (Nixon, for one).

    And you are correct in saying that there will probably be a push for an “Obama Day”. But not by me. He is not my president – not now, not ever. I will never forget that we do not know who he really is or where he came from. But worse, the unforgiveable stench surrounding the elections, and his treatment of Hillary Clinton, should have turned every woman off. Why it didn’t I’ll never understand.

    His cheapening the memory of Abraham Lincoln by using him as an advertising prop is way beyond the pale. IMO it is more like an adoption of a costume for a halloween parade or party. I despise the very thought of his comparing himself to Lincoln. Finally visiting the Lincoln Memorial after four years in the city and using the Lincoln Bible. Using the Bible is too much. Were I Obama I would be afraid it would burst into flames when I touched it.

    I wonder what John Kerry thinks about all this? As you say, IA, he was a nonentity until he was chosen to be keynote speaker in 2004, and the person who gave him that honor? was John Kerry. Kerry is now under the bus with the rest of us. Loyalty is not one of Obama’s features.

    Marge, historical movies are like the history books they are using in the schools these days. They have been culled of the truth and twisted to suit the wishes of the nincompoops who have taken over.

    To Stray Yellar Dawg – The Schusterism was very timely. Have you noticed that after his dissing of Chelsea Clinton, David Schuster is now pimping for Caroline Kennedy?

    Thanks for the soapbox, IA. I hope you don’t mind the long diatribe, but I’m in a foul mood this morning for some reason. Let’s blame it on the headache I woke up with. I’d better take another aspirin.

  5. IA ~ What a great post!

    I don’t know how you did it. I couldn’t have maintained my sanity – or at least my digestive system – long enough to have re-read, and then included all these examples of the continued selling of the “pResident (S)elect” and his vainglorious coronation inauguration.

    Marge, I so agree with your take on the combining of days to honor our 2 great Presidents – Washington and Lincoln. I never thought about the sales and bank closings before. But it makes so much sense now that you pointed it out.
    And in this economy, TehgreatOne might even see to cancel those days and yes, make one of His own.

    on that note, Please take a look at this ad. It’s not for “Presidents’ Day” but it’ll do:

  6. lee ~
    Your comment was so on target. And the comment about using the Lincoln Bible…I wouldn’t be surprised if it did burst into flame. There ought to be a law that each (unworthy) pResident (Reagan, Bush, Bush the Lesser, BO all immediately come to mind) have to supply their own bibles and then take them back right away.

    I don’t know when the re-writing of US history began. But Howard Zinn, for all his career has lifted the veil on the unwritten history and has shown how history is written by the “victors” . In essence, what we have read or been fed by our schools is the *accepted* report of what we are meant to believe. It certainly was attempted in Bush the Lesser’s terms of office. It was carried through the PR campaign of TehOne. And I see no reason to believe it will be different now that BoZo will be the pResident. (and never mine- just like Bush – never my president)

    I am distracted by the Clinton hearing. Senator Boxer and Senator Clinton were just commenting on the treatment of women throughout the world.

    I know that listening to Senator Clinton in these hearing today, continues to sadden me. Knowing that we will now have to listen to TehOne for the next 4 years will be a constant reminder that we got screwed again in 2008.

    So I’ll stop now.

  7. Leslie…you know where that’s going to show up!!! (re: link)


  8. Lincoln never “signed” the Gettysburg Address and he did not write it at the White House. You would think that the first black president who has invoked Lincoln for the past 2 years would come up with the …….
    Emancipation Proclamation?

  9. Mike, you’re so right about Lincoln not “signing” the Gettysburg Adress! Yeah, the Emancipation Proclamation SHOULD be top of the list!

    The story is that the Gettsyburg Address was written on the back of an enevelope. That’s what came up through my brain cells.

    I searched and here is the reported story:

    “November 19, 1863

    This address, said to have been written by President Lincoln on the back of an envelope while he was on a train en route to give the speech, is regarded by many as one of the top two or three greatest speeches in American history. Others regard it as without peer. The speech was given on the occasion of the dedication of a civil war cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on the fields of Gettysburg (now the Soldiers’ National Cemetery). It has been memorized by generations of Americans.”

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